Monday, September 25, 2006


Our beloved show will be back on the air in earnest on October 4th with "A Tale of Two Cities", the premiere Episode of Season 3. If you can't stand the silence until then check out the following links. A new post will be up next Wednesday to celebrate the commencement of the new season!

A 1:40 Scene Featuring Jack from "Tale of Two Cities"
Sneak Peak of Sawyer in a Cage
4 Season 3 Promos in 1 Video
Another New Season 3 Promo for some in-depth character analysis

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Friday, September 01, 2006


Season 3 is coming. The anticipation is building. Are you prepared? A great way to ready ourselves for Season 3 is to look back at Season 2. On one of our favorite Lost websites, you can review the most pertinent facts from Live Together, Die Alone and other episodes (choose episodes from drop down menu).

Without going crazy with the spoilers, let's chat about the big questions we hope will be addressed in the season premiere, A Tale of Two Cities (featuring a Jack backstory)...

What will we learn about the Others and their home? How does this relate to what we've learned in The Lost Experience?

How much will we see of Desmond, Penny Widmore, and her Artic Portugese-speaking buddies?

What actually happend with the fail-safe/violet light/loud noise/electromagnetic anomoly? How will that affect the current situation on the island?

Will we learn more about the Four-Toed Foot? What bearing would the pre-Dharma history of the island have on the current plot of the show?