Thursday, August 31, 2006


If you're curious about or want to comment on a certain topic, search the comments page first to see what others have already said. Hit "Ctrl F" (hold down the "Ctrl" and the "F" keys at the same time) to open the search window. This works in most browsers.

When you notice someone new commenting on the blog, acknowlegde them, welcome them, and help them out as best you can. Be patient with questions. On this blog, a sense of community is just as important as information exchange. Try to be friendly and helpful as much as possible.

Profanity is generally considered to be bad form in online forums. Please be conscious to keep profanity and off-color humor to a minimum when commenting on this blog. It is up to the discretion of the blog administrators to delete anything they deem inappropriate.

If another commenter is being rude, hostile, and/or trying to provoke negative responses, it's best to simply ignore them or ask them kindly to stop. "Trolls" are typically looking for attention and if they don't get it, they will usually leave. If inappropriate "flaming" persists, please contact the blog administrators and they will take measures to block specific users (as a last resort).

Don't spam or advertise other websites or products. It's okay to mention things but it is considered rude to repeat the same announcements over and over.

When responding to the ideas presented by a certain commenter, it is a good idea to address your comment to that individual in much the same way as you would address someone in an email by adding their name and a comma at the start of your comment (or you could copy and pasted thier comment into your comment). This helps establish active dialogues that sharpen ideas.

The wealth of information about LOST in the internet is massive. It is almost always helpful to add links to your posts. Adding a link to your comment is fairly simple. Here is an example of what you would input to link to this website:

Sometimes is is also helpful to add italic or bold characters to your comments.

It is the policy of this blog to HIGHLY DISCOURAGE commenters' discussion of any sort about Lost-related content that has yet to be aired in an episode or post-episode promo. For a complete definition of spoilers see THIS POST.


TheBookPolice said...

Administrators - Do you have any ideas as to whether spoiler info should be shielded or hidden in some way? Can you, as admins, enable the use of color tags (so we could make spoiler text white and swipeable), or does Blogger prevent that?

minnesotawriter said...

thebookpolice, i second that motion. TLC, SECOND!

Administrator said...

Unfortunately, our hands are tied. Blogger only allows 5 HTML tags and none of them really help us.

What if we requested people use the following format:

10 Returns
Spoiler Content
10 Returns


This is a spoiler. Don't look!

*****END SPOILER*****

Would that be the next best thing?

TheBookPolice said...

That will have to do! (and it should be fine)


Twinkle said...

Thanks so much, Admin, for these tips and guidelines! I really appreciate knowing what to do!

shmoOo said...


Doesn't this waste a lot of space?

**********END SPOILER************

Skirtz said...

Thanks for a place to continue our Lost chats above and beyond TLE!

thelost_kid said...

8th. :P

And I can't wait for Seasin 3 :o

miguelon said...

oo so we have to make something like these


dont read this man you will die!!!

*****END SPOILER*****

ok then :)

miguelon said...



*****END SPOILER*****

in case of a very big spoiler it will be better 5 returns instead of 10? so it will be less space

sean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
R2K said...

: )