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The Lost Community Book Club - WATERSHIP DOWN

Welcome to "The Lost Community Book Club". During the hiatus, will be transformed into a virtual book club where visitors will have the opportunity to discuss several novels and the many diverse ways each of them informs the story and themes woven throughout the televison show Lost. Each month we'll feature a different book and, while everyone is encouraged to read the full text, anyone who knows how to use wikipedia, lostpedia, or Cliff's Notes is invited to join in the discussions found in the comments thread!

Our book club is kicking off this month with Watership Down by Richard Adams. A summary of the story and some of its connections to the show can be viewed on this lostpedia entry.

With the help of several members of this online community, we have put together a plan for the rest of the summer so you plan accordingly. Click here to find all these books in one place at discount prices on melissa_lossa's listmania list. You can expect a new post on this website each month featuring a different book. Discussions will begin on the last Wednesday of each month.

  • June: Watership Down by Richard Adams
  • July: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
  • August: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce
  • September: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
  • October: The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien
  • November: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
  • December: Carrie by Stephen King
  • January: Lord of the Flies by William Golding


Administrator said...

If anyone is in the business of updating lostpedia entries, I've already noticed that they have failed to mention that Sawyer was reading "Watership Down" in Season 1, Episode 5 called "White Rabbit"

memphish said...

Good picture Admin.

Lisa said...

soooo exciting...oh my...and look, I'm among the top 10...not so stale!

DeDJeZTeR said...

Dennis said...

Weren't they going to kill Claire and keep her bay-beee?

I don't thimk so. They took Claire so they could test the baby to see if it was healthy, to see if Claire was healthy and going to go to term. They aslo took her to give her their make her sickk implant to be used as a bargaining chip later on. She and the baby were always meant to go back, that just didn't happen on their schedual because of Alex and her Do-gooder ways... lol

(and I'd have gottin away wit it too, if it weren't for those pesky kids...)

That's my take on it anyway.

memphish said...

But Ded, what about Claire's talk with Ethan about leaving the baby with the Others and how it was her choice?

Sayid'sgirl said...

I agree with memphis good picture it made me giggle.

memphish said...

Some Emmy Info thanks to Daniel at The TV Addict:

First, Beware: these episodes are tentative.

Best Drama Series:LOST
"The Man from Tallahassee" (air date 3/21/07)
When Kate and Locke arrive at the Others' camp, Ben promises to tell Locke the island's secrets as long as he stops his destructive plan, and Kate's reunion with Jack doesn't go very well when she learns that the Others have offered him a deal. More of Locke's troubled past is revealed.

Best Actor - Drama:MATTHEW FOX for LOST
"A Tale of Two Cities" (air date 10/4/06)
Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate, and Sawyer are prisoners of the mysterious "Others." After their captors drug them and take blood samples, they are held in separate areas. The camp leaders--Ben (Henry Gale), Mr. Friendly and a new woman, Juliet--try to make the castaways adjust to their new circumstances. Flashbacks reveal more about Jack's past with his father and his wife Sarah.

Best Actress - DramaEVANGELINE LILLY for LOST
"I Do" (air date 11/8/06)
Jack makes a decision regarding Ben's offer. Sawyer's life is placed in danger when Pickett decides to make good on his threat. Locke discovers a hidden message that may help unlock the island's secrets. Kate (Evangeline Lilly) recalls memories from the past, which caused her to make an important choice.

Best Supporting Actor - DramaNAVEEN ANDREWS for LOST
"Enter 77" (air date 3/7/07)
On their mission to rescue Jack, Locke, Kate and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) stumble upon a mysterious structure surrounded by farm animals and meet its strange inhabitant. Back at the camp, in order to reclaim his belongings, Sawyer plays in a ping-pong competition.

"Flashes Before Your Eyes" (air date 2/14/07)
After Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) rescues Claire from drowning, Charlie gets Hurley to help him find out why Desmond has seemed able to predict the future. Desmond recalls exactly what took place in the moments after he turns the key, where he experienced a strange vision of his life prior to his Army days.

"The Glass Ballerina" (air date 10/11/06)
Sun and Jin's (Daniel Dae Kim) lives are put in danger when Sayid tries to locate Jack and the other missing castaways. Sayid also creates a plan in order to get the attention of the "Others" on the beach. Meanwhile, Henry (i.e. Ben) gives Jack an offer that is very tempting in exchange for his cooperation. Lastly, Kate and Sawyer must adjust to harsh conditions that are being forced upon them by "The Others."

"Every Man for Himself" (air date 10/25/06)
The Others prevent Sawyer and Kate from escaping, leaving Sawyer perplexed by the extent of the measures taken to keep them imprisoned. Jack is asked to use his medical training to save the life of one of the Others. At the beach, Desmond's strange behavior attracts attention. He begins to construct a mysterious device.

"Every Man for Himself" (air date 10/25/06)
The Others prevent Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Kate from escaping, leaving Sawyer perplexed by the extent of the measures taken to keep them imprisoned. Jack is asked to use his medical training to save the life of one of the Others. At the beach, Desmond's strange behavior attracts attention. He begins to construct a mysterious device.

Best Supporting Actress - Drama: EMELIE DE RAVIN for LOST
"Par Avion" (air date 3/14/07)
Claire (Emelie de Ravin) has an idea to send a message to the outside world. Charlie, however, is resistant to the idea, and Desmond tries to sabotage the plan. As Claire tries to get the truth behind their actions out of the pair, she remembers traumatic events from her past. Meanwhile, the rescue party encounters a dangerous obstacle.

"The Glass Ballerina" (air date 10/11/06)
Sun (Yunjin Kim) and Jin's lives are put in danger when Sayid tries to locate Jack and the other missing castaways. Sayid also creates a plan in order to get the attention of the "Others" on the beach. Meanwhile, Henry (i.e. Ben) gives Jack an offer that is very tempting in exchange for his cooperation. Lastly, Kate and Sawyer must adjust to harsh conditions that are being forced upon them by "The Others."

"One of Us" (air date 4/11/07)
Jack returns, but no one is in the mood for celebrating when they see that Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) has come back with him. As Juliet struggles to find a way to be accepted, flashbacks show how she came to the island and what she was doing during those three years. She sees a chance to help when Claire suddenly develops a dangerous illness, but Sawyer and Sayid are reluctant to trust her.

You can see where I got this by clicking here.

memphish said...

To be clear, the stuff I listed was what LOST has submitted to the Emmy people for nominations. A few comments--first I would submit The Brig for Josh Holloway instead of EMFH, but I don't know if there are rules about how much time you have to appear in the episode. Also, I don't see Terry O'Quinn in the list. Hopefully I just missed him.

I suggested to The TV Addict that he do a post some time this summer about the nomination process. Maven maybe your friend Ken would do one too. It seems very strange to me that you would judge a TV show by one episode. The fact that there's an entire season of work is what makes it not a movie. So why judge them that way?

Dennis said...

DeDJeZTeR said... They took Claire so they could test the baby to see if it was healthy, to see if Claire was healthy and going to go to term. They aslo took her to give her their make her sick implant to be used as a bargaining chip later on. She and the baby were always meant to go back, that just didn't happen on their schedual because of Alex and her Do-gooder ways... lol

This is from Maternity Leave (the young girl is Alex):

[The girl gets Claire out of bed and brings her to the door. They see an operating room full of people.]

YOUNG GIRL: Don't scream. They're going to do it tonight.

CLAIRE: Do what?

YOUNG GIRL [closing the door]: Shhhh.

CLAIRE: What are you talking about?

YOUNG GIRL: You're going to die. They're going to cut him out of you. I can get you back to your camp, but we have to leave. Now!

Sayid'sgirl said...

I agree Josh Holloway should have been submitted for The Brig. I would like to see Dom get a nomination for the finale too. Maybe they'll change. They are tentative.

Dennis said...

memphish said... Also, I don't see Terry O'Quinn in the list. Hopefully I just missed him.

He's mentioned at the bottom of the list...

**Episodes still unknown for JUSTIN CHAMBERS, TERRY O'QUINN & JAMES PICKENS.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Yes Dennis, but We all know how Ben has used people before to his own gain, all he had to do was implant the thought of the girl (Claire) dying and Alex did the rest. They weren't going to ever do anything to her, or else why would they have put the implant in her.

All you did is convince me that it was on their time frame and not because of alex's interference... lol

I just wanted to use the Scooby-doo line anyway... lol

Lisa said...

memphish said..
first I would submit The Brig for Josh Holloway instead of EMFH,

agreed.... the episode with Hurley making him the leader and the scene between Kate and Sawyer after they come back with Jack would also rate pretty high in my book...

Lisa said...

My bag is loaded with book club books in just one short planning period! School libraries are the best! ;-)

Superb idea! Even though I'm usually late to this party... I'd miss it terribly if there was nothing to read! Thanks for all the hard work on getting this together!

maven said...

Yea TLC Book Club!

Memphish said: suggested to The TV Addict that he do a post some time this summer about the nomination process. Maven maybe your friend Ken would do one too. It seems very strange to me that you would judge a TV show by one episode. The fact that there's an entire season of work is what makes it not a movie. So why judge them that way?
Re the Emmy process...As far I know, a particular episode is submitted, not the whole series, to showcase a particular actor. Hence..."For Your Consideration". From all those submissions (and I'm sure there's a zillion of them) they are narrowed down to the top 5. I'm not sure if it's voted on by members of that particular craft or by committee. I will email Ken to help us (since he is an Emmy winner) and maybe he'll do a post on it. (BTW: My Dad won an Emmy for writing on "The Carol Burnett Show" in 1972. It's sitting in a special place in my living room!

Dennis said...

DeDJeZTeR said... Yes Dennis, but We all know how Ben has used people before to his own gain, all he had to do was implant the thought of the girl (Claire) dying and Alex did the rest. They weren't going to ever do anything to her, or else why would they have put the implant in her. All you did is convince me that it was on their time frame and not because of alex's interference... lol

It seems to me like they implanted her in case she ran away, not because they were going to let her go...

[We see Ethan and a stumbling Claire walking through the jungle.]
ETHAN: Whoa [in response to Claire's unsteadiness]. I'm sorry this is the first time I've managed to get you out. My friends are afraid you'll run away. Whoa! Whoa. Don't tell on me, okay?

Here is the scene where they talk about Claire leaving the baby behind:

ETHAN: [feeling Claire's belly] Claire, can I tell you a secret?
ETHAN: I'm going to miss you. I wish -- I wish you didn't have to go.
CLAIRE: Maybe I don't have to go?
ETHAN: We've been through this Claire. There's not enough vaccine for you and the baby.
CLAIRE: Well, I'm not, I'm not sick.
ETHAN: Thank God. And once you've delivered you can go back to your friends and hopefully you'll stay that way.
CLAIRE: What if I want to see the baby?
ETHAN: Hey, nobody's going to take him from you unless that's what you want. You have a choice. We're good people, Claire. We're a good family. But if you're going to trust us with your child I want you to be sure. Okay?

maven said...

Whitefalcon said : Id like to be able to come up with an overall theory myself but there are so many of you out there with so much more Lost knowledge than me, and I just want to say thanks for sharing your insights and expertise. Its always a enlightening and entertaining reading what you guys think. The amazing thing is that the show somehow manages to stay ahead of everyone, despite the considerable efforts of a good many highly intelligent people.
I know what you mean! Just when you think you've got it all covered and have figured this show out, the next episode blows it all to pieces! Or someone with more insight than you, blows it to pieces. Or you can't make sense of the whole thing (just a part of it). Vossek69's Overall Theory over at DarkUFO was very well thought out and really encompassed everything, but I don't know about all the different time line stuff and the story playing out differently each time something goes wrong. I have a lot of trust in the producers and writers to eventually makes sense of everything in 48 remaining episodes. It's fun to speculate and theorize, but I believe they really have something mindblowing in store for us in the long run.

Lisa said...

Doesn't it just amaze you - the minds that went into it. Think of it... all we're doing is trying to keep up!!!

I hope it comes together as well as I think it will at the end... I'll have faith!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Thanks for the book club post! Good stuff. :)

If anyone has any suggestions for more Extra Credit books, I'm happy to add more to the list.

I better get cracking - I've got a way to go in Watership down!

Amused2bHere said...

Melissa, you are doing a great job leading the book club. I am looking forward to discussing the books.

About to reread Watership Down, this time with note taking.

We are discussing the books the last Wednesday night of each month, yes? Was that settled?

maven said...

Regarding the Book Club: Over at DarkUFO he posted this: "About a month ago I read on Lostpedia that Damon Lindelof has advised fans of Lost to buy The Third Policemen book (appears in man of science, man of faith) Damon said that loyal fans to the show will benefit by reading said book as it gives much ammunition towards solving some of the big mysteries on lost. I ordered this book and received it this week and have finished it. I am highly pleased and satisfied with the insights it gives to the show and have written a small review about the book. It also contains information from the book which I have gathered as answers (That may need further explanation) to the show."
I didn't read his review since it's one of our books! I don't know if I want wait until Nov. to start it though. Just letting you guys know that we're on the right path! LOL

maven said...

Just heard from my friend, Ken, re how Emmy's work as far as which episode an actor submits: "I'm not certain how the Academy deals with actor performances but my guess is members don't want to wade through hour after hour of someone's performance. When the blue ribbon committee is judging they must sit through five hours of nominee performances and I'm sure they feel that's morrrrrre than enough. But the result is that splashy episodes tend to get more notice. You wouldn't want the academy to select episodes randomly. You could have a LOST episode where Dominic Monaghan isn't even in it or barely has three lines. At least if he has to die he can maybe get an Emmy nom out of it.

But warning: with ensemble casts I always worry about Emmy nominations. They can cause a big rift. Why is one actor more worthy than another? I've seen bruised egos, strained relationships, and upheaval. An Emmy can be the devil's paperweight."

Ken Levine

memphish said...

Maven, I remember that TPTB made a big deal about The Third Policman early in Season 2. It features a Magic Box of sorts and time issues are definitely in play. Let's make sure to keep that link so that we can refer to it when we're ready to discuss because to me Third Policeman was not the easiest to understand book.

memphish said...

Thanks Maven. I also wonder about the series as a whole. Why just one episode? Last year, alledgedly it was "Two for the Road" which except for the last 2 minutes was not a fan favorite to put it nicely, so I can understand why LOST didn't even get nominated. I don't think with TMFT that will be a problem, but it's hard to see how you can seperate one episode from the herd to understand the quality of any show. Can According to Jim shoot their wad in one episode and end up with an Emmy?

I think I remember last year some renowned stage and movie actress got a nomination for 14 seconds of air time or something like that. At least she didn't win.

maven said...

Memphish: I posted a comment over at DarkUFO advertising our Book Club since The Third Policeman is on our list.

I didn't want to read the review yet, either, since I want to read it with "fresh" eyes. But it's probably something good to tuck away for later.

maven said...

It's like when Judi Densh won for Best Supporting Actress for 8 min as the Queen in "Shakespeare in Love".

memphish said...

I'm bored and Gladiator is on in HD, so I'm going to give you all Gregg Nations post highlights.

Q re Ben's line to Alpert about remembering birthdays:I figured that Ben was commenting on whether Alpert would even remember what a birthday is because he's so old and been on the island for so long. Some other people are thinking that it was Ben being offended because Alpert forgot Ben's birthday. Do you have an opinion?

A: Yes, I have an opinion. I even know the correct answer. But am I going to stop the debate and theorizing? Ha! Chicken dance!

Q: Is Annie Kate (or vice versa).

A: That is such a crazy and fabulous theory. Run wild with it! We have simply taught our audience too well never to trust anything. How many kids are we ruining with imposed daddy issues? Freud is spinning in his grave (but the mothers of the world are thrilled because they finally get a break from being blamed for everything).

Q. Baking soda and water does not = volcano.

A. Really? Did all of us in the writer's office flunk science class that badly? It was probably just a stupid mistake.

Q. Juliet and the dates on the tape in DOC.

A. People don't talk in exact numbers, so I would think that Juliet was just rounding up.

chucklez3 said...

book to read:

"The Thief of Always" by Clive Barker!!!

memphish said...

More Gregg Nations posts.

Q. Ben had his own gun or he somehow stole it from Locke?

A. It was the gun Alex gave Locke. That's why when he gave it back to Alex she knew something was wrong.

Q. Charlie and swimming

A. Do you think Charlie was telling Jack the truth about holding his breath? That one memory of his father being nice and helping him swim in the pool doesn't necessarily mean he knows how to swim. Personally, I think Charlie was activated by Desmond's vision and helping Claire than necessarily worrying about if he could swim or not. To me, that seems like a pretty heroic thing.

Q. Skate yes/Jate never?

A. I came away [from watching The Answers] thinking that they [DL and CC] really did give the answer that Kate's choice was Sawyer. It wasn't just a sexual choice but an emotional choice, too. She did make a commitment, and it's a difficult thing for her. Maybe Damon and Carlton weren't the clearest in explaining it, but I think that's what they meant.

[Side question of mine: If Jack doesn't get the girl, does that mean he's not THE HERO? Who is the Hero of LOST? Discuss.]

Q. In Jacob's shack, we were very obviously shown a collection of jars containing some sort of dark red liquid. My question is: are these significant or are they just there as a background prop?

A. Yes, they're significant. Jacob likes to can, obviously. It looked like strawberry jelly. Maybe grape? He's probably a hit down at the farmer's market.

Or they that extra protoplasma that you get on you when you jump from dimension to dimension. You know how annoying it can be.

memphish said...

Why that book Chucklez? Hubby reads lots of Clive Barker. Is there a connection or is it just a good book?

chucklez3 said...

just a good book.

it's one of my favorite clive barker books!!

sci-fi thriller type fantasy through the eyes of a child.

not a true HORROR like most of his other stuff.

however, it actually COULD share a similarity to LOST......

........TIME! i'll just say that. don't want to give it away.

chucklez3 said...

btw......met clive barker (and tons other horror greats) and he signed like 6 of my books., etc.

chucklez3 said...

go here. left click at top of page and drag all the way down. it says, "see you in december".

it's one of two sites for "The Dark Knight" due out next summer.

the other is.....

Darkaardvark said...

"Q. Baking soda and water does not = volcano.

A. Really? Did all of us in the writer's office flunk science class that badly? It was probably just a stupid mistake."

I don't know Nations' speech/typing patterns well enough to understand that answer... what that sarcasm, i.e. "Of course we're not silly enough to get that wrong...there's something fishy," or serious, "We goofed, sorry."?

maven said...

Memphish said: I'm bored and Gladiator is on in HD

I was just watching that, too! Nothing good on TV Friday night!

memphish said...

Last Gregg Nations post of the evening. Still bored.

[Side question: What's your favorite DL and CC shipper name? Darlton? Cuseloff? Other? And have any other producers ever been as known to the fans as these 2?]

Q. Should we consider "the Purge" and "the Incident" (mentioned in the first Dharma Initiative film) one and the same?

A. No, they are not the same incidents.

Q. We saw a scene in Greatest Hits where Charlie saved Nadia from a mugging. Was the identity of the mugger important or is he just an irrelevant mugger?

A. I would say the important part to focus on is the woman calling Charlie a hero.

Q. Who is your favorite character.

A. Of the fuselage section, it would probably be Locke, Sayid and Hurley. Of the tailies, it would've been Eko. Of the Others, it's Ben and Juliet. Of Dharma, it was Kelvin. Of the flashback characters, it's probably Penny and Hurley's mom.

Make sure you note the bolds in the above answer!

Q. Will notion of "the sickness" be revisited at some point?

A. Revisiting the sickness? Maybe, maybe not.

[Side note: They better revisit this!!!!!!!!!]

Q. In "greatest hits" Sayid busts out a diagram of the looking glass, but, strangely, the diagram calls it the "looking glass hatch". This does not make sense. It should be called the looking glass station.

A. I'd say it was the props/set design department forgetting it's a station and not a hatch. If I had seen that before it was filmed, I would've had it changed. It should've read station.

For more info. on the crash of Flight 815 and the failsafe key, click here.

Q. So is time moving in the opposite direction (relative to our universe)?

A. That is an interesting theory. I cannot confirm or deny it, but at this point I'd say there is no definitive way for people to figure that out. So keep those theories going.

Well that's it for the stuff he's answered so far. There's a lot he hasn't answered.

DAA, you are such the conspiracy theorist. :)

chucklez3 said...

btw memphish.........

he's making like 5 movies right now and one is a REMAKE of Hellraiser (2008) and the other is............(drum roll please).......The Thief of Always (2007)!!!!

Administrator said...

Do I need to edit the post on the frontpage to mention something about the last Wednesday of each month? I missed that somewhere. I was under the impression that discussions would flow in and out throughout the month...I guess people are worried about "book spoilers"?

chucklez3 said...

david: huh???

Darkaardvark said...

memphish "DAA, you are such the conspiracy theorist. :)"

Nah, just curious. Because if Damelton Cuseloff said it, I would know whether they were serious or not, and Damon definitely has a way of saying things when he's being sly that's instantly recognizable.

Sayid'sgirl said...

You're right darkarrdvark you can always tel when Damon's being sly. To me it seemed that Nations was being sarcastic. But who knows for sure.

experimentalfilm! said...

oh boo ! im reading lord of the flies now . i havent read any other one except for a wrinkle in time, and i know the wizard story somewhat (the movie differs, i know) .. i dont have time to read these books ! i have SATs to study for haha !

but seriously, some scary parallels with LOTF and lost .

experimentalfilm! said...

oh, and of mice and men, that was an awesome book .. and alice in wonderland, again i know the story ..

experimentalfilm! said...

ok last one .

why is it important that nation's favorite dharma was kelvin ?

experimentalfilm! said...

ok forgot to mention one last thing (sorry lovelies im a little random today .)

in physics we're on chapter 23, and it happens to be centered around electromagnetism .

coincidence ? maybe . i personally think my physics teacher is DHARMA :P

DeDJeZTeR said...

Bac to the baby thing... if you give me enough rope i'll hang myself... lol

Ethan saying that they are afraid of her running away is the implanted suggestion, so that when the time comes she has accepted it and is ready to go for it.

The other bit, is intended to scare her into wnting to run. She is comeing to grips with the fact that it really is her baby and her responsability.

memphish said...

So Ded can you tie the psychic back into Claire and Aaron too? Were the Others running a con on her to convince her Aaron could not be "raised by another/an other?"

DAA and Sayid's Girl, I guess you are both like Sayid in your ability to scent out the truth. :) Thinking back on this, Ben's journal page which people have been obsessively transcribing mentions a water supply issue. If Island water is so acidic it can create baking soda volcano eruptions, wouldn't it taste funny? Why haven't the LOSTies complained? Would it make you nuts like Rousseau if you drank it long enough, or just puckered?

Sarah, It's important that Kelvin is GN's favorite Dharma character because it would seem to confirm that Kelvin was Dharma, not pretending to be Dharma. We still don't know if that was pre or post Purge, but it would seem to be post-Purge given that there's no baby/toddler/youngster Alex around the day of the Purge and she should have been born in 1988/89 and Kelvin met Sayid in Iraq in 1991.

Passafist said...

There probably won't be a podcast this week! But I was wondering if Melissa_Lossa and/or those involved in guiding the Book CLub discussion in the next couple of weeks, could e-mail me @, so we can talk about how you would like to use the podcast to lead the discussion?!? Just looking for some vision?!?

capcom said...

Thanks Maven for posting the Fuselage chat/answers!

"Damelton Cuselof"...Aardvark, you killed me. :o)

Good Qs about the water Memphish. Perhaps that the Losties are drinking rain (there's enough of it!) runnoff that flows into the caves. Admittedly tho, I haven't been paying attention to whether or not they have been also scooping it up elsewhere). And the Others, for their large Othertown-sustaining supplies, would need an underground watertable source, which could be tainted near the barracks. That might be the difference. But, having said that, I don't know how an entire town's water support could be dropped onto the island, "in perpetuity". And, I'm sure there are other swiss chees holes in this comment, like why Ben and Locke were able to scoop some on the way to Jacob. But again, it might be that random runoff scooping is OK, but watertable or well water is not good.

Good luck on your SATs, EF!

capcom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
capcom said...

P.S., maybe the underground heavy-volume-life-support natural water resource systems on the island are mostly of the special "heavy water" type and not useable for life support?

I wonder why the DI did not set up one of those machines that turn the salt sea water into fresh water? Maybe they did and it broke?

DeDJeZTeR said...


About Claire, that it the bit I was talking about to put the scare into her. He is saying we CAN take your baby, but it is up to you. What he means is we can take away your baby but all you have to do is take it with you.

In the episode where Claire remembers what happend to her she is in the woulds with Ethan and he gives her some water, when she takes a sip she says it tastes bitter, There is your evidence of the water tasting funny.

capcom said...

Good point about the water Ded, but when I was watching it I got the feeling that it tasted funny because it was drugged water. Perhaps in the same way they drugged Juliet's OJ? Maybe they have a habit of slipping people "mickeys". :o) "Hey, that's not BC powder, and I don't have a headache!" And if there was something wrong with the water, would they risk giving it to Claire and the baby? If it's the heavy water in the springs thing (as per the blast door map) Wikipedia (grain of salt) posts that heavy water does make animals infertile by not allowing the zygote, etc., to form properly (something like that). But it also says that it doesn't do much to humans unless taken for a very long time, without any other clean source of water. I dunno. :-)

DeDJeZTeR said...


Point taken, I had forgotten that Juliet also mentioned the bitter taste of the O.J. so it could be either. If it was drugged water for Caire do you think that it was just to keep her docie, since it obviously wasn't enough to knock her out?

New Avi For book clubs first book... lol

Twinkle said...

Hey, LoCos!

So my husband popped in What the Bleep last night. I hadn't seen it before. We started with the extended version and the first 3 minutes were enough to make my jaw drop? Could Lost be influenced by What the Bleep? Has anybody written about this? I'd like to read more if someone's made this connection before.

Twinkle said...

So I'm piecing together whether or not these two productions are related. We only watched the beginning of it. I know the movie is pure pseudoscience, but that's what Lost is supposed to be too, right?

Here's part of the quote that caught my attention. Keep in mind that the extended release version is subtitled "Down the Rabbit Hole":
The rabbit hole is how deep and how far we want to go
is really how far, how much do you want to discover about your true nature?

Anybody who tries to spend too much time trying to explain it is likely to get lost forever down the rabbit hole of mysteriousness.

The rest of the show (I gather but I haven't watched it all) is about the question "What is real?" Wikipedia says:
Some ideas discussed in the film are:

* The universe is best seen as constructed from thought (or ideas) rather than from substance (see idealism);
* What has long been considered "empty space" is anything but empty (see vacuum energy);
* Our beliefs about who we are and what is real are not simply observations, but rather form ourselves and our realities (see solipsism);

...The comments of the scientific experts converge on a single theme: "We all create our own reality."

The first version of this movie was released only a few months before Lost debuted in September 2004, so maybe the connection is weak. I'll know if by the end of the movie I find out what the "box" is. ;-)

maven said...

Happy Weekend All!

Very excited! Just pre-ordered S3 from Amazon. They have it for $38!

Amused2bHere said...

Thanks for the Gregg Nations posts, Memphish. Certainly food for thought.

So, the water is acidic enough to react like vinegar with baking soda? Yick. Must be well-water. But it was still irresponsible for a teacher to tell the students that water and baking soda can cause this reaction. It generally doesn't, so she should have made some kind of disclaimer (like "Our water can do this because of its acidic properties" blah blah)

Amused2bHere said...

DeD, love that new DeDbUnNy avatar! lol Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Bring some of your art?

General Note: as for me, I use Darlton or Cuseloff interchangeably. In Babylon 5 circles we refer to the creator as JMS(John Michael Straczynski) or the Great Maker (the Centauri term for their Deity.) It's not a shipper term like Cuseloff, but it is a nickname. Straczynski kept in close contact with the fans through Usenet and such. (This was before podcasts and blogs. Gosh, all of a sudden I feel old!) He looked for feedback and gave answers too through the message boards and the website. I think this was the first time any interaction was encouraged between creators and fans. He also wrote a 5yr story that enabled him to plant clues along the way, and had some very dedicated fans (ok, obsessed!) analyzing every detail to decipher where the story was going.

Maybe that's one reason why I love Lost so much, it reminds me of that kind of story, and the community that has developed among us dedicated fans.

Long live the Great Maker, and Darlton Cuseloff!

Twinkle said...

Amused, did you hear about the direct to DVD Babylon 5 movie?

Amused2bHere said...

Yes! Bablyon5: the Lost Tales looks so cool! There are clips of behind the scenes stuff et al here: Ain't it cool news: Babylon 5 the Lost Tales this link to AICN is safe (not like we need to worry about spoilers at this point!). It only has info re: B5

Amused2bHere said...

While we are off-topic, there's some news for Battlestar Galactica fans: Battlestar Galactica's future

Beware, there may be spoilers for next season, but it does say that the first episode will air in November, and then the rest of the season will return in 2008.

What sense does THAT make?

picsel said...

lol... wouldnt surprise me if thats what happened for lost. a 6 month hiatus between each episode XD

Sayid'sgirl said...

I was watching a repeat of Numbers last night. It was about a cult leader and his followers. He said something I found interesting.

"It's not a sin to destroy an enemy that's set on destroying you."

Maybe this is how Ben defines good people from bad people.

acewebguy said...

If I remember correctly, the Losties had a blue tarp "box" that they used to collect the rainwater. I also think that you cn see Hurley refilling the water bottles in this tarp. So I guess they are aware of the water issue.

acewebguy said...

I was wondering if with the book club, we could gather every Wednesday and start discussing the book. I think waiting until the last Wednesday is too long because knowing us, we like to express our ideas when they are fresh.

Perhaps separate the book into 4 sections. Watership Down is easy because it has 4 Parts, so we can openly discuss the first part on Wednesday, June 6th. Plus, I think this makes for easier reading because it gives people a "pace setting" to read the book and finish it.

acewebguy said...

Two last comments:

Unless there is an order we are already following, Could we possibly move up "Third Policeman" to August? After reading that this book ay be the most important one, (I apologize to whomever wrote it earlier), I am especially eager to read it.

And this one may be really out there, but has anyone thought of adding one other book to the list :

There is a breakdown (I will look for it online) of how to read the bible in exactly one year. But I think that we only need to focus on the Old Testament, so it could definetely be done in 8 months.

There just seem to be so many biblical references people have continually noticed, I just have this nagging feeling that there may be a lot more.

DeDJeZTeR said...


My portfolio is a little big so I can do this for ya.

Dedendz Art Blog
You can even comment if you would like.

Be warned though, I just started it so it isn't yet complete.

chucklez3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chucklez3 said...

the divine comedy?

Amused2bHere said...

Ace, you have a point about "Third Policeman". The Bible is a BIG book, but the most relevant stories from the Bible certainly could be included on our Extra Credit list.

Hey Melissa! What do you think? Move up "Third Policeman"? What about adding the Bible, Genesis, at least, to our extra credit list? That contains the whole story of Jacob. There may be some passages in Exodus and Judges re: Benjamin, but his "daddy issues" would also be found in Genesis.

thanks DeD, for the art link. I'll go peruse.

Amused2bHere said...

And that is a good idea about discussing parts of each book every Wednesday. Give us something to shoot for.

what say you, Melissa?

R2K said...

When is the next episode?

DeDJeZTeR said...

Febuary R2K ... it's just another 30 + weeks. Think we can handle it.

My guess is we can't... lol

DeDJeZTeR said...

If you guys have not seen this yet, you realy need to. It is real funny, for our perspective... lol


chucklez3 said...

nah. i just had a desmond moment and went forward in time to see next season. apparently cheech marin is jacob. locke comes back as a WHITE smokey and starts giving people visions of willy wonka and ralph from the simpsons.

and during an interview, the producers STILL claim it can all be explained rationally and logically. and that the show is NOT about the passengers of 815 at all, but in fact, about the SURVIVORS of the b-movie "attack of the killer tomatoes".


chucklez3 said...

not exactly the way i'd go, but hey. who am i to say?

maven said...

I second the motion to move "The Third Policeman" up.

FYI: In EW's review of "Knocked Up" (which I haven't seen) there's this quote: "Finally, Knocked Up may be the sharpest, most up-to-date commentary on current pop culture not involving Jon Stewart or Comedy Central. The riffs tumble free and loose ("Matthew Fox--you know what's interesting about him? Absolutely nothing!")..."

I hope that was taken out of context!

acewebguy said...

This is the link for reading the bible in one year. Of course, we could just do Genesis as proposed by amused2bhere.

capcom said...

Hey Ded, great avi and thanks a zillion for that Lostacil link. Too cool. Nice art blog as well, can't wait to see more! :o) And I kind of also got the idea that they were just drugging Claire to keep her docile, remember how giggly and goofy she was? That was funny!

Sayidsgirl, I've also had a sneaking feeling that, "It's not a sin to destroy an enemy that's set on destroying you", is the way Ben thinks. Bad guys = Anyone who would hurt the island (and maybe also the world along with it), and Good guys = Anyone who protects the island (etc.). Good point!

Amused, that's awesome that the TPTB of Babylon5 did that way back during Usenet! Why-o-why didn't Chris Carter do that for the X-Files?! Oh well. Spilled milk. :-(

You're right Ace, they do use the rain collector on the beach also. I'll tell ya though, I would be boiling the heck out of that water before drinking it!

That's a good idea to maybe fill up some extra credit reading time with the specific parts of the Bible that are alluded to in the show!

capcom said...

Did you all see over on DarkUFO that one of the features in the S3 DVD is "The Lost Book Club"? Are we in tune with TPTB or what?! :-)

capcom said...

Here's an awesome website if y'all haven't seen it yet:

maven said...

Hey, Capcom: Thanks for that link. It's a fascinating site! It's going to take quite a while to check everything out on it! Lost fans are pretty obsessive, aren't they? LOL

capcom said...

One thing always leads to another with us, that's for sure!

Amused2bHere said...

Well, I had Chucklez and DeDjEzTeR in the same room, and the time/space continuum didn't tear open.

We had dinner and then watched the finale. And then talked it to death. Kind of like how we all go back and forth here, only without the refresh lag.

It was so much fun. They are really nice guys, I really enjoyed tonight. Thanks, DeD and Chucklez, for a fun evening!

capcom said...

Well, I thought that I would get to view the mushroom cloud over New York! Heheh.

Amused2bHere said...

We tried to catch Chucklez up on all the blog rehash, but he still has SO much to catch up on!

Good hunting, Chucklez!

lol Capcom.

No boom today. Maybe boom tomorrow.

maven said...

Amused: That sounded like so much fun! Everyone actually got along! LOL It would be great to get together with fellow LoCos and blog in person!

chucklez3 said...

yeah, it was great. really enjoyed it. thanks a2bh.

and great to meet you ded.

so anyway.....

chucklez3 said...

dad-blame producers.......ugh.

chucklez3 said...

contact info for you all.....

201-895-2907 (cell)

now that i've seen the finale, i may need to have all of you taking turns on "suicide watch" over the next 8 months or so. hahaha. j/k.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hey book clubbers -

I'm just catching up on everyone's comments, and I have a couple of responses that I'd like opinions on:

1) Moving Third Policeman up - I'd like to move this up to October. I know that's not as early as some folks would like, but other people have already requested that I move up Wizard of Oz, A Wrinkle in Time and Alice In Wonderland, so I don't really want to displace those. Any opinions, based on the new info on The Third Policeman?

2) Starting on the last Wednesday of the month - My reasoning on this is that we could read each month's book during the month and then start discussing while we read the next book. Does that make sense? I know that some people have already finished Watership Down, but others are just starting, with the idea that the book club started in June. I don't want to start talking until we've given everyone a fair chance to read.

3) Discussing in sections, each week of the month - I'm torn on this, and I'd like to hear what other people think. On the one hand, it's a nice way to keep the discussions manageable, but on the other hand, I don't want people to feel like they are under constant deadlines. Let me know your vote.

4) Adding the Bible - I will add the Bible to the Extra Credit list, but out of respect for non-Christians (like myself), I'm not comfortable adding it to the official line-up. That being said, I always enjoy hearing the biblical parallels from you all, so keep up the chatter!

I think that's it. Steve, I'm about to send you an e-mail about the podcast, too.

I'm always open to suggestions, so leave me a note here or shoot me an e-mail at I'm on vacation this week, and I'm hoping to finish up Watership Down and spend some quality time... here!

Thank you so much for all of your input. I love it!

Peace and Namaste

chucklez3 said...

melissa: i still think "the thief of always" is a viable addition.

maven said...

Melissa_lossa: Glad we have you as the take charge person!

1. Thanks for moving up "Third Policeman". I guess we can't constantly be changing things.

2. The 3rd Wednesday is fine. I know a lot of us got a head start, but we should give everyone a good chance to read the books, so we're "all on the same page".

3. I'm with you on this one. Breaking up a book into sections could be complicated. Not every book would be able to be discussed in sections, too. I'm for diving in the 3rd Wednesday for the whole book. Hopefully, it will keep us going for a few weeks.

4. Ditto on the Bible suggestion. I bow to everyone else's expertise in this area.

Keep up the great work! And a big thank you for "leading" us!

DeDJeZTeR said...

Hey loco's,

Yes I had a great time tonight with Amused and Chuck, No visable tears or rips in the continuum detected, but these things can take time... lol


I think that all sounds good, the last Wed. sounds good to me.


Thanks for that link, it is cool. I have already sent them a suggestion for their names section.
They left out Emily as Ben's Mother... lol


Thanks for dinner and good conversation. It is always fun to real faces to imaginary names... lol

Next stop the 2016 TLEC reunion... lol Can't wait.


chucklez3 said...

quick comment about the finale.

The flash-forward IS the future, future is set in stone. Things can change. when jack made his decision, that was the result.

Remember......Locke said, "you weren't supposed to do that". and of course, "Locke has work to do". In my opinion, that means, making sure the RIGHT future is achieved. so now he's off to change it again somehow by manipulating it through the actions of others.

and each NEW "flash-forward" we see will be a result of different people making different choices, etc.

eh........just a thought.

chucklez3 said...

another crazy thought. what if in the future (since time might pass differently for the losties), they go back to the free world, but their "other selves" are still there or something weird like that and the body in the casket was JACK HIMSELF?!?!?!?!?!

yeah, i'm reachin' on that one. hahaha.

Ange said...

maven said.... Thanks for moving up "Third Policeman". I guess we can't constantly be changing things.

Hooray for no more changes;), but I am FOR SURE looking forward to the last Wednesday of the month!

chucklez3 said...The flash-forward IS the future, future is set in stone. Things can change. when jack made his decision, that was the result.

I completely agree with that, and think that we are certainly going to be treated to changes from what we saw in the finale. Mentioned before, but I think that is what ring woman and Nadia are doing in all of the flashbacks...trying to make some changes.

Amused, Ded, and Chucklez: It sounds like you had a great time. I know first hand what it is like to meet someone from the blog, and it is just cool to put an actual person to the thoughts, not to mention the live blogging thing. It is so much easier to talk than type eh:D

Lastly, for BSG fans, I saw on G4 yesterday that this season will indeed be the last.

RyaNDrumZ said...

I wish there was another game to play for the break. Nice to see you all still chatting it up. As far as reading over the summer, have fun with that. I've read a couple of the books already, maybe I'll stop by and check it out. Laters...

Lisa said...

Hey all... Re: book club... I agree that discussing that we read might be a logistical impossiblity... which is a shame... and might be tough to keep up and "hold back" at the same time!... but I think you are right to think thats the best way.

I read the 3rd Policeman... need to re-read just to make sense... but re: timeline... doesn't matter to me!

Re: moving things around... I'm happy for whatever order... would love to see the Bible added to the Extr credit list...Genesis (Jacob and Easu, Adam and Eve) and maybe some of the scriptures listed on Eko's stick....but again, we're gonna get a little overwhelmed!

And...yep, when we have a clear set of "rules" (3rd Wednesday, order of books).... can someone please post clearly on the main page? Big thanks!

Lisa said...

PS.... To all who mentioned/recommended Prey by Michael Crichton... wow! Cool... got the unabridged audiobook and enjoyed it over a long travel weekend... (almost done!) I can really see where you saw all the connections...

PSS...who's hubby was reading Atlas Shrugged? finished? did he like it?

maven said...

Lisa: It was my hubby! He thought it was good, but overly long and went off on too many tangents. And Rand overly described things in his opinion. But got to hand it to him, he stuck with it!

capcom said...

Hi All,

I guess so far so good, not one of us has had a nervous breakdown about missing Lost yet, but it's still very early in the drought! Time will tell. They might have to open a special wing for us in a sanitatium somewhere. :o)

That "Lost-repetitions" site seems to keep up pretty well with the new things, but yes, they still need to update a few names, events, and such, from the final couple episodes. A pretty good effort though on their part tho.

Have a great week LoCos!

Nice to see you check in Ryandrumz!

Lisa said...

the "over" describing is one of the reasons i love rand! ;-) Glad he didn't give up!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Good morning, TLC!

I've moved The Third Policeman up to October in the Amazon list.

I'm glad everyone seems to agree that it's best to stick with dicussing the whole book starting on the last Wednesday of the month - I think that's the way to go. I don't want the book club to seem like homework!

I really appreciate everyone's input! I'm so excited to talk books with all of you. :)

Melissa_Lossa said...

Oh, one last question - in the months where we have two shorter books, do we want to start discussion on one the second week of the month and the other the last week? Should I designate which is first?

Melissa_Lossa said...

chuck - The Thief of Always looks like an interesting book, but I don't want to add books to the list unless they have a specific Lost tie-in - either reference in the show, or mentioned by the creators as an influence.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. Oh, and I love your avi! Joker is going to be so creepy in the Dark Knight!

Ange said...

chuck: I just added The Thief of Always to my personal reading list for the summer. I love a good odd story or horror. Also, how excellent is that that you got ot meet Clive Barker! When I have met authours that I am enamored of I am never able to actually talk and mainly just stammer like a fool and shove my book at them to be signed.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I have just set up a forum for the book club on the TLC message board at The TLC Book Club. Please join us for review and dicussion!


chucklez3 said...

yeah, if anyone reads it, you'll love the thief of always. seriously. may not be "tied in" in any way or whatever, but it's got a couple of interesting similarities, so enjoy all who choose to pick it up!!

oh and thanks for the kudos on the joker avatar. can't wait for the dark knight!!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Batman Begins was so awesome, and I think Dark Knight will be even better!!

What does everyone think of me setting up a second listmania list, featuring books recommended by TLC members? I know we all have books that we think are great, that don't necessarily tie into Lost - I know I'd love to get some titles from all of you! Let me know your thoughts, and I'm happy to set it up!

Amused2bHere said...

Melissa, an additional book list sounds great! Why not?

You tell us when to shoot for, and we'll be there to discuss. Just let us know.

thanks lostgrrrl, you've made us feel welcome. I shall visit the page this summer.

maven said...

Melissa: Great idea for a suggested reading list! So many people have talked about books they've loved, etc. It would be great to have them all in one place.

chucklez3 said...

i'm all for it. especially since i'm pushing one. hahaha.

capcom said...

BTW, if anyone manages to squeeze Lost Horizon into their reading schedule this summer, Tommy has started a blog about it and the similarities to Lost, the characters, etc.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Ask and ye shall receive! Search list mania for The Lost Community Recommended and find favorite books by us! Well, right now it's just me and chucklez - so send me your picks!

I have to ask that we keep it to one or two per person for now, but I'm happy to swap out selections at any time. If you have a comment about the book, let me know and I'll add that as well.

If you post a selection, and don't see it added to the list within a day or two, please post it again. I try to read every comment here, but I'm only human!

Do we want to discuss these books somewhere, or should this just be an FYI? I'm happy to make a blog under my account - just let me know when you want to talk about a certain book, and I'll make a post. That way, we're not gumming up the works over here. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and lostgrrl - thanks for the post!

capcom said...

BTW, did anyone catch Ian Somerhalder in Marco Polo on Hallmark the other night? I only got to watch little bits of the end and am hoping to catch it in the reruns. The sets, costumes, etc., looked great anyway, from what I saw. No expense spared to make it look good, in other words.

maven said...

Capcom: I missed that, too! :( I tried to find when it will be on again and it seems to be only one showing so far!

capcom said...

Rats, they have to rerun it, they repeat everything else on that channel a zillion times! Maybe I'll send an email. Anyway, he sure looked handsome in it! :o) Too young for me tho.

Hey everyone, check out this site...

...for some work done on the measurements of the mystery casket.

Ange said...

melissa: My choice for The Lost Community Recommended is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I am painfully in love with Neil Gaiman so I am biased, but I love love love that book.

PS Thanks for all of your hard work!

Administrator said...

Hey gang! I'm on vacation in Colorado and have very limited internet access. Wanted to let everyone know that I update the front page with a note about the Last Wednesday discussions and I also switched the October & November books.

I will plan on making a new post for each book on that Last Wednesday on the month and I'll include a reminder about upcoming books.

If you're going to continue to do podcasts, we'll need to work out a schedule for alternating podcast & bookclub posts. We could also aim to include podcasts in the Last Wednesday posts.

I probably won't be able to check in or post again until Saturday. Have a great week everyone!

chucklez3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chucklez3 said...

and i'm in newark, nj. i want to be on an active podcast. hahahaha.

chucklez3 said...

yeah, i'd vote that from pinky-to-thumb, jack's hand is NOT 4 inches. mine is over 5 inches. so i'd say at least 5.

but ultimately, yeah. it's small. we all agree on that.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Thanks, admin!

ange, I added good omen to the list. Glad to hear that you like it - I bought it a couple of months ago, and it's in my to-read pile!

And with that, I'll say good night.

capcom said...

Have a nice vacation Admin! Hope you're having a Rocky Mountain High with nature and no internet. :o)

Wow, some interesting news with an alleged negative slant on M.Fox here:

I read that article where he said that he was a liar, etc., but I thought that he was kidding. Blech, if not.

G'nite favorite peeps. :-)

bigdog said...

good morning all. This is not book club related but I wanted to share the rachel blake muffin top commercial. I forget what her real name is but i think she will always be rachel blake to me.

not very good quality in the video but here it is.

maven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maven said...

Morning gang (whoever is still "checking in" or "pearling")!

Thanks for that video, Bigdog. Jaime Silberhartz is Rachel Blake. Agreed...she is definitely type-cast in my mind as Rachel Blake.

6/05/2007 09:08:00 AM

capcom said...

Hi All,

I have a Q: how does one search for a list (specifically ours, of course) from the front page of Amazon? I already bookmarked our list, but I would just like to know how to find it from scratch.


maven said...

Capcom: Hi! I had the same problem with Amazon. I had bookmarked the link, but from "scratch" I couldn't find it! I tried searching for everything I could think of, but I'd get no where!

Ange said...

Hi ladies! To search for a list from the Amazon main page, I usually type Listmania in the search bar and search This will take you to the Listmania page and there, on the left hand side is a search listmania bar where you can type the lost book club wording. I don't know if there is another/better way to do it, but that is what I do from scratch :).

maven said...

Thanks, Ange! I think I just typed in TLCBC in the search bar without going to Listmania first!

scoutpost said...

Hey everyone! Summer is in full swing here in AZ. It was 108 yesterday and close to that today. Been very busy with the kids and already miss checking in here regularly. Looking forward to discussing Watership Down- I had no idea I would enjoy it so much....I mean how interesting could a story about rabbits be? :)
melissa- like the idea of the second list. I will definitely check that out.

Amused2bHere said...

Scoutpost, your avi is hysterical, if a bit macabre. lol

I'm also looking forward to discussing Watership Down. I had not read it before, and I too had my doubts about the "bunny story". Especially when I went to the library and it was only in the Children's section!

But I really enjoyed it, too.

maven said...

Scoutpost: How funny that the temp is 108! LOL

I also enjoyed re-reading "Watership". Now, whenever I see a bunny, I feel like I know what they're going through!

chucklez3 said...

why can't it be just a 108-day hiatus instead of a 30 week one?


chucklez3 said...

i know, i know, it's not enough. however, my thought on that would be....

do a 10-episode season, 108 days off, then another 10-epi season, and so on and so on.....

i vote for THIS format. hahaha. anyone? anyone??

(jerry maguire scene): "who's comin' with me"???

maven said...

Chucklez: I think the next 3 years are out of our control! LOL

chucklez3 said...

or so they'd like us to THINK!!!


Dennis said...

Here is a small interview of Matthew Fox and some of the rest of cast of the upcoming "Speed Racer" movie.

luckyguylikeme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luckyguylikeme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luckyguylikeme said...

Hello everyone, just checking in for now. I haven't been here since the day after the finale, so I have A LOT of posts to catch up on... but I'll save that for tomorrow.

For those of you that are Christians in here, I will ask that you pray for me. I've been busy working one job and looking for one or two more, trying to save up for college. Long story short, I graduated high school last year, '06, and took a year off to try to save some money and find God's plan for my life. Needless to say, the money thing didn't go so well since I live in Cleveland and we have such a wonderful economy here (sarcasm) and in general, it's my own fault that I don't know what God's plan is for me yet because I'm not working hard enough to grow in my faith. It's coming down to the wire here, and I need to decide whether to keep working or attempt to go to school.

I am not sure if I'll be back here before the weekend, so I'll follow Chucklez' example and leave some contact info, just in case you want to say anything to me about it.

216-798-0156 (cell)

Have a great rest of the week everybody!

maven said...

Morning all! Where the heck is everyone?

Luckyguylikeme: I sent you an email!

FYI: Looks like "Jericho" will be back for at least 8 more episodes. Due to immense fan pressure (phone calls and emails), CBS will most likely announce this week that the show will come back to at least wrap up the story. If the ratings are good, they might be back for more! The fans have spoken!

Interesting Emmy info: In the LA Times today there was a piece on the Emmy process. Carlton Cuse is quoted in the article re the requirement that the producers have to basically "sum up" their show in 250 words or less. Try doing that for "Lost"!

Amanda from Michigan said...

I can't wait to read Wrinkle in Time. It's my favorite book. I try to read it once a year. Now, I'm not sure about Watership Down. I'll have to find that.

maven said...

Amanda: I'm sure you'll love "Watership Down"! And welcome to the Book Club!

BTW: Does my Pumpkin look like your Charlie? LOL

Dennis said...

LOST was nominated for a Television Critics Association Award for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN DRAMA. Also nominated: Friday Night Lights, Heroes, The Sopranos, and The Wire.

Darkaardvark said...

To be submitted for the Emmy process.

Lost in 250 words: These people crash on an island. Then there's a polar bear. The polar bear might have been created by the psychic comic-book reading Walt, but it was probably just set loose when the mysterious DHARMA organization was attacked by an even more mysterious group of 'Hostiles'. These Hostiles are connected with a man named Jacob, who is either invisible or doesn't exist, and can make objects fly around just by… you know what? Go give some awards to CSI. You're too stupid to understand the plot and you wouldn't like all the thinking it'd make you do anyways.

scoutpost said...

amused2bhere said...
Scoutpost, your avi is hysterical, if a bit macabre. lol

Funny, I put that one up after that epi and was thinking of taking it's especially macabre considering we have a pet rabbit! Maybe I should keep it up until we finish Watership Down. hehe

DeDJeZTeR said...


You took the words right out of my mouth. There is no real way to sum up LOST in 250 words, hell I couldn't sum up the pilot pt. 1 in 250 words let alone three seasons. If that is the process it is no wonder we are so often dissappointed by the outcome.

Here's to LOST getting a few wins...
hip, hip, hooray

capcom said...

Chuck, how about 15 or 16 eps, then a 108 hiatus, etc.? Oh well, at least we don't have to wait 48 weeks.

Lucky, it sounds like you're in one of "those" decision places. :-( Been there before myself a few times, it's not much fun. I'll try to email you too, but for the short story, try going in the best direction of your choice, and ask God to stop you if you're going the wrong way. That sometimes works, if you feel that you are not hearing or seeing the guidance you need for whatever reason. :-) As for Cleveland economy, it could be worse, you could be living in upstate NY where people have high NY City expenses, but tiny upstate NY paychecks. :-p Which is the reason I'm in TN now.

Great news about Jericho!

Good explanation to the Emmy peeps, Dark. Are the Emmys like the Oscars and juried by their industry peers? And, hip, hip, hooray!

Amada, your post reminded me that I used to read Mists of Avalon every summer. It's a good sun-bathing book cuz it's so big that you don't have to hold the book open, it lays open by itself once you get a few chapters in. :o)

chucklez3 said...

hey, the mach 5 certainly looks sweet!! hahaha

2costa said...

i know this isnt lost related but i thought it was funny. the alanis morrisette cover of the black eyed peas lady lump or hump
actually quite a touching song

Codysmom said...

Hi everybody!!!! Just checking in..

Boy, it sure is different around here on a Thursday!

Luckyguy, you said, "It's coming down to the wire here, and I need to decide whether to keep working or attempt to go to school."

For what it's worth, I definitely think you should attempt to go to school!!! The longer you're gone from that scene, the harder it will be for you to go back. I wouldn't wait! You said you're trying to save up for college and I say that's such a hard task, kind of like people who say they'll have kids when they have enough money (IMO, nobody would get born, then... there's never enough money). If I were you, I'd go to the school's financial aid offices and find someone to work with you. There may be help out there you don't even know about. If that doesn't work, I'd keep one job and take even just one class to get you started. There's also nothing wrong with starting at a community college.

My mother always said to keep your options open. Getting an education helps you to do that. Even being around other people who are trying to better themselves through education is a good thing.

God's plans for you don't have to be evident yet. Things will unfold as you get older. From communicating with you on this blog, I can tell you're an intelligent, nice guy. I really hope things work out well for you! Keep us posted!

As far as the book club goes, I'll try, but summer gets pretty crazy for me.

maven said...

Can't let a day go by without posting something!

Just got The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (read it in one afternoon), Alice and TLG! I'm doing all my homework!

And just wanted to be the first to wish Fenris a Happy Birthday for tomorrow (is it the 8th in England yet?)

takes a village said...

Hi you all,
It's not your usual Thursday around here.I told a friend at work about the Squirt Shirts.She got "The Numbers Blocks" and "There's A Smoke Monster In My Closet" for her Grandkids.She brought the shirts in;They are so Lost.
Great idea reading ahead.That way if something comes up,you won't have to speed read the Book(s) of the month.
Thanks again for all your efforts in TLCBC.I am enjoying my Lost vacation.
You all everybody;
Great job of watching one another's backs.We are family.

maven said...

Hey, takesavillage: I loved all those Lost baby shirts and onesies! I went with the Numbers Blocks because at first glance it just looks baby-ish. You'd have to be a Lost fan to get it! LOL

Amused2bHere said...

Happy Birthday Fenris!!

2Costa, that version by Alanis is very funny. She really parodies Fergie well.

Codysmom, that is great advice. Well, LGLM, you are getting some wonderful counsel. Let us know what you decide. Meanwhile, we pray...

acewebguy said...
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acewebguy said...

obviously I do not know your specific circumstances. But I can relay how I paid for my entire college(under and grad) with loans (and an occassional grant).

First, fill out the FAFSA (forgot what it stands for but search it in google and you will see it). The main thing you are applying for is a Stafford Loan. Stafford loans are pretty much available to anyone. The amount will definetely pay for community college.

As for schools, you may have to go to a community college for the first two years before moving on to a four - year college. It will save you a lot of money. Next, when you apply for a stafford loan as a junior, the max amount per semester will increase (the max increases depending on your scool year). With this new max amount, it should take care of most of your tuition.

Two more things to look for. One, ONLY look into state schools, because there tuition is much cheaper than private schools. Ohio State is a state school for example.

Finally, in NY where I went to school, they gave money to NY residents who attended NY schools. It was called TAP (Tuition assistance program). That amount was FREE money that never had to be repaid and was about $1,500 PER SEMESTER.

I hope this helps; I even know a way to obtain extra Stafford loans if that info can help you out.

Good Luck.


chucklez3 said...

yo, that alanis spoof of fergie is freakin' hilarious!!!!! not exactly a fan of fergie anyway. although, i love the black eyed peas. hahaha.

Amused2bHere said...

Luckyguy, here's the link for the FAFSA, 'cause there are some bogus websites that mimic the fafsa one--not good. Generally, keep in mind that the first F in Fafsa stands for FREE.

It's actually Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You should never pay any fees for submitting a FAFSA.

Codysmom said...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday dear FENRIS...

Happy Birthday to you!

TaDa!!!!!! (you would have had to be there to know how good that sounded:)

Well, I bought "Watership Down" tonight and I'm on page 23.....

Sayid'sgirl said...

Happy Birthday Fenris!!
I think you're five hours ahead of us so it should still be Friday over there.

Ange said...
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Ange said...
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Ange said...

Looking forward to finishing Watership Down this weekend. Kehaar is still my favorite character :D.

Have a great weekent everyone!

Happy Birthday Fenris

martysbaybay said...

Happy Birthday Fenris.....

2costa said...

chuck i like how the black eyed peas were around for like ten years and nobody besides hip hop fans even heard of them, til ferngully joined them, but i'm sure youll agree they were better before

2costa said...

Heres to another year closer to the grave fil...

takes a village said...


chucklez3 said...

2costa: absolutely. i loved them way back when they used to talk about how they were the best dancers, too. haha. i remember listening to them and watching videos back in like 1997.

i really don't care for fergie. she has little talent. however, it was a welcome change for a couple of albums for her to add a little extra whatever. but solo?? *blech*.

happy birthday fenris!

2costa said...

on the video Juke "BOX" right chucklze? I remember a time in like 1990 when "pop that coochie" by two live crew would be on the box over and over maybe inturupted by clarence carter's "strokin'" one in a while.

chucklez3 said...


i remember all that!!

capcom said...

Happy Birdthday Mr. Fenris, indeed!

Hope you have a great one.

maven said...

FYI: Entertainment Weekly had a sidebar article this week about "Best in Shows" as a prequel to the Emmys:

"Best Comeback for a Show That Oughta Be Ashamed of Having to Come Back At All" LOST The Sopranos was off-key for seasons, and The Simpsons annoyed us like only family can. But the real comeback kids are the folks at Lost. With a--yes, we use this word a lot, but this time we really mean it--stunner of a season finale, the show's creators proved they know exactly where they're taking us. (And we'll stop asking if we're there yet.)

(I knew I couldn't not post something today! LOL)

Zort70 said...

I just realised that I'm still staying away from here from Thursday until Sunday.

I don't have to do that anymore until next year !

2costa said...

hey picsal said he was gonna whip up an arg for us. He made it sound simple as pie. I wonder how that is going, probably not as easy as he thought.

Amused2bHere said...

how many more weeks till Season 4?


BarbaraJay said...

Happy belated birthday, Fenris!

Lucky, hang in there. What seems like an impossible situation isn't always that impossible. Many, many years ago, I was a teenage drop-out with a husband and a baby, living hand to mouth. I took the GED and, somehow, we managed to scrape up enough money for me to go to the community college part-time, then full-time, then transfer to the University of Maryland. I graduated and went on to graduate school on loans. To make a long story not too long, I've been a psychologist for 25 years now. My life is blessed. I'm praying that you find your path.

One last thing. I don't mean to be self-serving but would anyone be interested in reading a novel I wrote? Amazon has it used for less than a dollar and many libraries carry it. It's a mystery novel. I'm hoping to finish the next installment this summer. It's not my favorite book, just the one I wrote, so I don't know if it's appropriate for the second list.

Amused2bHere said...

Barbarajay, I definitely vote it for the second list! A book written by one of our dear LoCoes? You betcha!

chucklez mentioned it before, so I thought it was already on the list, but if not, let melissa lossa know to add it.

Name of book?

BarbaraJay said...

Thanks, amused!

Worse Than Death by Barbara J. Ferrenz

Passafist said...

New Podcast!!

Dennis said...


Ellie said...

Good for people to know.