Monday, October 16, 2006

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 2

David & Steve are back with more interesting LOST discussions. We've finally got everything up and running with iTunes so click HERE to subscribe for free in the music store! To download directly, click HERE (or right click, save as). If you didn't listen to last week's podcast, make sure and check this one out. Since I'm not really involved I can say this in all honesty with no agenda - This is an excellent podcast! David & Steve are easy to listen to and their ideas are thought provoking and enjoyable. As far as I'm concerned, The Lost Community Podcast is totally hitting it out of the park!


memphish said...


Passafist said...

WORD UP!! I really hope everybody likes this episode. Honestly the first edit of the thing was 58 minutes. I chopped with reckless abandon a ton of mine and steve comments and thanks to everybody who helped by sending emails and MP3 comments. Keep them comming, we really want this show to be less about Steve and I and more about the whole community. WORD UP!!

CattyGirl said...

Can't wait to listen!

Dark Angel said...

Cool Top 5

I've just come back from lunch and found that the Podcast is up. I'll listen to it tonight. Hopefully my 3 minutes will sound OK. I spent over an hour editing and rerecording it.

Dennis said...


Good Morning Everyone!

cyberyang said...

New podcast!
Can't wait to listen!

americanpi said...

Thanks Passafist for keeping us all up-to-date!

maven said...

Morning all!

The new edition of the podcast is awesome. Very entertaining with lots of interesting discussion and theories. David and Steve are very easy to listen to even if some of their theories are a little off the wall...LOL..."the island is in the sky" theory is a little bizarro!

Hope my part doesn't sound too lame. I was just so happy that I figured out how to use Audacity, export it as mp3, and send it to passafist! If I can do it, anybody can! Send in your thoughts, it's fun!

Crossfade said...

Top 10!
Good morning LoCO! Great job on the PC!

LockeBox said...

top 10! looking forward to another podcast!

Dark Angel said...

Hi Maven,

I will be listening to the podcast tonight whilst I do the ironing (the bane of my life). I look forward to hearing your contribution.

boyo81 said...


top 20

capcom said...

Dark Angel, doesn't the UK have no-iron-perma-press clothing? :-) If so, please don't say that you're ironing the sheets! :-D (but if you do iron sheets, that's very classy, although time consuming!)

FYSB said...

It occurred to me last night that during the time that Benry was held by the Losties, I bet Juliet was in charge. I wonder if Juliet was the one who decided to send Michael back to rescue Benry and bring back Kate/Jack/Sawyer.

Passafist, thanks for the spoiler warning at the beginning of your podcast. I'm sorry I won't be able to listen, but I really appreciated the heads up so I could stay unspoiled. I'll wait til the end of the season and have a pod-fest!

CattyGirl said...

fysb, I listened to the podcast and I think the only spoilers were in the last 4 minutes of the show if you just want to listen up until then... and by-the-way I really enjoyed your part of the show. Funny stuff there.

maven said...

Hi Cattygirl and FYSB:

Yes, FYSB, the spoiler is at the end of the podcast and it's really something you probably figured out already. (Intriguing, isn't it?) As usual, your sense of humor is great and I really enjoyed your take on the Other Factions.

FYSB said...

Thanks ladies! I appreciate your "advance scouting". I'll give it a listen.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Well I am at work now with no speakers but will comment after listening to it tonight. I am sure by then there will ba a couple hundred posts to read through so I don't expect to be in the top 300 ... lol

isibell said...

*does a the biggest little happy dance ever*

I got mentioned on a podcast...I got mentioned on a podcast...I got mentioned on a podcast!

I'm so excited. Even if my comment made me sound like I knew nothing about what was going on...I don’t' care! I got quoted on a podcast! I am currently the coolest person I know. (Hum...can we tell I'm a geek? ;)

And not that it matters...but I don't think that the whole thing is a dream. I'm desperate for it to be real. So desperate that I've spent the last week trying to figure out where on the planet the winds and currents would travel in a circle around an island. I haven’t come up with a logical explanation yet...but I'm so working on it. Anyone have any ideas on this one?

Twinkle said...

Great podcast! I love listening, especially to you DA. Was your "I've lived on an island too" a reference to the UK? Wonder what other UK'ers think of that comparison? LOL!

Cattygirl and FYSB, about spoilers, I actually disagree with DA's analysis of the spoiler he quoted from. That could still be information about a future episode. My thoughts are here.

Twinkle said...

BTW, the best point in the whole podcast was how we shouldn't expect too many answers but tons more questions.

Passafist said...

"I Still Can't Believe that I called Jae "Jin's Secret Lover?" Man I couldn't get any of those names straight?!!!!

Eugene said...

Not that I think the game is back on but LYCGY has updated.

FYSB said...

Holy crap...I'm quoted on the new LYCGY Users section. Do I get royalties?

Ironically, I wrote that post when I was so mad that TLE was tanking because the rumor was that the advertisors didn't think it was working.

Eugene said...

FYSB - I saw that after I posted. Holy crap, indeed!

Twinkle said...

FYSB: Where?

Passafist said...

Looks like Jeep is using the site to get potential investors to try new and uniqe ways to sell products?? Hmm... very interesting!

Twinkle said...

Found you. Cool!

Twinkle said...

I really want to scour the timeline and see if there's anything I missed. Sooo little time for it though!

FYSB said...

Twinkle...I think it's the fourth choice. The ABC interns must have built the site, because it's not sizing properly on my screen, so I can't scroll down.

Hopefully this means that Jeep did consider it successful and would sponsor it again.

Oh, and Jeep? I'm available for marketing consulting. You know where to find me.

Twinkle said...

LOL! And I can't read the timeline without doing something fancy. Too bad.

Vic said...

Enjoyed the podcast. Some interesting theories in there. haha ya I always mix up their names too Passafist, its all good..going to class. cya

capcom said...

The LYCGY site, is funky for me too. PF11 and make your screen huge, and then you can pick from the choices at the bottom.

capcom said...

Notice on the LYCGY links site that there is no Gary Troup vids #8&9 listed? :-( Maybe they were saved for TLE-2?

maven said...

Eugene: Thanks for letting us know about LYCGY. Gosh, this brings back so many memories! LOL Guess you need a magnifying glass to read some things here, though!

FYSB: Can I say I knew you when?

Maybe the other advertisers will be "coming out" and updating their sites, too.

Ange said...

CONGRATULATIONS Fasten, on the recognition on LYCGY :D! I think that is really really neat that they put together that little scrapbook for us, but I hate the scrolling on the players part, and Maven said it already, but sheesh, think they could have some smaller print there? Anyway, not gotten to the podcast yet, and been really busy to keep up my post count like I used to over at TLEC...but getting the download now (58%), and counting the minutes until Wednesday!

Midnightstrider said...

Passafist - Brilliant podcast! They get better each time ;). Very interesting theories, however, DA, I still believe Rousseau is an Other.

"The Others are not bad people. Sure, they take little childern but so do social services..." That cracked me up!

I say it again, bloody brilliant podcast!

FYSB said...

Marvin, I promise not to forget you or any of the other little people I crawled over on my way to Jeep fame. I talk about all of you...capecam, twinkie, ganges, all my dear dear TLEC friends... with my new BFF, Rachel Blake when she skypes me from Oslo.

Does anyone find it a little disconcerting to know that they really were reading this site? Suspecting it is one thing, but seeing it in print...well, it's a little like catching Benry in front of his spy cameras. Luckily I post fully clothed.

Twinkle said...

FYSB: Fully clothed! LOL! I'll never get picture phone!

Know what's funny? They called us Twinkies in high school because of our school name. And did you know that some serious and scary scientific experiments have been performed on Twinkies (the cakes)? Check it out.

Passafist said...

What I found strange on the LYCGY site was the links page... Some of those websites I never visited. is an odd little page!!!

Passafist said...

BTW Midnight... I have to agree the social services comment had Steve and I craking up but I edited out because the show was running to long!

maven said...

FYSB: How soon they do forget! MARVIN?

Ange said...

Is it just me or is the 43 things site missing from the Relationship wheel on LYCGY? I liked that part.

Goog said...

Wow! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the podcast!
Speaking of Twinkies... Twinkle, that site you posted is so cool! The strange thing is I had never heard about it before, but just last week I had my students disect Twinkies in their Life Science class as a hands on lesson to lab safety!
Anyway... once again, keep those e-mails and MP3s coming. You guys were great!
Isabele, I'm glad we made your day by mentioning you. :)

capcom said...

Congrats FizzBee! Well, I hope that if TJPTB looked at our sites, that they got a little bit of advice from us as well, while we were twisting in the wind there waiting for something to happen. All in all though, the Jeep participation was great, and the way they let their product be so involved with the story (e.g., the contracts, the "organs", etc.) really gave an even more eerie creepiness to the overall story. And it's nice of them to give a wrap-up like they have on LYCGY.

And yes, there were a lot of weird sites listed there that I never went to or saw mentioned anywhere either! Hmmmm.

FizzBee, try to get that glasses-cam from Ms. Hanso, next time you all are having espresso in Italy! I would like to play with those.

MSTK said...

Hah, I love this podcast. But just a suggestion...maybe you guys could release it earlier? Like instead of two days before the next show, how about two days after the last? So we have moer time to mull over things, and we also get the updates right away. It might be too hard to get them out fast enough, though.

Still, great job guys. But the agony of waiting five days after the episode is killing me :-P

Twinkle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Twinkle said...

You're welcome, goog! Twinkies make great science! So you're Steve from the podcast?

I think it's nice to have the podcast come out on Monday before the next episode. It takes that long to sythesize what the last one was, record something, send it in, and then have David and Steve make a podcast out of it. It gives me something to look forward to on Monday instead of having to wait all the way to Wednesday.

Passafist said...

Looks like the offical ABC Podcast is up! My itunes feed grabbed it early this morning.

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Great Podcast, really nice to hear from Maven and FYSB. I actually ended up laughing out loud at some of the comments. Passafist and Goog loved the idea of the video podcast, perhaps this is something we could do in the six week break, we could do a theories video podcast, or maybe a Christmas special (we could all wear santa hats!).

Capcom We do have permapress but most of our clothes seem to need ironing, and no I don't iron the bedsheets!

Twinkle my 'living on an Island' comments weren't a reference to the UK ;). I used to live in the Shetland Islands, they are a group of Islands in the North Atlantic with a population of 23,000.

I love the Twinkie experiments, until I went to The States Twinkies were something that I always heard about in American Movies and TV but I hadn't got a clue what they were. When I went to the US they were on my list of things to find (along with Paytcheck bars that are mentioned lots in The Stand). I must say I was pretty disappointed by them.

Back to Lost, I must admit I haven't actually watched all of the Glass Balerina yet, I was out most of the week and had guests at the weekend (and last night was Ironing and America's Next Top Model!). I've had to do with sneek peeks, screencaps and the transcripts so when I watch it tonight I will be looking very carefully at Juliette. I certainly think that she is going to be a pivotal character and whilst I agree that she is pretty tough and that at lot of her interaction with Jack is probably an act, I don't think she is going to be the real bad guy. I think the real the Losties real enemy is themselves, each of our castaways has to overcome their past to find their redemption. If anything I think we may find out that the same is true for The Others and they have to overcome their own demons.

Wow, this posting is getting to be of Fenris-like proportions but I did want to say I like the current set up with the Podcast, it gives me time to see the latest episode before recording my audio (even if I haven't managed it in the last two weeks).

memphish said...

Sorry to be so late in posting this. We were out of town last week and it's taken me this long to watch the epi and read all the comments. I have 4 things.

First, just wanted to remind everyone that Jae Lin was indirectly Jin's old boss. In Collision (I think) when Jin is the doorman and Jae is meeting Sun via the matchmaker, that hotel is owned by Jae's father. Remember the scene where Jae takes the flower from Jin at the door?

Second, when Alex is talking to Kate and says "You're not even supposed to be in that cage." could it be because Alex expected Kate to be with Jack? That whole she said Sawyer first thing.

Third, Sawyer says Kate tastes like strawberries. Were there strawberries at the creepy breakfast on the beach? People are speculating that Kate cut a deal. Perhaps strawberries came with the coffee?

And fourth, according to the transcript for Epi. 1 the old lady at the book club was named Amelia. Amelia Earhart? (Credit for this idea goes to my husband who thinks I'm a nut when it comes to LOST.)

Passafist said...

Just thought I'd share the Joy. The Lost Community Podcast has been added to the Lost Podcasting Network! HOOOORAY!! It's really just a clearing house for some of the better Lost Podcasts. You can find out more at here

R2K said...

One more day!

k.barrick said...

Good morning folks.

Or at least... Morning.

Already raining here in chilly Chicago.

Ange said...

Dark Angel-Just got 1/2 way through the podcast. I save it for my work commute:). However, I stopped just after your recording. I feel compelled to say that I totally agree with your assessment that Jack with become one of the Others. I feel like you are right on in saying that he will be recruited or brought around to their way of thinking. Although, I think that maybe he will find his way to them by being needed to fix Colleen and her gun shot. Still not in the, “The Others are Good” camp, but I am with you on the Jack idea.

FYSB-So so funny as always, I love your humor.

Maven-You are being saved for the commute home.

KB-Woo hoo long time lady, how you been?

Also, good to hear some New England accents.

k.barrick said...

I've been gone... .lurking..... but I'm coming back. In short doses.

Part of it was my narcissism looking through the "Best Moments of the Lost Experience" and saying either "HEY LOOK, THERE'S ME!!! I'M FUNNY!!!" or "HEY!!! WHERE'S ME???? WHY AREN'T PEOPLE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!!!???!!!"

Oh yeah. And school. There's that as well.

I'm trying. A divorced mom having custody on every other day of the child. Or something else.... must go to class after having more caffiene.

Twinkle said...

DA said: 'living on an Island' comments weren't a reference to the UK ;). I used to live in the Shetland Islands...

Yeah it was obvious you were talking about someplace smaller. I was just giving you a ribbing. :-D It's like how I talk about living in a small town. The Others act a bit like that too.

RE: Twinkies - Twinkies are disgusting. Don't feel bad about being disappointed (if you even do).

memphish: Good comments. I like the Amelia Earhart connection. I forgot too much about the previous Sun/Jin episodes. Have they yet shown how she ended up with Jin?

I wonder if the "you're not supposed to be in that cage comment" means that the Others are holding "town meetings" where they are talking about their plans (or a memo goes out or something). That would be intriguing because it would mean that Alex is privy to information that could greatly help our Losties (and answer our questions).

I wondered too about the strawberries and the breakfast but hadn't it been to long? And since she didn't seem sheepish when Sawyer said it, like she'd made a deal with the devil, I figured it just meant he liked her. Dunno.

FYSB said...

Hey K.Barrick! You made my list of memorable moments...I still chuckle at your assault on your local ABC affiliate. Classic stuff.

Dennis said...

Happy Lost Eve!

Great Find on the LYCGY site Eugene!!!

Here is the text from the Timeline (for those of you without microscopes!):

5/17/06 is launched.


WTK intercepts the DJ Dan podcast and posts on YouTube painting DJ Dan as a “Sellout”


The DJ Dan Podcast is removed.


WTK corresponds with Maestra48


Key Event: is taken down, and is posted.

Supporting Events:

WTK posts Video on YouTube Jeep Channel. The synopsis of the video is WTK apologizing to DJ Dan and acknowledging Maestra48.

Correspondence between WTK and Rachel Blake appears on Rachel’s blog. WTK offers to “Get the word out?”

WTK updates with access to the admin folder, which contains additional information.


Key Event: Second DJ Dan podcast appears

Supporting Events:

WTK posts second DJ Dan Podcast on This time, it will be in the admin folder.

Also in the admin folder is the correspondence between WTK and Rachel Blake that talks about Apollo Candy Bar being a front.


Key Event: Rachel Blake video inserted onto

Supporting Events:

WTK posts a note to support where the video can be found on

Rachel Blake asks WTK to close H. McIntyre folder as she acknowledges “some new information” (in reference to Digit girl).


Key Event: Third DJ Dan Podcast inserted onto


Key Event: Rachel Blake posts a second video on

Supporting Events:

WTK posts video on YouTube to look for clues in “two major magazines” or something along this line. (This kind of acts like WTK’s final act as he is goes too far this time by posting in the ad).

7/20/06 - 7/23/06

Key Event: Rachel Blake at ComicCon


Key Event: Compass Uncharted Concert in NYC (Summerstage)

Supporting Events: Apollo Candy Bars distributed at concert.


WTK informs players and key admins on forums through AOL IM that "I'm on my way out the door. Tell Rachel's friends that soon they will know why I did what I did. I have to go. Gonna take care of of some unfinished business."

11:40 A.M - WTK Abducted at Potbelly’s

7:07:29 PM - Mystery person starts communicating with players thru WTKS personal AOL IM account, telling them to move on and to stop meddling in the THF personal business.

8:57pm - WTK corresponds with RatingPending93 “Help me! Please help me!”


Supporting Events:

Video of abduction posted on YouTube on 9/21. modified by Hanso is released

OpenersHep.log is updated with a creepy chat session that took place between 1 and 2 am that morning with WTKS captors.

CattyGirl said...

passafist - Thanks for the heads up about the official podcast.

Dennis said...

Here is the text from the "Users" page:

The Users

I'd never heard of ARG's till The Lost Experience and was blown away by it's scope -websites, telephone numbers, published books, fake newspaper ads.

—— Posted by Annie @

It’s the most sophisticated product placement I’ve seen yet. Hats off to Lost and Jeep for drawing me in for 45 minutes and making it time well spent.

——Posted by Deanna Zammit @

"let your compass guide you...... anyone think to check the Jeep website and looking at the new 2007 Jeep Compass to see if there's anything there..... i think it's excellent marketing strategies.. i haven't found one clue but that Jeep compass is pretty nice... lol"

Some interesting "confidential" documents between Hanso Coporation and Chrysler

——Himbo @

“Thanks very much! Now they're coming to get me?!?!”

I rather like Lost's approach. The advertiser is weaved more seamlessly and believably into the storyline, plus the most important part of those site (subLYMONal & letyourcompassguideyou) are the passwords to additional Persephone messages on the Hanso Foundation site.

I like it.

—— Posted by Seth @

Just an observation on sponsors and marketing...."Please Help Me" video was posted on youtube just a few hours ago and has been viewed over 1,000 times.

Other videos on the jeepchannel have only been viewed around 30-50 times, even though they've been up several weeks.

Just a proof point that hiding clues at the sponsor site does drive traffic. I probably know a lot more about the Jeep compass than the average person after combing through their site repeatedly.

——Posted by Fastenyourseatbelts @

k.barrick said...


Yes, I was particularly thrilled to have some of my lines on there. Being narcisitic (sp), I wanted more of ME ME ME but I loved being there as much as I was.

I feel strangely revitalized today as well.

Eugene said...

Not sure what made me check lowsoftkey again. I guess I am already a bit freaked out that ep 3 out of 6 is tomorrow and then nothing for months. As frustrating as the game was it saved my sanity at work and I hope it gets picked back up during the break.

k.barrick said...

Yeah.... ep 3 out of 6 will be pretty freaky. I think separating it later on... like 10 and 14 or 8 and 16 would be better on the viewer. I'm sure that it's separated with the sweeps period in mind.

In general, this set-up is pretty frakin' new to network television. It's a derivative of HBO's shorter seasons especially the last "Sex in the City" season. It's certainly progress that takes the audience into better consideration additionally creating the "watch it now or you'll miss it" feeling since they aren't showing any reruns (tha basta'ds!).

maven said...

Good morning:

Dennis: Thanks for posting the LYCGY info. It was so small even my reading glasses didn't work!

Memphish: Good catch on Amelia's name! Like the idea that she's Amelia Earheart!

Passafist: Great that the Podcast is getting more recognition. I think the Monday posting of the Podcast really breaks up the week, especially after such slow weekends now. That's really the fastest you guys can get it together, especially when getting feedback from TLC.

Agreed that 6 episodes are going to fly by pretty quickly. Can't believe it's almost half over already! I hope something happens TLE-wise so we all stay connected during the big break,

k.barrick said...

Clinton was 42, in terms of Presidents.

Strange. Another example of the importance of 42.

Passafist said...

Steve and I are planning to take Christmas off on the podcast (unless their is an overwhelming flood of resistence against this) but do plan on putting out a Christmas (recap) episode and an episode sort of summerizing the Webisodes that will be released during that time. We may combine the two, into one episode but who knows!?!

Crossfade said...

Good morning LoCo! Happy day-before-Lost Day!

Dennis said...


I found my Flickr page in the relationships page!!! :) How Exciting! (although thier link is not quite right...)

Here is the XML file with all the links from Relationships page.

Relationships XML (right-click and save as)

I wonder if there was supposed to be clues on all these pages??

Here are some of the pages I've never seen. Please to enjoy...¤t=IMG_0318.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1

capcom said...

Morning/Afternoon Friends!

Dark Angel; the quality of Twinkies has degraded exponentially since they were first created. They actually used to have some nice vanilla spongecake flavor to them, now they are like tasteless foam rubber. But I hear that they are good deep-fried. :-p

Someone, I forget who, mentioned that Juliet must have been in charge while Benry was locked in the gun closet in the Swan, which was a good call. Among other things that might have gone on in Othertown while Benry was absent, that might be why she got to choose the book of the month for the club, ergo, there might be resentment about a lot of other choices that she made as well, adding to the undercurrent of tension in Othertown.

Wow Memphish, thanks for reminding us about that interesting shift in power between Jin and Jae! I also like the Earhart possiblity. Now if they mention anyone with the name of her navigator (Fred Noonan) it will get freaky. They could have been brought down by the oringal/natural magnetic anomaly of the island, before the D.I. even started.

I think that it is just incredible the way this Lost/TLE community is growing into something so much bigger and creative than was even imagined! So many talented people are on this blog, and while other TLE blogs have pretty much fizzled out with the end of the game, this one has totally grown into something altogether unique, even among the strictly Lost-show-only blogs. Kudos to the Admins and all the creative people who contribute here with their wit and podcasts, etc. You are amazing! And obviously, the internet world outside this blog is taking notice!!! :-)

k.barrick said...

Holy link overload Batman.

Dennis said...

k.barrick said... Holy link overload Batman.

Yeah, well, there are 104 links in the file. I only posted the interesting ones. :)

capcom said...

Thanks Brian for posting some of those! I put some of them into my "weird" bookmark file. Looks like there are a lot of mini-Art-Bells out there on the internet.

But I wonder what some of them had to do with TLE? I mean, why those over the more interesting Dharma/Oceanic/Hanso/ fake sites, that were pretty amusing even in their fakeness?

LifeObstacle said...

Hello LoCo and Happy Lost Day Eve!

I have been gone for about two weeks thanks to my husband traveling for work. He made me tivo all the episodes and wait to watch them. I am all caught up though, and he has been banned from going out of town for the next four weeks. He is especially banned from trips once the show comes back from winter hiatus.

I’m not going to be able to read through all the comments, but I’ll try to listen to the podcast (at work :) ) and start contributing again.

Dennis said...

capcom said... Someone, I forget who, mentioned that Juliet must have been in charge while Benry was locked in the gun closet in the Swan, which was a good call. Among other things that might have gone on in Othertown while Benry was absent, that might be why she got to choose the book of the month for the club, ergo, there might be resentment about a lot of other choices that she made as well, adding to the undercurrent of tension in Othertown.

That's interesting. Obviously one of those decisions was to trade Ben for Walt, which Ben wasn't happy about. Is she also responsible for building the new tennis court?

Crossfade said...

I believe that Jae did NOT commit suicide. I believe Mr. Paik had someone follow Jin and make sure he did the job. Because Jin didn't kill him, Mr. Paik's assistant did.

capcom said...

Heh-heh, is that what they're building Dennis? :-) Whacking around some tennis balls to relieve the tension would be good for Them, that's for sure.

isibell said...

Sure. The losties have golf. Why can't the others have tennis. Then when this is all over they can turn the island into an all inclusive resort spa.

FYSB said...

capcom said... Someone, I forget who, mentioned that Juliet must have been in charge while Benry was locked in the gun closet in the Swan, which was a good call. Among other things that might have gone on in Othertown while Benry was absent, that might be why she got to choose the book of the month for the club, ergo, there might be resentment about a lot of other choices that she made as well, adding to the undercurrent of tension in Othertown.

That was me that said that. Just a note, the book club was BEFORE Benry was captured. But it is an indicator that if/when Juliet is in charge, she does things VERY differently than Benry.

And I'm leaning towards a bocce court.

Eugene said...

FYSB - That makes sense and ties in with the no soup for Benry comment. Maybe Juliet didn't try too hard to free him from the hatch.

Dennis - I think some of those bizarre sites were links on DJ Dan's site before they were disabled. Some of them look familiar and it's not because I wear a tin foil hat. Although I do love a good conspiracy theory

capcom said...

Oh cheez, you're right FYSB! How dense of moi. I can't keep all this stuff straight, it's just too much for my pea-brain!! :-O Thank goodness I have this blog to help keep it all in order, and I'm serious! I could not have done TLE without it, nor would I be able to put all the pieces of the show together correctly either.

Crossfade, I'm also inclined to think that Paik believed that Jin was too nice (cowardly, to Paik) to have the chops to kill Jae and sent someone to make sure that the job was finished, and to look like a suicide. But, if future evidence shows differently, I could change my mind. :-)

Twinkle said...

capcom: Eeewww! Deep fat fried Twinkies!

Personally I liked the story where Amelia Earhart is captured with other Earthies and taken to a different quandrant of the galaxy where Star Trek Voyager could stumble upon them in deep freeze.

lifeobstacle: Welcome back!

Benry theory: Weren't there indications that he was supposed to get caught? That he was trying to get to the Losties camp? If so, who made up that plan and why was Ben chosen for it? Was it Juliet?

Off Off Off Topic: New study just came out that links TV watching in under 3 years olds to austism.

isibell said...

Twinkle - I don't remember any indications that he was supposed to get caught. I know he was on his way to the losties camp to find Lock, but I think he was more planning on kidnapping him rather than getting caught and having to deal with psycho paranoids (which they all were...and kind of still are.)

engineer27 said...


I think quite a few of those sites are real consipracy theory sites that were linked to on the original page.

Eventually, that page was replaced by "Coming soon", and followed by some glyphs.

The page was originally linked to in the hmcintyre/mail folder. It had a translator which could help you find the hidden password "themouthpiece" in the binary in his mail header file.

It's amazing how much you forget in a few months....

isibell said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Twinkle said...

Isibell: Yeah, I'm split on whether or not he was supposed to get caught but I found it to be an interesting theory. The Others don't get caught in Rouseau's traps, at least that we know of, so he either did something stupid and got caught or he did it on purpose.

Tommy said...

Awesome podcast guys, and thanks for the shout out! Sorry, I guess I gave you a lot to read, next time I'll try to keep it shorter. Brevity is the soul of wit, no?

Great to be a part of the lost community.!

Midnightstrider said...

Isibell and Twinkle - I think Benry got caught on propose, but I think Rousseau was part of the "staging" if you will. How convenient is it that Ben just *happened* to get caught in her trap and she just *happened* to go to the losties who took him to the hatch. It's all too coincidental for me. I think Ben and Rousseau definitely planned it out.

Dennis said...

It looks like the LYCGY site has been taken down again. DAMN YOU HANSO FOUNDATION!

You can still access the LYCGY flash files directly.

You can also access the Time Line page directly, which allows you to zoom and pan.

It looks like this was all put up for a presentation and taken down again (like what happend with

Dennis said...

OOOH! I found some VERY INTERESTING notes in the files about how the ARG was run!

The LOST Experience was an alternate reality game (ARG) that supported Season 2 of the hit ABC television show LOST. The resulting campaign was one of the most complex multi-channel campaigns ever attempted that blurred the line between fiction/reality and offline/online. This experience took LOST fans through a parallel storyline revolving around the fictional organization, The Hanso Foundation.

Storyline Authenticity: Above all else, the ARG should feel real. Cleverly placed product placement can enhance the storyline rather than detract from it by blurring the line between game and reality. ARG gamers tend to resent overt commercialism but are willing to "put up with" and sometimes fully embrace marketing tie-ins as long as they support the game, create intrigue and keep the spirit of the game in play. To present a believable story world or alternate reality, everything within the game reality (e.g. phone numbers, websites, etc.) must react appropriately to reinforce that this is not a game (TINAG). True ARG gamers appreciate and react favorably when the ARG "puppet masters" (game facilitators) go to great lengths to make it seem real.

ARG Intelligence: Maintain role as "Puppet Master" running the game from behind the "Curtain," by constantly monitoring the gamer boards, identifying key gamers, and mining intelligence data from them without revealing yourself while the game is running. Be willing to follow the lead of the gamers. Some of the best content and ideas came from monitoring gamer speculation/theories and then developing content to support the best theories.

Controlled Congruency: Creative and strategic coordination, including cross-promotional opportunities, are necessary among all partners and sponsors. It is imperative that all members of the ARG team/partnership know what the others are doing -- at all times. ARG gamers are VERY savvy and are constantly trying to "break the game" by finding inconsistencies in the ARG execution. The more layers of authenticity, the more they dig. The more they dig, the more layers of authenticity they should find.

Flexibility: Being able to alter the storyline is crucial. The ARG story is broken into pieces which the audience must find and assemble. For example, having the ability to tell some back story first, then execute in present day, and revert to back story at the end allows the game to flow naturally.

Creative Curiosity: Not all of questions need to be answered, and introducing a "red herring" can actually enhance the game experience (e.g. the vintage Jeep TV spot on that didn't lead to anything, but did engage the gamers for some time). The key is to balance the dead ends with elements that keep the game moving.

capcom said...

Twinkle, re; TV and autism....I've also heard and read that the rapid succession of changing images in today's programming, videos and commercials also causes some kind of brain damage in children. Maybe this is related to the info/results of the study that you posted. When you think about it, music videos images are almost as rapid as that Dharma Psych Test video. See, Howdy Doody and Captain Kangaroo are good for kids, they're nice and slow and simple.

BTW, Lospedia has an update article about the quake in Hawaii and how it has/hasn't affected the Lost crew.

capcom said...

Thanks Dennis for those sites. The info on how to run the ARG was very telling. Especially the part about how red-herrings and ead-ends are OK. Dead-ends may engage the gamers, but also tend to enrage the gamers. :-)

maven said...

Dennis: Thanks for that! Interesting isn't it? So they constantly monitor all of us, and actually pay attention. Jeep was really one of the better sponsors because their site was very well done. Their product was actually used as part of the story (Jeep contract for Africa) and one of the characters supposedly worked for Daimler-Chrysler.

maven said...

I find the Juliet character very intriguing. And I think she's going to play a major role on the show. She definitely has a past with Ben Linus and they probably had a falling out. Ben took control of Othertown, but Juliet is planning something. She doesn't like the tatics that Ben is using to keep their community secure. She has a different way of doing things and acting with people. Free will is very important to her, whereas Ben seems to be taking charge and ordering people around. Danny, Coleen and Tom seem to be doing Ben's work, while Juliet is gathering people to support her. She is doing Ben's bidding now, but she is biding her time.

isibell said...

Midnightstrider & Twinkle - You know, ever since the first TLE podcast where the idea of Rousseau as an Other was presented to me I've been thinking about it. I think I have to agree with this idea. Rousseau has always been presented to us as nuts, but also fully capable of taking care of herself, and fully knowledgeable about the island; how it works, how to survive on it, how to get around without being seen. It would seem to me that, even though she seems to limit her wandering due to 'fear' of certain areas of the island, by now she would have stumbled onto a settlement as large as Otherville.

That having been said, I still can't see why Benry would willingly submit himself to being captured by anyone, Rousseau included. What if the 'sickness' that Rousseau's group caught wasn't a sickness at all, but a change of the rest of her group from individuals to members of the Others. (her group wasn't killed but instead captured and brainwashed.)

Midnightstrider said...

Isibell - That’s a very interesting theory, but it still seems like a plot to me. I mean, he knew he wouldn't be welcome at the losties camp, he knew there was a possibility of getting hurt by the losties, but he wanted information from them, so he did it. Why wouldn't he purposely get himself captured?

capcom said...

Yes, I am skeptical about Rousseau as well. I think that if she is not just a total red-herring (now I'm paranoid after reading that Jeep ARG instruction!), her stories and behavior are so wacky, and don't measure up to much scrutiny. I think that she could be an Other as well. What if the story of her team was all a big lie to Sayid? What if she and Benry put him up in the tree and then called Sayid, knowing that he would want to take Benry to "work on him" a bit, just to get Benry into the Swan station? What if she is a part of the Others, as is Alex? But maybe Alex doesn't like the Others and wants to be with the Lostaways and try to get off the island to be a normal teenager with Karl. What if, times infinity!!! Aaaggghhhh! Or, I could be wrong. :-)

maven said...

midnightstrider and isibell: Your discussion about Ben going to the Losties got me thinking. Apparently it was something planned from the beginning because he had the Henry Gale story all ready and set to go when he would be questioned about his identity. I think he was going to just walk into the Losties' camp as Henry Gale, a balloonist who crashed on the island and buried his wife. He got caught in Rousseau's net, a mistake on his part...not part of the plan, but he worked it to his advantage. He did not purposely get captured in the net. Now, Rouseau's been on that island a long time, and you would think she would have been able to find out about Othertown. She definitely seems to know her way around and has great survival skills. I don't think she is an other (or part of another other faction). If she was she would have found out about Alex. Othertown has most likely set up excellent defenses, and have created a fear in her that doesn't let her get to close to that part of the island/land mass.

capcom said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
maven said...

Now the question is: Was Juliet in charge of Othertown while Ben was away? Was she the one who came up asking for Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Hurley in exchange for Walt? Or was that part of a master plan? She does seem to resent him being back in charge again.

capcom said...

Well Maven, that's very plausible about Ben planning the Henry Gale get-up in advance to getting netted by Rousseau. Walking into Lostie camp would seem easy with that story, if Benry did not know anything about Sayid's, um, "skills".

I think that my brain is splitting in half over this story! The left side thinks one way, and the right side thinks another.

capcom said...

I bet that Juliet was in charge. She seems to have more control over critical matters then say, Tom or any of the other lackeys that we've seen so far. It seems that she reports directly to Ben with no middle management in between, up to this point.

maven said...

Capcom: I know what you mean! Everyone has such got points to make. Just when I think I've got it all figured out, someone posts something that throws everything off! Knowing the producer's, anything can really happen with the story. Everyone's theories have merit.

Twinkle said...

Wasn't it interesting how Ben could threaten Juliet's life - lock her in with Jack when the station flooded - seemingly without fear of consequences if she didn't survive or even if she did? And Juliet didn't retaliate by taking formal action?

Personally I don't think we've seen who's running the Others. We could only be seeing one little corner that these two are fighting over.

maven said...

Twinkle: I think the Jack "escape" was all planned. Ben and Juliet knew that opening the door would let in water, but not really flood the whole place. Juliet was part of the plan...Something to make her seem more trustworthy to Jack. We all know Jack would never trust Ben. I don't think he remembers that it was Juliet that knocked him out. I believe they're playing Good Cop/Bad Cop with Jack.

WV: gonyyprk - Gooney Park (another name for Othertown?)

Twinkle said...

Good cop, bad cop. Could be. As for the flooding of the station, the look on Ben's face as he shut the door while Juliet was racing to it seemed to mean something personal.

isibell said...

Plus the look Juliet gave Ben when he told Jack to go ahead and kill her. No...I think they are both playing Jack, no question. The question is who is playing who between the two of them. I agree with the good cop bad cop theory. They are going to want to gain trust from whom ever they intend to 'keep', which more and more looks like it's going to be only Jack. What better way to get someone to trust you than to have a hand in saving both yourself and them from mortal peril? It's just one of those situations that create an instant bond. So if Benry plays on the fact that Jack already doesn't like him then...Plus Juliet is a girl, and instantly more trustworthy. (don't whine...that's just the way it always seems to be.)

And here's something else to wrap your head around. there's been talk that we will find out about more hatches this season. Does anyone know which hatch the losties passed on their way to the Black Rock with Arzt during the first season? It's in the epp. where we loose our beloved science teacher, tucked into the back of a rock outcrop. If you aren’t looking for it as a hatch door it looks like a mistake by the production people. I'd laugh so hard if that's the fire hatch.

Of corse maybe it's just the swan hatch without vines in front of it.

isibell said...

And yes...I know the stuff about the random hatch is....random. But I thought of it again after listing to the official Lost podcast for this week this afternoon. It's one of those sets and props things that's bugged me for ages. Like the post year 2000 washer and dryer in the retro 70's swan hatch.

capcom said...

More hatches? Oh boy!

Yes Isibell, like they'd upgrade the washers and not the computers that merely KEEP THE INCIDENT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN! That bugged me too, but I am also prone to nitpicking sets and props, it's fun. :-)

memphish said...

Rewatching epi. 2 and got a new idea regarding Jae's death. So far the most plausible theories I've heard have been suicide because of the pearls or a second Mr. Paik goon knowing that Jin was going to be a wuss. There have been people that have said it was Sun, but how could she, the one who Sawyer would bet against in the hot oil death match with Kate, throw him off the balcony? Here's how: she had a gun, just like she did when she faced down Colleen on the boat. And unlike Colleen, Jae knew she would use it unless he did what she said, namely launch himself off the balcony with the pearls. This could all be total baloney, but thought I'd share anyway. Less than 24 hours to the new episode! Yea!

memphish said...

Sorry to comment after myself, but I noticed something else. The sailboat stealing others had to have brought their own gasoline to the sailboat. 2 reasons. Number 1, we see Sun and Sayid dumping gasoline from a gas can on the bonfire. But more importantly to anyone who knows anything about sailing, there wasn't any gasoline on the boat to begin with. The engines on sailboats (and their gas tanks) are pretty tiny because you have, you guessed it, sail power. There is no way that Desmond in that storm had any gas left when he crashed, and even less chance that he had any left after Kelvin fixed the boat for 3 years and Desmond sailed for 2 weeks. That there was any gas for Sayid, Sun and Jin to find was baloney. Of course, the Others must have gas because they fueled the boat that Michael and Walt left on somehow. Guess they brought their own gas can when they came to the sailboat because they clearly leave the pier under motor power not sail power.

memphish said...

Back again. I know; I should watch the whole thing then comment, but then they'd be really long.

Now I'm totally in the Sun killed Jae camp because at the funeral Mr. Paik says, "I'm told he jumped from the balcony," to which Sun replies, "Father. Will you ever tell him." How does Sun know that Jin doesn't know that she slept with Jae? Because she was there!

audiopimp said...

hi, just listened to podcast #2.
I think a fact about the ballerina episode (which wasn't really brought up) is that jin knows way more than people assume. He is one smart & silent cookie. He knew about sun's affair (very evident in his confrontation of Jae) but said nothing to her, and she never realised how aware he was of her deceptions.
Now we hear he understands more english than people think. I'm betting he will gradually become an english speaker on the show, just through picking up on other people's conversations.

- side note - i don't get why saiid felt he had to trick the koreans into setting the others trap. They would have been down..? anyway...
here are my thoughts on other show related issues so far:

1) Jae definately jumped on his own. Hearing that Jin would kill him if he 'ever made cantact again' (implying with sun). He chose suicide rather than exile and a life without her. He was in love, it was forbidden, he got busted, game over. The clutched pearls said it all.

2) The losties are all evil. somehow. The more we flashback the dirtier they all become. I think we are going to progressively learn through their past stories that each and every one of them are best removed from society.
Even our favourite nice guys such as hurley. evil somehow. wait & see...

3) Rousseau i don't think is an other.
Although it would make perfect sense for her to be the scare tactic, to warn the losties away from certain island areas and plant the myths about the others and the island history.
The problem i have with this is that there would be no real reason (from the others' point of view) to want to warn the losties about kidnappings and make the others out to be the bad guys. She also shot ben with an arrow after releasing him from the trap, and he tried to run away. why would he? if she was in on it there would be no need to stage that little incident. Also, her daughter alex seems to be an unhappy camper with the others, and appears to have run away from their confines. I'm picking a reunion sometime soon. Either that or a french led war on the others to get alex back.

4) Ben & Juliet - definately were an item.
The whole season 3 intro was about juliet getting over some recent emotional bombshell. Ben used to live with Juliet and host the book club there occasionally, now he's been tossed out and Juliet is claiming the house as hers (host of the meeting gets to choose the book - the guy moans that ben wouldn't have picked that book, juliet jumps on that saying its her place and she is the host). It's possible Ben and Colleen may have had something on the side going on. Those 2 chicks hate each other. This may also explain the touchy nerves and anger of pickett - her supposed partner.
Ben & Juliet are now working together out of necessity because of their positions in the experiments/study, yet have an awkward tension between them now because of whatever happened.
As to their ranks within the group - I think there will be a yet unknown head honcho running things, possibly away from the island at the present.
Yes Juliet is deliberately tricking Jack with extra nice acting, but i think she will genuinely fall for him and mess up her loyalty to the dharma programme or whatever is going on. She bakes muffins remember, that food she baked jack was her wanting to do something special for him. It begins with her doing it because its 'the plan' and also to spite ben, but her jack fondness will become for real i believe.

also - haven't heard from smokey the monster in a while. let's see some unexpected attacks just so we don't forget all about how dangerous it is out there... 2 cents

scoutpost said...

Aloha! Back from Earthquake mean Hawaii. Haven't had time to really read comments from epi 2 and have had to put in lots of kid time since we got home, but I will be back in full force for epi 3.
We were on the Big Island- apparently the epicenter was just a few miles off the coast of where our hotel/resort was located. Fortunately we (and everyone else) was ok and the hotel/resort we were at was operating almost back to normal after lunch. Our flight out Sunday night as on time, and we were home on time yesterday morning. Earthquakes are not a fun experience. I honestly thought our hotel building was going to collapse on top of us. Hope I never have to experience anything like that again. Glad to be back!

And- thanks all for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it and am sure it made a difference.

InEnglandAndLost said...

Afternoon TLC...

Something I noticed from watching Ep 2 again last night was Colleen saying "the Iraqi" instead of "Sayid". Surely if they all know about them, then she would've said his name! I don't think the Others know everything about everyone, and might be scared of some of them coming back. any thoughts?

Also, the others getting to the boat... Sayid and Jin weren't on the dock, they were in the jungle, watching one part of it! I think the others came in on the dock, but from a hidden entrance near to it! My theory anyway!


k.barrick said...

Gooooooood MORNING!!!!

::falls back asleep, slamming head on desk::

Dennis said...

Good Morning Everyone! HAPPY LOST DAY!

InEnglandAndLost said...Something I noticed from watching Ep 2 again last night was Colleen saying "the Iraqi" instead of "Sayid". Surely if they all know about them, then she would've said his name! I don't think the Others know everything about everyone, and might be scared of some of them coming back. any thoughts?

That's an interesting observation.

That may have just been a derogatory way of referring to Sayid. I would assume that they would know everyone's names from "the list". Colleen didn't have any trouble remembering Sun's full name - Sun-Hwa Kwon.

Maybe each Other has been assigned certain Losties to "learn" about, sort of like a research project.

Passafist said...

I said on the first ediition of the podcast, I am totally convinced the others are adpet at Cold Reading. Watch any episode of John Edwards program and you will see that it's pretty easy to get almost any kind of information out of people by letting them tell you themselves.

For instance Juliet has rudimentary facts about Jack. Followed by a big"phony" file and Ethan's own recon, you could discover and make it sound like you know everything.

Dennis said...

"Hi, my name is Benjamin Linus and I've lived on this island all my life."

I've been thinking about this, and what if Ben is telling the truth?

We know other people have been living on the island for a long time. The Black Rock and the Four-Toe statue are evidence of that. If we assume Ben's age is between 40 and 50, he would have been born in the 50s or 60s. This means he lived on the island before the Dharma Initiative was founded.

I'm thinking that Ben and some of the Others were NOT part of the DI, but are the reason the DI failed. The same thing that is happening to our Losties might have happened to the DI people when they showed up one day on Ben's island. Maybe Ben joined the DI, or some of the DI people may have joined Ben. The "other" Others could be the remaining DI people who didn't want to join Ben, or the reamining Ben people who didn't join the DI.

Thrasher76 said...

Good Morning Losties! Been out of touch for a few days. Nice Podcast! Going to go read the comments now. Be back sooner or later!

Twinkle said...

Dennis: I like that. Others have homework! LOL! I wonder what the Others internally in their meetings call the Losties. It could be that calling Sayid "the Iraqi" is what they call him among themselves. Wonder what they'd call the others?

Passafist: I like your theory that they are using "Holmes" logic to figure things out that they don't technically know. I still say they have a source on the outside feeding them supplies and info, but there is no way logically that Juliet could have answered "happy" for how Jack's ex wife was doing. How can someone outside of a relationship with a person (and many times not even then) tell if a person is truly happy? I think Juliet was just saying what she thought would be best stratigically.

Twinkle said...

Thrasher! Tried on any nice dresses lately?

Thrasher76 said...

I have been so busy at work that when I come home I literally pass out. No time for dress fittings, no time for much of anything. But we are going to move closer to both of our jobs next month.

Twinkle said...

And did anyone else think Sun was just about as surprised at Colleen that she pulled the trigger?

Twinkle said...

Hooray for you, thrasher! Keep up posted. Moving can be tough.

Codysmom said...

Good morning, all! Can't wait til looks to be an EXCELLENT epi

passafist & goog....once again, an awsome podcast!! And congrats on being added to the Lost Podcasting Network!

Maven....I agree, Juliet is most interesting

Dennis....thanks for all the links from LYCGY (which is down now? back to the old site removed/holiday season card).
Dennis said...
OOOH! I found some VERY INTERESTING notes in the files about how the ARG was run!
How did you find this? (nice new avatar, BTW).

audiopimp....I agree with much of what you said, but Hurley is evil?!?!?? I can't believe that!!!

Scoutpost, glad you're safely back!

Totengraber said...

Happy Lost Day!

Hey FYSB, I think we need some zombies on the island this week. Watca' think?

Dig Y'all Later

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Still busy at work but managed to slip online.

Maven I agree with you that Jack's escape was completely planned and that Juliet was never in any real danger. It's all part of the mind games they are using to break doen Jack. I also agree with you Passafist saying that Juliet is Cold Reading Jack. It's actually quiet esy to do as long as you are preceptive and observant, It was a party trick of mine ;)

I am also certaint that whether or not Danielle was in on it was Ben's intention to get into the Hatch. Up until that point he was a passive observer but once inside he could influence and divide the Losties, especially Locke who he manipulated very easily.

With regards to the death of Jae Lee I agree with Audiopimp I cannot see that Sun would kill Jae, she is a liar not a psychopath. Yes she killed Colleen, although I think she surprised herself by that, but by the time shot Colleen, her whole world had changed, she had gone through all sorts of unbelievable experiences in the previous 70 days and her whole frame of reality has shifted. It is completely different to just go and kill someone you love in cold blood. I mean who hear could just toss someone they love of a building?

Cool I didn't hear any cries of I can (else I'd be running).

Anyway those are a few thoughts, I'm back to work now

InEnglandAndLost said...

Maybe Ben has been on the island all his life - Like in religion, he may have been "born again"

Dark Angel said...

Ohh I'm meant to be working....

I don't think all the Losties are evil, I think that they are all either responsible for, or feel that they are responsible for the death of another (eg Hurley, Jack or Sun). They all need to face their personal demons and find their redemption.

Dennis said...

Twinkle said...I wonder what the Others internally in their meetings call the Losties. It could be that calling Sayid "the Iraqi" is what they call him among themselves. Wonder what they'd call the others?

Maybe they have nicknames for everyone, like Sawyer does - although not as clever: Sayid is "the Iraqi", Jin is "the Korean", Jack is "the Doc", Kate is "the Babe".

Codysmom said...Dennis....thanks for all the links from LYCGY (which is down now? back to the old site removed/holiday season card).

You can still get to the "presentation" here:

How did you find [the notes about how the ARG was run]? (nice new avatar, BTW).

Well, i'm still in TLE mode, so when I saw the site had changed (thanks Eugene!), I cleared my internet cache and visited all the pages of the new site. When I was done, I copied all of the files out of my cache into a new folder where I could examine them. There was an extra XML file in there that had the presentation info. I didn't see any way to get that info from the site directly.

Codysmom said...

Thanks, dennis!

I agree with dark angel; that all the losties are not evil, but have a need "to face their personal demons and find their redemption".

The shows thus far have certainly centered on flashbacks that give us a closer look into Jack's and Sun's darker sides. So, are they making us hate the others and then they'll show us their "good" sides?

Dark Angel said...

Seeing the truth behind all the survivors of Flight 815 I'm going to look very carefully at all the passengers next time I fly ;)

Crossfade said...
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Crossfade said...

Happy Lost Day LoCo!

Any thoughts on Mr. Eko's well being? (Possible focus in tonight's episode)

Dark Angel said...


*********SPOILERish (sort of) ***************

Well as he's a paid up cast member I guess we can assume he is alive.

**********Spoiler END************

Crossfade said...

******POSSIBLE SPOILER (not really)********

Maybe just for flashbacks? Probably not. I say he's justfine and as faithful as ever. (Considering he was right about the hatch) He may start re-building the church.

*********End Lame Spoiler*********

maven said...

Morning all! Wednesday's are always exciting around here!

FYI: Latest Ratings!
1. Grey's Anatomy 22.88
2. CSI-Thurs 2.85
3. esperate Housewives 20.64
4. Dancing with the Stars 20.10
5. Dancing with the Stars-Results 18.21
6. CSI: NY 17.97
7. NFL Post-Game 17.95
8. CSI: Miami 17.60
9. 60 Minutes 17.28
10. LOST 16.89
11. Criminal Minds 16.73

Well, we made the Top Ten! We were 4th last week. :(

Crossfade said...

Maorning Mave! Ratings are disappointing, but happy I'm to see that LOST is still in the top 10.

Crossfade said...

Maorning = Morning (How did that typo happen? My fingers shouldn't have been anywhere near the "a" key.)

capcom said...

Welcome back to the relative safety of the Mainland Scoupost! We were worried about you.

Thank you everyone for posting the websites that you all find in your Lostie research. A big part of the fun of this blog to me is all the extra things that I learn from you all on the fringes of Lostie knowledge.

I really don't understand that whole fiasco that Sayid planned for suposedly catching the Others. It didn't seem to work out well at all and I'm still confused about the futiliy of it. I thought that TPTB wanted us to believe that Sayid was an expert at that kind of thing. Unless, TPTB are tricking us into thinking that the Others have won, and in an upcoming ep the rest of Sayid's plan will be carried out, i.e., catching the Others on the boat and holding them hostage as planned. Weird. I don't know what to think.

Thrasher76 said...

I am not going to get to see tonights episode live, but I am DVR-ing it. (is that a word?) Glad to see the usual suspects here discussing Lost. My apologies for not being here more often. I have not had "me" time in some time. But I am here for a short bit today and I will bop in tomorrow after I watch the epi. (I am off tomorrow) YAY!!!

maven said...

IEAL: Re: Sayid being called "the Iraqi" by Coleen. I tend to agree that it is a derogatory term for him. Remember, they probably are aware of the current terrorism situation in the outside world, and it would be a way to demean him.

Twinkle and Passafist: I like the cold reading theory. Isn't that the gimmick that so-called mindreaders use? Using this technique and maybe some lurking in the jungle and overhearing things, they could get the scoop on the losties. And when Juliet told Jack that Sarah was "happy" was just something he wanted to hear.

I'm still sticking to suicide for Jae Lee. I can't believe that Sun would have pushed him over the balconey. She may be a liar, but she wouldn't kill her lover, especially after Jin had beat him up. If she was in that hotel room hiding and saw Jin beat Jae Lee up she would have known that Jin didn't know about the affair. And she wouldn't have asked her father at the funeral if he was going to tell Jin.

Dark Angel and Codysmom: I agree that the Losties are not evil. They may be flawed and have done "bad" things in the past, but are not evil. By being on the island and having time to think and reflect on their past actions (those flashbacks are basically what they are thinking about), they are seeking redemption. They are not perfect, but then, who is?

Dennis: Thanks for all your hard work on LYCGY! It's great that we still have TLE computer experts around.

Scoutpost: Glad to hear you made it safely out of Hawaii! Wow, you were so close to the must have been pretty scary. I was in the 1994 Northridge quake, and it was frightening. Everyone here was thinking about you.

Thrasher: Glad to hear from you! Sounds like you're working pretty hard at your new job.

Crossfade said...

Good to see you Thrash!

capcom said...

Maven, those ratings are disappointing, but at least Lost hit the top ten as you say. And considering that it is pretty much up against sports and gratuitous sex and violence, it's not doing that bad. Hopefully that is good enough for the network sponsors. I wish that I knew how to get one of those Nielson ratings boxes for my TV!

Thrasher76 said...

OMG!!! I forgot you were there Scoutpost!!! Glad you are ok! Did my helpful hints, umm, help? I am looking forward to tonights epi. but I won't see it until I get home real late or wait until tomorrow. I don't think I wil lbe able to wait until tomorrow.

Maven - Yes I have been working pretty hard, but in retail you bust your hump from now until Christmas then you can breath and relax. I guess it is better than sitting in front of the PC all day and not really working. But I did get to "hang" with all of you and I had a great time during the ARG.

Crossfade said...

Thrash: I've had all week off from school, but football practice has been in the mornings from 7:30 CST to about 10:30 or so. I've been able to talk some, not much at all. Tommorrow I might be on. I have an MRI on my left knee today. (Possible Medial Meniscus tear) and a doctor appointment early tommorrow. I'll try to be on.

Thrasher76 said...

Dang!! I hope I you get better Cross. That stinks at such a young age!

maven said...

Hey, Crossfade: Good to see you around, too. Sorry about your knee. Good luck with that!

Whatever happened to Belly?

Crossfade said...

Yeah I know. I did it at practice. I had been starting at offensive line. (I'm a sophomore) One day I was blocking and had a linebacker try to takle our running back. He slung around and took my leg out with his. Kind of a freak thing. It bothered me for a while, but I didn't get it checked out. I played and practiced on it for about three weeks, but it didn't get better and I had a significant loss in playing time due to it. SO, I finally got it checked out last week and he gave me the bad news. But, if it turns out to be bad enough to have surgery, It want be a major operation. It's outpatient surgery and it shouldn't bother me long-term.

maven said...

ABC Lost site has some interesting bios about the characters. Nothing we already don't know, though. Click here for bios

Thrasher76 said...

Alrighty gang, check in wiht you all tomorrow at some point!

Crossfade said...

See ya thrash.

Twinkle said...

Dark Angel said...

Seeing the truth behind all the survivors of Flight 815 I'm going to look very carefully at all the passengers next time I fly ;)

The best thing about TLE and this community for me is to not put people in boxes as much. We just categorize people for short hand and assume a lot of things about them. But real people are deeper than that. Just today I caught myself assuming something about someone only to find out some details that opened up how much deeper she really was.

So now when I'm with a bunch of strangers I think to myself, "That person has a lot more history than they just show on their face and I should approach them with more reverence. - And who knows, one of them could actually be someone I talk to on TLC!"

crossfade: Speedy recovery! And may everything go by the book.

Twinkle said...

meh...(to quote Belly)...I didn't say that well. Let's say, "The best thing I've learned because of TLE and this community is to not put people in boxes as much..." I'm hoping the lesson will stick.

Twinkle said...

Because Belly said, "meh," all the time not because he didn't say things well. Oh well, my linguistic acuity is dimishing. ;-) I'd better go nap now. Hope you're doing well, Belly, wherever you are!

Crossfade said...

Thanks Twinkle!

CattyGirl said...

Just wanted to drop in to say 'hi' and let you all know that I am here reading. I just don't have anything to really add to the group right now. Today is the anniversary I was speaking about a couple weeks ago. I'm thinking that my husband and I will be going to dinner, but I'm just going to have to fit Lost in there somewhere. hehehe.

capcom said...

Happy nappy Twinkle! I agree, and it looks like the concept of Lost the show, is of a large percentage about TPTB illustrating how different people are; how you only see the tip of the iceberg when you first meet or see them; how deep and dense is the underpart of the iceberg, that is their essense and history; how personal history affects how people act/react; and how everyone can change to be better in the future, if they so desire. Quite a lot to put in a mere TV show -- and to have an engrossing plot at the same time is pretty impressive. Morality Plays don't really do that well on TV, with a few exceptions every now and then, but TPTB have woven their thoughtful concepts into the story and plot of Lost (and TLE) as well as Rod Serling did in The Twilght Zone. IMHO, anyway.

capcom said...

Cattygirl....Lost by candlelight with champagne and chocolates, on a fur rug in front of the TV, etc.....not too shabby an idea for an anniversery! :-)

Codysmom said...

Happy Anniversary, cattygirl! I like capcom's idea...

Anyone see nightline last night? "ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper sat down with executive producers and writers J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to talk about the show, the mythologies, and its place in TV history."

Transcript of the interview is here:

capcom said...

Thanks for the transcript Codysmom, that was great! I love where TPTB's heads area at creatively and philosophically.

Crossfade said...

There's also a vid of the interview.

CattyGirl said...

Thank you so much for posting about that interview. I really enjoyed it and once again see things that I missed the first time around.

'Lets roll'

maven said...

I like the idea that the group here at TLE/TLC is like the Losties in a way. We've all come together (although of our own choosing), and we've gotten to know each other bit by bit. I know when I first started the ARG in May, I was very leery of revealing anything about myself. I'd heard that chatrooms/forums/blogs should be totally anonymous. But as time went by, the barriers were dropped. Hopefully, we're not hiding things like the Losties, but we've let each other know our birthdays, anniversaries, trip plans, marital situation, ages, kids, the meaning of our usernames, where we live, and some even know some real names

Dennis said...

FYI, You might want to watch the video and read the transcript. The transcript has WAY more interview than the video, and the video has interviews with other people besides CC, JJ, and DL.

wv: dzizcnn = 'dis is CNN?

maven said...
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maven said...

Codysmom: Thanks for the link to the transcript. Very interesting that Desmond and Ben's characters grew into more major parts of the story because of how great the actors are.

Also like their comments about how crazy and obsessed we all are! LOL

Dennis said...

Yes, the best quote is:

There are people who spend more time thinking about "Lost" than we spend thinking about "Lost." And we spent a lot of time thinking about "Lost."

What? Why are you looking at me??!?!

Twinkle said...

Dennis! LOL! They need some of us on staff.

isibell said...

That might be dangerous Twinkle.

LifeObstacle said...

Good afternoon, and thanks codysmom. That was a great distraction from work.

“We try to set up characters and then get you to bite on a certain stereotype or a certain kind of judgment that you might make about this character and then try to kind of completely reverse field on that.”

Now we can no longer trust any character on the show no matter how much we think we know them.

Twinkle said...

“We try to set up characters and then get you to bite on a certain stereotype or a certain kind of judgment that you might make about this character and then try to kind of completely reverse field on that.”

I knew it! Hope they can out-think us. ;-)

thinbluemime said...

codysmom, I would have missed the NightLine article if you had not posted the link, so I appreciate that.

The article confirms a Lost theme I have documented, and has gone relatively unnoticed.

Here again is the NightLine link, on one "print" page:

And here is one of several blogs with pics that show the 9-11 - Lost influence

Note the blog entry date, so this is NOT new, news.

capcom said...

Re; "...and then try to kind of completely reverse field on that [character]" : I really hope that TPTB are not too serious about doing this, there is such a thing as the need to keep the people in a story "in character", which is important and makes the story more real to the reader/viewer (and I'll add, gamer).

I can accept what has happened to Locke (with his character swings from one way to the next a few times over), because his personality was pretty unstable to begin with and he was trying to find himself. But I hope that TPTB don't mean that they would have a character do something completely out of line with their personality and personal idiosynchrasies without environmental cause. Oh well, we will have to see. Yippee, Lost Night!

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