Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 61

Hosts David A Dein and Steve "the Goog" Guglich discover just what happens when things happen and in that happening discover that they are mental. It's all fun and games until David starts dropping wacky theories like they're bad habits, and David's wife Nancy joins in the ruckus to give her two cents. Trust me, it's fun.

If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, have any theories, discover any clues, or just want to say "Hi!", contact TLCpodcast@gmail.com (mp3 comments are accepted as well), or leave a voice mail or fax at (206) 202-3512.

Episode 61 - Whatever Happened, Happened


maven said...

Can't give up a chance to be first!

Sayid'sgirl said...

I quit going to blogs and podcasts.
I already know more than I want to now.
I foolishly read something in the TV Guide that looked harmless that wasn't.

Sayid'sgirl said...

I was going to do that but changed my mind.
It didn't feel right this time.
I didn't really think anyone was around, it's been kind of quiet.
So I took my time.
I'm kind of blah right now.
Can't wait til tomorrow night.

Capcom said...

You should have stayed away from the computer and watched Fringe tonight, Sayidsgirl! :-D

Sayid'sgirl said...

Fringe is a great concept. But I just can't stomach the gore and goo on that show.
I gave it up a long time ago.

Takes a Village said...

Happy Passover.
Thanks for the Lost/Passover link Maven.After God's chosen people left Egypt,didn't they spent the next 40 years in the Tunisian Dessert? :)
I will listen to the Podcast tomorrow.

maven said...

There are so many spoilers out there now. Fan sites do warn you, but the entertainment ones don't...they want to grab you! Be careful.

Thanks, TAV.

I just close my eyes with the gross stuff on Fringe! LOL

Ellen said...

Evening everyone! Just checking in for email. I found Fringe to be a great distraction...I've been hibernating this week just so I don't get too spoiled too, Sayid'sgirl! I always seem to get spoiled and sometimes I really hate it...

Zort70 said...

I'm avoiding all other Lost Blogs / discussion forums except for this one at the moment as I know that we all try to actively avoid spoilers. But I know it is going to be harder and harder to avoid them as time goes on.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Happy Lost Day!

memphish said...

Happy LOST Day!

This has been the longest week in between episodes. I hope the wait was worth it. I'm trying not to think about it too hard so that I don't get my expectations too high.

Anonymous said...

I hope you take this as constructive criticism as I've been a listener since the beginning and will continue to listen until LOST ends. I wish that David would either jump right into his "wacky theories" when they occur naturally in the conversation, or hold off on them until you want to talk about them entirely. It seems the trend has been for David to half-way introduce a theory as a way to cut off the Goog's thoughts without fully explaining where David is going with a theory. So it winds up being a rebuttal without a fully explained reason. David, when you do this, I think you believe you're building suspense and keeping listeners hooked for your wacky theories each week. However, to me, it makes the conversation more difficult to follow (read choppy). I think the theories are interesting, but I just wish they followed more naturally in the show so that the podcast was a more enjoyable listen overall.

memphish said...

So anyone planning to watch The Unusuals tonight?

Sayid'sgirl said...

Nope, I'm not.

Zort70 said...

Anonymous - I'm not sure there is that much of a plan with David and the Goog's podcast.

They are like the friends in the bar discussing lost which why we love them so much.

Takes a Village said...

Happy Lost Day.
I plan to watch The Unusuals,to see if it is any good;especially since Harold Perrineu is in it.
The podcasts;I usually just grin,and bear it.They are having a good time, enjoying themselves,and talking'bout Lost.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Happy Lost Day!

I may leave The Unusuals on tonight - I laugh every time I see that commercial where the woman says, "Who you gonna call, the Hamburglar?"

Is anyone going to watch that Harper's Island miniseries? I'm intrigued by the 10 Little Indians concept, but it's gotten kind of crappy reviews.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Okay - taking a poll:

There's an article on TVGuide.com that's pure speculation about the end of the season. However, the speculation is based on a rumor going around.

Post on Spoiler Fixed, or no?

Sayid'sgirl said...

I'd say go ahead and post it. The ones who want to read it can and the ones who don't, don't have to.

Harper's Island lookds intriguing to me too. I've been considering watching it.

memphish said...

I'm going to record The Unusuals and watch it sometime before next Wednesday. It looks like it might have potential, but not enough to tear me away from the Internet after a LOST episode.

I'm interested in Harper's Island as well. I'm planning to watch that too. I'll give it a couple of weeks at least. After all there's nothing else on. Life and FNL both have their season finales this week.

lost2010 said...

It looks like 10 little indians doesn't it? I was encouraged by the fact that it's a mini-series so that means we won't be left hanging if we give it a shot.

memphish said...

Heard this on Lost Unlocked -- today is 4/8, so make sure you're doing something LOST related at 3:16 pm (15:16) or I guess at 11:42 pm (23:42).

I have to say I just realized when I heard this that in military time 15:16 is 3:16 like the Ajira flight no. I'm slipping.

maven said...

Happy Lost Day to all!

I'm going to dvr "The Unusuals" (Usually, hubby watches the show at 10pm w/o commercials...so I watch it again with him.) I like to give every show at least a look-see.

3 on the Tree said...

Good analysis, good podcast, and I listen to all of them.


Melissa_Lossa said...

Okay, there's a new article up at Spoiler Fixed

Read at your own risk, if you know nothing of recent rumors. However, even if you haven't heard anything, the subject is pretty much a given, this being Lost and all.

That's all I'll say - proceed with caution!

Black Swan said...

Hello, TLC! I've been staying away because I know some spoilers, but I'm still really looking forward to tonight!!

I enjoyed Fringe last night. At first I didn't like that show, but it's really growing on me (the end of last night's ep was !!)

I'll watch the Unusuals tonight and I think that Harper's Island show sounds really interesting.

Thanks for the link to the spoiler fixed article, Melissa!

gonna go listen to the podcast now...

maven said...

Thanks for the article, ML! I had heard that rumor.

Fringe was pretty good last night adding to the mythology!

Guinevere said...

David, if Sawyer had told the truth the begin with, Daniel, Juliet, Miles and Jin would have been executed along with Sawyer back in 1973! He lied in order to buy time and keep them all alive. To me, that's not wrong. That's survival - Sawyer's modus operendi.
Now, in 1977, when the O4 show up, he's just doing the best he can with what he has and what he and the other LeftBehinds have been doing the past three years.
Will it unravel? Sure but it doesn't mean that Sawyer hasn't changed in a very basic way. HE'S THINKING OF OTHERS and that's more James-like than Sawyer-like, imo.
As far as Ben not remembering anything from his childhood, he does. He just probably won't remember who shot him or why. He remember Annie. We know that because of the doll she made for him and that he takes out every birthday.
Otherwise, fun show. I like your wife joining the show.

scoutpost said...

Happy Lost Day. Going to set the DVR NOW, so I won't have a brain hiccup like last week and forget to record it. (Still can't believe that I forgot- it made me doubt how much of a fan I am!)

re: spoilers- I'm running scared. I'm not looking at other blogs, and take the direct link to get to Doc Jensen to read his article. Saw that one blip from Ausiello, but it was a rumor. So I'm not dwelling on it. I need to put out a warning on Facebook, that's the place I'm most afraid of right now.

I'm still out on whether or not to watch the Unusuals. It looks like it might be ok, but I don't know if I would commit to it every week.

When does that Harper's Island show start? I've seen one advertisement for it, but it did look interesting.

Ok well sorry nothing I've said has been plot related. Happy watching- catch ya'll tonite or tomorrow!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Harper's Island starts tomorrow - 10 p.m., I think.

Sayid'sgirl said...

I think Harper's Island starts tomorrow at 10:00 on CBS.

I haven't heard or seen the TV Guide rumor and I hope I don't.

I stay away from FB on Wednesdays.

Ellen said...

I broke down! I've been spoiler-free pretty much (except for the promo)all week until this evening...:( Oh well, got bored waiting for LOST!

Sayid'sgirl said...

lol ellen.
That's so funny.

Melissa_Lossa said...