Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 79

Hosts David A. Dein and Steve "the goog" Guglich unpack "The Candidate" and along the way get into some pretty awesome discussion.

BTW..their are some minor spoilers near the end concerning this weeks episode of the show. I left them in because by the time of the posting the episode has already run... please be adivsed.

Thursday May 20th...
Times Talk Lost Event in NYC - David and Steve will try to crash this thing if they fail they will be watching the festivities @ The Regal Cinemas Union Sqaure 14 in Manhatten.
After the event is over we hope to find a bar, resturant, or park bench to hang out and talk lost. If you'd like to join us send an e-mail to so we can get a headcount.

Sunday May 22nd, we're gonna go live on talkshoe (with video streaming if I can figure it out) from Steve's Lost Supper event. We're gonna talk lost and keep the chatroom and audio recording going all night, until after Jimmy Kimmel's live lost television special. More specific info to follow.

If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, have any theories, discover any clues, or just want to say "Hi!", contact (mp3 comments are accepted as well), or leave a voice mail or fax at (206) 202-3512.

Episode 79 - The Candidate

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