Monday, January 29, 2007

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 10

Wow... ten episodes have flown by and in this episode your hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich invite guest David Penuel the Admin of to talk about his theories, predicitions, and to provide us with his "STATE OF THE COMMUNITY" Address. We also delve into the Stories of the Lost blog at Don't miss a special theory that was stolen (by permission) directly from The Generally Speaking Lost Podcast, and a long conversation about the two characters we love to hate.

Join in on the fun by sending your wild predicitions to our new podcast specific email address or by calling our brand new listener comment line at (732) 564-4763.

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Dennis said...

9 days until LOST!!!

CattyGirl said...

I know - I can't wait!!!

maven said...

Dennis: Thank you so much for the Countdown! We are all getting so antsy!

maven said...

Just listened to the new Podcast! Great to hear you guys again, including Admin and DA! Lots of good theories and idea thrown out there. There is so many ways the rest of the season can go, isn't there?

CattyGirl said...

I just listened too! I love the idea of having a guest on the show through a call-in on every episode. I have a feeling that some of these theories are going to be better than how the show actually ends up. lol

Thrasher76 said...

Ummm, Sixth!!!!

Since we have not had that fun in a long time!!!

9 whole days!!!!

Thrasher76 said...

Nice Podcast!!! I miss these from time to time!! The production quality is amazing!!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hey, thrasher - congrats in advance to the little thrasher to be. :) Hopefully, you'll have a son, so you can call him "my boy," Michael style!

My husband and I are going the other route - house first. We move in this weekend. Yikes!

Oh, and maven - congrats on the grandchild! That's so great! Is this your first?

Dennis said...

WooHoo! Three new episodes of Day Break are now available on the Full Episode Player.

I know what I'm doing tonight (Miami Vice will have to wait ;)

If you haven't seen Day Break, I highly recommend it. It will make you think, like Lost, but ALL of the questions will be answered by the last episode. The first nine episodes are available, so you can watch one every night until Lost starts!

maven said...

Dennis: You must be very happy! :)

Melissa-lossa: Yes, it's our first!

Fish_Biscuit said...

Congratulations on all the new additions (and soon to be additions)!

Can't wait to get home so that I can download the new podcast!

WV: xdjspkr

CattyGirl said...

Lots of Congratulations to be said here! ...and a thank you to Dennis for reminding me about Day Break being available. I'm so excited! I hope I get time to start watching tonight. :)

scoutpost said...

Hey all! 9 days left- woot!!!
dennis said...
I know what I'm doing tonight (Miami Vice will have to wait ;)

That is just too funny. Ok going to try to listen to the podcast now, can't wait. I'm so glad the community is coming back to life!

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

As ever David and the Goog did a fine job, I apologise if my bit was somewhat rambling!

We're suffering from Heroes withdrawl here - we've just watched the first 12 episodes in 5 days. I don't know what we're going to do when Lost, Heroes and Prison Break all finish :(

Anyway looking forward to loads ofposts here and on the Stories of the Lost after the 7th - I'm off for Dinner know



Anonymous said...

What do you guys think about the spoiler warnings in the podcast?? Is how I handled it better than how we used to handle it??

Christine#2 said...

Dang it, I didnt see the new post. I posted a message on the other one. Oh well. Just was saying that I am having IVF in March, so I plan on adding some more members to the community too. Good luck to you thrasher!
Maven, is there still a chat room? I lost the link.

maven said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
maven said...

My best wishes for your success, Christine! I haven't been to chat in ages! I don't know if it's still active. Anyone?

Passifist: I think what you guys did on this podcast is a pretty good way for those who avoid spoilers to listen and then turn down the volume for the amount of time you said. I, for one, am not spoiler-phobic, but I did appreciate the warning. Keep up the great work. You guys are awesome!

scoutpost said...

Hey finally listened to the podcast. Awesome job guys, as usual. David it was good to hear your voice again.
Passafist, I liked the spoiler intro- think you should keep it. I've got a theory that I'll try to either call in or email to you this week.

Maven, I never congratulated you on your grandma to be status- so congrats! That's so exciting. So what kind of quilt are you making for your 1st grandchild?
Christine- my best wishes to you with the IVF, I know that can be tough, but I hope it all goes well for you and that you will have great success. Keep us posted on when to expect Christine jr.

scoutpost said...

Oh I meant to say that if you're interested in the Heroes 360 ARG, there's been quite a bit of activity over there this afternoon/evening so remember to check it out.

scoutpost said...

Sorry to clog the blog tonite- but does anyone remember when the "incident" occurred...or do we know? I was watching S1 epis which brought it to mind, but I can't remember.

Amused2bHere said...

Still here, although lurking. Life has been heating up lately, all good things but they have been interfering with my online life. Eh, it bees that way sometimes.

Eight days to LOST!!!!

Glad to see all the familiar faces checking in lately. Nice to have a place to call home. :::Settles into favorite recliner::: Ah, now where's the remote?

DeDJeZTeR said...

Hey guys Great job again... it just keeps getting better and the production value is the best of all podcasts I have ever listened to.
About the name change thing, they may have been reffering to the change from TheLostExperienceClues to TheLostCommunity... just a thought.
A good theory with the Locke/SUV bit.. it could be a possibility.
The theory of Lockes dad/OG Sawyer has been traveling around here since the TLE days, as far back as June or July, so as far as I am concerned... we did it. (Stephen Colbert)
They are both (Nikki and Paulo) gonna die, cause thats what happens when red socks put their noses where they do not belong.
My question about the numbers is, now that the Hatch went implooey, has Hurley's bad fraking luck subsided or is he still the jinx he was when he came to the island?
Lurkers unite and come forth in a better way than Nikki and Paulo... lol
DA way to go man, you naver siece to enthrall me with what you have to say. The Dark others is a good name for them, although I do not think the Real Others are unaware of them. I think they are a seperate faction of the others, as stated by TPTB in the last podcast. DA on the live tip... good call.
Didn't really like the Fleece song... just my personal taste, I like things a bit more torn up and dirty... think Ramones or Blackflag or even Slipknot.
If Ben does die it will be during his recovery, and not immediatly the result of Doc fix-em-up.
If we don't see Penny it will have been a total waste of that whole bit of the season finale. We have waited to damn long to see what will become of this.
What did the monster read from the pilot that led to his quick death, that is the next question that needs to be answered.
In one of the promo bits they, show someone (an Other) getting there sights on Kate with a gun and suddenly with no one behind him, he gets hit in the head. I believe that this is Alex (with her trusty slingshot) and that the idea of Alex and Karl or Carl joining the Lostaways is a good one, but how does karl really fit in, and how would he get away. He isn't being held in the (easily escapable) cages anymore so he is probably in a cell similar to Jacks, especially with the fact that he has tried to escape before.

Well that is it for me, for now... but ideas change and theories evolve so it may very well not be the last of me... lol

C-ya and Namaste

DeDJeZTeR said...

oh and amused...

Have you looked in the cusions... that is where mine always ends up... LQTM

Dennis said...

Good Morning All...

8 more days until Lost!!!!

FYSB said...

More importantly Dennis....only ONE MORE DAY til George Lopez!!!
mwah hah hah

memphish said...

I just listened to an incredibly interesting interview of a woman who was in the Biosphere 2 project. She's written a book and was interviewed on NPR. You can listen to it here.

Listening to her I couldn't help but think of the Others. She ended up married to one of the other people. There was a split between the 8 people over survival vs. science. Further, the people involved in the experiment went into it with this idea that they were doing something very important and noble, while most of us thought they were kind of nutty.

Only 8 more days until Lost. Boy I hope the next episode doesn't drag like both Heroes and 24 did last night.

Dennis said...

FYSB said...only ONE MORE DAY til George Lopez!!!


I noticed that ABC has shuffled their Wednesday lineup again. The Knights of Prosperity and According to Jim have swapped time slots.

It's like musical chairs over there at ABC.

I still don't see what a bunch of fourth-place comedies have in common with Lost...

Dennis said...

Ha Ha - I see why now... Knights of Prosperity Pretty Much Canceled

maven said...

Dennis: ABC better get it's act together for Wednesday night lead-ins to Lost! Those sitcoms are such losers (although Knights does have it's moments). At least after Idol, there's only local news....hopefully, everyone turns to LOST

capcom said...

Hi All!

You all are so funny, I wish that I could have had you LoCos for coworkers when I worked at IBM, I would have had no stress problems at all! There were a couple people like y'all, but not enough to keep the daily eeeeeeevil at bay.

Clog the blog, too funny Scoutpost. Nice to see you here again Amused. One more day till George, heh-heh, FYSB.

Ded you have some interesting thoughts. Do you think that maybe the Bleeper Twins could die like Arzt? That would be fulfilling! :o) ("Dude, you've got some Nikki on you....or is that Paolo?") I agree that TPTB need (or WE need them) to throw us a bone concerning Penny. Des needs some hope and a reason to think he'll see true love again in his life. He's so sad all the time, poor guy. :-( He's a lover, not a fighter. I really don't think that Hurley is bad luck though, I think that he had just succumbed to the fear of it, but maybe in this season he'll get his act together and take charge of his life....if Dave will let him. :-)

Knights of Prosperity seemed like a doofy premise to me. And Mick Jagger doesn't need any more royalties. I bet that ABC is not only running from Am.Idol, but they must also be worried about the Sopranos being in the 9 and 10 slots on A&E.

Thanks for the site on the Biosphere, Memphish. That was indeed supposed to be an important experiment, if successful it could have paved the way for biospheres on the moon, etc. I heard that it was found out that it turned out to be a big fib though, as in some way they actually did open it up for something, at some point, and didn't tell anyone until much later. I guess that I should go read the article.

Hey Dennis and Admins, any chance that on Lost Day we can get a little movie on the front page, of the counter flipping and going to glyphs with all the bells and whistles going? :-D

Ciao Friends.

ib4uc said...

capcom said... Hey Dennis and Admins, any chance that on Lost Day we can get a little movie on the front page, of the counter flipping and going to glyphs with all the bells and whistles going? Now that would be cool!

And cap, I know what you mean about funny people at work. We could all use more folk like the LoCos in the workplace.

Dennis... you're Chibbie, right? I was feeling kinda nostalgic and going through some old TLE sites and went to and came across a picture of chibbie with their goat and immediately thought of you and Charlotte.

Thrasher76 said...

I was into Heroes until last night, well, I still am but not like I was. The fundamental problem I see with the show is that they have TOO many supers and TOO many back stories all trying to be developed in under an hour, if they get tied together and form the Halls of Justice then it might be worth it. But it is sloppy story telling IMHO!!!

Lost is the best so far!

And only 9 days!!

memphish said...

Thrasher, I agree about Heroes last night, but I had to remind myself it's still January, not February (sweeps) and so I think we had a fill-in-the blank, get ready episode kind of like Three Minutes at the end of Season 2 of LOST.

Heroes did remind me though of why I love LOST and that's all the other references. I love the idea that the Others are Biosphere 2 run amok or that Ben is the guy from Of Mice and Men that got sick because he didn't have anyone to love. Heroes doesn't have that kind of stuff. And 24, forget about it. (But it does have Jack Bauer putting a plastic bag over Dr. Romano's head. Now that's fun TV.)

Dennis said...

capcom said...any chance that on Lost Day we can get a little movie on the front page, of the counter flipping and going to glyphs with all the bells and whistles going? :-D

That would be flippin' sweet! I'll see what I can do...

ib4uc're Chibbie, right? I was feeling kinda nostalgic and going through some old TLE sites and went to and came across a picture of chibbie with their goat and immediately thought of you and Charlotte.

Yes. I was "Chibbie" on WIA, and that was Charlotte and me. Good Times :)

Anonymous said...

Hi LoCo, I'm slowing coming back to life.. Sorry it's been so long without a post. I've been too sick and hospitalized to participate. I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things very soon. I'll listen to the pod casts and check out the convo on the other threads then I'll be up to snuff for Lost Day!!!!!!!

scoutpost said...

tlcm! So good to hear from you- glad you're back! I'm so sorry you've had such a rough ride lately. Hope things turn around for you soon, at least you'll have your favorite show soon to provide some entertainment and distraction.

ib4uc said...
And cap, I know what you mean about funny people at work. We could all use more folk like the LoCos in the workplace.

Well they don't call us loco for nothin'! LOL

You know regarding Heroes- I've been playing the ARG (sort of) and have not even seen 5 minutes of an episode! Don't have a clue. Oh well, I'm trying to keep that ARG at arms length anyway so I can devote what little time I have to LOST (and you LoCo's)

Eight more days- that's 1 week and 1 day! Almost half a fortnight...heh

You know the day after LOST day is my birthday, but my focus is so much on the LOST countdown that I keep forgetting about it (and I'm not sure that's such a bad thing!)

scoutpost said...

Ok one more thing-
what IS up with all the bad sitcoms on ABC these days?!

maven said...

TLCM: SO glad to hear from you! Kinda thought you might have been out of commission for a's great that you're back here! Hopefully, with the show starting up'll be inspired to stay well. We need your great comments here!

Re Heroes: I am enjoying the show, but just as pure entertainment...not trying to dissect each revelation or second-guess where this is going. I went over to the Heroes 360 ARG, but just following along. (Not much is happening anyway there yet.)

takes a village said...

10...9...8...It's getting exciting.
So glad everyone from tle is showing up too.
TCLM,we want you to pop in when you can; we are here for you.
Dennis, Do you think the ptb at ABC could make an Island trade? George Lopez and his wife for P.&.N.
Love to all,

capcom said...

TLCM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, so glad to hear from you!!!! I know that you have better things to do than blog on the net when you're trying to get better, but it is great to see you back again, checking in on the blog. It gets us worried when we don't hear from you. Well, take care of yourself, I wish there was something any of us could to to help you like doing your laundry for you or something. :o) Luvya!

Hey Memphish, what a great thought about Ben being sick because he was the lonely guy in the I the only one to only get that when you said it? That had never occurred to me. Now that you mention it, he certainly did recite that part of the book with a particular seriousness. Sheez, TPTBs are really, REALLY, deep. And yes, that is what makes Lost so special IMHO too!

Heroes was funny last night when Lt. Sulu showed up, especially as Hiro's dad! I agree about it being all over the place plot-wise, but it's still fun. Is something actually happening on the ARG? I didn't get anymore emails, should I be doing something? Meh. It's not TLE. :-( At least the emails from 360 weren't typed in RACHEL font. :o)

Scoutpost, I think that you should have a Lost birthday party! Start with tropical island decor (easy to get in the tiki section of Party City); a cake shaped like the Dharma symbol perhaps with your favorite station logo on it; you could play pin-the-tail-on-the-polar bear; OR play the Operation game! (winner gets a brand new lab coat?); goody bags could contain tropical flavored jelly bellys, licorice guns, and rubber sharks. Wow, you could go crazy!! :o)

G'night LoCos! Charlotte.....that was a sweet memory to recall her, sniff.

Christine#2 said...

ok, Feb7th is not getting here fast enough. I want to see it now!!!! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.
Sorry, I was just having a Veruca Salt moment. I hope the oompa loompas dont take me away! Please hurry feb 7th please!!!

Anonymous said...

It'll be weird being tied to the tv every Wednesday night again. I got used to doing other things Wednesday nights. Still, I can't wait until next week's episode #7!!! Yayy!!

LuckyGuyLikeMe said...

I finally had time to listen to the podcast... once again great job guys! It was very refreshing to listen to a new podcast again! I love hearing new theories, especially yours Dark Angel!

DeDJeZTeR said...

An open letter to the people who pulled "Daybreak"

You must have been the same people who created the end ing to TLE... and if you were this is the second dumbest thing you could have done. I have only watched two of the three episodes recently put on, and I have to say I am that much more in awe at the way this show is being done. Give a show a good try before you rip it from the line up for Gahds sake.


see my"HEROES ARG" post here for all the details so far...

TLCM... keep up the good fight man we are all pushing for you.

Scoutpost... take Capcoms idea... that sounds like a great idea... might even make a Dharma cake for the Re-opener... lol

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

glad you liked the theory, I had more but it was spread all over my laptop and I missed bits, I have a little bit to add but it a bit spoilery so I'll wait until after the 7th of Feb.

Sorry to hear Heroes wasn't up to scratch, I am planning to watch it tonight, mind you people thought it was slow to start whilst I was sucked in right away.

Dedjezter I will be checking out your Hereos post - I see another addiction comming up ;)

Dennis said...

7 more days until Lost!!

Guess who's back? The Lost Ninja!

takes a village said...

sorry for the dyslexia.

memphish said...

Yeah! It's only 7 more days. In honor of that I'm going to list my 7 favorite episodes and maybe even watch one per day to get ready. In counting down to Feb. 7th order

7. Pilot Part 1
6. Pilot Part 2
5. Walkabout
4. Exodus Part 1
3. Man of Science, Man of Faith
2. Lockdown
and just in time for Ep. 3.07
1. Live Together, Die Alone

How about everyone else. Got any kind of Top List?

chucklez3 said...

anyone here in the new york or northern new jersey area???

chucklez3 said...

i'm moving there. just accepted a job offer and taking the NYPD exam on 23rd.

a potential roommate just contacted me from Spring Valley, New York.

Just curious what that area is like.


blueheron13 said...

I'll have to think about a favorite episode list. Just wanted to pop in and say that ABC has posted a new Lost video podcast. There are at least a few new seconds of footage from ep 3.07 that haven't appeared in the Lost Moments or promos, I believe.

memphish said...

Thanks for the update blueheron. I've been avoiding ABC for fear of seeing more than I want to, and they've apparently given up their iTunes link as far as I can tell this season.

Melissa_Lossa said...

In the spirit of the one week countdown, I'll offer my top seven Lost catchphrases:

7. You All Everybody
6. The numbers are bad!
5. Dude.
3. See you in another life, brother (or brutha).
2. If we don't live together, we're going to die alone
1. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Melissa_Lossa said...

hey, blueheron! Cold as heck in this neck of the woods, eh? Snowing here AGAIN. :)

My husband and I are moving on Saturday, and we just got the weather report: high of 10.

Dark Angel said...

Hi Chucklez3,

wrong side of the Atlantic for me, good luck with the NYPD exams, talk about a job with global recognition :)

I've been hanging out in the spoiler section of the Fuselage, it's sooo negative there at times it can get a bit depressing. It's all
"ooh I'm such a fan I can't wait to see Lost back, but if they dare show Penny, Niki or Paulo then I'll never watch it again, and I'll be completely disappointed if I don't see Hurley and Desmond and Jin in a flashback together in the first three minutes of episode seven, and why haven't the writers used my fanfic, I even spelled most of it right, they just don't care about us real fans"

Sorry did that sound bitchy ;), Its so nice to be back in civilisation.

Dark Angel said...

He Melissa_Lossa

Snow sounds good, winter for me consisted of 36 hours of light snow and then temperatures climbed back to 10 degees (centigrade) above the seasonal norm.

I've got things flowering in the garden that shouldn't be flowering for another four months.... Oh well that's global warming for ya!

chucklez3 said...

dark angel:

yeah, prior service U.S. Marine and now trying for NYPD. i have issues? hahaha. j/k.

Dennis said...

Here is some info on the Lost special that will air at 9:00pm, before the new episode:

ABC once again invites new and avid "Lost" viewers to take another look at one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed shows. "Lost Survivor Guide" will explore the series in a way that will bring new viewers up to date -- but which current viewers will also find illuminating in anticipation of the return of the second act of the series' third season. From the back stories of some of the most interesting characters on television to the mysteries of the island, "Lost Survivor Guide" will provide an insightful glimpse into the lives of some of the survivors of the doomed Oceanic Airlines flight 815. Hosted by "Lost" executive producers Damon Lindelof (also a co-creator of the show) and Carlton Cuse, the special will be told in a linear fashion, culminating from pieces of the back stories revealed over multiple episodes in the series, "Lost Survivor Guide" focuses on the flashbacks of a core of characters -- illustrating who they were and what they were doing before the crash, and how the island has changed their lives, for better or worse. In addition, the island itself will be explored culled from events that have taken place which may reveal some of its secrets that might have been missed upon first viewing.

For those that enjoy spoilers, there are also mini summaries of the next four Lost episodes.

ib4uc said...

tlcm... it's good to hear from you. Hang in there!

melissa... love the catchphrases. Though it's not necessarily a catchphrase, the only thing I would add is any nickname Sawyer has for the other island folk.

dark angel... the one reason I avoid going to other lost-related blogs or message boards is because of the negativity/nastiness. Good riddance to those who are going to stop watching just because they don't get their way (wah wah).

chucklez3... yeah, good luck on the NYPD exam. Kudos to anyone in that line of work.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Believe me, Dark Angel - the snow is welcome. We've been having warm weather as well, until just a couple of weeks ago. Now it's been snowing almost every day. I don't mind it - I just wish the warm weather was still around for our move!

blueheron13 said...


You're right about the cold. It feels like it goes right through you when the wind blows around the buildings here in Detroit. I forget, but are you on the west side of the state and have to deal with the Lake Michigan lake-effect snow?

Also, I see that DarkUFO made a new page on his blog with all the Lost Moment videos and promos/trailers. Maybe he got the idea from the previous TLC post?

Melissa_Lossa said...

Yeah, I'm on the west side. Luckily, Grand Rapids is just far enough from the lakeshore to miss most of the lake effect. The lakeshore is getting hammered this week, from what I hear.

Dennis said...

Upcoming Lost Appearances:

Tuesday, Feb. 6: Dominic Monaghan ("Charlie") will be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (ABC, 12:05 am)

There will probably be a bunch talk show appearances over the next week. Keep your eye out...

maven said...


Dennis (Sir Links-A-Lot): Keep up the good work. I'm sure ABC will be doing a thorough publicity blitz in the build-up to next Wednesday. Good thing that Lost is moving away from Idol. The latest ratings headline in the LA Times says "Idol Crushes Competition!"

Chucklez3: Good luck in NY! My son is LAPD!

My favorite catchphrase has to be "Dude" with that special Hurley interpretation!

Anonymous said...


Dude that area of New York is beautiful. I grew up in North Jersey so I know Spring Valley pretty well, There's a giant mall near there with an Awsome Imax Screen. WORD UP!!! Welcome to the Neighborhood!

scoutpost said...

Melissa_lossa....your catchphrase countdown is a hoot. I'll have to think about my favorite episodes. That's a good idea to watch one a night. My hubby-who watches LOST, but is not a huge fan (how can I live with him?! LOL) has been watching season one this past week. It's really been fun to watch all those epis over, although I feel like I need a pen and notepad while I'm watching so that I can take notes!

chucklez3....good luck with the NYPD. Wow an ex-Marine and NYPD- what honorable jobs. Oh and good luck with the move, too- don't forget to wear gloves (that's the best advice I have coming from Arizona). It's in the 50's here and I am such a weather wimp I am complaining because it's not sunny and in the 70's!

re: Lost Ninja...I think he has coined my new favorite word- geekgasm! Too funny.

7 more days- I SO can't wait! For those who like spoilers- there were a couple of updates to spoilerfix over the last couple of days.

FYSB said...

Dennis, et al...thought you might be interested in upcoming George Lopez appearances.
Who Needs Quality TV when you have George Lopez
I don't want to spoiler anybody, but tonight's ep looks like a laugh RIOT.

chucklez3 said...

thanks everyone.

passafist: sweet. you still around there?

Sayid'sgirl said...

Hello All
dedjezter: I couldn't agree with you more why on earth they caneled Daybreak is beyond me. Do you know they have a fouth episode up now? I watched the first 3 episodes haven't had a chance to get to the fourth yet. I think it's a great show.
dark angel,ib4uc: I don't like going to alot of the other Lost sites either especially the ABC boards those people are mean just for the sake of being mean. That's why I like it here even though I lurk more than I post and I'm not part of the "family" I can still post my thoughts without feeling like an interloper or be treated like I'm some kind of idiot cause I have a different view.
blueheron13: I'd like to thank you on the podcast update too. I've been checking thinking they would have one sometime before the season started back up again.
Can't wait to read all your views on the new episode next week.

Dennis said...

FYSB said...thought you might be interested in upcoming George Lopez appearances.

Maldición. ¡No hay fechas del concierto en mi área! ¡Maldígale, ABC!

George Lopez: George's House Has Two Empty Wombs - Wednesday, January 31 @ 8/7c
Angie maintains her story that she's pregnant to keep George from missing Carmen. Meanwhile Vic introduces his young and beautiful but not too bright fiance (guest starring Stacy Keibler as Lindsay) to the family.

You had me at Stacy Keibler! mmmmmmmmm ;) Maybe I will watch this tonight... She's really making the rounds at ABC since being on Dancing With The Stars. She's also going to be on What About Brian next week.

Dennis said...

Sayid'sgirl said...I couldn't agree with you more why on earth they caneled Daybreak is beyond me ... I think it's a great show.

I think ABC really blew it. It's my favorite show right now, at least until Lost comes back. :)

For anyone watching Day Break on (or any of the other shows there)...

I found a great trick for watching the episodes uninterrupted. There are three commercial breaks that you must watch per episode, but you can watch all the commercials first, then watch the episode from the beginning commercial free.

When the episode loads the time line is broken into four sections, with commercials in between. When you click each unwatched section of the time line, the commercials will play then disappear. You don't even have to watch the entire commercial, just click the continue button when the timer runs out.

capcom said...

Hey LoCos! I sure wish that we could all watch next week's episode together, that would be a riot!

Good luck on your test Chucklez! I just moved away from that NY area. Well actually I was up in the Poughkeepsie area. The Hudson Valley is very interesting history-wise. A lot of important American history and inventions happened there. Up north a ways (from Spring Valley and around NYC) it gets pretty and interesting. You absolutely MUST visit West Point, many, many, times. It's the most beautiful place in the Hudson Valley, and very inspiring. Lots of events and things to do there, including an excellent museum. I think that the Harlem Globetrotters played there last year. The cemetary has many famous people in it, as one could imagine, including Ed White from Apollo 1 and Custer. And there are lots of shows at Ike Hall to see. Upstairs in the Old Cadet Chapel is Benedict Arnold's plaque, with his named grinded off (the chapel is filled with plaques for generals and such). They also have part of the Great Chain that was draped across the river to keep the British out, near the ampitheater. I really miss W.P., I used to hang there a LOT. Great football and baseball games there too. Of course the architecture is do die for! Take the bus tour and get all the funny stories of former cadets such as Patton, McArthur, etc. You used to be able to freely walk around there any time of day, but since 9/11 it's much more secured up, which is sad.

BTW, thank you for your years of service to our country Chucklez. XO

Thanks Ded for the link to your site. ABC has been more fickle and insecure this year than a teenaged girl, concerning their decisions about shows, especially Daybreak. (Apologies to my fellow females)

Yes DA, I noticed that too about the Fuselage. Once in a while I go there to see what people are talking about, and then I wonder why I bother going back. :o(

Thanks for the info Dennis! You are right Maven, no one in the world can say "Dude", with so many different meanings, inflections, and interpretations, as Hurley! :o)

Sayidsgirl, anyone who posts or lurks here is part of the LoCo family!!

OK, sorry for always being so wordy, I guess I just like to do one big blog purge a day! :o)

capcom said...

P.S. Another idea for a Lost party cake could be an island-shaped cake with a little toy plane stuck into it, nose first! With lots of little plastic people lying around on top of the cake. :o)

chucklez3 said...

no problem capcom.

thank YOU.

JGZ350 said...

Good afternoon Loco's-

Hey dark angel, maven, fysb, capcom, dennis and sayid's girl-

Been in Lurke mode for most of the break and thought I would check in and say Hi.

Dennis, major cool on watching 'Miami Vice'. That happens to be one of my all time favorite tv shows and I owne season one and season two on dvd, both were gifts. When is season three coming out? I haven't had a chance to watch the 4 episodes of Day Break they have up on the website, but will attempt to watch at least a couple tonight. Thanks for the tip on getting rid of the commercials. I can't believe abc pulled the plug on Day Break. I thought it was a good show with a definte 'X-File' feel to it. I'm glad they are streaming the remaining episodes on, but it will not be the same as watching it in HDTV. Oh well, at least we get to see how it ends. Are the new episodes as good as the first ones?

And now for Lost, I wait patiently for next weeks show and I am sure once the second pod of season three kicks off, I will be posting more.

sayid's girl - I agree with you on ABC blowing it on pulling Day Break and being able to post here and not worring about getting flamed. This is a very cool lost community to belong to.

I haven't had a chance to listen to all of the recent podcast, but from what I have heard, another fine job david and steve.

Dennis said...

JGZ350 said...When is season three [of Miami Vice] coming out?

It looks like Miami Vice - Season 3 will be available March 20th.

And Twin Peaks - Season 2 will be available April 3rd!! hmmm... I wonder what TV station was involved in bungling that series? ABC perhaps??!?!

JGZ350 said...Are the new episodes [of Day Break] as good as the first ones?

Yes. It keeps getting better and better. Plus, we won't have to wait until season 5 to get some answers ;)

memphish said...

Wow, there's been so much going on since I was here this morning. Going back to the earlier weather reports, I had to make my gas, milk and bread run here in Memphis as we are anticipating our first snow/sleet/ice event of the season tonight. At least the good news about that is that should mean no school tomorrow! And this is after spotting blooming redbud bushes and sprouting daffodils about 10 days ago.

Chucklez3-good luck on the test. My husband spent 3 years doctoring Marines back when he was in the Navy, one on Okinawa and two at Pendleton. If I ever need anything, I'd ask a Marine. Great guys.

memphish said...

Oh and earlier Dennis reported that Dom is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel on 2/6. He's also going to be on Leno on 2/5 and Evi is doing Letterman 2/6 and The View 2/7.

The Jimmy Kimmel appearances are usually my favorite because it's clear the guy actually watches the show as does Ellen. Letterman is usually the worst. From his interactions with Losties I don't think he even owns a TV.

blueheron13 said...

Yep, Letterman might start a conversation by saying "So let's see, you guys crashed on an island and strange stuff keeps happening, right?"

FYSB said...

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel will serve Dom coffee in his Glyph mug???

takes a village said...

I watched all the new episodes,and I agree with dennis;that they are very good. They seem easier to follow than the earlier episodes.Maybe I just got used to all the changes each day. If anyone had, say,a week to kill,I'd highly recommend it.

capcom said...

There's a good bloopers, goofs, etc. page over at Lostpedia, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.

A glyph on a mug FYSB?????? Be still my heart!

maven said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
maven said...

I don't know if that glyph on a mug is a fond memory or a nightmare! ...Think I'm going with nightmare! LOL

Thanks, Capcom, for the bloopers link. I do rely on you guys for finding interesting things to go check out.

Dennis said...

Glyph on a Mug
from the Jimmy Kimmel show

Anonymous said...

Wow... It's been forever. I totally forgot Losties existed. Heroes has taken over my LIFE. =|

DiggityDirge said...

what's up Losties!!! Long time no chat. Been lurking during the hiatas. Next Wednesday can't come soon enough! Can't wait to start chatting and theorizing again with my favorite group of Losties.

See you all next week.


Amused2bHere said...

Six days!!!

I watched two LOST episodes tonight (I taped all 6 so far), "Every Man For Himself" and "I Do". All I can say is wow, I am so psyched for next week I can hardly wait!

Chucklez3,I am in Long Island, NY, which is east of NYCity. Lots of space here, elbow room if you will, and the weather isn't usually as severe as that part West and North of Manhattan, which we call Upstate. Welcome to the most interesting place on Earth: New York! Much to love, lots to hate, but there is never a dull moment at the center of the Universe. IMHO, of course.

Maven: Mazel Tov on the new grandbaby! That is wonderful news.

And good luck to Christine, Thrasher, and anyone else planning a new addition to their family. I pray you are granted the desire of your heart.

Tlcm, so glad to see you are getting back up to snuff. Still praying for you, sweetie. {{Big Hug}}

oh and thanks, Dedjezter. I found the remote just where you said it was. LOL

Hmm, Super Bowl, then Lost. Exciting week coming up, eh?


maven said...

diggity, amused, callie: Great to hear from you guys! Less than a week to go and then we can all put on our thinking caps again and try to figure out this enthralling show! Looking forward to more and more great discussions.

(Thanks, amused!)

Christine#2 said...

Ok my favorite sayings, if I can remember them.....
1. you taste like fishbiscuit.
2. dude
3.It only took the bears 2? hours.
4. the hatch blew off your underwear?
5. Got any milk?
Like I said not exact quotes, but you get the general idea.

InEnglandAndLost said...

Hi all. Thought I'd pop back and say "Hi" before it all starts again. I'm so excited, I think I might wet myself! Roll on the 7th Feb!

Dark Angel said...

Capcom love the bloopers, especially the one about the boar, we have wild boar around here but I've never seen one, too clever and too shy

Callie know what you mean about Heroes - American TV has really taken off in the last few years. Perhaps we should set up a sister site - The Heroes Community
Blog ;)

Maven congratulations :)

oh and Christine any mention of Fish Biscuits makes me laugh

Hi Inenglandandlost Long time no see, any luck with promoting your work?

finally got this to work - it's only taken 2 hours grrr....

InEnglandAndLost said...

Hi DA.

going well, Had an "informal chat" with at the BBC Television centre in London last week for childrens TV work. just fingers crossed at the minute. Got on very well and think they liked me!

Added you to myspace too.

anyone else want to add me...

Anonymous said...

I think the producers let a small cat out of the bag with the new video podcast at

In it they played a small clip from the Season 3 DVD saying that it would be in stores Fall 2007.

What that means to me at least (being that the last two DVD set both were released in August, meaning late summer) is that Lost Season 4 probably won't start til January? Any thoughts?

You thought the 13 week hiatus was bad what are we going to do for 30-34 weeks? AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

InEnglandAndLost said...


You've got to be freakin kidding me!!!

I'm sure there'll be a similar thing done like 2006/2007 with a bit of a teaser at the beggining!

Anonymous said...

I don't think so with all the stuff I've been reading, the producers said the plan on running 22 episodes without a break next year (like 24).

TPTB haven't confirmed anything but that makes me think that season 4 won't start til at least January next year.

I don't want that but it's really the only alternative.

InEnglandAndLost said...

Oh no! Well, bring an the next Lost ARG then!!!

ib4uc said...

Good morning fellow locos.

christine#2... I totally forgot about "the hatch blew off your underwear?". Still makes me laugh when I read it.

Dennis said...

Good morning everyone.

Six days until Lost!

Just for fun I watched George Lopez last night. :| It was what I expected - laugh track, etc. All it needed was a catch phrase...

memphish said...

Maybe you should suggest to George Lopez they use "Dude, the hatch blew off your underwear." It works on this crowd.

scoutpost said...

Memphish- so true- that is so funny.

Glad to see more and more people coming back- sayidsgirl, jgz350, diggity and inenglandlost (Hope all goes well with the BBC)!

Passafist- that all makes sense, but whoa that break will kill me! I hope they have something planned- mobisodes or something. Maybe it's not too late for them to do an ARG. Let's start a petition.

Capcom- those are great birthday ideas- I'm going to think that over. Thanks!

Ok I started watching the Heroes epis on the NBC site. Liked the pilot a lot, but then they skip to epi 9. Pretty cool show, though I don't feel as compelled to watch it as I do with LOST. 6 more days (if only we could bend time and space like Hiro)!

memphish said...

I used to think I'd want the flying Hero-power, but now with Scoutpost I want to bend time and space (but not so much that I want to read spoilers.) Did anyone ever find off if "Not in Portland" got leaked like the first episodes of 24 did?

I spotted two LOST-alums on TV last night. Walt's mom was on Bones and Goodwin was on Friday Night Lights.

maven said...

Passifist: Yeah, I think I heard somewhere that Season 4 won't start until next January and go straight (a la 24) without reruns. And with no ARG in the works...that's going to be a long summer/fall break!

Inenglandandlost: Great news re the BBC! Best of luck!

Scoutpost: Nothing seems to be happening over at Heroes 360! Nowhere as exciting as TLE was!

maven said...
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CattyGirl said...

Hi ppl. I'm just checking in and reading up. Although the wait would be hard, I would love to see it run straight through like 24. Guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Hey, everybody!

If anyone is interested, I finally posted my transcript from the back of jigsaw puzzle #2 - The Others on my blog. Check it out!

I now have images and transcripts for all three puzzles posted.

capcom said...

Hi All, less than a week to go!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! :-O

Memphish, I found the "Lost in Portland" summary somewhere, I think that it was in the DarkUFO spoilers section. I peaked at it. I'm not sorry, but I won't ever peak before an episode again. I just couldn't take it this time! I guess that I can't be trusted guarding the History Eraser Button (for Ren and Stimpy fans) :o)

Well, I have read that perhaps season 4 won't start until January or Spring-ish. I'll take January over Spring any day. And now that I have watched the extras on the S1 DVD, where TPTB explain how difficult and time consuming it is to make each episode, I'll be more understanding. But I agree, I sure do hope that they think of something for us to do during the time off. I think that all this waiting in between seasons is aging me. I'll look like a wrinkly apple-head doll by the time the series is over!!!

Did anyone see the J.Kimmel spoof on Lost with the Lost dolls last night? They called it the "Lost Figurine Something", I forget. Fox and Evi did their own voices in it. It wasn't all that funny, but it is true what y'all say, at least Kimmel genuinely does like the show.

It great to see everyone coming out of lurk mode!

BTW, the SciFi channel has been rerunning Heroes also, so that makes it even easier to catch up on past episodes.

blueheron13 said...

Maybe the final Lost puzzle won't come out until the end of this season and we can use our puzzle-solving skills to decode all four of them at once.

Also, I think I read somewhere that the mobisode series might still be in the pipeline, but I can't remember when/where I saw that.

JGZ350 said...

Good afternoon Loco's-

Hi there capcom, I saw the Lost spoof on Kimmel last night. It was okay, I was just happy to see somthing Lost related on the tube. Yeah, Kimmel is into Lost, I remember last year when he had a make shift hatch on his show, that was pretty cool.

Yes, six more days til Lost is back in the saddle again. I am really starting to get pumped about 'Lost in Portland'. Don't feel bad capcom, I too peaked at that little summary on darkufo's website. Oh well, it's hard as heck waiting for 13 weeks and not having a Lost fix.

Did anyone see the Lost doubles pictures on darkUfo's website? Some of them look pretty close to the real deal. I guess it's true, everyone does have a double.

Amused2bHere said...
Hmm, Super Bowl, then Lost. Exciting week coming up, eh?


Yeah, I feel you on the Super Bowl Amused2bHere, but I like the Colts on Sunday, they won't cover, but they will win. I'm not a Colt's fan, I'm a Texan, but they are from our division and I am an AFC man.

Anonymous said...

blueheron - that would be fun! For awhile, I considered leaving all of the puzzles put together and combining them all at the end, but it seemed a little impractical. Maybe that'll be my task during the summer. :)

I'm curious to see if that code on the backs means anything.

Oh, and we got about 6" of snow last, and about 3" so far today. On Monday, the high will be 3. Yikes!

Dennis said...

Melissa_Lossa said...I finally posted my transcript from the back of jigsaw puzzle #2 - The Others on my blog.

I'm working on puzzle #1 right now - I'm about halfway done.

I did #2 first. I have good hi-res pictures that I took of the front & back, if you want to use them on your blog:

Melissa_Lossa said...For awhile, I considered leaving all of the puzzles put together and combining them all at the end, but it seemed a little impractical.

You took them apart when you were done??!??!

Anonymous said...

dennis - ha, ha, yeah..... I didn't have room in my apartment to keep them anywhere. Now I'm glad, because we're moving this weekend, and I would have been stuck with them all.

Thanks so much for the pictures! I added them to my blog, with due credit, of course. :) How did you get such a good photo of the back? None of mine ever turn out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I also just posted some photos of the first series of Lost figures, along with some descriptions. If anyone is thinking about getting them, you should know that they look and sound great!

And yes, I am a total dork.

memphish said...

Blueheron, the lastest word I heard on the mobisodes was July. Carlton Cuse said that during on of the TCA events or maybe that webcast thing they did with the Emmy people.

BTW, someone posted that event on Lost Media. It's in the Video Clip section under Miscellaneous. Be warned, the file is huge. It ran for over an hour, and the IGN article here: is really more informative.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lost Experie-- I mean Lost Community-ers.

Been away for a long time so feel free to disregard me but HI!!!

IS it just me or does it feel like LOST hasn't existed since whenever it last aired? It's had this strange feeling like it never happened... I think because it was only 6 episodes with no real conclusion (unlike Veronica Mars that solved one mystery at the end of their first pod, while starting a new one at the end of that last episode). I'll be happy for it to start again but I feel like they'll have to work harder for my love.

And while I haven't been watching LOST, I've been doing this 24 podcast of mine that started last season and just had it's one year birthday, yesterday! Imagine the amount of time I and other people put into the Lost Experience and that's what I'm like with 24 (and LOST... I just know that there are already kick-ass podcasts out there for LOST... like Jay and Jack.. OH, and LOST COMMUNITY, of course! ;) )

Alright, I'm gonna go back to lurking.

Anonymous said...

And I live in Chicago so


isibell said...

Hey all!

Just popped by to say Hi!

Wish me luck. I came home last night to discover that the cable was out. I can't get a technician to come over till the Saturday after Lost's premier. So if it isn't the box (which I'm switching out tonight) then it's either messing with the bunny ears or watching on the internet for me. Oh PLEASE let it be the box!

Speaking of long does it take them to release the episodes on the web sight? Will I only have to wait a day...or will I be forced to suffer longer?

Twinkle said...

TLCM: So glad to see you back. Sorry it's been so tough. You go, girl!

memphish said...

Isibell, Good luck with the cable company. The episodes are usually on the website by the next morning. I think they say they're available as of 2 am, but I'm not sure if that's Eastern or Pacific time.

LuckyGuyLikeMe said...

It's 2 am Pacific, 5 am Eastern.

scoutpost said...

maven said...
Nothing seems to be happening over at Heroes 360! Nowhere as exciting as TLE was!

That's for sure. It is dead, no clues and no discussion. Weird isn't it that an ongoing ARG is sparking no discussion, and here we all are talking away and LOST isn't even on TV right now!

I saw the LOST spoof on Kimmel last night, too. It was really simple, but I thought it was funny. I guess I find anything associated with LOST entertaining.

Sayid'sgirl said...

This is off topic but I know there is a couple of other Harry Potter fans here, so I thought I'd post this before Lost gets back into full swing. They have a release date for the 7th book,it's July 21,2007. Which ironicly is my birthday. July is going to be a busy month with a new movie on the 13th and the last book on the 21st.

maven said...

Scoutpost: Yeah, there's more "action" here with no show on the air than on Heroes 360!

k.barrick: Great to hear from you! Glad to hear you're still on the air!

Sayid'sgirl: I'm not a big Harry Potter fan (I have seen all the films, though). Did you see the publicity shots of Daniel Radcliffe for his part in "Equus"? Lots of cheesecake! LOL And he was such a hoot on "Extras" playing totally against type!

Sayid'sgirl said...

maven said:
I'm not a big Harry Potter fan (I have seen all the films, though). Did you see the publicity shots of Daniel Radcliffe for his part in "Equus"? Lots of cheesecake! LOL And he was such a hoot on "Extras" playing totally against type!

Yes I've seen the shots. Very nice looking young man. I didn't see him in Extras but I read about it sounded like it was pretty funny.
I originally read the first book just to see if it was as bad as the publicity was making it with the whole witchcraft thing. Then I got hook they are very well written in my opinion and there's a mystery that's all it takes to get me hooked.

congested said...

Hey guys. Nice podcast.

Is there an IRC channel that's being used to discuss stuff?

memphish said...

What do we think of this quote from Cuse?

"I think there's a much larger audience that's much more interested in who is Kate going to choose than the details about who Alvar Hanso is," Cuse says.

I'm pretty sure TLC is more in the second camp, and it seems to me if you want to sell DVDs, action figures, puzzles, etc. you'd be better off with the 2nd route as well.

So it looks like the dumbing down of LOST may continue when we return. Boy I hope not. More "Hey that's a nice Geronimo Jackson t-shirt" will probably make me tune out faster than killing Jack.

Dennis said...

5 More Days until Lost!!!!

There is a new LOST MOMENT at!

Use 888-258-3741 to log in.

BarbaraJay said...

Happy Groundhog Day, locos! As one who had her vegetable garden decimated by a groundhog last year, I'm not too thrilled about celebrating the little critter.

Memphish, I hope we don't have a dumbed down Lost. It's a quandary. We watch it because it's smart television but to keep it on TV, they need a huge number of people to watch. I know a couple of people who hate Lost because there's too much to remember.

blueheron13 said...


At the DarkUFO site, there are 2 new lost moments, making a total of 13. I haven't checked if #13 is on the ABC site.

blueheron13 said...

And something's different about Blogger. Many pictures are gone, and some folks' names have turned into "anonymous". That's weird.

memphish said...

Blogger isn't keeping us logged in. Don't know why that is.

ib4uc said...

I was also wondering about Blogger -- thought it was just my work computer acting up.

memphish said...

There's a very good, non-spoilery interview with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff that you can link to from here:

Magic Lamp is a blog you might want to save for the future. It's a guy, Steve, who does 24 updates as well as Lost and apparently Harry Potter stuff. Dave Barry, yes that Dave Barry, really touts his 24 stuff.

Dennis said...

It looks like Blogger is trying to force people to sign in using their Google accounts instead of a Blogger account.

maven1908 said...

I guess we need a Google account!

JGZ350 said...

Good morning Loco's and TGIF!

blueheron13, I thought it was my browser, but I am experiencing the same issues you described about the blog.

dennis - I watched two of the four episodes of Day Break on yesterday. All I have to say is that ABC screwed up that decision. Those were excellent episodes and would have looked really good in HDTV. It's so cool how you see something in an earlier episode and then you see it from a different perspective in another episode. I will watch the other two episodes on sat. and sun. so that way I can be ready for the release of the other episodes on Monday.

I saw the new Lost moment #12 and the 13th on darkufo's website. Very interesting clips, and lost moment #12 is quite spoilerish if you ask me, but after 13 long weeks, I will take anything I can get that's Lost related.

maven said...

The new Lost Moments are pretty spoilery (is that a word?)

ib4uc said...

After viewing the latest Lost Moment, all I can think of is "Nnnnooooo wwwiiirrreee hhhaaannngggeeerrrsss!!!!!" -- for those Mommie Dearest fans.

maven said...

Barbarajay and Memphish: I certainly hope that LOST doesn't try too hard to play to the masses. But we must remember this is totally a ratings game. It's all in the numbers (no...not those numbers!) Sex/relationships/conflict sells to the masses. I love the show for it's mysteries and how it makes you need to think. A few people I know have given up on the show because they find it too confusing and doesn't provide the pat answers most shows give. I just hope there's enough people like those here at TLC that will continue to support the show and the producers are not "forced" to succumb to dumbing down the show.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Rowlings website says the release is set for one of two dates and the 21st isn't one of them.
July 7th, and July 31st are the two dates she is considering.
The first because it is 7/7/07
and the second because it is Harry's Birthday.

Just thought you might want to know.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Thanks dedjezter
But when I go to JK's site the newspaper on her desk says
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published on Saturday 21st July 2007 at 00:01 BST in the UK and at 00:01 in the USA. It will also be released at OO:01 BST on Saturday 21st July in other English speaking countries around the world. I'm nt sure why we're seeing different things but thanks. I know alot of fans were hoping it would be 7/7/07 because of the whole 7 is a magic number thing. Also 7/31 is also JK's birthday.

scoutpost said...

Just watched those last two LOST moments. I think I've seen most of that footage in the trailers/previews, so it didn't seem that new to me like the other ones.
I too hope they don't dumb down the show. But I know most of my friends are in that first group. They are very impatient with the show and watch it on a very superficial level. They were very critical of the first part of season 3. I don't even discuss it with them that much anymore because we're on two different pages. Nevertheless, hope that the producers/writers remember us and all the forums out there like us...surely we make up a substantial portion of viewers.

I'm having the same blogger problems- I want my avatar back!

scoutpost said...

oh there it is!
Wonder why isn't it on my other comments anymore?

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Phew finally got onto the blog, it seems that the blog is now on the new version of Blogger so I can't access it at work at all - and believe me I've spent all day trying every trick I know :(

InEnglandandLost Brilliant news about the BBC - so we can expect to see you in the Broom Cupboard soon (sorry in Brit joke there)

Good news about Harry Potter, I've already got my copy ordered on Amazon. When the last one came out a friend of mine new his wife would keep reading out bits so he crept up at midnight, bought a copy and read it through the night and so when his wife got hers from Amazon he was already near the end.

With the last book I read it on the Saturday whilst my wife had the kids and she read it on the Sunday (were both pretty quick readers).

Anyway, just thought I'd pop by, I guess that now I can't access the site during the day, I'll have to pop in more at night!

capcom said...

Hi LoCo Peeps!

I feel your pain about your garden pests, Babarjay!

Blast, I will really hate it if TPTB dumb-down the show wasting time with even more sex. I got pretty sick of seeing Kate's *ss last time around. They almost needed to put it in the opening credits as a guest star. :-( Didn't Lost recently get voted as the #1 show for parents and kids to watch together, or something to that effect? They will lose that, as well as the deep-meaning followers if they go too far in that direction. They owe us answers a lot more than they owe the Joe Sixpacks some T&A! Bah humbug. Over on the Lost Wiki site, on the official ABCLost site, there is a place to write in comments that we should take advantage of, if we have any opinions about the show. (Opinions? LoCos? Nah!)

Thanks for the heads-up on the new Moments. You're right IB4UC,that must be what his tattoo says! :-D Loved that movie! Can't look at a can of powdered cleanser without getting the creeps ever since.

Hey DA, tell us what the broom cupboard is! Do people in the UK watch TV in the closet like the kids in the movie Signs? :o)

Have a good weekend friends!

JGZ350 said...

maven, scoutpost I am with you. I sure hope they don't 'down dumb the show'. Lost for me is brain candy, you actually have to use your brain to really enjoy this show. The show is not spoon feed to us where you can always guess what's going to happen next. I also like the fact that Lost engages you to really pay attention, because if you blink or look away for a second, you could miss an important clue. I hope TPTB always remember there are two types of Lost fans, the casual fans and the hard core been there since the pilot aired fans, like me.

Okay Loco's, I'm curious, what's your take? Which Lost moment was the most intriguing to you? And which one did not work for you? The most intriguing Lost moment for me is #4, the Jack and Cindy exchange and coming in a close second is Lost #10. the vincent cameo with the skeletal arm.

capcom said...

Hey LoCos, I just posted a comment on the LostWiki page, that said this:

--"We should appreciate the Lost creators' efforts in giving us a fascinating and compelling show such as Lost. Also to be appreciated and empathized with, is the "between a rock and a hard place" position that TPTB are in -- between the demands of Lost fans, and ABC's seemingly panicky and fickle management decisions concerning their Wednesday night shows. I truly hope that the series can endure all the wear and tear of being pulled back and forth between the complaints and suggestions of those who truly care about TPTB and the show (and the ARG), and those who's complaints are merely propelled by emotional reactions. At some point in the course of a project, even if it is done well and with good intentions, when the fun of doing it goes away TPTB often decide that the price of creating a worthy project is just not worth the grief, stress, and trouble. I seriously hope that this does not happen with Lost and the show's creators. The production on this series has got to be complicated, difficult and especially costly. And TPTB have probably been pulled every which way, being told how to run their show and it can't be too enjoyable for them.

Have 100% of the decisions about the series and its recent story details satisfied me? Not really (maybe 90%). But let's give some slack, understanding, and support to the Lost team, and just enjoy the show while it lasts! It's obvious that TPTB love the show and want to write good stories for the viewers. They have expressed this in interviews and on the podcasts, and we should just trust that hopefully they will do so. And hopefully, that ABC will not make TPTB go anywhere with the series that would compromise the show's integrity either, e.g. by dumbing-down the show for the sake of gathering a larger general audience."--

Now, y'all might think that this was a bit disingenuous of me, after I have b-tched and moaned here about various things. But when it comes to complaining to the source, I generally prefer to go the "positive reinforcement" route to try to get results. I also get scared when I read all the venemous posts to ABC and TPTB, that could really deflate all the fun out of making the show for them and possibly cause a premature ending or cancellation by a cowardly ABC management. :-O

Anyway, I just felt the need to put in my 2 cents where someone involved with the show might read it, and to hopefully give support to the integrity and longevity of the show.

memphish said...

Great job Capcom.

maven said...

You said it great, Capcom! Can we all add our names to a petition? LOL

memphish said...
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capcom said...

Thanks Memphish and Maven. :-) Go to the ABC LostWiki page and post your support too, for what it's worth! I saw a number of cheering-on posts in favor of TPTB, and it spurred me into adding mine to those. Maybe TPTB will see the support and be encouraged. It seems like all the TV and magazine articles with them only talk about the negative complaints and it makes me feel bad for them. (Of course, they're cryin' all the way to the bank!) :o)

Amused2bHere said...

Saw William Mapother (Ethan Rom) in Swordfish the other night. Not on film much, but it sure made me sit straight up and shout! (I need a life...)

FIVE DAYS..(in my best RACHEL font)

I would say Go Bears!, but I was reminded that the menfolk here prefer the Colts win this year, mainly out of respect for Peyton Manning and his need for a ring.

oh, okay. I'm sure the Bears won't mind. Much!

memphish said...

Well unlike most places in the world, this blog seems to be very pro-Bear. So, I'm here to say Go Colts! Actually, being in Tennessee, we've all been pulling for Peyton since college. He's also married to a Memphis girl. So "Go Colts."

And only 4 days, 12 hours until LOST!

memphish said...

In strange ABC/Lost news: They are going to release the Clip Show, "The LOST Survivor Guide" on Tuesday, 2/6 on and thereby further insuring that no one will turn off American Idol at the 9 PM hour, I guess. Do you ever get the feeling that the office full of monkeys featured in the ads is actually the ABC executive suite?

maven said...

Memphish said: Do you ever get the feeling that the office full of monkeys featured in the ads is actually the ABC executive suite?
LOL At least those monkeys seem to know what they're doing!

Re Super Bowl: I'm not much into football, so I say...Go Commercials!

Sayid'sgirl said...

I guess I'll jump on the football bandwagon and put my two cents in.I absolutely love football I go into withdrawl in the summer. Thank goodness for my flower garden. Anyway being from Ohio I am of course a die hard Bengals fan, but since they didn't do that well this year I would love to see Peyton finally get his win he's worked so hard for it. But if the Bears do win I won't cry over it. At least two very good teams are playing in super bowl this year. It should be a good game.

Dennis said...

4 Days until LOST!!!!

I finally finished my Lost Puzzle #1 "The Hatch". I'll try to take some pictures tonight.

Happy Super Bowl Eve!

Dark Angel said...

Almost Lost Day ....

Capcom Back in the late 80's and early 90's when most people only had 4 channels rather than hundreds 3.30pm to 5pm used to be when the BBC put on all the kids programs, between programs you had a (generally anoying) childrens presenter doing the continuity from a tiny studio known as the broom cupboard, usually with an equally anoying glove puppet (Ed the Duck and Gordon the Gopher spring to mind) - so now you know!

LuckyGuyLikeMe said...

I'll also throw in my opinion. Go Colts! It's Peyton's time to shine.

Sayid's Girl, where in Ohio do you live? I live in Cleveland. I was not aware there were any other Ohioans on here.

capcom said...
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capcom said...

Thanks DA! I love to learn about TV culture outside the US. And I like glove puppets. :o)

For sure Memphish, Peyton is big here in Knoxville too of course! At least he did a lot better (and more admirably) than Schuler did.

I concur on the monkeys comment! :o(

Sayid'sgirl said...

luckyguylikeme: I live in south central Ohio in a very small town you've probably never heard of, Greenfield. About 20 miles north west of Chillicothe. About 60 to 70 miles from any major city like Columbus, Cicinnati, or Dayton.

memphish said...

Capcom, I didn't know you were a fellow Tennessean (though I'm one by marriage rather than birth). Both my husband and son are native Memphians. There was an AP story in the local paper today about all the kids running around Tenn. that are named Peyton. You can read it here:,1426,MCA_478_5325974,00.html It's kind of funny. And no, my son is not a Peyton.

memphish said...

"ABC's "Lost" is so important to viewers that more people store it on their digital video recorders than any other prime-time series, according to a new tally." New York Daily News

Boy that describes me to a tee. I record, edit out the commercials, burn copies for friends. And every episode of Season 3 will inhabit my hard drive until I get the DVDs.

Midnightstrider said...

Hey everyone!

I feel terrible, I went back to lurking over the hiatus, but here I am again!

I just listened to the lastest podcast, and it was excellent, as always. However, I have some comments on the Pen/Desmond bit. Desmond is my favorite character, and I would love another Desmond centric episode, but, I don't think Penny will be coming to the island this season at all. I believe she is looking for Desmond, and will be taking him and the Losties home with her when she does end up finding them and therefore will be their ticket off the island. I think she will find her way to the island closer to the end of the show.

ib4uc said...

luckyguylikeme & sayid'sgirl... I'm from Cincinnati, lived here all my life. Hence, the ib4uc.

capcom said...

I just moved to TN last May, Memphish, so I'm not from here either. My family ended up here a couple decades ago, but I had to finish out my 25-to-life sentence at IBM before I could leave NY. Didn't really want to move to TN (I grew up in CA) but they were here, so here I am. If there is another Lost event in TN, hopefully we can meet up! Heh-heh, hope your son's not named Heath either. :o)

Welcome back Midnight, it's about time to hear from you. :o) Glad to see everyone checking in before the Big Show! Yay!

So let me get this straight, the catch-up "Survivor Guide" episode will *only* air online now, and not at 9:00 before the ep on Feb 7th? Can ABC get me anymore confused??! :-p

G'night all!

DeDJeZTeR said...

As long as people seem to be trying to figure out where other prople are compared to them selves...

Where on Long Island are you?
I used to live in Great Neck on the border of Queens, but moved out to Brentwood so we could own a house of our own.

Maybe their is a viewing party in the future. Let me know where you are and I will see what we might be able to whip up on short notice... lol

memphish said...

Happy Super Bowl Morning everyone!

Capcom, No my son's name has nothing to do with UT (Tenn, not Texas), but I did name my dog after a football player at the Univ. of Texas. And one of our current dogs is part hound, so we always tell her Smokey is her boyfriend.

I'm actually a rabid Auburn fan. I grew up down there, in LA, Lower Alabama. Tenn. is the 2nd favorite team in our household. My hubby went to grad school there. And all in all, how can not like Peyton, though my favorite pro team is the Chargers. We lived in San Diego 7 years and were season ticket holders.

We came back to Memphis for family too, and it's been a great thing. In fact my mother moved here last year and now we're all here, in-laws, mom, nieces, nephews, even great-nieces.

And now after that life recap, here's some Lost stuff for the rest of you. Check out AOL's Lost materials. They have a lot of stuff that incorporates TLE. For example, if you didn't follow TLE you won't know one of the answers to The Harders Lost Quiz Ever (I scored a perfect 10. Yes, I'm bragging.) And their 15 crazy theories use TLE a lot as well.

It's only 3 days 12 hours and 45 minutes until the new LOST! Yeah!

memphish said...

Oh, and Capcom I forgot to add that the clip show will air Wed. at 9 Easter before the episode as well as online starting Tues.

maven said...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone! (Hope your team wins!)

ABC is really starting a big publicity push for Wednesday! There's a full page LOST ad in the first section of Sunday's LA Times (the green poster with a collage of all the characters)! It's really happening! LOL

(Dedjezter: I lived in Great Neck, my youth...and then we moved to L.A. when my father's job came out here. He was the writer on "The Steve Allen Show", and when Steve moved out to the west coast, we did too.)

Dennis said...

Happy Superbowl!

3 Days until LOST!!!!

BTW, I had A LOT of trouble trying to log in this morning. If anyone else is having the same problem, try going to the Blogger home page, and logging in there, then come back here.

capcom said...

Hi Peeps,

Thanks for the AOL site Memphis, neat-o! And for the record, I think that the U. of Texas orange is nicer than the U. of TN orange. Texas has a nicer terracotta color, and TN's is that sickly yellow orange. :-p But you're right, Smokey is cool.

And thanks for clarifying the clip show airing for me, sorry that I'm dense. |-)

Wow Maven, that is pretty neat about your Dad's job. Even as a little kid, Steve Allen cracked me up big-time. But I liked Ernie Kovaks the best, he was so goofy. And that ape band of his, man! OK, 99% of the LoCos don't know who this ol'lady is talking about probably. :-D

BTW, Dark Angel, if it's OK to go REALLY off topic, I have a question about the movie The Queen. In it, the Queen Mum (I love that name) is made out to look and act like a mean old battle-axe. In real life, any time I saw her she just looked like a nice little old lady. Is the movie right or wrong? Tx.

Have a great Super-Bowl everyone!

Dennis said...

Congratulation to the Indianapolis Colts on winning the Super Bowl!

Two more days until LOST!!!!!!!!

ib4uc said...

maven said... ABC is really starting a big publicity push for Wednesday! There's a full page LOST ad in the first section of Sunday's LA Times (the green poster with a collage of all the characters)! It's really happening! LOL

Lost was featured as the cover story in our local tv guide in our Sunday paper. Nothing revealing about the new season -- just hyping it up! Ooooooh, I can't wait!

CattyGirl said...

What is going on with Blogger. Sheesh. I didn't know if I would ever be able to post.

Good Morning! I watched some of the super bowl commercials. There were a couple funnies, but I was a little disappointed this year.

Anyway... I'm just catching up here and I see there are some Harry Potter fans coming forward with the news of the new book release date. As soon as I heard, I went right to Amazon. They have been right on time with the last releases so I am trusting them once again.

Haven't caught up on all the Daybreak yet, because my husband has not been sharing the home computer. Hopefully this week I will have the opportunity...

I starting watching the first 6 episodes of season 3 again... to get myself back in the game so-to-speak and I'm really looking forward to Wednesday. Watching the next 40-42 minutes is not going to be enough...

Melissa_Lossa said...

Good morning, everyone!

My husband just sent me this link, which you MUST check out. No spoilers, just good, clean, laugh-out-loud Lost fun. :)

Also, earlier memphish mentioned a blog where a guy named Steve writes about 24 and Lost. Let me just say, that I've read his summaries of 24 on Dave Barry's blog, and he's really funny. I didnt' know that he did Lost as well. I'll have to check it out. Thanks, memphish!

On a personal note, my husband and I moved into our first house this weekend... in a blizzard. Fun was had by all!

blueheron13 said...

Hi everyone!

As a lifelong University of Michigan fan, whenever I hear about Peyton Manning, I always remember hearing the Tennessee fans whining about how he should have won the Heisman Trophy in 1997 instead of Charles Woodson. Is that grudge still there?

Anyway, it's -4 degrees here in Detroit, but that's OK because there are just TWO DAYS LEFT!

Melissa_lossa, you are one brave soul! I didn't even go outside, hardly, this weekend.

Thrasher76 said...

Morning all, only 2 days!!!!!

I cannot wait!!!

Thrasher76 said...

Switching to the Google blogger was not painful so I don't see the harm in it. But it is kind of scummy to force people to use it.

Dennis said...

CattyGirl said...I watched some of the super bowl commercials. There were a couple funnies, but I was a little disappointed this year.

I was disappointed by the commercials too - some of the commercials weren't even new (GTA Coke). If you're going to spend that much on a time slot, you should at least make yourself a decent commercial.

There is a new episode of Day Break today at

Melissa_Lossa said...

blueheron - the weather this morning said that the wind chill here was -24. Everything is closed! I'm at work, but it's like a ghost town.

Stay warm, everyone!

memphish said...

Melissa_lossa, Congrats on the house. We are whining down here because it's 25 degrees this morning and we still have a little of the 2 inches of snow we got Thurs/Fri on the ground.

Blue Heron, don't really know about the Heisman thing. We were still in SD when it happened. My guess is that everyone is now saying well the Heisman curse strikes again. Lucky Peyton didn't win it.

As for the commercials, our favorites were the Blockbuster one where the animals are trying to get the mouse to work and the cell phone one where the waitress asks Wade if Sir Charles is his dad. Of course, we're old enough to get why that's funny.

Worst commercial, the one where the heart is assaulted by people from The Matrix, followed closely by the men in little clothing washing that car.

Oh, and now it's less than 2 1/2 days until LOST!

ib4uc said...

blueheron13 said... it's -4 degrees here in Detroit

It's about the same here in Cincy. One good thing about the cold is that it'll kill off alot of the nasty mosquito larvae so we'll have a half-way decent spring.

maven said...

Morning all: TWO DAYS!

Hate to rub it in, but it was 85 yesterday in L.A.!

Melissa lossa: Congrats on home ownership!

Memphish: Agree with your assessment of the Super Bowl Commercials. Did not get that car commercials with all kinds of men stripping and washing the car!

Also, do not like this new blogger sign in business!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Thanks, everyone! :)

The most annoying thing about this new blogger is that every time I refresh, it asks me if I want to view the non-secure items on this page. Grrrr.....

ib4uc said...

maven & melissa_lossa...I'm with ya on this new blogger. It's not that it's difficult but rather annoying considering what we're used to.

maven... go ahead and rub it in; now I'm jealous. LOL

DeDJeZTeR said...

Maven - this obviously means you are a good person, since only crazy people want to continue living in Great Neck. If you want to get out of that town, you have proven your sanity. Steve Allen huh? Your dad must be a funny guy to hang out with... lol

I don't see the big deal with blogger. I have had no trouble at all from it. The only dif I see is that the WV comes before the name and password now. What is everyone complaining about and why switch to google if you do not have to.

Since there is a recap show I am thinking along the lines of 9:00pm so...
57:55:00 left until Lost

maven said...
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JGZ350 said...

Good Morning Loco's,
We are getting closer to Lost day!

It's 58 and sunny here in Houston, Texas and quite lovely. It's been sometime since the sun has been out since it's been raining for almost everyday the last two weeks.

I was disappointed in the Super Bowl commericals too. Some commercials were just lame like the sneakers one. Not only was it lame, but a little strange. What happened to the Dale Jr Bud commercial that was supposed to have a Mad Max theme? My favorite commerical was the bud light slap you in the face instead of fist bump. That was pretty funny. The mouse one was pretty good too.

What's the story with the blogger? It is a bit annoying when you hit refresh. Do we have to sign up for a google blogger account?

maven said...

This new blogger is not very difficult, but do you all have to sign in with your Google username and p/w for the first post of the day?

Also, when I refresh, it takes me to the top of the comments and I have to scroll alllll the way down!

Only one day for the recap show (online)!

Dedjezter: Yeah, my dad was extremely funny...but he passed away 4 years ago :(

JGZ350 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
capcom said...

Hi Fellow Lostomaniacs!

Ditto Ded, I will put up with the new blogger idiocyncracies, and will get a Google ID when they pry my cold dead fingers off my regular blogger ID. :o) I hate forced consumerism! The security pop-up always came up on DarkUFO's blog, so I got kind of used to it (although, no offense to the UFO blog, there isn't really that much interesting to read on the blogs over there, not like all of your great posts here).

It was SO gratifying to see Lost listed in the Sunday paper TV guide yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy.

Have a great week everyone. T-minus 2 days and counting! :-D

ib4uc said...

dedjezter... I started getting the security pop-up and it would sometimes take 2 tries to log into blogger. I thought if I switched to the google, it might go away. It didn't -- they got me!

memphish said...

Is there something we can do about the comments always taking us to comment No. 1 instead of the bottom of the pop-up? Not that I don't want to read "First!" every single time I open or refresh the comments. Just asking.

And here's another stupid question while we're getting ready for Wednesday. How do I quote another person's comment and how do I embed a link? Maybe you could give us all a few tips Dennis to keep things moving smoothly for the next 16 weeks.

ib4uc said...

memphish... not to step on Dennis' toes but if you go to the bottom of the main page, David/Admin posted a "Blog Commenting 101" which is very helpful.

Cam794 said...

hey every1 ive been busy and havnt had time to post and disscus stuff on here but as soon as the new season kick starts im gonna be back in the blog. finnally after 13 weeks YESSSSSSSSS its ALMOST HRE! cant wait! 2 days 7 hours 46 minutes left until LOST

Dennis said...

memphish said...Is there something we can do about the comments always taking us to comment No. 1 instead of the bottom of the pop-up? Not that I don't want to read "First!" every single time I open or refresh the comments. Just asking.

I think this is just a bug with the new Blogger setup. I don't think there is anything that can be done about it, except maybe complain to Blogger. (You can hit the "END" to jump to the end)

I also noticed that the tab order is wrong when you are logging in. When you type in your user name, then hit tab to go to the password field, it take you to the top! ARRGHH!

The good news is, I only need to long in once per day :) Yea!!!

memphish said...And here's another stupid question while we're getting ready for Wednesday. How do I quote another person's comments?

There is no "quote" function like some other websites. I manually quote people by adding my own <b>bold</b> and <i>italic</i> tags to everything, because I think it looks nicer and it's easier to read. Yeah, I'm a dork.

memphish said...How do I embed a link?

To embed a link, you use the "a" tag. The "href" part is the web address, and the part between the tags is the description,ie "Click Here"

<a href="">ABC Website</a>

give you...

ABC Website

memphish said...

Dennis and ib4uc THANKS!

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