Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One of Ben's People - Deleted Scene from "Namaste"

Here is our first video clip from the season 5 DVDs:

Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.

I also have some more info on our DVD giveaway! Sadly for our out-of-country fans, the DVDs are Region 1, so they can only go to the US or Canada. I have to send the winner's address on by December 1. Suggestions on the fairest way to pick a winner?


Melissa_Lossa said...

I wanted to share another quote from Fionna's latest e-mail:

"I did send out personalised messages to the sites we chose to include. Each site had something unique and cool about it, and I wanted to call that out in my emails ... you guys weren't picked at random!"

Nice to hear! :)

Sayid'sgirl said...

That is cool Melissa thanks for sharing.

This is a repost from the last thread. Melissa made this post right be for I posted. :)

I see alot of the new LostARGers have found our home. Welcome this is a great place to discuss LOST!

It is great to be able to post here again isn't it. I've missed it.

Ellen said...

I love this...not sure how to go about picking a winner tho,
how about a random drawing or some such thing?

Melissa_Lossa said...

I'm thinking of either a "pick a number" drawing or maybe some trivia - have it go live at a set time, and the first person to e-mail with all of the right answers wins.

I don't know - what do you guys think?

memphish said...

Another new post. You're killing me. For the contest I suggest just asking people to comment and drawing randomly from the list that does. I'd use a separate post just for that. I entered at another site yesterday and they asked people to name their favorite S5 character and what job they would have in the DI. You could ask people to comment about something just to make the comments more interesting to read. The deadline on the one I entered yesterday was 12/7.

Black Swan said...

I like that idea, memphish. I think if the contest is anything but a random drawing of a name, it could end up being messy.

How about asking people what they think the very last sentence or word spoken in Lost will be (or something else related to the finale of season 6?) I think it would be fun to see people's speculations on that.

Sayid'sgirl said...

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Sayid'sgirl said...


Melissa_Lossa said...

memphish - good idea. I'll open this up after the next video clip, and then close it on Monday.

Sayid's Girl - I like that suggestion for a question, too!

Any other suggestions?

Black Swan said...

Hi Melissa! OT, are they talking snow for you this Thanksgiving weekend?! I think I heard that word in our forecast! We'll be traveling closer to your side of the state and it's usually worse there!

How about this for a question:

Who's face will we see first in the premier of season 6?

And my favorite question:

Did the reset work like Jack was hoping?

Sayid'sgirl said...

Black Swan
First face Richard.
And no the reset didn't work like Jack was hoping.

Not to say there won't be some sort of reset. Just not like Jack is hoping for.

Takes a Village said...

Melissa;I know you will come up with the best way to handle this give away.It's like an open house for The Lost Community,with prizes.
Happy Birthday Passafist.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Black Swan - I have heard the dreaded "s" word flying around over here, but on the weather this morning, it looked like it was mainly going to go south of us. The west side definitely gets more snow (although I think the east side gets more ice for some reason), but Kalamazoo always seems to get hit harder than GR. Luckily, we're not traveling far this year!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Village! :) I feel like I've been on hiatus myself - now it's time to put that admin hat back on!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Okay, here's what I'm planning: Sometime tomorrow, I'll put up a post with a question to answer. I'll leave that open until Sunday night, around 8 p.m. ET. Then I'll write down the names of everyone who posted and draw one from a hat (or hat-like object) :)

You get one entry, no matter how many times you post. Sound fair?

Capcom said...

The question is, who's EYE will be seen in the opening scene. ;-) But, Richard's, I'm sure. And then we'll get a close-up of those lovely long eyelashes.

memphish said...

Good question Capcom. ML, if you could post really early, even tonight, I'd certainly appreciate it. I'll be on the road from tomorrow am 'til sometime Sunday.

memphish said...

I'm listening to Lost Unlocked. Here's a good question -- what 3 LOST characters would you want to be stranded with and why?

Sayid'sgirl said...

Face, eye I agree it's got to be Richard.

Sayid of course because he's smart and can be counted on.
Hurley because he's fun to be around.
Sawyer because I think he made a pretty darn good leader in the '70s.

Capcom said...

Wow, that's tough question Memphish. It would be easier for me to answer who I most would not want to be stranded with, I think. But there are a lot of cool peeps on the island, orginal and new and it would be hard to chose.

Black Swan said...

Mel, thanks for the weather report. I figured you might get that 'Lake effect' snow.. yuck! I have family living in Kalamazoo and they get a LOT of snow every year, but not as much as my fam in Cadillac. I guess GR is in the middle of these two big snowbelts? I'm glad you don't have to travel this year!
BTW, your plan for the contest sounds fair and good to me.

@ your question memphish..

I'd like to be stranded with:
Sawyer.. why? because he's hot
Richard.. why? because he's hot
Jack.... why? because he's a DR.
Just kidding! (kind of) ROFL!!

Sayid'sgirl, I like your answers to my questions! Yeah, capcom, seeing a close up with Richard's eye could put to rest the guyliner rumors. LOL!

I still like the idea of some kind of speculation about the very end of Lost, so a question like:

"Who will utter the very last words in LOST? What will those words be? why?"


"What mystery of the Island do you most want answered and why?


"What would surprise you the most to have happen in season six? Why do you think it WON'T happen?"

Happy Birthday Passafist!!

memphish said...

It's funny, my answer to that question would certainly change over the course of the show. Initially I'd pick Jack (need a doctor), Locke (need food) and maybe Rose (need a momma.) Of course now I would not want Locke (crazy) or Jack (moody). Maybe I should pick Jin (fish), Sayid (McGyverness) and still Rose.

Dang, I thought I'd posted this hours ago, but Blogger foiled me.

memphish said...

As for the eye, I'm going to go with Jack. He opened the show and now that he's changed things (though not in the way he foresaw; when does Jack ever get anything right?) we'll open on his eye opening and find him on Flight 815 as it prepares to land. He'll open his eyes, look across the aisle and see Rose and Bernard who will be bickering.

The last word for LOST will be the sole survivor Vincent barking as Jeff Probst comes out of the jungle (actually it's Smokey masquerading as Jeff Probst) to hand Vincent his $1 million check.

The mystery I most want answered is Adam and Eve. The one I most want answered that I don't think will be answered is how they got the Others to blindly follow this Jacob who none of them had ever seen.

The thing I'll be most surprised to see is a satisfying answer to the question of what's up with Walt. I think they won't give me a satisfying wrapping up because Walt is now as tall as the 4-toed statue and because I don't think TPTB will kiss and make up with Harold Perrineau.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Black Swan

Jack.... why? because he's a DR.
Just kidding! (kind of) ROFL!!

ROFL with you.
Wow those are tough questions.

Capcom said...

That's true about how picking a fellow strandee would change over time. Rose would be a good one to pick in the beginning, for her strength and calm. But then she went all naggy, and I'd have to be very far away from her then. :o)

I agree I would change about Locke as well, he was very reliable at first, and then went all mushy.

Sayid's McGyverness is a definite choice, across the board.

lost2010 said...

3 Losties to be stranded with:

If we're going to be there a long time, it's more important to have nice people:

1. Hurley - he saved the people who would have been on 316.

2. Boone - he risked his life to climb up and try to call for help - it didn't work but it was a valiant effort.

3. Charlie - he died trying to save everyone.

However, if it will be a relatively brief stranding and the men will be shirtless, I suppose I'd have to go with Sawyer, Desmond, and Paolo.

Black Swan said...

I love your answers, memphish! LOL, "the sole survivor Vincent barking as Jeff Probst comes out of the jungle".. love it! I'm actually holding out hope that we WILL find out who Adam and Eve is, but I agree with you about finding out about Walt.

I will speculate that the very last word(s) will be uttered by Sawyer, "Son-of-a-b*tch".. LOL! I would LIKE it if the last word was "love" uttered by Ben.

The mystery I most want solved is how the Island has healing properties. I think if we know this, we will have a full understanding of the importance of the Island and the motivations behind those who want control and/or protect of it.

It would surprise me most if Jack's plan to reset time to before the plane crashed worked the way he thought it would, because they can't make it that EVERYTHING we've seen in the show so far is negated. I personally think that the "reset", will merely take them back to the point of right before Ben turned the wheel and the Island disappeared/moved, because the three years of the O6 being off the Island and the three years of 1970's Dharma weren't supposed to happen.

LOL, Capcom.. Rose 'went all naggy'
I'm sticking with my original three choices for being stranded with, except for one:
Sawyer, because he's a survivor, has a big heart deep down, and could make me laugh. Richard, because he knows all about the Island and has access to the Temple and that's where you could be healed if needed. So I don't need Jack, right? I'm switching to Claire because I could see us as friends somehow and I'd need someone to talk 'girl-talk' with. And if Richard and Sawyer want to walk around with their shirts off all day, it'll be fine with Claire and me.. LOL!

Capcom said...

LOL Locos!

Oh, we can pick dead people too? Hmmm, yes some Boonage would be nice to have around, he's sweet and cute. ;-)

About the reset, some people are speculating that what we've seen in S1-5 is actually the reset alt-timeline, and what we'll see now is before the reset. I really don't like that idea, I hope that's not the case.

Melissa_Lossa said...


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