Monday, May 23, 2011

One Year Later

Hello, Losties!

As Lost fans everywhere celebrate and mourn the one year anniversary of the Lost finale, I wanted to say hi, tell you all I was thinking of you, and let you all know that if anyone is still out there, I'm hoping that we find each other again some day - maybe next season.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves. We'll see you in another life, bruthas.

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I also wanted to post a quick note - every now and then, I get a request from someone to post a blurb about their Lost-related article, book, video, etc and I just wanted to be perfectly honest about the fact that I rarely have the chance to get back to The Lost Community. If you send me something, I probably will not have the time to post it. Thank you for sharing your love of Lost with me and with the The Lost Community.

Peace and Namaste,


DeDJeZTeR said...

Sniff snif :( cricket!

Takes a Village said...

Hi Ded.
Glad to see you stopped by.
Melissa,thanks for keeping a light on.
If a Loco falls in the bamboo forest.....
I can't believe it has been over a year already.For me it's like waking up from a really good dream.
To all Lost fans everywhere;Have a great rest of your life.
Till we meet again.

TheOtherLisa said...

It is sad! This was fun! Hope all who peek back here are well!

Amused2bHere said...

good times, yes...met some wonderful people here. Miss you all, hope all is well with ya!

hugs and smiles

Chuck said...

Yeah...I was just here eating my Valenzetti-O's and thought, maybe I can drop a word of knowledge on my peeps.


Also, I should be coming to New York during Spring Break as a National Broadcasting Society member with my university, along with some other students and professor. There will be a competition there.

That's right. Your favorite "Purgator-ist" will be returning to the land of mixed emotions. regards to my time there anyway.

God bless, Namaste, and don't forget to eat your Joop-Loops, a part of a balanced breakfast.

---Chucklez (Dan)

DeDJeZTeR said...

Sup Chuck,

Been a long time. And yeah I get the whole mixed feelings and all. I remember the crazy one. Met her at that central park thing, always seemed flakey to me.

Good for you though. Enjoy the shity (read city) while your here. They film Person of Interest here so be on the look out for Fenry, he is a bad man.

Cya round

Passafist said...
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Passafist said...

The Goog and I have started a brand new podcast based on Terra Nova. Check it out at

Chuck said...'re my man. Seriously. Enjoyed meeting you and Amused.

Also, yeah...flaky...there's a word.

Anyway, would love to meet Fenry and Jesus Christ...I mean, Jim Caveziel (sp?).

Love and miss you all...well...99%. hahaha.

Peace, Love and Purgatory!