Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: Comic-Con 2008 and LostARGs.com

Dharma Initiative / Octagon Global Recruiting at Comic-ConComic Con 2008 begins on Thursday July 24, and there is a lot of LOST activity to watch for. The big event - The LOST Panel with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse - is on Saturday at 12:00 PM.

The next Lost Experience ARG (or whatever they are calling it...OGR? TLE2? TLE3?) will also begin at Comic-con. The Dharma Initiative will have a booth at the show, and there may even be special guests at the Lost panel (Hans? RuckusGuy?).

If you haven't been following the new LOST "alternate reality game" so far, please check out LostARGs.com to get all caught up. Ange, Memphish, Fenris and I will be reporting on all the latest new from Comic-con, so stop by and say "hi!" And if you are planning to attend Comic-Con, send us an email (tips@lostargs.com), we'd love to hear your reports from the show!