Monday, October 23, 2006

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 3

Follow hosts David A Dein and Steve Guglich as they discuss "Further Instructions" and share with us the comments and opinions of the community. Listen as Steve nearly explodes while reading a scathing letter about the episodes, and hang on with bated breath as David teases John Locke's trip sequence a hundred times before they actually get to it.

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Administrator said...

Another awesome podcast guys! The podcast is almost up to 250 subscribers in the iTunes music store. That number is probably less than half of all listeners though.

Who subscribes and who directly downloads?

FYSB said...

Woohoo Number 2!

wait, does that sound weird?

I download directly.

Passafist said...

Don't forget to answer the questions I posed in the message board! Steve and I want to do a whole segment on John's Trip at the beginning of next weeks podcast.

minnesotawriter said...


maven said...

Morning all:

I download the podcast.

Great podcasdt, as usual! I'm working on the questions! I feel like I've got a homework assignment! LOL

JGZ350 said...

Top 10!

Good Morning all-

hey fysb, maven-

FYSB said...

I'm do people find the podcast? Are they all from this board or is there a way to search for it via Itunes?

Another question...are the folks reading this board aware that we have a lost community chat link on the Message Board?

CattyGirl said...

Good morning! The podcast was great once again.

CattyGirl said...

...I am subscribed

maven said...

Here are my gut reactions to the Podcast "trip" questions...they're very short answers since you sure asked a lot of questions!:

1.What does Boone mean when he tells Locke he's got to bring the family back together? Locke has always been looking for the family that eluded him his whole life. Maybe that's why he joined the pot/ was something to belong to that gave him a family (notice the "family-style" dinners they have). So now Locke has another family on the island, and he feels responsible for it, and Boone is telling him that he has to rescue J/S/K to keep the family intact.

2. Claire, Charlie and Aaron are fine...for now. What does Boon mean by that? Obviously, he's foreshadowing some problems for that little family.

3. Is Sayid going to protect Sun and Jin? Well, the 3 of them seem to be together alot. And he seems very concerned listening to them argue in line (over that package). I think that the package represents Sun's pregnancy. They seem to be arguing over it...what's in that package/who's the father? I think it's foreshadowing that Sayid will figure into their relationship somehow.

4. Why is Hurley the airline employee? Hurley seems to be the ticket agent...helping people and being like a greeter. That's something Hurley does in "real" life on the island. He's happy-go-lucky and tries to make everyone happy.

5. Desmond is in a pilot uniform. Does that make him new leader of Losties? and 6. How is Desmond helping himself (per Boone)? I don't think he's destined to be the leader...he has not shown any leadership tendencies...more of a loner. By being a "pilot" and walking off on his own shows to me that he is in control of himself only. He is not interacting with any other Lostie in the vision. Even at the end of the episode he is shown by himself, away from the group.

7. Henry Gale is security-wanding Jack. Is this more proof that Henry is head of security for the Others? I think the vision just showed that Ben is in charge of Jack. Forcing him to go through the detector again and taking off his watch/emptying pockets (stripping him of everything). Ben is in control.

8. Sawyer and Kate are happy together. But they're captive. Why so happy together? I think the vision showed that they were flirty together, and traveling together (Sawyer holds a car rental brochure). I think it foreshadows that they will be together.

9. Boone says: "There's nothing you can do for them yet (re J/S/K)." What does that mean? Most likely, Locke needs to do somethings first (like rescue Eko), and come up with a plan to go after J/S/K. Remember, at the time of the vision, he did not know they were captives.

10. Why is saving Eko part of cleaning up Locke's own mess? Locke didn't believe in pushing the button, but Eko kept his faith. Locke created the mess that blew up the hatch and caused the EMP. He felt responsible for Eko and must rescue him first.

11. What is significance of climbing escalator? There are many obstacles to overcome, and it won't be easy to overcome them. But his strength will help him.

12. Why was Eko not in vision? Locke knew he was somewhere on the island injured. He was not sure of his condition...whether he was dead or alive. He was an unknown factor.

13. Is John's trip all about the condition of the Losties? I do think the vision is a foreshadowing of things to come.

14. Is it John's job to get all the Losties back together? He thinks it is. He desperately wants to keep his new family togethr.

15. Is the trip a statement about how the rest of season is going to go? In a short word...Yes.

CattyGirl said...

I can't seem to register on the message board.

FYSB said...

cattygirl, i can't register either. i think i must have signed up over the summer and forgotten whatever user name i had, because it denies me even when i try to resign-up.

i don't think you have to register to access the chat link though. try it sometime!

blueheron13 said...


Another outstanding job with the podcast. It really holds my attention when I listen to it.

And thanks for reading my "rant"! I about fell off my chair when I heard my username mentioned.

By the way, I'm a "he" (Brian) :)

Later today, I'll post some comments about the podcast and I'll take a stab at those excellent questions about the hallucination sequence.

Oh, almost forgot, I download.

mountain girl said...

I usually download, but I haven't had a chance to listen yet (can't do it at work). Can't wait to listen tonight! Thanks to Maven, I can start thinking about the questions, though.

bpfinn said...

I too usually download the podcast. I'm too lazy to set up iTunes. (Plus I don't have an iPod.) I usually listen to it on my Creative Labs MP3 player in the car on the way home.

Eugene said...

Sorry to go back to EP1 but I have not seen this discussed. Were there pine trees in Who(are-you-people)ville?

Also, I download.

isibell said...

Eugene - Should there be pine trees?

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys

Just a quick post as I haven't been on for a bit. I have to say Awesome podcast - David and Steve you rock. I'm glad I managed to get my audio in even if it was last minute. I took me over an hour to do as my son was sitting with me and kept hitting keys on the laptop!

Anyway, I'll be back in a bit have to go and make dinner now.

Oh and I subscribe :)

Eugene said...

Isibell...I thought I saw some but don't see them on any of the screen caps.

It was right as everyone came outside and the shot pulled back. I could have sworn there were some trees that you would not find in the tropics: pine, maple etc. But I could be seeing things!

maven said...

Eugene: We know that LOST is filmed in Hawaii, though. So whatever trees we see must be there. Nothing unusual stood out to me.

Dark angel: Your son sounded so cute! Definitely a LOST fan in the making. Loves his comments!

isibell said...

Ok. start...superb podcast! I laughed, I cried, I waited in suspense to hear what was said about the vision quest. It was brilliant! (You can feel free to send the money for that glowing review to my apartment. ;)

I just wanted to make two comments.

First, for everyone that had a problem with Lock and his Humboldt County friends. – What has been said about Lock and his feelings about drugs are all very true. Lock is no longer the type to hang out with, or even stand being around people who use extracurricular drugs (as apposed to the drug Lock took in the sweat lodge. Which, for most people who participate in rituals like that, are not considered drugs but tools of ritual.) However this was a flashback, and I think we witnessed, this week, the reason Lock has a 0 tolerance policy on drugs. I know too many people whose opinion on drugs changed drastically when they were faced with the lawful consequences of their amusements. And I think that it’s safe to assume that since Lock couldn’t shoot the Deputy that he, along with the rest of his ‘family’, spent at least some time in jail for their transgressions. There have been several people who have commented about how it seemed Locks actions were out of character for him, but I think that they weren’t out of character for him, at the time. Experience and circumstance change who we are every day, and I think Lock learned his loathing of drugs, just like he learned his tracking and survival skills, by hanging out with hippies.

Passafist - I have to agree with you. This episode is one that definitely better with a second viewing. And it was with a second viewing that I came to something of a realization about Desmond and his possible vision. That wasn't the first time it had happened. Think about that for a second. Hurley starts talking to Des about how K,S,&J were kidnapped, and Des tries to console him by pointing out that Lock said he was going to go and get the missing Lostaways. Hurley then points out that the only thing he herd Lock talk about was Echo and bears. Des proceeds to try and gloss over what he said claiming confusion. At first I bought it, but after watching it a second time I had to ponder something for a moment. Assuming that Des did in fact have some sort of psychic moment in which he saw Lock give his speech before, don’t you think he’d be a bit more freaked out about it, or at least a bit more confused. Des glosses over the fact that he’s referenced something that Hurly hasn’t yet heard, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Des realizes what he’s done the moment Hurley objects. It made me think…Maybe this isn’t a new ability. Maybe this is something that has happened to Des before. It also made me think about the fact that Des didn’t seem at all phased to come face to face with Jack at the beginning of season 2, though Jack was totally thrown. So that leaves me with the question; Has Des always had the gift, and if so does he know a) how all this is going to end and b) that his beloved Penny is looking for him, and could in fact become the rescue everyone is waiting for. Just something to think about, since you didn’t like that part so much.

Sorry that was so long…I’ll stop now.

isibell said...

Eugene - I see what you mean. And while it is true that Pine trees aren’t usually found in the tropics, I believe it is possible for them to thrive there if they are brought in. I have also thought about using plant life to get a better idea of where on the planet the Losties might be. But in the end it seems silly to hire a greens department to try and simulate a specific tropical region when Hawaii's foliage is so beautiful. I gave up on that idea rather quickly. Instead I've decided they are in the Dragon's Triangle, and I don't need to care about the foliage. There are so many more interesting background details to look at. :)

Codysmom said...

Another great podcast! Thanks, Passafist and Goog.....

Wow, Maven, I bet you were a good student in were quick to complete the "homework assignment" :)

I re-watched "Further Instructions" and also liked the episode better the second time. I agree that this would have been better as the first episode of the season, even if it didn't have the shock value of the first 5 minutes of "Tale of Two Cities".

One thing I missed the first viewing was the interesting parallels between the beginning of this episode and the pilot in S1:

Jack's eye...looks over and sees Vincent...polar bear!...makes speech rounding up losties and begins to take charge...Charlie casting stones at the ocean.

Locke's eye...looks over and sees Desmond...polar bear!...makes speech rounding up losties and begins to take charge...Desmond casting stones at ocean.

I think it's clear that Locke is the new leader (for now). He has finally achieved "hunter" status and he's ready to roll.. Also interesting that "home" has a new meaning to losties. It used to mean back to their old lives before the crash, and now means their island camp.

The vision of the airport with Boone helping Locke find the way to "clean up his mess" was most interesting.

OK, now for the questions posed in the podcast:

1. Boone telling Lock he has to get the "family" back together means...Locke has found his new family (poor guy, always looking for a place to fit in and the comforts of acceptance even if you screw up sometimes) and he will now (finally) do whatever is necessary to keep them together and safe this time.

2. Claire, Aaron, and Charlie are fine...for now. It shows the present situation while possibly forshadowing problems.

3. Jin and Sun agruing (again) and Sayid shows the way. The package Sun is holding? She has lots of baggage:)

4. Hurley is the always helpful airline employee. Also, he seems to be the one who knows everybody and keeps tabs on them...that's probably why he was chosen by the others to carry the message back to lostie camp.

5. Desmond as pilot with hotties, maybe showing he has a powerful position, but wasting it with his own selfish agenda. I always thought it was selfish of him to leave Penny to embark on "finding himself" after he got out of prison.

6. Ben as security to me means he's "threatening" Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Sawyer and Kate are flirting/distracted while Jack goes first, seemingly complying.

7. Showing Sawyer and Kate happy together may only mean "at this current point in time". Sawyer thinks he's got the others sized up (even though good ol' Benry is listening to their conversation in the cages) and Kate is happy that Sawyer seems to have a handle on the situation (and I think she enjoyed that kiss).

8. Meaning of Boone saying, nothing Locke can do for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer yet? He has to save Eko first.

9. John has to clean up his mess, since it's his fault Eko is in danger.

10. Boone tells Locke to get the family back together. If Boone is the consciousness of the island, it is actually the island's demand.

11. I think John's airport vision is mostly about the current condition of the losties.

12. Yes, it's John's job to get all the losties back together again.

13. Not sure if the airport scene is the cliffnotes for the whole season. The losties we see I think mostly show the situation they are presently in (again, the reason this would have been a cool first ep of this season).

14. The hatch implosion certainly did something to Desmond. It's more like he remembers John giving his speech than him perceiving that John will give a speech. Maybe he had a trip through time? I'm not sure he'll go through this season with new powers, but it would be cool if he did.

I would have preferred the "Tale of Two Cities" and "Further Instructions" to have been a 2-hour premier with better sequencing, editing, and of course, fewer commercials. My biggest questions have to do with the motivation and background of the others and the effects of the swan hatch being destroyed.

Codysmom said...

Wow, sorry...that was longggggg

Eugene said...

I agree that it's a "meh" point. It just stood out to me in the opener and has bothered me ever since. I guess I need to let it go :-)

Melissa_Lossa said...

isibell - just wanted to say that I agree about Des. He acted more like someone who had let something slip than someone who had just discovered that they could see the future. That reaction says to me that he's had this power for awhile, and just slipped up because he was disoriented from the explosion.

Couple of things to think about:

Didn't Des encourage Jack not to give up on Sarah at the stadium? Maybe because he already knew that she would live?

We still don't know why Des was in prison, other than he disobeyed orders. Maybe he foresaw some danger, and disobeyed orders to change what he saw. If he averted danger, no one but him would know that there had been a threat.

Of course, this theory begs the question - why didn't he foresee that Kelvin had his boat?

isibell said...

Eugene - You don't have to give it up. I haven’t given up the washer and dryer from the swan hatch, despite the fact that they are both imploded to bits at this point. ;)

Melissa - Oh...didn't even think about Des and Jack in the stadium. Now I'm going to have to go back and watch that. I'm still waiting on the Des prison flashback, but what you've said sounds like it could be plausible, or if not that at least he foresaw his prison stint. After all he knew with enough advance that Penny had time to put a note in his book. If he had been arrested while on duty she wouldn't have had the opportunity. And you are right, why didn't he foresee Kelvin, or the fact that trying to sail away from the island would just bring him back......hummmmmmmm

Melissa_Lossa said...

Although, I guess if he can't control his powers, he wouldn't be able to make a vision/premonition come at will. Just a lousy trick of fate that he missed those key facts. :)

isibell said...

Or an on purpose twist of fate that they were skipped ;)

Fate is tricky like that.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Too true, too true. Fate is a cruel mistress!

Codysmom said...

Oh, I forgot before...about the podcast, I download.

Hi, Mellisa...lovely weather we're having in MI, isn't it?

Melissa_Lossa said...

It's too early to be this cold, codysmom! I keep picturing little kids, running around on Halloween with their snowsuits on under their costumes! :)

It's a Michigan stereotype - but so true!

isibell said...

Oh! Good point Codysmom!

I subscribe on iTunes

My only computer is at work...le sigh. But at least it gives me an excuse to talk while I work. ;)

Melissa_Lossa said...

well, I'm off to brave the tundra :) Sadly, in a few short weeks, today's weather will seem practically balmy!

g'night, all!

Codysmom said...

Oh, if it weren't so true that today's weather will seem balmy soon!! Think of me at Mackinac Island this weekend...

blueheron13 said...

Hi all. Seeing as my fellow Michiganders have been posting, I was going to try to post my "homework" answers.

However, I keep going back in forth in my mind about whether the vision is more about (a) foretelling what will happen, or (b) seeing things as they are at the moment of the vision. Good arguments could be made each way, I think.

Since I'm having trouble making up my mind and answering the questions directly, I'll instead offer a few thoughts:

1. I definitely believe that the package with Sun and Jin represents her baby.

2. I don't think Sayid's appearing next to Sun and Jin is any more relevant than the fact that he was with them at the time of the vision.

3. The statement about Claire, Charlie, and Aaron may foretell that the Others may come again for the baby.

4. Hurley appearing at the computer terminal may hint that his fate may still be closely tied in with the numbers. The numbers haven't been explained on the show, yet.

5. The scene where Jack takes off his watch bothered me because I really don't want any kind of time travel, or time slowing, or anything else of that nature to enter into the story. And the scene almost hints in that direction.

Hmm, that's it for now. I'll have to type up some more comments about the podcast later. Bye.

Friday's_Child said...

Hi, y'all! I just want to point out that today, October 23rd, is Michael Crichton's birthday!!

He's the author of "Prey", the outstanding fictional story of nanobots & nanites, aka, Ol' Smokey!

Happy birthday, Mr. Crichton!!

Today's also the expiration date of those Apollo Bars, so if any of you still have one, you'd best get it eaten fast!

maven said...

Friday's child: You know I was just thinking about the expiration date! Hopefully, the nanites have lost their power and I can safely eat it!

memphish said...

Thanks guys for doing the podcast. I haven't listened yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I subscribe through iTunes, but lately it seems it takes a long time to get things through them, so sometimes I resort to the direct download.

One thing I wanted to mention vis a vis the Locke's vision. Originally, this episode was scheduled to air before The Glass Ballerina. I think the vision and the status of all our Losties makes more sense in that context. Imagine what it would be like to see that vision not knowing what was up with Sun, Jin and Sayid and only knowing the little bit we did about Jack, Kate and Sawyer, and knowing nothing about Hurley at that point.

Only 48 hours til Lost!

Friday's_Child said...

Oh, Maven, you lucky duck! Did you manage to get an Apollo bar? Here in Arizona, we didn't stand a chance

I was reading above what Melissa_lossa said about Desmond's 'fortune-telling powers' being unreliable. As Melissa pointed out, Des seemed to know that Sarah was going to be o.k., but did NOT know that Kelvin was working on Des's sailboat.

Maybe Des DOES have psychic abilities, but only off the Island. Maybe the electromagnetic field around the Island dampened his ability, and now that the field is gone, his abilities have returned.


maven said...

friday's child: Yeah, I got 2 at the Santa Monica thing. I sent one to Scoutpost, though.

Desmond's ability seems erratic (maybe he should be on "Heroes"). He was pushing the button for 3 years or so...if he was psychic he would have known what would happen if he didn't push the button. Maybe something did happen to him during the EMP. He definitely did seem to know about J/S/K even though he couldn't have.

Friday's_Child said...

I have a question: Back in Season 1, when Sawyer shot the first polar bear, was it ever ascertained that the bear was a REAL, flesh-and-blood bear? Did they skin it for its fur, or barbeque and consume its flesh?

Does anyone know? I only ask because I think that I've discovered a 'bread crumb path' that could solve the mystery of the bears on the Island.

Friday's_Child said...

errr...I meant to say 'bread crumb TRAIL', not 'path'.

kvonhard said...

1. What does Boone mean when he tells Locke "you are going to
bring the family back together?

-- I agree (and posted ad nauseum about this on Stories of the Lost) that this is a reference to Locke's deep emotional desire to be part of a family. Additionally, since this is a vision and not reality, I think it is less that he *IS* part of a family than that he *WANTS TO BE* part of a family, desperately. It's his subconscious once again leading him into the delusion of family that, I believe, is his general undoing. He always thinks he can "protect" family or those he wants to make his family. In reality, he is blinded to the fact that he's truly an outsider and therefore is often disappointed. Maybe he's being set up for another disappointment?

2. What does Boone mean when he says [in reference to Claire,
Charlie, and Aaron] "they'll be fine, for now?"

--They're happy in the vision. I don't think they'll be happy for long. Will Charlie go back to drugs again? That seems to be the one thing that tears them apart time and again. Or, maybe Charlie will end up lying to Claire about his escapades with Locke.

3. Is it Sayid's role to protect Sun and Jin? Why are they fighting
this time?

-- Sayid put Sun and Jin in danger and he knows it. He does have a conscience and will feel responsible for their safety. SUn and Jin are fighting b/c I think that's just what they do. The fight might be over a miscommunication since they appear to have serious communication issues.

4. Desmond is dressed as a Pilot, does that make him the leader
(or pilot) of the Losties? and how is he, as Boone puts
it "Helping himself?"

-- Obviously, Desmond tends to look out for #1 (except for random hatch imposion moment ...). Unless, of course, he knew that the hatch implosion wouldn't kill them b/c he's really a psychic? But then, why didn't he do that before and stay trapped? Maybe he's not so much selfish as self-sufficient in a way that the other Losties aren't? He doesn't seem to actually need anyone. However, a pilot flies the plane and gives direction without interacting with the passengers. Perhaps he will show them the way without intending to do so?

5. Henry Gale is security wanding Jack, does this play into the
theory that Henry Gale is the head of Security on the island?

-- Henry Gale is in charge. He tells them what to do and Jack complies. Jack bends to authority. Gale is the authority figure, thus far, for the Others. Perhaps it's a portend of Jack giving in to whatever Gale tells him to do as an authority figure. Jack doesn't seem to like to buck authority (i.e. willingness to follow the rules even if it means turning against his father).

6. Why are Kate and Sawyer so happy?

-- Are Kate and Sawyer happy or are they just being flirtatious? They did seem to have inside joke - inside information? - that they were sharing. Maybe their happiness is vaguely relevant only to the extent that they tend to be the two who are irreverant when they're together throwing caution to the winds?

7. In response to our three friends what does Boone mean when
he says "There's Nothing You Can Do For Them, Yet?"

-- Locke doesn't know enough about the situation to do anything. At this point in the vision, he's trying to figure out whom to help. He doesn't realize that the one he needs to help is Eko. I think it means that until he fixes the problem (Eko missing) that he won't be able to do anything. He needs Eko to complete the salvation mission.

8. Why is saving Ecko part of cleaning up John's Mess? Is there
any significance to Locke crawling up the escalator? and why
wasn't Ecko in the trip?

-- Saving Eko is a redemption of Locke. Locke generally tries to cause no harm (trying to get Charlie off drugs, not being able to shoot Eddie...he's not a hunter). Having harmed Eko, he must save him to clean up his mess. Crawling up the escalator is a symbol of Locke's weakness. His fear of losing the use of his legs again is primal. Having lost the use of them in the hallucination, he has to confront his fears and overcome them in order to restore balance. He must fight through his weakness. Eko's not in the vision b/c that's how Locke was able to figure out whom he needed to help. The individual not in the vision was the one in trouble needing to be saved.

9. Is John's Trip a Statement on the condition of the Losties? Does
this make it John's job to bring the Losties back together?

-- I think it's a statement on their condition to the extent that it creates metaphors for all of their previously known issues/weaknesses. I don't think that it's Locke's JOB to bring them Losties back together. I think that he THINKS it's his job. Two entirely different ideas. I think that his deluded belief in his abilities will lead him to attempting to bring the Losties back together. Whether he succeeds or not remains to be seen.

10. Is John's Trip actually the Blueprint for the rest of the season?

-- I don't think it's a blueprint. I think it's more a metaphorical representation of Locke's view of his place in the Lost world. It's his hallucination. It's his version of the world and his place in it. I think the problem will be, as with other beliefs that he follows, that he will take it literally and that he will feel a false sense of responsibility that will ultimately be destroyed. He believes that the Island speaks to him. He believes in signs. I think that he'll neglect to note that the vision is just that - a subconscious representation of what he knows/doesn't know.

Every single one of the vision moments can have multiple meanings. For example, Locke's knowledge of Gale is that he manipulated both him and Jack. His vision, to him, has no more meaning than that. To us, with more knowledge, it has greater meaning. In other words, I think that the different moments represent different things to us than they do to Locke. It's actually metaphorical genius - each has a literal and metaphoric meaning.

Friday's_Child said...

Hi, Kvonhard!

Wow, that was excellent! You finally made me realize exactly WHY I have never really liked Locke. He's always struck me as being obscenely self-absorbed,

For example, you observed that Locke's vision is "...more a metaphorical representation of Locke's view of his place in the Lost world. It's his hallucination. It's his version of the world and his place in it."

It was your use of the word "his" FOUR different times that finally pinpointed my dislike & disapproval of his intense self-absorption.

You absolutely hit the nail on the head!

Your comments were well-thought-out, and I want to read them again so that I can comment further on them.

That'll have to wait 'til tomorrow though, cuz "Heroes" is on in 16 minutes!! Yay!

Friday's_Child said...

I'm on Mountain Standard Time, and it's only 7:47 p.m. here.

13 minutes 'til "Heroes"!

Codysmom said...

Friday's_Child said...
I have a question: Back in Season 1, when Sawyer shot the first polar bear, was it ever ascertained that the bear was a REAL, flesh-and-blood bear? Did they skin it for its fur, or barbeque and consume its flesh?

I always wondered what they did with the dead polar bear that Sawyer shot. You'd think they'd at least use it for food. I don't think they ever showed what they did with it, but it indeed looked like a real bear (ok, maybe not so real now that I've seen the special features of Season1 DVDs:)

I want to hear about your "bread crumb path' that could solve the mystery of the bears on the Island"! Do tell!

Friday's_Child said...

Do any of you guys like "Heroes"?

(I'm just killin' here...)

Friday's_Child said...

I meant to say "I'm just killin' TIME here..."

Codysmom said...

Friday's child,
Love Heroes! Tonights ep was great!

Friday's_Child said...

Hi, Codysmom!

I'll be glad to give you my theory when I've got it solidified further. Thanks for your memories on the subject of the bear in season 1. That really helped me.

I will, however, pull a "Fenris" on you and give you one word to puzzle over: SHARDIK.

And that's between you and me and the flies on the wall. Ha ha!

AGH, Heroes is about to start! Bye til tomorrow!!

Codysmom said...

Enjoy! Oh boy, puzzles..

Codysmom said...

Adams or King?

engineer27 said...

Good morning, all!

That was a great post last night from Kvonhard. It sums up what I've thought about all the mystical visions and dreams that have appeared on Lost -- that they are creations of the subconscious of the characters. Even when they seem to provide new information (like Locke's sweatlodge vision let him know to look for polar bears), it is really just stuff from their subconscious bubbling up to the surface.

Another great example was from the episode "?". Both Locke and Eko had been to the area of the plane crash before, and must have seen the giant question mark salted into the ground there. They just didn't notice it consciously. But their dreams brought it to their attention in a metaphorical way.

Well, that's probably too deep for this early in the morning. Feel free to read on and then come back to this post after you've had some coffee, tea, etc.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hmmm.... friday's child - knowing that your last avatar was a picture of Roland Deschain, I can assume that you have a theory regarding the polar bears and radar dishes, correct?


Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys.

Sorry I haven't been able to post a lot lately.

Maven I will let my son know that you liked his comments. It's his first birthday today!

Friday's_Child said

(I'm just killin' here...)

Woah, had me scared for a minute there...

I'm not going to list the ten or 12 points from the podcast here as I think they've been pretty well covered but I am the school that thinks that Lockes visopn quest is all a represention of his sub-concious. He knows that he has to clean his act up deep down and there are lots of things there that he could have picked up subconciously (like the developing relationship between Sawyer and Kate) although I do wonder whether the island, or at least the magnetic anomolie has effected his vision, if in no other way by making his subconcious observations more acute.

I think Ben's role as a security officer might simply be a hint from TPTB that Ben is checking out Jack before letting him into The Others.

Oh Codysmon on the subject of eating polar bears, they are edible other than the liver as the level of vitamin D is so high it's toxic, I must admit that it did seem a pretty good food source although storage might be a bit of a problem on a tropical island!

k.barrick said...

Good morning!

I'm in class so...


Dark Angel said...

Good Morning K.

I'm in work so it's also ZZZZZZZZZ!

Codysmom said...

Good morning TLC!

Looks like everyone needs a little waking up today, so if you want to see something interesting (and spoilerish) here's a link to the canadian preview of this week's show.

Spoiler link:

I find it very interesting! Can't wait til tomorrow!

Dark Angel, you certainly are a wealth of information! I suppose storage would be a problem on a tropical island, but it still seems a little weird that they didn't even try to use it for food (a big BBQ for the whole group). Could be that is was only in the first few days after the crash and they were still thinking they'd be rescued soon?

maven said...
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maven said...

Morning all:

Happy Birthday to Dark Angel's Ben!

The Losties hunted boar...why wouldn't they use the polar bear as food. They know they need good protein! They didn't know about Dharma food drops yet. It does seem strange that they wouldn't have a bear bar-b-que! Maybe they saw the polar bear as evil. It definitely threatened and scared them. If they left the carcass, I guess other animals scavanged it.

One more day!

Dark Angel said...

Yeah, good point I guess if you've only been on the Island a few days you're not ready to eat polar bear (although I have it on good authority black bear is quite nice) and further more who is going to drag the bear back to the beach and butcher it - yeuch.

The promo is very interesting, what's blanked out? What is Sawyer being shown and what's with the White Rabbit? Could this be and Alice in Wonderland reference (or maybe it's a Monty Python Reference - the Rabbit of Carebannog)

Codysmom said...

Holy Handgrenade! I didn't notice the white rabbit the first time I saw this..

Did you notice the.....


bandage on Sawyer's chest? Guess he survives what we see on the US promo.
Also: "Henry will have a bizarre reveal to Sawyer that, if true, will change what we know about Lost island." Source: Kristin on E!Online

end spoiler

Hi, Maven!

I had an idea the other day about how the Losties survived the crash that also relates to what could explain the "bloody snowglobe", but it's pretty bizarre...

Dark Angel said...

Hi Maven thanks for the Birthday Wishes. To be honest TPTB probably never even thought of what would become of the Polar Bear after it's untimely end. It would have been a nice challenge for Locke and his knofe collection though, Ok John there's 1200 pounds of fresh bear meat in the woods, get your knives and we'll get the barbeque going.

Seriously though thinking about it I doubt the losties would have had the resources to move and butcher a full grown polar bear, however maybe that's where Vincent kept disapearing to and why he always looked so happy and well fed, Labradors will eat absaloutely anything!

Dark Angel said...

Hey Codysmom bizarre explainations are good :)

I'm due to go home in 10 mins but I'll probably be back later (full of Birthday cake)

k.barrick said...

There's a person in my class who I want to kill.

Die. He must die. DIE.

Codysmom said...

Happy Birthday to baby angel!!

Ok, if bizarre explanations are good, here goes, though it may have already been discussed or it's just plain nuts:

I had a vision (a waking vision..I know, weird...and obviously I'm too hooked on this show) that flight 815 actually crashed onto land that is impossibly high in the air....either a floating island or very, very high land. This doesn't make sense with the ocean being there, but it does make sense that there were survivors if the plane didn't have 35,000 feet to plumet and only kind of "slid" into the water. I guess my mind is just trying to wrap around the fact that there were any survivors at all, especially ones who don't hardly seem injured.

Ok, so now you know I'm crazy!

Codysmom said...

Whoa, kb, have some coffee and chill.....

k.barrick said...

Nope. He should die.

I think I'm constructing a hit list featuring a girl from my performance class yesterday and then this guy.

I'll make it quick. Promise.

k.barrick said...

He should be whacked in the head by an iron.

capcom said...

Noooo, not the killer bunny DA!!!!! :-) And DA, you must have watched the same show about bears on the Beeb that Charlie did, haha.

Great podcast gentlemen, and ditto to those who participated. Everyone's answers to the Qs are interesting.

Altho, I don't see Locke as anymore self-centric than the average person who is insecure and a bit paranoid. If a person went on a vision quest to see into his own soul/self, then the things he encounters WILL be all about himself. He wouldn't see into someone else's soul or world. Locke also showed concern during his vision for the people in it, and Boone had to say to wait on saving all those people, help Eko first. I believe as well that Locke OWES it to Eko to save him, due to the obvious fact that if Locke would have listened to Eko in the first place, and continued pushing the button, Eko wouldn't be in the trouble that he's in.

I also don't see Desmond as only looking out for himself. So far he has struck me as one of the least self-centric people we've encountered in the show. Desmond had no idea what would happen to him when he used the failsafe key, all he hoped was that it would somehow save the island/world from what might happen via the system failure. I think that was a pretty selfless thing to do. He also had enough caring to stay and push the button and save the world after Inman was "gone", even though he could have said the heck with that and taken off on his boat, button-be-dammed. Well, I like Desmond, can you tell? :-)

Oh and Engineer27, that is a good point that people store in their subconscious, the things that they actually see but don't notice!

capcom said...

I was wondering that too, Codysmom!


The bandage must definitely be from when the Other-goon plunged the horse-syringe full of whatever into what probably is Sawyer's chest. It didn't look like he was gently taking a bit of blood for testing, did it! Yuk!

**********Spoiler over**********

Codysmom said...

OK, kb, I've changed my mind...I'm with you! Now, where do we find a really heavy iron?

isibell said...

K.barrick - That's way me.

Make sure you ware a rain poncho or a garbage bag if you decide to go that way. ;)

k.barrick said...

I think we have to go to Colonial Williamsburg or visit Quakers... find one of those old irons made of actual iron... like the one used in "Little Women."

Codysmom said...

Yes, iron made of iron. Where's the nearest antique store?

isibell said...

K - They were. And they were quite heavy. Very useful for braining people. The problem is finding one. Unless you have access to antiques like which case can we be best friends? ;)

FYSB said...

Good morning all! Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I see the spoilers are out, so I'll sign off for the next few days, I hope everyone has a nice week!

and k.barrick, remember to get an alibi....also irons with teflon coatings are much easier to clean up after.

k.barrick said...


Fantastic idea.

A non-stick surface will come in handy, I believe. And no scuffing.

isibell said...

fysb - We'll miss you. If it makes you feel any better they arn't all that spoilerie.

And for little to no mess I suggest an edged weapon to the back of the skull. Hit it hard enough, one hit one kill no spatter.

Codysmom said...

isibell, sounds effective.....

attn. all lost fans: NOT a spoiler, but if you're looking for a job:

capcom said...

Hmmmm, blunt force trauma to the head, with subcutaneous hematoma......too easy to trace, on TV anyway. Just zap him with an Other-zapper when he gets out of line. :-)

Hah! Thanks for that article Codysmom! It says that Losties are an "audience that's interested in problem-solving and thinking differently." No kiddin', ya think? The NSA must have followed our secret agent skills this summer during TLE. They have NO IDEA how good we are! :-D

Hey FissBee, don't worry we're not giving any spoilers that were not on the previews last week!

isibell said...

Capcom - yah. I suppose. But if you did some research by watching CSI I bet you could pull it off. I'm just impressed you came up with all those big words. ;)

What about a good old fashioned plastic bag over the head? Simple, easy to get, and you get to watch them twitch before they go. Fun all around.

Codysmom said...

Your welcome, capcom. The Losties indeed are a special group.

I know I was impressed during TLE when a clue would be solved before I had a chance to finish reading it. If they're smart, they'll not only look for people with problem solving skills who can think out-of-the-box, but also realize that it's the community of people working together/bouncing ideas off eachother that works so well.

Actually, if they're REALLY smart, the next time they are in a quandry about a certain problem they should throw it out there as a new Lost arg and they could save loads of money and time!

Codysmom said...

See, that's just what I mean! K.Barrick needed to kill someone and we've gone from hard-to-find antique irons to teflon to an edged weapon to the back of the skull to other-zappers and finally, to a plastic bag over the head (my favorite) because "Simple, easy to get, and you get to watch them twitch before they go. Fun all around." Good thinking, isibell!

capcom said...

Well, where do ya think I got those big high-fa-lootin' words! :-) CSI is awesome. But sometimes the plots are getting too skanky for me. :-p

I still say that it would be more fun to zap the guy with a cattle prod and make him piddle his pants in front of the class. I too had some guys in my business classes who annoyed the he** out of everyone! Could not make those guys SHUT-UP so the rest of us could learn. Oh well, one more shopping day till Lostmas!

capcom said...

Right, Codysmom! That is exactly what those agencies need to to share information and work together!!!! The SOo bungle things up when they refuse to do that.

Codysmom said...

exactly, capcom!

isibell said...

Oh god Cap & Cody. Heaven forefend any agency should ever talk to another agency. It would be like our Losties telling each other what they find out about the island when they find it out, rather than waiting for it to be past relevant. Never gunna happen...where would the drama come from then? ;)

Codysmom said...

Isibell, I guess we need the drama in "Lost", but not in real life.

Interestingly, I was looking around at some old TLE sites and Alvar himself speaks of this in his statement (

"The path of secrecy is a slippery slope. While necessity may dictate, at times, that we shade ourselves and our work from the all-too-often harsh light of inquiry, habitual secret-keeping can mire even the noblest of intentions in shadow.....(speaking of the rehaul of THF) Transparency and oversight will be our guiding principles, excellence in communication and response to feedback our greatest strengths."

Codysmom said...

Well, I've dorked around long back later!

isibell said...

Later! I suppose I should go back to work too. See you all around.

Tall Guy said...

Superb podcast. I always enjoy the intro gag especially. I'm an iTunes subcriber.

Thrasher76 said...

Happy Lost day Eve!!!

I download directly. great job guys, you should go into radio or something.

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

I'm back Codysmom - Baby Angel LOL - I Like it. Youre plane theory isn't that bizarre; years aago I flew into Merida in Venezuela. The city sits on a platea in the Andes, the only way to get there is to fly throught the mountains as if you were to go above them it would be too steep a decent to land, it is meant to be one of the most dangerous commercial flights in the world and it's certainly unerving flying in a boeng 737 through valleys with the mountains towering above on both sides. It isn't right when you look out of your winwow to see some guy plowing above you!

Melissa_Lossa said...

On a totally unrelated note - I know some of you are 24 fans, and I just wanted to let you know that the new season 6 trailer is up at

Enjoy, and good night!

Tommy said...

Hi guys, great podcast - I download.

So passafist was saying that that fact that Ben was a security guard pointed to the fact that he's not the leader of the others, but Juliet is. I say that the real leader of the others is not Ben or Juliet, but Bea, who has been suspiciously absent from season three so far... thoughts?

Dark Angel said...

OK Other thing I wanted to say is I just watched the first two episodes of Torchwood that premiered over here on Sunday. It's the adult Dr. Who spin off and its excellent - plus it's set in Cardiff which is one of the best cities on Earth.

Now why I mentioning it is that there were three definate Lost references, it was only when I heard the third I knew they were intentional:

1. Captain Jack Harkness mentions there are four Torchwood locations one in London now destroyed, on is Glasgow, one in Cardiff and one that is Lost somewhere.

2. Later in the episode the Torchwood computer whizz Toshiko Sato scans a book with an alien device - the book - "A Tale of Two Cities"

3. At the start of episode 2 medic Owen starts calling Gwen names and calls her Freckles!

Not only a stunning series set in the capital of the greatest nation on Earth (I'm half scots, half English but I still thing Wales is the best place on Earth) but a brilliant shot out to Lost :)

Right I'm off now to watch episode 3 of the BBCs terrible new version of Robin Hood (honestly it makes Xena look like a credible historical drama, but I just ant it to be good).

Codysmom said...

DA, that sounds like quite a plane ride!

I just thought of what it might be that Ben is showing Sawyer;

01100001 01101001 01110010 01110000 01101100 01100001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01100111 01110010 01100001 01110110 01100101 01111001 01100001 01110010 01100100

Another ref to Locke's vision at the airport with Ben as security?

Tommy, hmmmmmmmmmm Bea, interesting!

isibell said...

Codysmom - I like it. Totally plausible...and freaky. I still like the idea of a giant pot farm though...much funnier. ;)

ib4uc said...

Hey everyone. Just checkin' in to see what's up. Saw the clips for tomorrow's show and I wondering also what Ben has to show Sawyer. He's looking kinda spooked after he sees it.

R2K said...

One more day!

maven said...

Just doing my evening check-in!

I broke down and looked at the Canadian promo. Very intriguing...but I don't want to discuss it...I think it's too spoilerish!

thinbluemime said...

maven, shame on you......I looked too :)

I hope we get a big reveal Wed night.......

My bag of bones tells me this is gonna be a good one.....

thinbluemime said...

codysmom NSA related link may be interested in this thread I started today prior to seeing that link... and by the way, I quoted you :)

Codysmom said...

Well, thanks thinbluemime; I feel honored to have been quoted by you.

Dark Angel said...

Hey Codysmom very cool theory and I love the fact that you wrote it in Binary - could this be the new way to write spoilers?

Passafist said...

Hey guys

We're going to try this. I set up a free voice mail service at 206-600-0952. If you can't leave MP3 comments I know you can leave a simple voicemail. Try it out for the next episode. WORD UP!!

Passafist said...

If you can send MP3's please do, it's cheaper for me. But I want to open the podcast up to others who don't have the technology.

Codysmom said...

Happy Lost Day, TLC!

DA, I think using binary may be the best way to post spoilers. We all know how to do that from TLE.

As far as my theory, it was your story about your flight into Merida in Venezuela that made me think of it!

Great idea, passafist! Maybe I'll try it for the next podcast.

Dark Angel said...

Cool Codysmom would be great to hear from you on the podcast.

blueheron13 said...

Happy Lost day!

I like the idea of coded mini-spoilers. As long as people don't respond with comments that give away what the spoiler was in the first place.

Also, great idea to have the phone-in option for the podcast. More people will likely leave audio comments this way. Although, Steve captured the emotion behind my rant so well last week!

Dennis said...

Happy Lost Day Everyone!

BTW, I'm a downloader.

Dark Angel said... Hey Codysmom very cool theory and I love the fact that you wrote it in Binary - could this be the new way to write spoilers?

We tried this before in the Glass Ballerina post, but the problem is:

FYSB said... The hex is funny, but shouldn't the spoiler chat just go over to the message board? Otherwise, people will still respond to the spoiler on here and they may not encode their discussion. Any spoiler discussion seems to alienate those who want to remain spoiler-free.

Besides, imagine if every other post was in binary, it would make reading this blog very un-fun.

blueheron13 said...

Sounds like the issue of how to handle small spoilers if still up in the air. At least we all agree (I think) not to post BIG spoilers here.

Codysmom said...

Hi Dennis! One of the problems is getting a definition of "spoiler".

When I gave the link to the Canadian promo for this week's show, it wasn't really a spoiler. The promo did show more than our US promo, but we aren't all from the US here, are we? I know some people here don't want to know ANYTHING beyond what they've seen on tv, so I was trying to be sensitive to that.

Also, saying that Ben is showing something to Sawyer that is really blowing his mind isn't a spoiler either. Having inside information about what he sees WOULD be a spoiler.

My theory about what it could be isn't a spoiler either, since it's just a guess. I just put in in binary for fun and because it linked to the Canadian promo.

I would appreciate a definition of "spoiler" for use on this blog. I don't want to ruin anyone's fun!

blueheron13 said...


I like when little things like that are posted. But I agree that we probably need a better definition of the guidelines on this. I remember I posted something about the official Lost podcast a couple of weeks ago that upset some folks, even though I thought it wasn't truly spoilerish.

By the way the new Lost podcast isn't out yet, is it?

maven said...

Morning all!

I guess the definition of spoiler is hard to pinpoint. One person's spoiler would not be another person's! My definition is most likely anything that is on TV for the general public to see is fair game. That would include previews...although some people don't want to know what's coming next week and choose not to watch them. And since the Canadian previews seem to show a little more than the US ones, that could present a problem. So I don't really know how to not discuss the previews unless we say "preview spoiler"! I don't's really a personal preference when it comes to previews, but since it's something that is aired on public tv, it seems we should be able to discuss it.

Anyway: LOST is still in the Top Ten!
1. Grey's Anatomy 22.05
2. Dancing with the Stars 21.25
3. CSI 20.49
4. Desperate Housewives 19.71
5. Dancing the the Stars (results) 19.23
6. World Series Game 2 18.15
7. CSI: Miami 18.12
8. Deal or No Deal - Mon. 17.47
9. Baseball NLCS Game 7 16.53
10. LOST 16.31

(Except for Baseball, the top series are pretty much the same as last week)

Codysmom said...

Hi, Maven! I like your definition of "something that is aired on public tv" is not a spoiler.

Glad that Lost is still in the top 10. I think the fact that they didn't have a 2-hour premier has kind of made the start of season 3 too drawn out. I think tonight's episode will really get things going and by the time ep 6 comes along we'll all really be into it and then, BAM....we wait for Feb?

capcom said...

I agree or feel, like Codysmom, that a reference to a preview from off of the TV isn't really a spoiler (or big spoiler) but out of politeness should be given at least a warning on the post. Which Codysmom and others including myself have done. It's just in case, because you never know, there might be someone out there who even turns off the TV when the previews come on after the show, so as not to see them.

Me, I consider the post-show preview part of the show because TPTB didn't give me enough of a Lost-fix, so I'll take every second that I can get on Wednesday night! :-)

I really don't see anything wrong with posting a one/two-liner binary spoiler here, since probably all of us have our favorite decoder to use, and if someone doesn't want to know, then they just won't look it up. It's kind of like the good old TLE days to decode something again. As long as no one makes it a two or three step procedure like in the game, that would be too much for my dweebiness. :-D

maven said...

Hi, Codysmom! Thanks for your stamp of approval for my spoiler definition!

I'm glad that LOST is maintaining the top ten position!
That's important in the ratings game. Notice there's no new series on that list.

I agree that Episode 6 will be the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers! It will take forever for February to get here!

Dennis said...

Here is the definition of "spoiler" that I posted in SEASON 3: COMING SOON!

What is a spoiler?

• Anything shown on the "previews of next week"
• Information from other sources regarding information not in the show, such as articles, websites, webisodes, personal friendships with producers, etc.
• If you are posting a published article or just a general discussion about a show/actor/director, and it contains spoilers for anything that may happen in a future episode

What is not a spoiler?

• Obviously, discussion about the current and previous episodes.
• Speculation about what you think might happen, provided it is based on information in the current or previous episodes, and not other spoiler information.
• An article or discussion about an actor/director/show that does not give away any plot points

Technically, TLE would be considered a spoiler under these rules, but I think we could make an exception for this.

BTW. These rules are adapted from TivoCommunity.

blueheron13 said...

My personal feeling is that these are good guidelines except for the previews shown on TV. They don't reveal much, if anything, but they give us some fodder for speculation before the next episode.

I would vote for allowing discussion based on the TV previews--no encoding necessary, even. :)

perdido said...

Long time lurker here. First off, I have to say, awesome podcast. It has become a part of my Tuesday night ritual in preparation for LOSTday. You guys have great theories (well, most of them anyway, the Others as circus freaks any one?) and I love that others can send in mp3s and be heard also. I have typed out the questions from the podcast and am busy with my "homework assignment" now. But I had one quick thought before posting my answers. There was something that bugged me about Locke's trip when I first watched the episode. I remembered wondering about it the whole episode but by the next day it had slipped my mind until I was rewatching the episode this morning to answer the questions. At the end of the vision, Boone tells Locke, "They've got him. You don't have much time." Who is they? There isn't more than one polar bear is there? Could the polar bears be working for the Others or could the Others have taken Eko to the polar bear's cave as a sort of sacrifice to the island? Just a few ideas.

Dark Angel said...

I am cool with any definition of spoiler, I am a complete spoiler freak - to a degree being in the UK I have to be to keep up with the conversation. As long as we have guidelines I'll stick to them. Another possibility is have a seperate spoiler post. I realise as Maven pointed out, there is always the message board but many of us access the blog from work but can't access the message board.

At the end of the day, I'll follow what ever guidelines are agreed. :)

blueheron13 said...

DA - Yes I think the message board option is not viable for everyone. I don't think a whole lot of folks post over there anyway. And I also will follow any agreed-upon guidelines. But who will set them, once and for all?

Perdido - Welcome to the posting world. That's a great observation. Now you've got be wondering why Boone didn't say "It's got him." It may be nothing, but it may turn out to be significant once we learn more about the cave.

blueheron13 said...

That should say "got me wondering"

Codysmom said...

If you look at BLOG COMMENTING 101
posted at Thursday, August 31, 2006
from the Lost Community (not tivo community)

Admin has already set up guidelines for spoilers:

Some people love it, some people hate it! As a courtesy to others in the community, if you're going to give away information from upcoming episodes (posts will be labeled according to a specific country's air date - so you won't have to worry about international spoilers), please mark your spoiler information with the following formatting:


(at least 10 returns)

Whatever your spoiler information is...

(at least 10 more returns)

*****END SPOILER*****

Codysmom said...

Welcome, perdido! Now you've got me wondering about that, too.

Dennis said...

Personally, I try to remain spoiler-free. I do watch the previews and I also watched the Canadian preview.

FYSB, Do you watch the previews at the end of each show?

Codysmom said... If you look at BLOG COMMENTING 101 posted at Thursday, August 31, 2006 from the Lost Community (not tivo community)

I have read that, but it hasn't been updated since it was originally posted. The problem with that method, is it is very easy to "accidentally" read something that is in a spoiler, even if you try to scroll past them. You have to read this forum like you are walking on eggshells, which turns a lot of people off.

Another problem with BLOG COMMENTING 101, is there is no definition of WHAT a spoiler is.

This has all been discussed at length in SEASON 3: COMING SOON! posted at Monday, September 25, 2006

perdido said...

Okay, here's the answers to the questions from the podcast.

1. What does Boone mean when he tells Locke he has to bring the family back together? I tend to agree with the others that have posted answers that Locke is so desparate to find a family that his subconscious or even "the island" is telling him that it is his job to become the leader and the rescuer of the captured Losties.
2. Claire, Charlie, and Aaron are fine for now. What does that mean? I think the Others are going to go after Aaron again. They obviously feel they need children in particular for something whether it be because they cannot procreate or so they can experiment on their impressionable minds.
3. Is Sayid going to protect Sun and Jin? Why are Sun and Jin fighting? I'm not so sure about Sayid protecting Sun and Jin. Is it just me or does he look a little aloof when he is standing in line with Sun and Jin, like he is not really with them at all, he just happens to be in line behind them. As far as Sun and Jin fighting, have we ever seen them in an episode where they are prominent characters where they have NOT been fighting? I can't think of one.
4. Why is Hurley the airline employee? I think Hurley is the helper of the group. Some one else said in their answers that Hurley knows everybody. He's the one that made the census and figured out that Ethan Rom was not on the original manifest list. I THINK he was the one to first mention Neil/Frogurt in one of the episodes and some one else asked "Who's Neil?"
5. Desmond is in the pilot uniform. Why? Is he the new leader? How is he helping himself? I think Desmond's new "visions" may help Locke figure out where he needs to go to save Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. As far as helping himself, I'm a little confused on that one. It does seem like Desmond is pretty selfish. He sails off around the world and leaves Penny. When Locke and Jack first enter the hatch, he leaves them to take over his duties with little explanation or concern for who they are.
6. Henry Gale is using the security wand on Jack. Is this a sign that he is the security officer for the Others? I think Ben is the leader of the Others. The other Others are always pretty quick to jump and obey his orders. Colleen comes to him and asks him what to do about Desmond's boat. I think Ben is in the security room at the aquarium station because he has trouble delegating duties. He thinks that if he doesn't sit and watch the monitors, some one else will miss something that is important. He went himself and got "captured" by the Losties instead of sending some one else.

FYSB said...

Good morning all! Wow, I can't believe we are rehashing the spoiler conversation again. We had a big discussion about that at the beginning of the season and the community consensus was that this board would be spoiler free. Dennis shared the spoiler definition and we all agreed with it. That's when the spoiler message board was created for the folks who crave spoiler talk to have an open format.

We recently also discussed how people seem to be dropping off the board and how we missed our friends. I wonder if some of them stay away because of spoilers? I can only speak for myself, but I stay away from the board for stretches at a time when I see a spoiler post. And heaven knows I was a crazed poster over the summer!

So now I'm trying to figure out a solution so we can all continue to enjoy this board. Two things come to mind:

Blueheron said no one posts there on the spoiler board...perhaps we need to promote it more? Rather than posting any spoiler content on this board, how about posting "hey i just put something on the spoiler board, would love some feedback from other spoiler lovers" and sharing the link?

Now that doesn't help the few that can't access the board from work, though I honestly don't remember that issue being raised when we came up with the message board solution.

So, I have a challenge for the spoiler lovers....why don't you create a spoiler blog? We all have blogger accounts. Build a spoiler discussion board and ask admin to post a link to it on the front page. We didn't want to have two sep blogs initially because we didn't want to create extra work for Admin. But if you take the initiative and manage it yourselves, I'm sure David would be amenable to linking to it.

Whadya think?

blueheron13 said...

I agree, Dennis, that the "stars and spaces" method makes it very hard to read the posts.

My vote is that this should be a spoiler-free zone, with the TIVO definition of spoilers mentioned a few posts above, but with the exception that discussion about the previews on TV should be allowable.

Is there anyone that posts here that intentionally avoids the "next week on Lost" bits?

This would eliminate the annoying stars and spaces, wouldn't force people to use the message board, and wouldn't force people to encode messages (unless they want to!).

And, if there is something truly spoilery that someone wants to make others aware of, that person can just post the link to the spoilery information, and others will have to be responsible enough not to post spoilery replies.

Just my two (or three) cents. But most of you folks have been posting far longer than I have, so my vote hardly counts, I think!

blueheron13 said...


Now that I've read your comments, I'm confused again about the right thing to do. I think I'll go eat lunch.

I guess what's hard for me is that I like to see and talk about the vague hints gleaned from the previews for next week's show, and I'll even go as far as to listen to the official Lost podcast, but I don't want to be spoiled any more than that. So I wouldn't even wander over to a spoiler blog if there were one. And I fear that dividing the blog would reduce the number of comments posted even more.

Oh, well. Lunchtime.

perdido said...

Part 2 of the podcast questions:
7. Sawyer and Kate are captives yet they seem happy. Why? I am confused on this one also. Kate and Sawyer have not had the best of relationships so far so even if this vision is expressing Locke's subconscious, I would think that they would be seen as fighting (as Jin and Sun are) or at least indifferent to each other so maybe this vision really is supposed to express things to come.
8. Why does Boone say that there is nothing Locke can do for Kate, Jack, and Sawyer? Why is saving Eko part of Locke's cleaning up his own mess? Locke has to get his own affairs and guilt in order first. He has to atone for the wrong that he did to Eko. He also has to be able to finally see himself as an actual hunter. He may have said before that he was a hunter but I don't think he believed it deep down. The rescuing of Eko and defeating of the polar bear gives Locke the courage and confidence he will need to go up against the Others to rescue his friends.
9. What is the signifacance of climbing the escalator? I think this signafies that Locke will have to rely on his own strength and faith to rescue not only Eko but also Kate, Jack and Sawyer.
10. Why was Eko not in the trip? Eko was represented by his Jesus stick with the blood on the handle. The island gave Locke just enough clues for him to figure out on his own what he had to do to clean up his own mess.
10. Is it John's job to bring all the Losties together? Locke's family complex shows up greatly here. He has had several families in the past that have disintegrated on him and he has decided that he is going to do whatever it takes (climbing the escalator until his hands are bloodied) to save them all and retain this one family.
11. Is John's trip the Cliff's Notes for the rest of the season? I think it certainly gives us some insight into some of the characters. We are told that Claire and Charlie are all right for now, implying that something is going to happen to one or all of them before too long. Boone tells Locke that he cannot help Jack, Kate, and Sawyer yet which means that he is meant to help them in the future. Desmond is dressed as a pilot which I believe symbolizes that his new-found power will help lead Locke to where Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are being held. Another observation. We didn't see Rose and Bernard at all in the trip. Does this mean that they are becoming minor characters this season, maybe to keep Neil/Frogurt company?

blueheron13 said...


My guess is that Rose and Bernard won't be seen much for a while, since we have many new characters (the Others and Nikki/Paulo) to learn more about.

Of course, if a story is ever made that addresses for certain whether or not the island has healing powers, we would have to see more of them at that point.

OK, lunchtime for real now.

FYSB said...

I'm sorry I confused you blueheron. I was hoping to provide an option for the spoiler lovers. I think we are on the same page with the spoiler free LoCo. As for reduced comments on this board, if the only comments that don't get posted are the spoilers, I don't think that's a problem. And if this board is truly spoiler free, more people may post here.

Dennis, I do watch the US previews at the end of the episode. I do not seek out the Canadian previews.

Dennis said...

FYSB said... Good morning all! Wow, I can't believe we are rehashing the spoiler conversation again.

Good morning FYSB! I'm glad to see you :)

FYSB said...I think we are on the same page with the spoiler free LoCo.

I think everyone agrees for the most part with the spoiler definitions above, except for the "previews".

Do you think that the US "preview" should be excluded from the "spoiler definition"?

Administrator said...

Jeff "Doc" Jensen loves writing about lost. He's a big fan and is almost always entertaining in his speculations.

I'm including this link in this afternoon's post but thought I'd go ahead and share his LATEST ARTICLE with everyone here.


FYSB said...

Hey Dennis! Good to see you to!

Hmmm....preview...spoiler or not....good question.

My vote would be US previews are fair for discussion, but perhaps keep the Canadian previews as spoilers if they have additional content.

So, it would be fine to speculate on something you've seen in a US preview, but no "enhancement" of the discussion with content from other sources.

And a general rule should be, If you have some info and you think "I'm not sure if this is a spoiler or not", then don't post it here. Post it on the message board. I think it would be ok to say "Hey, I just posted something on the spoiler board, go check it out" but there should be no discussion of content of what that spoiler post contained.

And can I just say how refreshing it is to have a polite and respectful dialog on this? I really think you guys are terrific. Think how great the world would be if Locos were in charge. ;>)

Codysmom said...

Hello, admin!

I'd like to hear your input on the definition of "spoiler". Does it include other country's previews of the upcoming episode or is anything that has been shown on tv (no matter what country) fair game on this blog? thanks! (and thanks for the Doc Jensen article link)

JGZ350 said...

Good afternoon all-

Hi there, FYSB, how are things? Long time no see-

My vote is for a spoiler free zone here and the US previews not to be considered spoilerish. I thought we had this discussion at the beginning of S3. Oh well, no problem reinforcing that this is a spoiler free zone.

I can't wait for tonights show, I am feeling a vintage Lost episode that will be the best of S3 so far. I've seen the aol clips, US and Candian previews and it's looking like it's going to an intense episode.

ib4uc said...

But what about the Canadian viewers who see the Canadian version and not the US version. Would they not be "allowed" to discuss it here because US viewers categorize them as spoilers? I think to be fair to all TLC posters, the previews need to be either spoilers or not.

blueheron13 said...

FYSB said...Think how great the world would be if Locos were in charge.

You know, that comment probably wouldn't make sense too many other places except here!

thinbluemime said...

"FYSB said...
We recently also discussed how people seem to be dropping off the board and how we missed our friends. I wonder if some of them stay away because of spoilers?"

The only form of censorship I am a proponent of, is profanity. There are forums where spoiler type info is encouraged, so to restrain myself, from talking about any aspect of LOST in here, past, present or future is too restrictive for my tastes.

Profanity, unless it is used for a very specific purpose, discourages the transfer of well thought out concepts. That's why I hate profanity, it is usually used by simple minds.

My 2 cents. If I could get my hands on the transcript for the last ever episode of Lost, I would read it in a heartbeat.

Would You? :)

ib4uc said...

TBM: It's a love/hate relationship I have with spoilers. As much as I don't want to know what's going to happen, I find myself going to spoilerfix to satisfy my curiousity. I can't help myself sometimes... So, yes, I would probably read the transcript of any Lost episode.

ib4uc said...

TBM: forgive me for misunderstanding, but do you think the reason some TLEC posters have vanished is because we do or do not discuss spoilers?

scoutpost said...

Happy Lost day everybody! Wish I had been around more recently, but life is taking over with a vengence lately. Glad you all are still here discussing, I love this forum. Have a great day!

Just 9 more hours for us here in the west! (note: using sarcastic tone)

Dennis said...

Hi Scoutpost!

WOOHOO! The NEW Official LOST Audio Podcast is here!!

ib4uc said...

Hey scoutpost. Long time, no see. Good you know you're still around.

Thrasher76 said...

Happy LOST day!!!

I have nothing else intelligent to add at the moment!!

Maven, thanks for the ratings, why anyone would watch any of those other shows over Lost is beyond me?!?!?!?!?!?

Dennis said...

Dang. :(

The podcast is only 6 minutes long this week.

There's only an interview with Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. No Damon and Carlton. No episode discussion.

The pressure is on now, Passafist!!!

CattyGirl said...

Happy Lost day!

I haven't had much time to write lately, but know that I try to visit and read a few comments at a time.

I can't believe those ratings! Once again, I only watch Lost of all those shows.

cyberyang said...

I can't wait till 8pm cst for tonight's episode of LOST.

I hope everyone will be here tonight for some great discussions. back to work.

maven said...

Afternoon all:

Gosh, this is it a spoiler/or isn't a spoiler question is very confusing. I'm voting for anything aired on public TV is NOT a spoiler. That includes any previews from any country. If it's out there for the general public, it should be out there for us. I haven't seen too many people commenting that they refuse to watch previews. I think the majority of us do. You can't not run into previews if you watch ABC at all...they're on all week, and come up when you're least expecting them! Hard to avoid!

I gather that Canadian previews show a little more than the US version (I have no idea why that is). But in comparing this week's preview of Us vs Canadian the differences don't really make for a big just goes a tiny bit forward.

Happy to see FYSB, Scoutpost and Thrasher. New welcome to Perdid (great answers to the questions)!


thinbluemime said...

ib4uc, Yes, I believe some posters have vanished because we do not discuss spoilers. Of course there are others reasons too. Some folks only played the ARG, and dont get so involved in the TV show. School has started here in the USA and college courses beckon before Lost.

Dennis said...

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but ABC has set the start date for the second half of season 3:

From Zap2it: "Lost" will return to the schedule on Wednesday, Feb. 7, almost exactly three months after its final fall episode airs Nov. 8. The scheduling strategy is an effort by ABC to avoid repeats of the heavily serialized show; it has three more episodes to go in its initial run this fall and will have 16 weeks of uninterrupted episodes when it returns.

Administrator said...

Happy LOST DAY everybody!!! I had to post the thread for Episode 4's up on the frontpage.

Dennis said...


What other LOST "show" boards do you go to and what are the spoiler rules there?

ib4uc said...

TBM: that's what I thought you meant. It's a shame that some of the folks we grew to know through the ARG have been absent in TLC. But, regardless, I'm still here and the posts are better than ever!

Maven: I agree with you that previews should not be considered spoilers.

FYSB: if posts reference the previews, will you stop coming to TLC? We'd hate to lose you...

Passafist said...

I'll see your challenge and raise the bar. Don't forget to send your MP3's, e-mail's, to

If you can't send an MP3 comment why not call 206-600-0952 and leave your comments there. It a brand new free voicmail account I'm playing around with.