Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hieroglyphs & Tapestry

This is our last sneak peak from the Season 5 DVDs! Don't forget that Lost: The Complete Fifth Season (region 1) is out TODAY on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Hieroglyphs & Tapestry: Analyzing possible clues is a favorite activity of LOST fans, so check out these high-resolution photos of Jacob's tapestry and hieroglyphs on a pillar in the tunnels.

Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.


Ellen said...

great pics....hmmm...

Takes a Village said...

Those ARE great pics.
LU is great;but my mouth doesn't do Korean Night.

Capcom said...
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Capcom said...

((changed for typoes))

Thanks for posting this!

Does anyone know what this other tapestry is all about? Greg at EyeMSick posted a link to this on someone's site a few days ago, and there is no explanation about what this tapestry is. I posted a link to it and questions about it on LostARGs a few threads ago, but it didn't pique anyone's interest there.

It looks like all different glyphs on it, should we be trying to interpret these as well? Or should we not bother because this particular tapestry (or this part of the tapestry that we saw) was not in the show? The pictures in this one look very agressive. At the very least they look to be about enslaved and possibly tortured peoples. :-o

I should check to see if there's anything about it at DarkUFO.

Capcom said...

Bah, still typos anyway, I give up!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Good question, capcom - not sure where the red tapestry came from. I don't have the DVDs yet, so I don't have a context for this photo yet, either. Anyone know what the special feature on these photos says?

Capcom said...

I haven't found any info on it at Dark's, but I haven't had a chance to look everywhere there yet.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Happy Birthday Dennis!!

Sayid'sgirl said...

I went to the link you posted but I hadn't had time to look at them closely.
You're right they do seem very dark and about slavery. Maybe it has something to do with the Black Rock.

Takes a Village said...

A belated Happy Birthday Dennis. And HAPPY HANUKKAH Maven, and everyone else, who is lighting up.

Capcom said...

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Happy Hanukkah all!

Zort70 said...

Probably best to post this here rather than over "there" but did anyone see this -


Sayid'sgirl said...

Six weeks four days eleven and half hours and counting.

Very nice zort. Thanks for the link.

Melissa_Lossa said...


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