Monday, November 30, 2009

Finding LaFleur - Deleted Scene from "Namaste"

Here's the next video clip from the Season 5 DVDs:

Finding LaFleur: This deleted scene from LOST's fifth season episode "Namaste" shows more of Miles and Juliet's conversation about Sawyer's whereabouts at the Dharma barracks' underground security office.

Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

We Have a Winner!

The drawing for the Lost Season 5 Dharma Initiation Kit is complete - and the winner is maven!

I put the names of everyone who commented on the contest post into a bowl and had Mr. Mel draw one, so everything was random and secret. Thanks to all of you who entered!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The H Bomb (Making up for LOST Time) and Action-Figure Faraday

Here are the next two sneak peaks from the Season Five DVDs:

The H Bomb (Making up for LOST Time): We know LOST fans are eager to hear anything Darlton has to say, so here's a clip of them - plus Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Jeremy Davies (Faraday) - talking about the concept of changing the future:

Action-Figure Faraday: The shoot-out at the Dharma barracks in "The Variable" was one of the biggest action sequences of LOST's fifth season. Watch how the crew set it up, with commentary from Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Jeremy Davies (Faraday) and Eric Lange (Radzinsky).

Remember that the drawing ends Sunday at 8 p.m. ET - get those comments in!

courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season Dharma Initiation Kit Giveaway!

Okay, here's how the giveaway will work:

If you would like to enter to win, post a comment on this post with your answer to the following question: What random mystery on Lost has been nagging at you for years? Sure, we all want to know what the Smoke Monster is and what's up with Jacob and what happened when the bomb exploded, but what's that one little thing that's been driving you crazy that you want an answer to?

You can post as many times as you want, but you will only be entered in the drawing ONCE.

On Sunday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, I will write down all of the entered names and draw one winner. If you are the winner, you will be notified by e-mail and also here on the blog. I'll need your (real) name and your address - if I do not receive it by Monday at 5 p.m. ET, I will draw another winner!

The winner will receive the Lost Season 5 Dharma Initiation Kit in the mail. Remember, this DVD set is Region 1, meaning the winner should be in the US or Canada (sorry, overseas TLCers!).

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One of Ben's People - Deleted Scene from "Namaste"

Here is our first video clip from the season 5 DVDs:

Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.

I also have some more info on our DVD giveaway! Sadly for our out-of-country fans, the DVDs are Region 1, so they can only go to the US or Canada. I have to send the winner's address on by December 1. Suggestions on the fairest way to pick a winner?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lost Season 5 DVD Sneak Peak!

The Lost Community has been offered a sneak peak at the new season 5 DVD and Blu-Ray sets coming out on December 8! We just received these promotional photos, and over the next couple of weeks, we'll be receiving some special video clips, which we'll be posting here.

Here's an excerpt from the official press release:

Coming to Blu-ray™ Hi-Def with Exclusive Content
Also on DVD December 8, 2009
“LOST is one of TV’s best series” - USA Today

Burbank, California, April 6, 2009 – Viewers can bring home the most sensational season to date of TV’s most intriguing series when LOST: The Complete Fifth Season comes to Blu-ray Hi-def and DVD on December 8, 2009 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. All 17 episodes of the season fans and critics alike are calling the best ever are available to watch again and again in a five-disc set packed with never-before-seen bonus material, including revealing cast interviews and behind-the-scenes features, including exclusive content only available on the Blu-ray. The mystery, action and intrigue that have made LOST one of the most influential shows of the decade gather speed as the show nears its highly anticipated final season. The ultimate addition to every TV lover’s collection, LOST: The Complete Fifth Season is perfectly timed for holiday gift giving. Read the full release HERE.

Here is the original e-mail that we received:


My name is Fionna, and I'm working for an advertising agency in conjunction with Buena Vista Home Entertainment to reach out to selected LOST fan sites. I liked your site in particular because of the friendly community and great discussion you have in your comments section, and so I wanted to offer you access to several sneak peeks from the upcoming LOST Season 5 DVD that you can share with your readers.

These sneak peeks -- including deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews and a glimpse inside LOST University -- will be released over the next couple of weeks, leading up to LOST's season 5 DVD release on Tuesday, December 8, so you'll get a chance to see them all ahead of time.

I'd also like to offer you the chance to give away a LOST Season 5 limited edition Dharma Initiation Kit DVD to one of your readers, as a thank you for all the great work you've been doing.

There's no catch and no cost. It's just our way of saying thanks for supporting LOST over the years.

Please let me know if you're interested and thanks again for all your dedication and effort! Namaste!


Other sites have no doubt received the same offer - our sister-site, LostArgs, has confirmed that they also received an e-mail from Fionna, although the e-mail sent there mentions Lost University. That seems to mean that each site received a personalized message, not just a form letter.

Stay tuned - we'll post new content as we get it!

All photos courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.