Monday, February 19, 2007

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 12

In Episode 12 of The Lost Community Podcast hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich attempt to get to the bottome of Season three, Episode 8 of the ABC television show "LOST" entitled Flashes Before Your Eyes. This week they're joined by Alex, a Lost fan from Colorado, and they begin to unpack this mind boggling episode. Join in on the fun by visiting or by sending your theories and mp3 comments to or call our listener line 732-564-4763.

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memphish said...

First! I've been hitting reset hoping to do that. Still working on the Desmond theory. I'll be back. LOL

Administrator said...

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PODCAST REVIEW that David mentions at the top of the podcast. I had a little bit of a hard time finding it so I thought I'd share the link. Great review guys! Keep it up!

Memphish, love the pic.

Passafist said...


I hope our take on the episode doesn't offend anyone. It took be about three hours to rewatch the episode. It was jammed with clues!

Administrator said...

Great theory Dark Angel. As always, very thorough and brilliant!

I know it's been posted several times but if you haven't read it yet, you gotta check out THE POWELLS BLOG about "Flashes Before Your Eyes".

picsel said...


I posted this on the other topic but was very popular so thought i should post again on this one. It's quite long. But worth it.

Charlie's Middle name Hieronymus is obviously not a very common name and obviously some kind of shout-out.

and in light of the latest episode i've found this bit of research very fitting

"In 1948 a scientist, inventor named T. Galen Hieronymus patented a machine which was designed to "detect the presence of any element or combination of elements that may be in substance under investigation to determine their intensity an/or quanity thereof by the detection of their emissions or emanations." This simply means the device can locate any element by its individual freqency. The device turned out to be far, far more. It later became and still is the subject of a storm of controversy.The F.D.A. has branded it as a fake and incapable of accomplishing anything that is claimed for it. On the other side of the coin are those who have been experimenting with the machine. Here are some of the fantastic claims.

1. In the Cumberland Valley a scientist from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau put a photo of an insect infested field into the machine commonly called a "Black Box". Along with it they put a tiny amount of insecticide. Forty-eight hours later, the insects in the infected field, many miles away, were all dead!

2. A scientist named George de la Warr, head of a huge of laboratory in Oxford, England put a piece of ordinary photographic film into an opening in the device and after a few minutes, removed a picture of his wife and himself on their wedding day, 30 years before.

3. Galen Heironymus himself used his psionic device to monitor the life support systems of the Apollo astronauts. He successfully recieved all the correct data, before Nasa did.

Psionics as it is called is being explored and experimented with by some of the most prestigious learning centers in the world. Among them Columbia, Duke and Pennsyvania Universities. The Soviet Academy of Sciences and even Dow Chemical Co. Even Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut gave up space flight and went into psionics. "

the full thing is found at

in part of the article it mentions these as things the machine can do

1. enhancement of physical strength and health.
2. improving energy levels and stamina.
3. attracting success, prosperity and financial abundance into ones life.
4. Increasing the chances of career success.
5. Self improvement, reversal of aging.
6. Relaxation and elimination of stress.
7. Improvement of self esteem and confidence levels.
8. Influencing the outcome of challenging situations.
9. Distant healing.
10. Improving personal and professional relationships.
11. Enhancement of athletic and sports skills.
12. Attract romantic love or your true soul mate.
13. Happiness etc.

I find enhancement of physical strength to be very interesting because of Benry's interview when he said "Why are the others just a bit stronger?"

and also the "influence on challenging situations" obviously as a link to the latest episode. Also Distant healing i thought was another one.

This passage also intrigued me in link to the person who told Rose about Frequencies and how she was told she had to find the right frequency

"The theory behind psionics is based on quantum physics. Briefly the theory goes like this.

All matter in the universe is composed of small packets of energy known as quantas. This energy, which goes into the making up of atoms pulsates or resonates at a particular frequency. Each atom being different therefore, has a slightly different pulsation or frequency. Thus each material thing being made up of a combination of atoms, called molecules, has its own unique frequency, unlike any other. Now because each individual thing is unique, no potato for instance is exactly like any other potato. There exists an "empathy" between the whole potato and each of its individual parts. If you slice that potato in half, the frequency of each half is exactly the same. The only example of that frequency anywhere in the universe. The rub arose when these researchers claimed that an affinity existed between these two pieces. This affinity or empathic resonance formed a link between the two pieces no matter how much distance separated them.

It was some kind of energy link that operated very much like a radio wave. And they found that by using one piece as a sort of tuning crystal in a special kind of transmitter, they could cause a reaction in the other piece, even miles away. Sort of like the mysterious thing that exists between sets of identical twins, who start out in life as a single cell. Often when one twin is injured the other "feels" the pain dispute any distance between them. In other words, these machines are the first to harness the lifeforce energy to make thought reality. They are literally electronic magic."

When you reach the bottom of the article. you discover these machines can be bought but i do find it very interesting so my guess would be that the island is itself in a way a Heironymus machine.

the people who have been there the longest (The Others) are the ones affected by it more. (better strength - Juliet knocking Jack out in one punch, Ethan being very superior in strength - hauling both Charlie and Claire along)

but i think the science of it is very interesting.

memphish said...

Wow Dark Angel,

I love your segment. Great job explaining your ideas.

thinbluemime said...
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picsel said...

i swear if that had given any spoiler info about greys anatomy. you would have been dead :p

rubygreeneyes said...

They CAN'T take Charlie away from us yet!!!

memphish said...

Hey watch out with spoilers. I'm ignoring thinbluemine's post. Not you, TBM, just the spoilers.

thinbluemime said...

what is a grey anatomy? (wink)

wee bee only lost LOL

thinbluemime said...


Reposted with spoiler alert.
Thanks memphish :)

memphish said...

I just finished the new podcast and boy does my head hurt. I'm more confused than ever now. I loved DA's recap of his views and David you had good arguments as well. My only problem with your the monster is doing it all theory David is reconciling that with science and pseudo-science that TPTB say will explain what's going on. To me that supports DA's argument a little better. Can't wait to read what everybody else thinks.

Dark Angel, can you give us a Fuselage link to where you are posting. That would be a great help. Thanks.

Amused2bHere said...

I guess we never would have looked up Hieronymus without a little prodding from TPTB.

But it does look like a good explanation for Lost. In a way, I hope not, 'cause there's two more seasons to go and revealing the "big secret" too early would be a very big Twin Peaks mistake.

now to go listen to that podcast...

picsel said...

well how many theories have we been given by TPTB through loads of things. even Dj DAN in TLE gave us about 90 000 theories.

and theres the philadelphia experiement...

and who knows... it could finish at the end or series four so they might need to start doing some big reveals :( :) (i dont know how to feel about it lol)

2costa said...

What is the meaning or significance of the two skeletons that Jack and Kate found in the cave of season 1?
CUSE: The answer to that question goes to the nature of the timeline of the island. We don't want to say too much about it, but there are a couple Easter eggs embedded in [the Feb. 7 episode], one of which is an anagram that actually sheds some light on the skeletons and hints at a larger mythological mystery that will start to unfold later in the season.........Any thoughts on what these easter eggs are???


maven said...

Just listened to the podcast, digested Picsel's Hieronynmus Machine research, and thought about everyone's great input in trying to understand the last episode. So much to take in! My head aches, too, Memphish! LOL

I'm a very practical person, but I love sci-fi and stretching believability as much as the next person. But this last episode has left me very confused. On one hand, I'm leaning towards "it's all in his head" explanation with Mrs. Hawkings being Des' subconscious telling him that the last 3 years of his life was all worth it and he's not a coward. On the other hand, how does he know about Charlie's destiny? Even his catchphrase of "See you in another life, brotha" steers one towards time-travel/wormhole/timeloop theories.

It sure is fun to speculate and theorize (and no group of people does it better than TLC...Dark Angel and David's theories have some great ideas). I love wondering "what does all this mean" and "what is the meaning of that". I believe TPTB do have a grand plan for the arc of the show, and I, for one, am more than happy to see where this journey leads us.

BTW: TLCM...Sorry to hear you're having a tough time. Hope you know all our thoughts are with you. Twinkle...Hope everythings works out for you, too.

memphish said...

2Costa, the anagram was Lost Time. They said it on last week's official podcast. There's a lot of speculation that the skeletons are two of our Losties. Primary guesses are Kate and fill-in-the blank based on who you ship.

2costa said...

who took the black and white gems from the skeletons??jack

engineer27 said...

Dark Angel . . .

Great theory. Do you have a screen capture with Ms. Hawking wearing the Ouroborous? I looked on Lost Media and could not find a shot showing that.

It would just about clinch the theory for me. Too obvious a clue, you know.

memphish said...

2costa, yes and we've never seen them again, unless you count Locke's eyes in Claire's dream in Raised by Another.

Guess that would make fill-in-the-blank Jack.

2costa said...

thats one cuse said there are a couple of easter eggs anyone know the other, maybe the polarbear namaste buddah painting in widmores office or hieronymous i guess

Passafist said...

2 Costa,

Dark Angel covers a ton of the easter eggs in the podcast!! I'd check it out!!

Also can anyone explain where the Namaste Polar Bear picture goes during that scene??

Just wondering??

memphish said...

engineer27, I know I've seen that photo, but of course can't find it now, but I'll keep looking. It's in the scenes where they are outside the shop. It's on her wrap.

2costa said...

i hear a lot about their rating woes lately and i think if they really cared about rating wouldnt they pull the episodes from abc. com or stop selling them on i-tunes. I realize those revenuse streams might be comparable and offset network broadcast ratings slips. Lost is the victim of its own quality. It is so good that it is even better with out comercials i know a lot of people that tvo or download lost to watch it without commercials. I know the move to 9 pm cst was to avoid american idol, but it seems american idol and lost have pretty differnt kind of viewers, where as medium and even csiNY seem to have almost the same demographics as lost. So the average viewer might watch medium and record lost for untinterupted viewing

2costa said...

this site is sweet for easter eggs the polarbearbuddah is on here

2costa said...

this site is sweet for easter eggs the polarbearbuddah is on here

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hello everyone!

Oh my word, I'm finally caught up on all the chatter - work has been a (polar) BEAR for the last week and I haven't had time to read, let alone talk... which sucked because this episode was so fantastic...

Okay, end ramble. My husband and I are all moved in now, work's settling down a bit, and I am ready to talk! :)

So, time travel, huh?

memphish said...

Engineer27, check out this photo

memphish said...

You can see it even clearer here

Melissa_Lossa said...

Without spoiling the Dark Tower series, I agree that Desmond's experiences have that same feel - there are certain things that must be accomplished to reach the ultimate goal. Perhaps stopping the barkeep from getting whacked was one of those markers? In DT, it was as simple as stopping to pick something up.

picsel said...

missed loads of commments lol but anyway something just occured to me when you speculated about the two skeletons being our losties. and about jack taking the black and white stones from them

didnt in one weird dream Locke woke up and his eyes were black and white?

one of them could be locke. and he could be the one who dies. just a suggestion on the skeleton/lostie thing

Melissa_Lossa said...

Also, someone mentioned the connection that Javi had worked on Charmed - one of my other favorite shows, and one that dealt quite a bit with time travel and the idea that death is predetermined. I'd also add that Carlton Cuse worked on Brisco County, Jr. - in which the main character fights a villain from the future, and in fact comes back in time himself to help win the fight.

So the brains behind Lost have plenty of experience with time travel stories. :)

I have to say, I'm leaning toward some kind of, if not time travel, at least out-of-body, astral projection-type explanation, rather than the old "it was all a dream" theory.

BTW - my word verification is wfbkbodw ... good grief!

engineer27 said...

memphish . . .

Thanks. I'm not sure that's Ouroborous, though. The tail isn't in the mouth of the dragon.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Okay, one more thought -

Des keeps having visions where he sees that Charlie will die without his (Desmond's) intervention. But Charlie has already had several near-death experiences on the island, and has always been saved by someone. Perhaps Desmond is not meant to save Charlie alone, but is just stepping in to take his turn?

In the last post, experimental film posted this list of ways that Charlie could have died:

a plane crash (duhh)
- the cart in the plane that he dodges away from but almost crushes him
- the cart in the HATCH that he dodges away from but almost crushes him
- the explosion that eko initiates in the hatch
- when ethan hangs him from a tree
- a bad heroin trip ?
- when they first crash - he's super high, and a giant piece of flaming metal almost crushes him but ends up behind him instead
- the monster, as seen in the 23rd psalm
- maybe hte wild boar, when locke uses him for bait

To that, I would add this - in the beginning of the first season, Charlie was Locke's sidekick for awhile, a role he coveted. As time went on however, he was replaced by Boone. This replacement led to Boone's ultimate death... perhaps this was another instance of Charlie being pulled out of harm's way, albeit more indirectly than other times.

memphish said...

Melissa_lossa, good point about Charlie and Boone. I liked what Dark Angel had to say about Jack preventing Boone's death back in White Rabbit as well.

Engineer27, I agree that the pin (I won't try to spell it) looks different than the thing in Wikipedia, etc. Maybe Dark Angel can tell us if the tail not being in its mouth thing is determinative.

Melissa_Lossa said...

I know I've mentioned this before, but I loved Locke's vision quest earlier this season. Charlie's just starting to get back into his role as Locke's righthand man, he helps Locke prepare for his quest ... and who comes along to lead Locke to the answers - Boone!

I'll have to listen to the podcast at home tonight. Sounds like some good stuff that I'll want to hear.

rubygreeneyes said...

OK, so in addition to being addicted to all things LOST, I am also a celebrity gossip whore. I came across THIS PIC while perusing Britney's current publicity stunt.

Anyone know where the original photo is from? I assume a publicity shot?

engineer27 said...

On the subject of Ouroborous . . .
Any Red Dwarf fans out there? In one episode, titled "Ouroborous," Lister finds out that due to a time loop, he is actually his own father.

takes a village said...

Hi Loco's
Lot's of good comments and podcasts going on.I guess my days as a sofa spud are over.My brain hasn't worked this hard since college.
In Back to The Future,Marty also had a trigger that set him off;... Chicken...What is with these time travl'n, destiny dudes?
Maybe we'll get some more clues Wed.

engineer27 said...

Feeling Podcasty?

I'm not sure about the problems Dien and "The Goog" have with the continuity of the scene at Widmore's office. But one thing they are spot on about: the mural behind Des is definitely the same or similar to one in Claire's boyfriend's art studio. Refer:

Raised by Another....

Flashes before your Eyes.

PhD in Lost-ology, indeed.

Twinkle said...

Nice podcast. I thought the ring lady's comment that the greatest thing Desmond will do in his life is pushing the button was the key clue that the lady was actually a manifestation of the smoke monster. I liked your comments that the smoke monster had passed the same message onto other characters too.

engineer27 said...

On closer examination, it seems that between takes the entire room was mirror-imaged.

In some shots, the bar is to Desmond's right, and the polar bear mural is to his left:

Scene 1.

In others, the mural is to his left:

Scene 1.

In the two scenes, the funky lamp near Widmore's desk is on the opposite side, and if you look really closely, you will notice that in one version, the "Namaste" is forward instead of backward.


memphish said...

I seem to recall on one of the Episode Commentaries on the DVDs a discussion about reversing frames. I think it was in the Two for the Road commentary where they shot the scene where Ana Lucia drops Christian off at the bar. Instead of finding a bunch of cars with steering wheels on the "wrong" side, they reversed the sinage and flipped the film. My guess is the same thing happened in this episode through carelessness. Though you'd think as insane as people like us are about this stuff and given the 13 week hiatus that they could have gotten it right in Episode 8.

engineer27 said...


Yes, you would think. I just noticed that Desmond's hair is parted on the opposite side in one of the takes.

I have a feeling these sort of continuity and prop errors happen all the time in other TV series and movies, but few actually notice.

Perhaps, as a public service, someone might maintain a web page with all the Lost bloopers and blunders catalogued and referenced.

On second thought, what fun would that be?

memphish said...

Engineer27, Lostpedia is already doing just that. They have an article on Bloopers. You can also check out the Flashes Before Your Eyes page where they discuss a number of inaccuracies in the flashbacks in the Trivia section.

Where do I sign up for David's Ph.D program?

TLC said...


Those error's are far too obvious for professionals. They would do reshoots before they would edit a scene as sloppy as that scene was. It must be part of the mystery.


I've watched the scene 12 times, I saw those screen caps and their is not a moment in the acutal show where the Namaste is Written foreward like the picture in the link. For my notes in the podcast I watched shot for shot.

But those photos are pretty fascinating.


TLC said...

If you listen to the podcast you're on your way to the PHD. I think I finally get one when I finish the fourth lost puzzle. Which you can order from

Passafist said...

dude you know I just realized I"ve been posting with the wrong name!!! TLC is me David A Dein!!


engineer27 said...

Well, that's even more mysterious. Are you wathcing in HD? Maybe the HD version is different from the NTSC one!

Otherwise, where did that screen cap come from?

Great catch on the artwork from "Raised by Another," though.

And -- TLC or passafist, we all know it's you, D.A.D.

Passafist said...

Don't know if this has been mentioned but the sneak peek scene from Stragner in A Strange Land is pretty cool!!! Very Spoilerish.. but nice!!!

maven said...

Engineer27: I have LOST on HD...going to check it out. BRB

memphish said...

There are 2 scenes on AOL Passifist. I'm avoiding, avoiding!

maven said...

Okay, I've checked out the scenes in HD. Same thing...that painting has switched sides of the room. He first glances to the right and sees the painting. Then he checks out the boat later in the scene and it's on his right with the bar. When Widmore walks over to the bar, the painting is on Desmond's left and on pause I can see that Namaste is printed the correct way...I see "Nam...", not "ets..."

This can't really be a continuity error, can it? Why would props move a big painting and put in a bar? Maybe he's actually there in two different time loops?

engineer27 said...

I guess we're suggesting that they threaded the film in backwards during editing for some of the takes.

The question is -- was it an accident, or intentional?

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Phew finally made it to the blog, great podcast guys - even if I am not convinced by your theory David.

I will try to get a screen cap for Mrs hawkins broach but there is a reference to it here

Memphish The time loop theory was started by Cardielost in the spoiler section about a week ago (ie before FBYE) and the discussion has ranged across nearly all the posts in the spoiler section and the section for FBYE. At the moment I am subscribed to 60+ threads! but you can see my posts here here

Enginner27 good call on the Red Dwarf epsiode - classic :)

memphish said...

Thanks DA. I posted links to pictures of the pin about 20 comments ago.

Passafist said...

I'd also like to add one more pieceto my theory that desmond was being messed with by the Monster (if you haven't listened to the podcast stop here and go listen to the podcast will ya)

...Everybody who has had encounters with the monster after the hatch explosion was in or near the hatch during the explosion. John Locke had his sweat lodge vision, ecko meets up with smokey, and Desmond has a dream that features Charlie.

The monster has sway in each other these character's and as time progresses I"ll bet we'll see more of the effects of the acutal hatch explosion in Locke, Charlie and Desmond.


Passafist said...

It's all good Dark Angel!!!

I hope you don't mind the cuts I made to your comments. Really just removing umms and lip pops.


picsel said...

something just occured to me when you speculated about the two skeletons being our losties. and about jack taking the black and white stones from them

didnt in one weird dream Locke woke up and his eyes were black and white?

one of them could be locke. and he could be the one who dies. just a suggestion on the skeleton/lostie thing

memphish said...

picsel, Locke had black and white eyes that resembled the stones in Claire's dream the first time Ethan injected her with whatever it was Ethan injected her with. I don't know how that plays into who's in the cave, but we have seen him with the black and white Backgammon pieces as well.

David, I like what you're saying about the Hatch and when we've seen the Monster in Season 3. Makes sense, but again, time travel seems more logical/scientific/plausible (LOL) to me.

2costa said...

i have always has my suspicions that claire's baby daddy was a dharma operative the way he made her keep the baby then wanted nothing to do with her. If he indeed had the widmore painting in his studio that would seem to back that up even more. If he was just an immature artist not ready for a family why talk her out of an abortion???

2costa said...

earlier everyone was saying ways ben could be alex biological dad, but its just as likely that he is just her suragte father, but it seems strange that rousseau would have ben in her grasps. That could mean two things, she didnt know who he was(and that woud confirm he is just alex's adoptive dad so to speak) or everything we know about rouseau could be fake. People seem to doubt everything from the fabric of time and space on the show, but seem to take her bio on face value. Perhaps frenchy is a dhrama operative nudging their fates along

2costa said...

for some reason the widmore painting reminds me of the wild style of the painting in the swan...

picsel said...

ah, back now. been making myself a new myspace layout lol..

add me

ah ok just came into my head with the whole black and white stone thing..

Charlie also could have died when Jack was trapped in the caves...

Melissa_Lossa said...

Okay, I just had a thought - we learned in this past episode that Des once designed scenery for the Royal Shakespearean Theatre, so he must be some kind of artist. Do we know who painted the mural in the Swan? Is it possible that it was Desmond? Is it also possible that Des painted the mural in Widmore's office? Penny could have given it to her father without telling him who the artist was. If that's the case, then the Widmore painting could be another example of Desmond transferring images from one life to another - he had a vision of the polar bear, Namaste, etc and used it in one of his paintings.

Possible, or too much of a leap?

picsel said...

theres no such thing as too much of a leap in lost

hehe my word verif is - fhwqPOOP

Emily said...

hey all,

i usually just lurk now and then, and this is off topic, but i had to ask.

dennis - where's daybreak? can't we usually access it on monday? it's the last one and i'm getting antsy.

as always, great commenting yall

Melissa_Lossa said...

ha, ha - too true, picsel!

I just think that they made a point of mentioning that Des worked for the Royal Shakespearean Theatre. There must be a reason, right? Right?! :)

memphish said...

I'm pretty sure that TPTB have said that Desmond is the person who painted the Swan hatch mural. Curt over at the Black Rock has done some pretty amazing analysis of the mural and it's perhaps prophetic qualities. You can chat with him over at and link to his podcasts that discuss the mural if you are interested.

In real life Jack Bender who directs many of the LOST episodes and who oversees production in Hawaii painted the mural and I think there are places you can buy a copy of it, if you so desire. Guess I should have posted that info before Valentine's Day.

capcom said...

Hey! I first said that Ms.Fiona was Smokey in the last thread! :-D

I have seen the Swan mural often referred to as Desmond's mural. I think even once by TPTB (but not sure). Check here: {{}} for some info about the mural, but nothing about Des, as far as I have checked. There is also a little-used forum there, where someone mentions that the large arrow angles at 325', the figure in the clerical collar looks like Yemi, and that there are fish biscuits all over the mural. :o) Things that we would not have know when we first saw it in the Swan. But maybe precog or time traveling images of Desmond's???

audiopimp said...

i'd just like to add that i totally agree with the monster messing with desmond's head theory, and that i don't think that he has the ability to see the future, only the ability to sense what the monster is thinking at that moment - eg drag claire out to sea to lure in charlie, strike lightning etc. When the 'island demands' someone's death, desmond is going to be able to see the monster's plan and act to counter it. i actually think that the only deaths from now on will be self imposed conflict between the losties and the others. The hole in this theory however, is that it doesn't completely explain how desmond knew in advance about the speech that locke was going to make about finding ecko. maybe because the monster had 'screened' locke and infiltrated his mind, now desmond can see into his mind also (like he can see the thoughts of the monster) and know in advance what he is planning to do. It wasn't the future but a sense of knowledge about what is on his mind and what actions he will soon take... thoughts?

tlcm said...

I'm trying to get caught up; everyone has so many good ideas.

I'm watching "The Butterfly Effect" on FX this evening and it reminds me of what happened to Desmond. So I'll take back my comment about time travel being a cop out. But TPTB be warned you're walking on thin ice with me so get Desmond's story straightened out. I don't understand how he is still having the flashback or what ever you want to call them.

I'm still hooked.

I'm hoping to be more involved from now on. I'm resigning my job and going on social security disability. I may take on a few contracts for consulting but mostly I'm going to focus on getting healthy. The doctor's are giving me 18 - 24 months based on the last CT scan. I'm going to give chemo a chance and maybe try radiation. but no matter what I do I won't have to stress myself out with work stuff.

thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers.

Melissa_Lossa said...

oh, tlcm - I'm so sorry to hear that your health is still not getting better. Just remember, there are all kinds of people here who are thinking about you and care about you!

If you ever need any long distance favors, just let us know.

Thanks for all of the info on the murals, everyone. I'll see you in the morning!

Amused2bHere said...

Apologies if this has been said already:

What if the two skeletons are Rose and Bernard? Just saying...

How long did Jack say they were dead? Perhaps there are pockets of different times on the island, like how air currents can be at different temperatures. Could explain Waaaalt's growth spurt, ya know.

Passafist said...

Anna Lucia Speaks!! or at least our favorite castaway Anna Lucia speaks for the first time about her arrest for DUI!!! WORD UP!

chucklez3 said...

i'm back. been gone since thursday afternoon.

so, any new "awakenings", in terms of ideas, etc?

memphish said...

Chucklez3, welcome back. I was wondering where you were. Definitely check out the podcast if you want ideas. Dark Angel and David present each of the 2 big camps regarding what happened to Desmond - time travel (DA) or monster messing with his head (DAD).

Amused2behere, I don't think I've heard anyone guess the skeletons are Rose and Bernard. That would be an interesting twist. Jack said they'd been there 40-50 years, but that was how long the bodies (bodes if you're Hurley) had been decomposing he guessed, not how old the bodies were when they died.

Hopefully we'll get a new Official podcast today. I guess ABC takes President's Day off. That's probably why there was no new Daybreak too (if there was no new Daybreak.)

chucklez3 said...

Walt's growth was not intended for the show. The storyline went on too long and NATURALLY, a teenage boy hits a "spurt" and voila. The actor grew.

Michael didn't say a thing when he saw him. No "what the hell? how did you get so big in 5 days???". no nothing.

plus, they even made him sound younger (as if he still was young) when they brought him back to michael. Plus, they tried to avoid having michael and walt standing beside each other too much........AND the cameras were placed in strategic angles throughout that episode (I believe).

So, unless they touch on it later, I don't think his "growth" will even be mentioned on the show. However, if they EVER bring them back (on screen), they may HAVE TO, considering he'll probably be 6 feet tall by then. hahahaha

chucklez3 said...

went to visit my daughters in florida over the weekend. was tough leaving them.

then......about 45 minutes from returning here, I called a friend that i had forgotten his number (it just "came back to me").

he told me that my mom has been dead for 3 years. she and i had a huge disagreement back then and communications were cut-off. and no one knew how to get in touch with me. so, the world just keeps sh@#ting on me. but capcom or whoever said........"suck it up", right?

oh and i get to move using only my car this weekend from virginia, to new jersey. yay.

how was YOUR weekend?

Melissa_Lossa said...

Good morning, TLC!

Here's a little something to get you through until tomorrow night:

No spoilers, just the info and some photos of the new Lost figures. They look really great!

Series Two includes Eko, Sun, Jin and Sawyer. Series Three is Sayid, Desmond, Claire and "Henry Gale."

If you'd like to see some good photos of the first series, check out my blog (photos courtesy of Mr. Melissa!).

engineer27 said...

Chucklez3: Sorry to hear about your mom. 3 years - wow. awful.

Melissa_Lossa said...
Is it also possible that Des painted the mural in Widmore's office?

I don't know how he would know about polar bears, but otherwise I like that theory.

I also remember hearing that Desmond did the Swan mural, or at least part of it. Again, though, I'm not sure where he would have seen fish biscuits.

chucklez3 said...

yeah. between all the other stuff going on, coulda' done without that bit of info.


Melissa_Lossa said...

engineer - maybe Des was just including the fact that he likes those little goldfish crackers in his mural... they just LOOK like fish biscuits. :) Okay, I got nuthin'

Actually, I was thinking that this would tie in with the whole time loop thing - if he's going in circles, then that would explain how he knew about things from the island in the past. He would know about the polar bears now, since one tried to eat Eko. Maybe Sawyer tells him how yummy fish biscuits are when he gets back to the beach.

chucklez3 said...

someone just told me that all the flashbacks are in fact, time travel, giving all of them the opportunity to 'fix' what's wrong.

i'm really starting to dislike this.

this would really take away from the "fun" of trying to "save the world" from a scientific research company gone astray.


blueheron13 said...


If you are looking for relatively simple and straightforward theories about what happened to Desmond, please don't read the past several hundred posts: There has to be a post about every kind of time travel theory ever invented!

While I am somewhat in awe of the imaginative speculation that so many of the folks here have, I still cling to the hope that time travel isn't being used as a plot device. Or, if it is, that it is not maddeningly complicated and full of paradoxes and inconsistancies. I will still watch the show either way, but I hope it doesn't go that route.

Anyone else feel that way or am I way in the minority now?

Sayid'sgirl said...

I was thinking the same thing about Daybreak not being up yesterday.It's 10:00ish eastern and so far it's not up yet.

Sorry if this double posts. I put 4 wvs in then my post disappeared. I tried refreshing and couldn't till I sent (the invisable)info.

So I retyped it and trying again.

Sayid'sgirl said...

blueheron13 & chucklez3
I agree I really don't want it to be about time travel either no matter how intriging that would be.

And I'm probably in the minority in this but I don't take anything at face value. I tend to think that 90% of it is red herrings. Even though they are giving us clues we may not be reading them right. I think we grab onto what they leads us to or what seems to be obvious when if fact it's something else. But of course that's just me. I guess I've read too many mysteries.

chucklez3 said...

blueheron13: i am SOOOOO with you on this. i really am holding on by a thread that this is "deeper" than simple sci-fi explanations.

chucklez3 said...

sayid'sgirl: yeah, how can you trust writers/producers who (at one point) said that it can all be explained "LOGICALLY" and "RATIONALLY"???

i mean, a reporter for (i believe) entertainment weekly online interviewed the two producers and i believe she was told that it's all about time travel. and the words used were, "that's the grenade..........the BOMBS are yet to come".

one of them joked that the island is a space ship and will take off at the end of the show........then followed with "just kidding".


eh. whatever.

blueheron13 said...

sayid'sgirl and chucklez3,

Thanks! It's always good to know that others share one's viewpoint.

I think it would be a masterful stroke on the part of the TPTB to drop these clues to make us think that time travel is occurring, but then turn it around and show how it can be explained completely differently.

Melissa_Lossa said...

I don't mind the idea that Des is stuck in a time loop, or is experiencing time differently from everyone else, but I'm not that into the whole "I-went-back-in-time-and-now-I'm-my-own-grandmother" kind of time travel. And I hope the other Losties aren't traveling in time - although we haven't seen any evidence that anyone besides Des has been able to influence/change events.

BTW - does anyone watch Futurama? In "Alls Well that Roswell," they go back in time and Fry accidently kills his grandfather and then sleeps with his grandmother. Professor says "A nice bit of advice from Mr. I'm-my-own-grandfather!" I just had to throw that in. :)

CattyGirl said...

tlcm - you are in my thoughts and prayers.

chucklez3 said...

i think that having the people experience "hiccups" in time (induced by manipulated means) would be a great storyline.

Like linking the room #23 with mind-control and reading thoughts, etc.

But even if they explain that with logic and rationale, what about "nostra-desmond", the four-toed statue and smokey?

ugh. there are thousands of theories and i'm sure some explain all these "logically". however, can we see signs of "creative LIFE" from the writers and producers already???

why do i feel like scully trying to rationalize my way through this show?

chucklez3 said...


maven said...

Blueheron: I with you, too. Even though I'm open for anything on this show...throwing in something like time travel/time loops/black holes literally puts a different perspective on the show. I would like some elements of weird science, but I like the Dharma storyline of an experiment gone "bad" and what's behind that.

BTW: Anyone catch an interesting bit of dialogue on HEROES last night? Daniel Petrelli talking to Simone re what's happening to all the "special people": "Maybe they'll stick them in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean." Could this be a shoutout to LOST?

maven said...

TLCM: Sorry to hear your news. You still have a great attitude...that's a big part of the battle. Let us know if there's anything we can do for you!

Chucklez: Sorry to hear your news, too. Sometimes, bad things come in waves...hopefully, good things will now come your way!

chucklez3 said...

maven: could be. sounds like it. however, i really hope that the writers from lost and friends to the writers of heroes don't take too much from each other. in other words, let heroes be about "comic book" heroes and let lost remain more of a great "thriller-based, novel-type" with pseudo-science.............NOT science fiction (i hope everyone knows what i meant by that).

chucklez3 said...

maven: thanks for the thoughts and prayers. you know, it's hard when you're alone, too. just having all this handed to you, having to visit your daughters and leave to come back to "nothing", getting word of your mom's demise and then faced with moving to a new state and new job within 5 days.

yeah, can be a little overwhelming. but whatcha gonna do?

chucklez3 said...

you know, i loved X-Files and X-Men, but I would NEVER want the two integrated or taking on characteristics from the other.

maybe that helps.

memphish said...

Hey everyone who was talking about the skeletons in the cave, be sure to check out these pictures on DarkUFO's site. Maybe we have our answer.

chucklez3 said...

ugh..........time loop perhaps? not that i like it, but that's all i can take from that crap.

and in the eyes of those wanting "time" travels or what-not, that would explain "re-living" the past up until the arrival on the island.

eh. who knows?

memphish said...

All right TLECers who are desiring a puzzle challenge, check out this anagram challenge from Doc Jensen.

chucklez3 said...

"eradicated" and "infertile" can be taken from that.

chucklez3 said...

eh. you can also get "desmond hume, penelope" and "reincarnate" from that.

i don't think it's an anagram.

memphish said...

Maven, you'll enjoy this response to the Lost shout out on Heroes last night. I found it on PopCandy.

Our own Will Keck contacted Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse about the reference. His tongue-in-cheek response: "Damn. I guess no one’s gonna be surprised when Charlie explodes in our finale and takes out the island in a nuclear blast."

blueheron13 said...

If DHARMA (spelled out) is indeed an anagram, it would be very tough to get anything that makes sense out of all those letters. The best thing I could get was:


That's probably not right.

maven said...

Thanks, Memphish! That line really stood out for me last night! I think all the various PTB know we tend to crossover blog on different shows...shoutouts (subtle or not) might just be playing homage to everyone's fan base.

maven said...

Re Doc Jensen's search for an anagram in DHARMA: It would be great if the meaning of the show is right below our noses, but I think he's grasping for straws!

The skeleton discussion is very intriguing. Could they really be Jack and Kate (or another "couple" on the island) and we're dealing with time loops/time travel/black holes/worms again? Very spooky indeed.

chucklez3 said...

jensen tends to do that. he's had more "theories" in the past 8 months than all of us (TLEC-ers) combined.

chucklez3 said...

Anyone else starting to question the reason we had our "experience" this off season???

maven said...

Chucklez3: I think the reason behind TLE was to bring all of us together! LOL

chucklez3 said...

sheep to the slaugher.


picsel said...

Department of
Research on


Maven said
"Anyone catch an interesting bit of dialogue on HEROES last night? Daniel Petrelli talking to Simone re what's happening to all the "special people": "Maybe they'll stick them in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean." Could this be a shoutout to LOST?"

Well wasnt heroes the other show that had the ad for Gannon Car Rentals? (and if anybody says its just a pool of company names - THEY HAD THE SAME COLOURS AND FONT!)

chucklez3 said...

okay, i give up. lost is going off the air. all the SCIENTIFIC "projects" that we were given info on are all fake. Just ploys to throw us off track that this island is actually the return of EDEN. And all who live here are given special powers / abilities. and those people will travel in time to see the end of the world come to be by an "exploding" man.

then, "poof", back to re-living the past 7 years again.

***show ends***

we pick up with the dead people on another network, because ABC doesn't care about ratings as long as someone knows that the original cast came from "lost".

and we continue with more of the same, but in the "future" with our present day heroes.

blah, blah.

"rent a car, save the past"
"rent a car, save the past"
"rent a car, save........."

chucklez3 said...

question. are we going to see someone eating an Apollo bar on Heroes? or drive a Jeep Compass?? or drink Sprite?

Aaaahhhhhhh..........better yet. Anyone gonna have a pet orangutan that just won't die??

sorry........i'm a bit sarcastic today.

chucklez3 said...

hmmm.........better yet...

...Hiro travels back in time, to actually get on the plane and ends up being one of the losties. When the hatch "blew up", Hiro was hiding under the floor (surviving on dropped food), grabs Desmond and transports them back to the past so Desmond can see what needs to be done.

Before leaving though, Hiro tells Desmond that he has to remove all his clothes, because they can NOT travel back with him. Once disrobed, Desmond notices that Hiro has not stripped. Hiro grabs Desmond tightly and "poof"......gone.

Desmond wakes up in the middle of the jungle, feeling a bit.......ummm........."violated". Scurries around to find clothing and stumbles upon Hurley.

chucklez3 said...

*chases tumbleweed as it blows by*


capcom said...

Hi All,

Mellissa, that Futurama epsisode is one of my favorites! I thought of that too on the last thread when we started talking "loops". :o)

Chucklez, no one here would ever say to anyone to suck it up concerning the death of a loved one. Very sorry to hear of the news you received about your mother. I lived alone in NY for 30 years, divorced and with no family, so I can relate. I was also not able to be with my Dad when he died suddenly in TN in 2002 and he was the center of my universe. We talk about things like these on the SotL blog, you should go there if you want to talk about life, etc. It's a good support group as well, thanks to our Admin for starting it.

I like the theory that someone posted about Dez now being tuned into Smokey's "thoughts", or actions, or workings. Agreed that it might now answer everything, but it is compelling.

Doesn't someone in the show say that it would be difficult to tell how long Adam and Eve were dead because of the island's weather, or being in the damp cave, or something like that? Wonder if it could be Jack and Juliet? :o)

One more day! And thanks for the links too everyone.

chucklez3 said...

capcom: yeah, i know. just sarcastic. I have a very downward mood happening over here right now. haha

no offense.

memphish said...

Capcom said, Wonder if it could be Jack and Juliet? Perish the thought.

By the way, the official Lost podcast is finally available. I for one can't wait to hear the post-hash.

capcom said...

P.S., did someone post here that perhaps the injections that the DI was supplying (and that Dez was taking) could have introduced a sensitivity to being clairevoyant? I forget if it was here or on another blog. It was an interesting thought and well put. Anyway, if so, that may have been how Dez was already tuned into the island, Smokey, Yemi, fish biscuits, etc., (before the implosion) and put it into the mural. Not saying it is....just thinking out loud.

memphish said...

Another theory is that the injections prevent Smokey from being able to mess with you. Now that Desmond has been gone for more than 9 days maybe it has worn off and the monster can now mess with him.

capcom said...

None taken friend. I'm also sorry that none of us can help you out with your move. It's always more fun moving when you have people there to complain about how many boxes there are. (I have millions of books, so I got lots of complaints) :o) But then you bribe them with pizza and beer!

Don't forget.....there's always the SotL blog!

P.S.S., TLCM, glad that you are dropping work for a while, you deserve to rest up for getting better.

capcom said...

Wow, I like that better Memphish!

memphish said...

So TPTB seem to be saying that it was time travel.

capcom said...

Oh snap!!!, as my nephews would say. I just looked at that link to DarkUFO, with the stones. Wow. I'm speechless.

memphish said...

Apparently the delay for the Official Podcast was to allow insertion of banjo music.

2costa said...

all i have to say about desmond and timetravel is the elders of tralmaphrdore(sp.) from slaughterhouse five. In that story within the story the aliens didnt see time as linear they looked at the whole picture all at once like a song enjoying the highs and lows of the journey all at once. Billy pigrim traveled through time throughout points of his life the future one was funny where he was in like a zoo with some ladie to procreate

capcom said...

Heh-heh, someone on the DarkUFO blog suggested that Adam and Eve are the Bleeper twins, I like that idea! :o) But then how would they get the stones from "you-know-who" (in case that's a spoiler theory for someone).

picsel said...

Doc Jensen was used alot by TPTB in TLE to give us clues for the game. do you think TPTB have given him this information about the names being in there and the big reveal in the name?

gunna get to work on it hehe

capcom said...

That's a thought, Picsel.

picsel said...

if anybody is interested...
after removing "Desmond Hume" and "Penelope" from D.H.A.R.M.A
the letters left are:


capcom said...

Good thinking Picsel, if we are trying to find something with those two names, might as well eliminate them from the decoding. The peeps on DarkUFO are working on it too, on the blog for the link above to the stones egg.

capcom said...

Oops, actually it is the Tailsection blog on the Doc Jensen link above that is working on it.

picsel said...

lol ive just ben trawling through DarkUFO to find it and thought i wasnt navigating through the site correctly lol

memphish said...

Good luck on the anagram picsel and capcom. Let us know if you or The Tailsection comes up with anything. Chucklez3 tried a few things earlier today which you can see further up in the comments.

picsel said...

arent you gunna help memphish?

picsel said...

im off to bed now (23:42 is the time hehe) someone over at Tailsection has this


but has the letters D C A R left...... meh

DesignerMama said...

This leaves out a good 10 letters, but I am liking...

"Caution, Desmond, Penelope is a Real Time rift Anarchist."


Sayid'sgirl said...

The only two interesting words I came up with were reclasssification and patriarch.
But as far as making any sentence or combinations of words that makes since I can't. But I'm not very good at anagrams.

capcom said...

Re: TPTB giving us clues via Doc and also speaking of how in the end, viewers will know that TPTB had a big plan all along: I hope that this means that whenever it IS the end of the series, that TPTB will happily explain everything to us that we didn't catch, get, etc. In fact, I'd like an encycolpedia on the entire series, as well! I don't ask for much. :o)

Melissa_Lossa said...

designermama - I love it! :) Your answer cracks me up.

capcom - I knew there was something I liked about you - you're a Futurama fan! :) Did you hear that Comedy Central is producing new episodes next year?

I had the thought awhile back that the "vaccine" prevented Smokey from getting inside your head, and that it dampened Desmond's psychic abilitites in the process (explaining why he didn't foresee things like getting shipwrecked and Kelvin stealing his boat). But a lot of that depended on the theory that Des was psychic before the explosion. I'll admit, I read some spoilers for this past episode, so I was certain that my theory was about to be proven (believing that Des's flashbacks were normal flashbacks and that he was psychic in them) - now I'm not as sure about that. I still think I'm right, but now I have some doubts.....

If I turn out to be right, I'm going to make everyone go back and give me credit for this theory!! If I'm wrong, I'll fade into the background. :)

DesignerMama said...

I've got another one, but I have still left out three letters (i r h)

Penelope's Desmond Hume (a liar pair) Attracts An Artifact's Reaction.

I'm still at work at 8pm, waiting for edits. This is amusing me.

memphish said...

Great work Designermama. I can do the daily jumble, but this many letters is way beyond me.

Melissa_lossa, you need to listen to Damon's explanation of what happened in "Flashes" in the new Official podcast. It still makes my head hurt to think about Desmond, but basically it seems he does time loop, but he mostly doesn't realize it. They seem to state this will be his only flashback in which he will see flashes of the future. Be sure to check it out. Oh, they don't address the vaccine issue.

capcom said...

New Futuramas?????? Awesome! (I am way too old to like that show!)

"Me want SNOO-SNOO!!!!" Heehee. :o)

Ahhh, you're the one who thought of the anti-Smokey vaccine, I knew that it had to be from our blog! Well, I think that whether Dez was precog before or not, it could still keep Smokey from reading his mind (and he didn't even know that). Maybe quarantine refers to "outside" being a dangerous place where Smokey can get inside your head????? And maybe Danille's group's 'sickness' was seeing things that Smokey made them see and they thought that they were kookoo? Although, why arms would have to be cut off for that, I don't know.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Thanks for the tip, memphish - I'll have to listen in tomorrow at work. So the idea is that he's been looping more than he knows? Do they address whether it's been happening for awhile, or only since the explosion?

designermama - sorry you're stuck at work. That sucks!

Melissa_Lossa said...

I know, I am SO excited about new episodes - they got all of the original writers and cast back, too.

I think the whole quarantine theory makes sense. I'm interested to see if the Others take the vaccine or not.

Who's arm got cut off? Maybe it was like in the x-files, when they cut off your arm so that they couldn't do the black oil tests on you.

Okay, gotta go eat dinner now!

capcom said...

That's what I thought too when the whole cut-off-arm thing came up. Poor Krychek. But he kind of deserved it.

Didn't Danielle say something about at least one of her crew losing an arm? To what, I don't think we know.

memphish said...

Yep, Montand (sp?) lost his freakin' arm to quote Doc Arzt before he went boom. And then there's Marvin Candle and finally the Lost Moment Arm of Mystery brought in by the dog of doom.

I like the idea about the quarrantine referring to Smokey. I agree it would be interesting to see if the Others take the vaccine. I know time is so hard to nail down on this show, but it makes me wonder how many days Ben was held in the Hatch and if that exceeded the every 9 nine days I believe Kelvin said was the time you had to take the vaccine. Maybe that time was running short for Ben and that was why Ms. Klugh, et. al had to send Michael for Ben when they did.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hmmmm.... I'm pretty sure Ben was in the hatch less than nine days. Seems like each episode is usually one day, and I know he wasn't in there was nine weeks.

Hopefully, nobody on Lost had their arm sawed off with a red hot knife like poor Krychek. That scene STILL gives me the willies!

Time for bed... I'll see you guys tomorrow for Lost Day!

Amused2bHere said...

:::looks around:::: Hmm, seems I am alone.

Well, let me just say this--I think N@kk$ and P#%l* are the corpses in the cave. The more we protest their presence on the island the more they are defended by D&C. Of course, it doesn't make any sense that they would be truly integral to the story (it sure ain't obvious to US at this point)but maybe this is why they are so important: they are the mysterious dead guys.

Well, for me, that is acceptable. As long as they are dead, and we get to see them die.

Did that sound harsh?
I apologize.

Amused2bHere said...

Tlcm, I am sorry to hear about your continuing health challenges. I agree with melissa, if you need long distance favors, we are here for you. You are still in my prayers.

chucklez, I am stunned by your news. I can't imagine what you are going through, shock is my only reaction. And to have this dumped on you in the middle of a big move...well, let's just say you have many here who are praying for you, friend. And when you need a place to vent, come over to the Stories of the Lost and vent. It won't matter what the thread is about. Just come.

right now i'm not so amused2bhere.

DiggityDirge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DiggityDirge said...

Hey All,

Listening to the latest podcast now. Nice work!

For those of us trying to date Desmond's flashback (re-live, whatever we are calling it) the abc podcast threw us a nice bone. Damon said the time in England was in 1996, so we were right on.

See you all tomorrow for the epi.

fitz66 said...

Hey just listened to the podcast. And as to the reason why the monster would want them to push the button. I think that you no how they were releasing a surge each time they pushed the button well that surge is the monsters life force. And the magnetic force isn't even there that is what the monster does as a way to get the people to push the button again. but now that the fail safe has been turned it has released all of the energy to be given to the monster and the monster will soon die because it has all of its energy and will use it up and that is why it decided to inhabit Desmond to somewhat feed off of him

misskitty211980 said...

I highly doubt that this means anything, but I'm just throwing it out there. Ganon (one "N") is the name of the bad guy in the Zelda games.

I'm trying so hard not to be a lurker, but I guess I'm just on a different time schedule than the rest of you guys!

Oh, but if anyone cares I was mentioned in the podcast! Episode 10! I'm Cecilia, the crazy listener who buys the Atlantis theory. I told my husband that I was now officially famous!

chucklez3 said...

a2bh: thanks. i'm coping. but thanks....just in case.

;) can't really focus though. was supposed to take the NYPD exam friday, but with the move and all the rest of the "crap", i just don't know. maybe i can slide to a later class.

anyway, on with the discussions of the day..

chucklez3 said...

and okay. posted over there on the "stories of the lost" blog. although i'm the first person to do so in 3 days. haha. eh.

anyhoo........that's a HORRIBLE picture of Desmond on the "lost community" front page, by the way. hahahaha.

oh and i'll take it by the lack of comments, that no one really cared much for my bus with my cereal advertisement on it or the joop with 'valenzetti-Os' avatars. hahahaha

sorry. i got bored and made them in freakin' PAINT of all things. hahaha

oh man.........i need a hug.

memphish said...

Happy Lost Day!

Fitz66 nice theory about the Monster's impending death.

MissKitty, Congrats on your podcast fame.

Chucklez, I liked the bus, but I couldn't tell what the ad was (much like the Apollo one on the episode), but I have to say I like "Joop" better. What is he holding in his hand? I'm sending you a hug across the wire. Wish it were real. Hang in there.

Administrator said...

Happy Lost day to you memphish! Happy Lost day to everyone!

I just responded to your post at I have to head out the door to go to work now but hopefully we can chat later. Like memphish said, hang in there...

chucklez3 said...

if you click on the picture, then click on the picture again when the window (profile) pops up, you'll get a big pic. i'll post them anyway. just a sec.

thanks memphish. real or not, i'll take it.

and thanks to you too, admin.

chucklez3 said...

Joop with can of Valenzetti-Os:

Bus with ad for Blake Flakes cereal:

memphish said...

Thanx Chucklez. Both of those photos are great. I don't know how to do any of those cool kind of things. I must simply rely on my googling to find an appropriate weekly avatar. Hope I find something good after tonight's episode.

BTW, Blogger is being a pain already this am. wv=bzztav

chucklez3 said...

hahaha. when is blogger NOT a pain? or am i being "negative" already?


btw.......ADMIN........posted another one on the "".

kinda' a quick summary of my life up to now.

i don't want pity. just kinda' thought you were curious, so i told you. Oh and thanks for the prayer. you can never have too many of those.

memphish said...

Good news for the puzzle people. According to DarkUFO #4 is out. I looked for it yesterday at my local bookstore that has the other 3, but they didn't have it yet. Guess I should check again soon.

CattyGirl said...

Happy Lost Day!

I see the official podcast is up. Haven't had a chance to listen yet...

memphish said...

New Doc Jensen article.

Melissa_Lossa said...

memphish - you are my hero! I'm going on a puzzle hunt right after work! Hooray!

What a great way to start off Lost Day!

I have to say, I'm intrigued by the idea that our least favorite characters are Adam and Eve. They make much better corpses than characters.

chucklez3 said...


chucklez3 said...

hmmm......what if the bodies are Alvar and Rachel?? And Juliet is actually the baby that Rachel had. Juliet traveled BACK in time, to ENSURE that Rachel had her baby, which is her, because some of the other "bad guys" (DHARMA or Mittelos employees) actually traveled back to STOP it, because Juliet holds the ANSWER to stopping them!!

or something like that. hahaha. eh.

chucklez3 said...

did that make sense? it did in my head.

ib4uc said...

Happy Lost Day y'all.

chucklez3... hang in there!
:::::big hug to chucklez3:::::

chucklez3 said...


chucklez3 said...


DesignerMama said...

Thanks for the link to the Doc Jensen article. He always gets me thinking. As my 4 yr old says when something is awesome,"Ca-chigga, ca-chigga!" (He's a Cars fan).

I've been adding to my diatribe from a previvous post... whaddaya think?

I'm wanting to believe in the time travel version of the story and not that Desmond just dreamed what we saw last week. Basically, just because I like that kind of story (some of my favorite shows/movies are all about that or have it sometimes... Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, Star Trek TNG, etc.)... so whether or not everyone loves what it would mean to Lost, it got me really excited. ;-) I don't yet subscribe to one or another of the grand overarching Lost theories out there, I just like being messed with week after week, not knowing what's next.

Anyhow... I think Desmond DID timetravel, but the time he was gone was only as long as the purple sky "incident". I think the purple sky thing is the in/out door of the big ol' laboratory that is our island. When he turned the key, unleashing whatever crazy electromagnetic worm hole power that is in there, Desmond was flung back into his past to a crucial turning point in his life and made enough little tweaks to it that he "splintered" the timeline or changed it (like in Quantum Leap or Back to the Future), setting up a world where Penny is looking for him (which we learn after the purple sky, right?), and altering the timeline in various ways we have not yet seen.

Hanso or Mittelos or the Others or whomever gathers people for the Island keeps people pushing the button to keep things status quo. Perhaps they have "Watchers" out in the world, seeing to it that people keep on the intended course that will bring them to the island. Cindy, Libby, the White Haired woman from the jewelry shop (Ms. Hawking), the psychic who talks to Claire, anyone who intercepts our Losties (in the outside world) and keeps them making the choices that will MAKE them wind up on the island.

SO... we are not to trust these people. Free will DOES exist, but it will ruin all their plans (whatever they might be) if people don't make the "right" choices. Desmond COULD have changed his mind and stayed with Penny but the Island or the folks running it NEED Desmond. I'm no longer sure it's to save the world even though that was what we learned this summer in our game. Don't know what they're up to (which is why I keep watching). Some of these people are time travelers or astral projectors or whatever, keeping things aligned to their liking (like Marty keeping his parents together or Sam "leaping" in, making sure someone doesn't get killed in 1962). "Helping" people end up on the Island. Any number of Others could pop up in flashbacks (like Ethan and the White Haired woman) or flashback people can/might show up on the island (the psychic, Walt's stepfather, random people from our Losties past who pointed them toward Australia so they'd wind up on the right plane.

After reading Doc's article, I have expanded my idea...

Maybe our Others/Dharma/Mittelos/"Watchers" are a supremely aware culture, living on the island for hundreds of years, who have reached some sort of enlightenment/higher level of being in which they can see time differently. Maybe they see events that will bring an end to their culture (or even the world) so they send representatives out into the world now and then to make timeline alterations to keep themselves safe (one movie example that leaps to mind is Terminator). Maybe they've been tinkering with the timeline throughout the ages since four toed people lived there.

Perhaps the events leading to their demise are coming so close that they decided to do this on a much grander scale, bringing a whole plane full of "loose cannons" to the island for some type of intervention... keeping them from seemingly innocent transgressions in their own lives that trickle down to impact on the future of the island (i.e. if you go back in time and squash a bug, maybe the dinosaurs never die, if Marty McFly's dad doesn't get hit by grandpa's car, Marty's never born. If Claire doesn't have her baby... who knows. Maybe her baby grows up to kill the next Hitler. Who knows. Keep thinking.)

Forgive my rambling! Happy Lost Day (though I will surely be stuck at work late again tonight!).


DesignerMama said...

OH, just thought of this too... they take any children they can get their hands on so that they can manipulate them (instruct, brainwash, enlighten, whatever), helping them reach that higher plane of consciousness (young minds are more open than old ones... you learn language easier as a child, why not time manipulation? They prefer 'em really little, but Walt was special, on his way there already)... transforming them into members of their society (their higher consciousness causes a loss of human biological competence like reproduction?) (maybe they're basically spirit in human shell now, not realllllly human?) and using the "best and brightest" as "Watchers"?!

Ok, just got some more work on my desk. 'Bye!!!

DesignerMama said...

Star Trek TNG flashback... Wesley becoming one with the universe... ok, enough. (I didn't even like Wesley, but that was a heck of a way off the show.)

chucklez3 said...

designermama: yeah, i kinda' figured the whole idea of the "initiative" was for creating the "ultimate human".

However, I just would like to know what kinda' crack they're smokin over there to lead them to believe that time-travel was a good idea to "implement", as all the stuff leading up to this could've been explained WITHOUT IT.

Melissa_Lossa said...

designermama - that was a really unique way to write old Wes off the show for good. Did you ever see the deleted scene from the last movie where he's at Riker and Troi's wedding? I always thought that was funny. "Hey, guys, thanks for sending that wedding invite to the energy dimension that I've been living in. Glad I could disconnect and stop by!"

As far as the Lost survivors go, since the beginning of this season, I've had a couple of questions in my mind:

1) There were a few kids in the tail section, and only Walt in the fuselage. Is that significant?

2) When the plane crashes, Ben tells Goodwin to run to the tail section as fast as he can and start making his list. He tells Ethan to head for the fuselage, because there "might" be survivors. Ben seems a lot more interested in the tail section. Is that significant?

3) The Others snatched all but six of the tail survivors from the beach, then killed one more and took one more in the jungle, yet the only fuselage survivors they have taken are Walt and Claire (and Charlie, but only because Ethan didn't want to leave a witness). Is this because Ethan wasn't that good at his job? He seems to have been with them long enough to have gathered at least the same amount of info that Goodwin did.

What's so special about the tail survivors? To date, the only one left alive and un-captured is Bernard. Why the onslaught on the Tailies when the Fuselage Losties have been left alone for the most part? Ethan is the only Other who has come to the beach on his own - even Ben stopped in the jungle and was brought the rest of the way (and he never made it to the beach). Why is that?

2costa said...

Am I the only one that thinks there is a posability that desmond is not at all phycic. The events he has predicted since the turn of the key are mostly explainable. The two times he saved charlie were weather related. We has speculated before that the islands weather may be controlled by someone. Perhaps they put those flashs in desmonds head then made the weather do the things he saw to make him think he is psychic. The only thing that falls out of this is predicting lockes speach, but since his sweatlodge may have influinced locke via the same forces that are maniplulating desmond, his speach was pretty predictable. If this is correct the jewelry store operative may have been real and there to groom desmond for the button pusher job and that speaks to the pearl video saying the button pusher thinks his task is of the utmost importance. Perhaps desmond wasnt a fluke replacement for kelvin. He may have been the official replacement that kelvin was waiting for. We all know that dharma or Hanso found are still around so why would kelvin's real replacement never come???

2costa said...

sorry about all the spelling errors

Sayid'sgirl said...

He chucklez3
Didn't notice the bus, sorry. But I did click on your Joop and Valenzetti O's. I thought it was pretty cool and thought I wish I had a good program to do that and then could figure out how to use it. Now I find out you did it in paint and feel really untalented. I don't even know how to put an avatar on my post. Oh well no biggie :-) Oh and one more thing.

chucklez3 said...


thanks sayid'sgirl.

eh. just get a photobucket account (free) and save pictures to it, then use the link provided by photo bucket to add to your profile.

you can click on your name to open your profile.

and it's not that good. but, i've done some pretty nice things with it in the past, if i take my time.

did you end up clicking on the link for the bus one??

chucklez3 said...

again, these are nothing special. took like 15 minutes to do in Paint. but just posting for fun.

Joop with can of Valenzetti-Os:

Bus with ad for Blake Flakes cereal:

2costa said...

so that is totally off the radar to think these are not psychic powers that desmond has???Weather being controlled, keep in mind all the major players in the events with desmond after the turn of the key were all in the hatch when it imploded. eko charlie locke and desmond. I always thought it was strange that charlie was back at the beach after the sky turned purple. Eko and locke being put down like a feather after the hatch thin was just like jack in the pilot. Which to me might show the smoke protected them and put them down. In theory they could have messed with all four of their minds after the implosion

Sayid'sgirl said...


Maybe Ethan had become discontent like Juliet and wasn't really wanting to do what he was asked. He seemed to really care for Claire.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Yeah I clicked on the bus one.
It doesn't matter how good they are I got a good laugh out of it.

chucklez3 said...

cool. that's what i was going for. the laughs.

and in case you can't see it, on the box, that's a glyph hagbard made with Bob Ross and it says "glyph in every box".


Melissa_Lossa said...

Yeah, I think he cared for Claire, but he was also homicidal enough to hang Charlie from a tree and creep out of the ocean to kill poor Scott/Steve. You can take the Man out of Otherville, but you can't take the Otherville out of the Man, I guess!

2costa - that's a good point that everyone who has played a big part in events this season was involved in the explosion. I think there's a lot to that story that we still don't know. Charlie just wandering out of the jungle is a big mystery to me as well. It kind of goes along with my theory that it's not a matter of Desmond's destiny to save Charlie as it is Charlie's destiny to be saved.

blueheron13 said...

Well, I've listened to the ABC podcast. I guess it's official: time travel indeed. At least TPTB didn't leave us hanging on that mystery, but I'm still miffed that they brought time travel into the story in the first place. Too much of a suspension of disbelief (for me, anyway) is required. The show has been strattling the line between sci-fi/mystery and sci-fi/fantasy since the start (and doing a great job in my opinion), but they seem to be heading directly over to the fantasy side now. And it scares me to think that this episode was supposedly just a small "bomb" as opposed to what's apparently coming. I'm afraid to even speculate on what that might be.

That being said, I'm still going to be addicted to this show until the end, so I may as well try to understand what happened to Desmond with a new perspective. I just can't wrap my head around the show in any way that makes sense. And of all the posts on the subject, none "feels" right to me.

Oh, well. Fantasy or no, at least we still get compelling scenes between compelling characters.

** drops into lurk mode until time travel make sense **

chucklez3 said...

100% with you on this blueheron! surprise, surprise.

I totatlly understand where you're coming from. I actually liked and appreciated the way things were told (for the most part) BEFORE all this. Now Not so much.

feel free to pop in and share in my "distaste" for THIS SIDE of the proverbial "fence"!

DesignerMama said...

melissa_lossa, I didn't see that deleted Wesley scene, I'll have to look for it, sounds good (my hubby will like it too).

Melissa_Lossa said...

designermama - I think you can see him for a split second in a pan of the wedding in the actual movie - he's sitting at the end of the head table. I believe there's a deleted scene on the DVD where he actually talks (although no one makes reference to him traveling through space and time, if I remember correctly).

I'll admit, I had a little crush on Wes when the show was originally on! :) Of course, I was like 12, so that's my excuse!

chucklez3 said...


don't ADMIT to it!!!


chucklez3 said...

ummm.........on, on the lost page, why does it say, "on THURSDAY'S all new Lost"?????

ummm.......have WE time-traveled now??

It's on WEDNESDAY nights, geniuses!!!

or did i miss something?

chucklez3 said...

btw.....juliet is in cuffs tonight and desmond's "oracle" is in the hallway when juliet and jack are being moved through.

this may have been discussed already, but it's my first time seeing this clip.

chucklez3 said...

or was that her? looked like her. i wrong?

Melissa_Lossa said...

chuck - I think folks talked about this before - the actresses look similar, but it's not her.

And I didn't mean to gross anyone out.... :)

memphish said...

Back in for a little episode post-hash, pre-hash. I know I listen to the Official podcast too much.

DesignerMama, I really liked your long post about time travel and how it relates to Desmond, especially how the flash essentially occured only while the sky turned purple. I think you'll find you are on the same page as TPTB. But Blueheron and Chucklez I also agree with you that I'm tired of thinking about time travel now.

2Costa, your stuff about the monster is interesting and similar to what David advocates in the TLC podcast, but it seems contrary to what TPTB said in the new official podcast. I do want to know more about that ex/implosion and what happened to Charlie, Locke and Eko and Desmond's clothes. I'm still not getting it.

Designermama, how do you reconcile the sky turning purple thing with the ability to bring Juliet to the Island in 2001 and the fact that we don't see the sky turn purple when 815 crashes?

Chucklez, as for that preview, the white-haired woman does look similar to the jewelry store lady, but it's different actresses. Someone else recognized tonight's actress from Mommie Dearest.

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