Monday, March 12, 2007

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 15

In This Episode Hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich, extol the virtues of the Plastic Ono band and take you on a wildly frustrating journey into Season 3 Episode 11 of the ABC television program Lost called "ENTER 77." Marvel as David and Steve try to deconstruct the episode and fail miserably. Join in on the fun by calling 732-564-4763 or by sending an e-mail or MP3 comment to Visit our website at

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Beth Chopin said...


Dennis said...

Woohoo! New post!

JGZ350 said...

Third and thanks for the new post admin!

Good Morning Loco's-

thinbluemime said...

Why are you using to store your podcast? What are the advantages and reasons?

I am curious for several reasons, not the least of which is the net firestorm brewing right now about the BBC WTC Bld 7 tapes that disappered from the library earlier this month (March 2007).

I was under the impression that harvested the content for their archive, and new content was gathered by their staff or bots.

Can you explain this process or direct to a link that explains the advantages and process of new storage on

Thanks! Have not listen to your latest podcast yet, but the lively upbeat discussion is aways fun!

Passafist said...

Thinbluemime, we use it becuase it's free. That's the only reason. While I love podcasting, it's really a hobby, so to go through the process of paying for storage seems silly. If archive removes the episode I've got no problems with that.

More importantly, the studio we use would not look kindly on me making money on the podcast either, which is why we don't use talkshow for storage.

We do it for fun, and archive offers a free place to upload it. That's about it

thinbluemime said...

Thanks for the quick response.

Part of the allure of the Lost community for me, are the insights I can gather from the fans.

I learned something new today!

Thanks Again!

DeDJeZTeR said...

Listening now... be back later

DeDJeZTeR said...

Something I wanted to mention before I comment on the podcast.

People have been stating that it will take forever for Sawyer to start with the nicknames again, this is not true. Toward the end of "Enter 7 7" as they get into the meat of the story with patchinski, Sayid makes the comment that they have been walking for two days. Then the next thing is Hurley (now two days later) giving Sawyer the nudey mags. So that only leaves 5 days left so in the LOST world that relates to only one more episode... the next one, unless they fast forward and the next episode is already 5 days later.

Dennis said...

Despite the 22 second podcast Spoiler warning, the "Par Avion" spoilers continue for another minutes or so (from 35:42 to about 37:00), plus later in the podcast (53:16 to 53:48).

I think we got some answers from this episode:

- The cable that went into the ocean leads to a sonar thing
- The others have a Sub
- The others had outside contact
- When know where the Cheeseburger came from

About the self destruct sequence, I don't think blowing up the flame staion was an "accident".

I think Locke knows more than what we saw, and there must have been additional Dr. Candle video after he entered 77.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Still listening but just wanted to point out that 22 + 25 = 47... not 77 who ever figured that out was not paying attention.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Another note is that 305 degrees is just West of North/West not due North as was stated.

I'm feel alone... lol

DeDJeZTeR said...


I sent you guys an e-mail, but you never responded.

When are MP3's due by in order to make it into the podcast. If I could I would like to send one in. I have tried a couple of times and everytime the podcast is up while I am still editing.

Is it Saturday night, Friday night, or Sunday Morning...

Please let me know.

The cat from the flame station is not only a different cat from the one in Sayid's flashback, but if you look cloesly the cat that claws at the carpet is not the same cat that is by the horse and there at the end. So there are three cats in that episode. I guess you can teach a cat to claw at the ground, or sit still, but not both.

Steve said...

MP3 comments need to be in no later then Saturday Morning, Friday night would be better because sometimes we record earlier on Saturday.

The Goog <><

maven said...

I'm here listening, Dedj...

I'm hoping the producers will have some fun with Sawyer's loss in the ping-pong game and cutting out his Sawyerisms. Maybe he'll begin with one and Hurley has to constantly remind him of the bet.

David...liked your take on dating the Flame based on the size of the sat dish. Makes sense to me.

Also agree that Danielle knows more than she tells. She must have had some interaction with Patchy and/or Ben in the past.

Steve said...

So, what do you guys think about Daniel being an appariton of the Smoke Monster?

DeDJeZTeR said...

I don't like it. I think she is just a crazy woman with no real direction in life. I had friends like that and it didn't make them smoke monsters... lol
Irt just seems to far fetched to me for her to be an apparition. I think she really is just alone and likes to stay that way. I bet you $.50 that if she ever gets Alex back (if she really is her daughter, I have said I think she was the one who stole her from Ben and the Others took her back) that she will end up killing her like the rest of her team. She is a loose cannon and needs to be locked up... by the losties not the Others.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Oh and thanks for the quick response Goog.

maven said...

I also don't think Danielle is a part of the Smoke Monster. She doesn't seem to have any connection to any of the Losties to be manifested into Danielle. (Not yet, anyways!) She definitely is a loner and a little loony (who wouldn't be in her situation). Dedj: Like your "theory" that Alex was stolen by Danielle and then taken back by the Others and might really be Ben's biological child. Although, since the Others seems to have fertility issues, I don't know if that would be possible.

maven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
picsel said...


havent been in in a while

i just find it hard because of everything like having to wait half a week for the episode, then when i do, i get 2 days commenting before im on spoiler alert. grr. lol. and is hard with school work being HUGE this year for me for the next 3/4 months.

anyway. the episode. IMO was fantastic :) one of my fav ever episodes. loved it :) was just right with finding out a bit about the island itself - the way its set out and that there is away to contact the outside world from the main island. and about patchy, would like to have a translation on mrs Kleugh's and Patchy's conversation though. just to make sure what they said is what it sounded like.

and the fun factor with sawyer-and the gang. sounds like TPTB really listened and knew how much we liked sawyers nicknames i thought it gave a really Hurley-esque factor to the episode. especially to go with the mix of when i thought locke was going to blow them all to kingdom-come :)

theories anyone? yes please :)

love the idea about alex and danielle and ben, how danielle stole alex from ben and the Others stole them back. HOWEVER, hate to say it, i really dislike the Danielle as the smoke monster. just doesnt seem likely as the smoke monster has never seemed Anti-Others. where as Danielle is.

I think we missed a vital piece of info when locke pushed that button (him and his damned button pushing - thats the second hatch he's caused to blow up... 2 down 4 to go) i think there was another vid clip after he pushed the button and maybe he knows something we dont.

I think that the whole sentimental thing TPTB made it look like at the end as to why Sayid kept Patchy alive was not the actual reason. i think he's kept him alive for something else. not just for plain old "i wont torture again" because he's already tortured people on the island. so he hasnt suddenly reformed. bull****. lol.

i heard somebody saying htat perhaps Locke was affected by the hach imploding like desmond. but in a different way. like he see's things but he just knows they give him clues. the hatch "he must get in" the bearing on the stick "we must follow it" maybe the island is giving him information through it. or maybe it was caused by the hatch. who knows? lil bit wacky but something to run with.

i wonder if when Kate and them get to jack (which i think they will) what jack will do... go for kate and help his long LOST friends. or stay with the others after ben says he will let him go ? (just forseeing the future- tis a possibility) was wondering what would happen if ben pulled the same trick on jack as he did juliett and michael "stay and save my life, you can go home" whether jack would choose to take the risk and stay with juliett to go home. or whether he would go back with the losties. whadda ya think?


I wonder how many episodes this no-nicknames thing is going to go on for? did love all the nicknames this week though lol "well looks like crouching tiger and hidden dragon have come up with something good"

capcom said...

Hi All,

True about the slightly excelerated time span this ep Ded(I think faster than we have EVER seen before!), and getting back to Sawyerisms sooner than later. Also, Sawyer might not be a man of his word on things that don't really count, so we could get his 'isms' back sooner anyway. :-)

Maven, I like the idea about Danielle maybe stealing someone else's baby too! Perhaps her's died, and then she went and stole Alex from the Others, like she tried to steal Aaron? For different reasons of course, but her child wasn't even a baby anymore when she wanted to exchange Aaron for her baby. Koo-koo all the way around.

Maybe Danielle is an ex-Other or DI, and she just went nutter-butters at some point, and she ran off or they kicked her out of the barracks into exile?

The more we talk about this ep, the more I like that Hurley seems to be getting more self esteem and where TPTB are going with that little by little.

Picsel, I like your idea about Sayid. But as for Jack, I've got my money on Kate getting there to save Jack, and he tells her to mind her own business and go back to the beach. Well, I know it won't happen that way, but I wish it would. Then she goes back to Sawyer, and he's all over her now. :-) Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Not that I don't like Kate, but I just don't like her indecisiveness about Jack and James. Make up yer mind already girlfriend!

maven said...

Capcom said: Not that I don't like Kate, but I just don't like her indecisiveness about Jack and James. Make up yer mind already girlfriend!
I think that TPTB want to keep that good ole "sexual" tension thing going a few more seasons. Much better dramatically than having Kate choose one of them (and have the unchosen one give her long-full looks!).

Also think that Sawyer will have a great time trying to slip in nicknames whenever he can, and Hurley will keep trying to catch him before he can get them out!

Wonder why Sayid and Kate never told Locke that the Flame was wired with C-4 explosives? And I think Locke heard something else on the computer from Candle that we didn't hear.

JGZ350 said...

Good Morning Loco's-

It sure is quiet around here without memphish-

Looks like last weeks eps, Enter 77, is all talked out. As far as Locke seeing or hearing a little something extra from Dr. Candle, I disagree with that speculation. Ever since Locke looked like a weak and broken down man in the Swan hatch at the end of Live Together Die Alone saying, 'I was wrong', he is simply the weak link in the our Losties chain. Which was confirmed with the Flame going up in flames. Unfortunatley, and this is speculation on my part, Locke is looking like he is the next sacrafice the islands is going to demand. Then maybe our Losties will have a fighting chance to get off that godforsaken island.

Zort said...

DeDJeZTeR said...
I don't like it. I think she is just a crazy woman with no real direction in life. I had friends like that and it didn't make them smoke monsters... lol

I theorised a while ago that the smoke monster either inhabited or recreated temporarily the bodies of dead people on the island.

The purpose of this is to resolve some issue that is part of their (or was part of their) subconcious thoughts or desires.

So Danielle could be part smoke monster and have issues !

Zort said...

6 attempts at WV !

Steve said...

Wow! Zort agrees with me! Good theory! :)

Picsel, if you download the Podcast we translated some of the Russian that was written Mikhal's manuscript. It was basically his memoirs or a story about when he was in Afghanistan.
And, the Russian dialogue between Klugh and Mikhal was basically her telling him "you know what you need to do" over and over again, and him saying "there is another way." We read it verbatim on the podcast.

The Goog <><

Zort said...

I'm glad to oblige :-)

Codysmom said...

Hi everybody! Here's my WILD THEORY OF THE WEEK:

The others are time travelers. This is how they know the backgrounds of the Losties. This is also how they know who in the real world needs to be "recruited". Those that are recruited are the ones who will mess up with the universe correcting itself. The time traveling ability may be possible because of the unique properties on the island. Desmond got a taste of it when he turned the fail safe key because he got so close to the island properties at that moment. The fact that the others (including Mittlos-possibly the ultimate other, maybe Him) can time travel also explains how they knew the exact moment Edmund Burke would be standing in the street immersed in a conversation with Juliet (then, BAM!). Time travel would certainly help get things done!

Interesting quote from Juliet earlier this season ... at the book club she says something like "I thought there was still free will on this island". As opposed to the others not allowing free will in the real world? Are the others orchestrating the events in the real world to their agenda? What is their agenda?

Two factions of Others= the Bens (always have had the agenda) and the Patchys (recruited to not mess up the agenda). This could explain why so many have military background (Kelvin, Patchy, possibly Danny and Colleen) since they were in a position to screw up the agenda. Also doctors (Juliet and Ethan) can have a way of altering the status quo of the universe.

I think that Dharma on the island has been "purged" and it probably happened in the late 80's or early 90's, while Dharma mainland has had a shift in power in the last few years (from Alvar to Mittlos). Kelvin (recruited Other) was stationed at the Swan after Dharma was "Purged". He needed to be there to push the button not only to harness the magnetic anomoly (which, I'm guessing is needed for the time-travel ability), but also to keep the Dharma people in the real world thinking that everything was functioning normally on the Island. I have always thought that entering the core values of the Valenzeti Equation into the computer every 108 minutes was a broadcast for the Dharma back home to know that nothing had changed (that there was no break-thru in changing any of the core values). When Desmond washed up on shore, Kelvin decided to keep him to give him a break and some company. He was harmless as long as Kelvin could keep him convinced that he was in danger if he went out of the hatch.

Two recruited Others (Patchy's) that we know of definitely want(ed) off the Island, Kelvin and Juliet. Kelvin was working on Des' sailboat for his escape and Juliet certainly didn't take up the offer to go to the Island willingly. Who here doesn't think she'd rather be "downtown" with her sister? We don't know the remaining recruited-Others' stories yet. Patchy maybe does just like being alone and is too scared of the Bens to not do what he is told. Maybe they threatened to take his other eye out if he didn't follow orders (or worse).

There will be a war between the two factions for many reasons:
The Losties are screwing things up for all of them.
Ben is somewhat incapacitated for now, so he's not as in control as usual.
The food supplies will start to dwindle especially now that the Flame has been destroyed.
Their abillity to communicate with the outside world has been destroyed.
If they ever get the real story, I'm thinking the Losties will side with the recruited-others. I'm even thinking good "old" Dharma (pre power shift) may be back in the picture for this war as well.

As far as Locke pushing 77, I'm thinking it will bring a submarine and that's why he's so happy and proud of himself? It goes like this: Candle: "If there has been an incursion by the hostiles, press 77", so Locke pushes 77. Then Candle says: "If you need a submarine pick-up, press 108", Locke pushes 108.

Sorry this is so long! I've been thinking about it for awhile. Now, feel free to take it apart and rip it to shreds!!!

capcom said...

Hi Peeps!

Oh I know that's why they make Kate vacillate between the two dudes, I'm just enjoying disliking her for it. :o) And now, I'm also enjoying disliking Locke for being such a noodnik, until TPTB show us what his real M.O is!

Also on Sawyerisms, I really thought that when Hurley said to Sawyer, "That's Hurley...Hugo if you want," that he was going to say "Hugo, if yer nasty," like the J.Jackson song. Too much MTV in the 80s for me!

One More Day! :-D

capcom said...

That's true Codysmom, I can picture Candle inserting more choices after the 7-7 input, e.g., "OK, if you have typed in 7-7, and need to be rescued, type in...", or, "...if you need to call in the National Guard...." :o)

takes a village said...

Flame Station Vacation
All you can eat beef.......$850.00
Used sattelite dish......$1,000.00
Working computer.........$1,500.00
Dharma library...........Priceless

I'm not sure if Locke has any idea
what he is doing; but I think a lot of people feel that he should be Locked in the John with P@#$!.

Codysmom said...

LOL, takes a village!

Codysmom said...

Maven, maybe the good ole sexual tension will be between Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Juliet, if my prediction is right. Could be interesting.

Codysmom said...

It's such a beautiful day here in Michigan!!!

Since it's pretty quiet here, I'm going to go out and pick up dog poop (amazing how much the snow and ice was hiding!). And I have two dogs ... ugh!

Melissa_Lossa said...

codysmom - two points:
1) Very interesting theory on the time travel. I like it! Is it a coicidence that the Purge coincides with Daniell's arrival?

2) It IS beautiful in MI today! We hit 72 here this afternoon. I'm wearing shorts in my living room, sitting in fron of the open window, looking outside at the remaining snow. Man, I love Michigan!

capcom said...

It's nice here in Knoxville too. I created a little bird sanctuary under the deck stairs Monday, and I've been sitting/hiding on the patio watching the birdies having fun. But none of them has said "Hurley" yet!

maven said...

It's hot and dry in the L.A. area today.

Gosh, this episode must be all talked out if we're discussing weather! LOL

Melissa_Lossa said...

capcom - that's so cute!

It's those Tuesday doldrums, maven - we're all talked out and ready for the next episode!

capcom said...

Tuesday doldrums, right. And somehow, the last few eps have sort of fried my brain and I really don't seem to be able to talk much about them. I want to comment, but when I try my brain tells me that it is still mulling over what it saw and is not ready to regurgitate any opinions yet! Strange. But I am still very much enjoying everyone else's theories!

maven said...

Am loving all those crazy theories! LOL

Sometimes I just feel like I want to watch the show and not think about it...kind of what I'm doing with Heroes. On second thought....nah...can't help myself!

ExperimentalFilm said...

when i actually have time, im just gonna make a list of the questions we have about this show . maybe that'll give us some focus ..

although, it's probably gonna be longer than this entire post box .

maven said...

Hey, EF! Even some of our answers only spawn new questions! LOL

scoutpost said...

Hey all! Checking in from San Diego- spring break for my kids this week. Actually will be back to Phoenix tomorrow in time for our favorite show. Can't wait to listen to the podcast.

Codysmom said...

Melissa_Lossa said...

1) Very interesting theory on the time travel. I like it! Is it a coicidence that the Purge coincides with Daniell's arrival?

Hi, Melissa
I actually have no idea what to think of Danielle except to say I think she tries to tell the truth, but is certainly withholding info and a little crazy. If her arrival to the island coincides with the "purge" the only signifigance in my mind is that that is how she knows the others are liars and dangerous. I have a vision of the others using their little disguises to get close enough to Dharma to wipe them out. She was just smart enough to elude them all this time (or maybe the others prefer that she stay in her own little world).

It was sooooooooooo nice out today. Here in SE Mich it hit 74!! Of course, by this weekend it will be in the 20's at night and 30's during the day again.

ExperimentalFilm said...

hey maven ! and yes, this is true . not to mention that every question can branch into at least 3 smaller questions .. ahh !

LuckyGuyLikeMe said...

Yeah the weather here in Cleveland was great too. It was in the low 70's the entire day, and I know what you mean Melissa_Lossa about looking at the remaining snow!

I'm not getting too into it though because the forcast for Friday and Saturday here in Cleveland is SNOW! I wish the weather would just be constant.

InEnglandAndLost said...

It's not raining in england, we're slowly getting into Spring!!! T-shirts soon!!!

Dennis said...

Good Morning LoCos. HAPPY LOST DAY!

The official Lost Postcast is up!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Good morning - yeah, it's supposed to snow here tonight. :) Glad we had our one day break, though!

Danielle is a really facinating character to me. I would love to get some answers on how much of what she says is true. I have the feeling that she's much more important than we realize.

Melissa_Lossa said...

codysmom - do you think that the time travl theory could explain things like the black rock?

Dennis said...

Is that Rachel Blake's voice in the podcast?

ib4uc said...

Happy Lost Day fellow Locos! Looking forward to tonights episode.

CattyGirl said...

Going to listen to it now. Be back soon...

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hmmmm.... sounds a little like Tanya to me.

Melissa_Lossa said...

No, you're right - sounds like Rachel.

bigdog said...

does sound like rachel. melissa here in miami but from Ill. miss those days like you had yesterday in MI.

InEnglandAndLost said...

That's who it sounds like!!!

I'm so gutted I can't see Lost tonight - I have to wait until tomorrow!!! I hope it's good guvna!

Dennis said...

Speaking of Rachel Blake, there's a new post from The Speaker that says that Jamie Silberhartz will be at the Lost Weekend

JGZ350 said...

Good Morning Loco's

A tremendous Lost day to you-

Just listened to the opening of the official podcast and it sure does sounds like our favorite character from TLE, Rachel Blake. Maybe TPTB are reconsidering their position on TLE II. We are going to need something over the summer break and heaven knows how long until S4 starts. There is talk of Lost doing S4 '24 style'. That would be cool, but at the same time, I would be jonesing real bad for S4 to kickoff in the fall.

Speaking of the weather, we have had 2 days of rain here in H-Town (Houston, Texas), but it's looking good for Thurs-Sun. My boys and I are headed to SA (San Antonio), on Thurs for a little Spring Break action. It ought to be a real kick. Only the thing is, having to catch up with 400 plus posts Thursday evening. The down-side of being addicted to Lost, but you got to love it!

Codysmom said...

Happy Lost Day!!

Doesn't it seem like a long way away from 10pm?

Thanks for the links, Sir Links-a-lot. Wow, Rachel! I guess she's still on ABC's payroll. Could it mean??????

Melissa_Lossa said...
codysmom - do you think that the time travl theory could explain things like the black rock?
I don't know, but it would be interesting if .... I have to think about it.

bigdog, yeah, in MI when you get one of those days in March it's so special!

Sayid'sgirl said...

Happy Lost Day Everyone!
Looking forward to the show tonight.
I was watching tow for the road this morning and Henry tell Locke that ...he's dead anyway that Jack's trade for Walt wouldn't work and he would come back and kill him or his people would find out where he was being held and they would do it. Of course he tells Locke it's because he failed his mission of coming to get him. But I wonder if it's just policy to kill anyone who has been captured? Like Mikhail and Bea.

capcom said...
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capcom said...

Dennis, I keep forgetting to ask, is that Charlotte#1, or a new Charlotte#2 in your avatar?

If there is a TLE-2, I would like it to have a different character and actress -- one that is a bit less valley girl, and not seeming to be so much on ludes, like in the final DJDan-cast (as they put it over on DarkUFO, to which I agree). OK, don't throw rotten tomatoes at me, she just didn't do anything for me, and the character did not act like she had all the fancy college educational experience that the game claimed she was to have had, via Daddy Warbucks' donations. She just didn't seem to have enough, um, "gravitas" as the overused saying goes.

Codysmom said...


Interesting thoughts, but I'm not sure we can believe anything Henry said.

I wonder if Ben's long con on Locke was to get him into a position of leader? It started way back in Two for the Road; that he made Locke feel like it's him against Jack, making Locke feel more like a leader than he really is. Ben would want Locke as the leader after he takes Jack out of the picture, since Locke is easily swayed and a bit impulsive, thus playing right into what Ben wants.

engineer27 said...


Re: the time traveling others.

If you read the comment thread for the original Enter 77 post, I have a similar theory posted there. The main difference is that I think it might be possible that they are Unwilling time travelers who got sucked into the 20th century due to Dharma playing with forces they could not control. Then, all the mind games Ben plays with Locke might be an attempt to re-create the "incident" which brought him there.

Sayid'sgirl said...

you're absolutely right Ben isn't very trust worthy. I was just trying to read between the line maybe. It is possible he wants Locke in a position where her can control him.

I like the thought that Ben might be trying to recreate the incident to get back where he belongs.

Codysmom said...


I'll definitely look at your theory. Sorry if I missed it before, my computer was giving me problems. I like your idea of unwilling time travelers!

going to find it now....

Dennis said...

capcom said... Dennis, I keep forgetting to ask, is that Charlotte#1, or a new Charlotte#2 in your avatar?

:) That is Dr. Albert. He's my boy, now that Charlotte is gone. We also have Simone, but she's a mommy's girl.

capcom said...

Awwww, they're so awesome Dennis! :o)

Codysmom said...


I found your previous posts, and yes, we have similar ideas!

The problem with being Unwilling Time Travellers; How does it account for how They can constantly keep one step ahead of our Losties, unless you mean that the "incident" (one event of time-travel that happened in the early 80's) has allowed them to continually see into the future. I guess you mean like Desmond is experiencing now, which I never understood.

I'm thinking more along the lines that they can time travel whenever they want to use it to their advantage, like how I'm imagining that Mittlos recruiter guy knew just when to plow that bus into Edmund Burke. They also use it to peep into the Losties pasts to find out about them. Wow, wouldn't it be cool if all the character flashbacks we see are actually the other's time travels?

Codysmom said...

Dennis, I like Simone, although Dr. Albert does seem to have more personality:)

maven said...

Dennis: Thanks for the links and Dr. Albert sure seems to have a lot of personality.

I think it's very tough for us to believe anything anyone says on the show. Lying, manipulation and innuendos seem to come naturally to everyone on the island. Secrets abound with all and no one wants to share!

FYSB said...

Wow, that sure sounds like Rachel. Whoever she is, she seems to have a hard time reading the questions without sounding like she is reading the questions...can-you-tell-me-about-lost-please?

She sounds like a robot.

maven said...

Hey, fysb! I don't know if that is Rachel. She certainly has the Valley Girl cadence down pat! Though that is a dime a dozen in here in the San Fernando Valley (where I live!). I think it's just one of the interns at ABC.

Although over at ITE, Speaker has posted saying Jaime is going to be at the Lost Party! Could this be a coincidence between the Podcast and the Party?

FYSB said...

Hey Maven!
I'm not familiar with the Lost Party. Is that an officially sanctioned event, fan driven, or what?

Dennis said...

From the Lost Weekend site:

This is a fan party, not a convention. We cannot guarantee that VIPs will attend. At a convention, VIPs are typically paid an appearance fee and booked weeks, months, or even a year in advance. At a fan party, VIPs show up because they want to hang out with us! That said, the previous fan parties held in 2005 and 2006 were attended by Lost actors and creative team members, and we hope the same will be true for this Lost Weekend Fan Party.

maven said...

I was thinking of going since the location for the Lost Party is only 30 min from me. However, the tix are pretty pricey.

Passafist said...

This is pretty funny!!!

maven said...

Passafist: Kirk Cameron as "The Smoke"! LOL

Sayid'sgirl said...

WOW Where is everyone? There's not even a new post for the new show tonight. I hope everything is alright. Maybe it's my computer. Check back later.

Administrator said...

Episode's Starting...New Post!