Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 14

In this episode Hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich, deconstruct the ABC Television show LOST, by digging into the episode "Tricia Tanaka is Dead." Follow them as David calls John Lennon's Imagine the most overrated song of all time, asks for forgiveness from the Lost Creative Team, and then puts his foot in his mouth again. Join in the fun by sending e-mail to or by calling our listener line at 732-564-4763.

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You've crammed The Lost Community Podcast e-mail box full, and now in thanks here is the first bonus e-mail episode. Hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich read your e-mail comments and theories, and well give ourselves a headache. Join in on the fun by sending e-mails and MP3 Comments to or by calling our listener line at 732-564-4763.

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Passafist said...

Wow, look ma I'm first!!! Enjoy the podcast and look out for the Wednesday Bonus Podcast Where We Read Everybodies E-mail!!!

picsel said...

second just lucky timing lol

picsel said...

happy UK LOST day

memphish said...

I'm trying not to curse Blogger right now. I'd just typed this long thing and it couldn't process my request and erased it. [Gnashes teeth and takes a deep breath.]

So, I'll try it again.

In church this morning there was another reference to God loving Jacob that I haven't seen mentioned yet. It's from Psalm 47 which is a Psalm of praise by Israel. The relevant line reads:

He [God] chose our [Israel's] inheritance for us, the pride of Jacob, whom he loved.

In the Bible, Israel has an inheritance because they are of the line of Jacob. That inheritance includes the promised land. Those that were not of Jacob's line, commonly referred to as Gentiles, were almost entirely excluded from these special blessings and inheritance that were set apart for Jacob's descendants.

So how else might this relate to LOST? Perhaps LOST Jacob (or his forefather) was also promised a special inheritance, namely the Island, for him and his descendents which we call the Others. The Others, like Israel, would then view the Island as their special home and seek to exclude those not set apart from their fellowship. OT Israel was warned repeatedly not to mix with the current inhabitants of their promised land.

There was a provision in the Old Testament though for in-grafting Gentiles into the Israelite community. Those Gentiles had to be marked with the sign of the covenant (cirucumsision in the OT) and I think also had to go through a ritual cleansing process.

Perhaps Cindy and the Other tailies who by virtue of their inclusion on a list (Goodwin's, if not Jacob's) have gone through this in-grafting process and are now part of the Others.

This further sets Jack apart as one who walks among us, but is not one of us by his failure to appear on Jacob's list. I'd guess that Ben might try to convince Jack to be in-grafted and maybe we'll finally get to see what that process might look like. (I'm not trying to suggest that it's the OT rituals. The Others to me have some sort of self-made synchristic (sp?) version of numerous religious traditions much like the ones mentioned in Heinlin's book Stranger in a Strange Land.)

One final note on this. Including the line "God loves you as He loved Jacob" in Karl's brainwashing film is intended to reinforce this idea that the Others have been set apart for something special and different from the rest of the world.

Hope at least some of this made sense, and that blogger takes it this time.

2costa said...

i liked where god cmae down and had wrestling match against jacob in the bible. My sense is God and jacob had a tug of war going on. God also didnt like his choice of mate. As i mentioned before God punished abel for killing his brother and marked him with a tatoo(crossover), but forgave Jacob(? maybe bens dad) for screwing over his brother out of his birthright from his father Issac(phycic). Then promised him as many descendants as livage,oops i mean stars in the sky(karl waxing about his backyard) his twelve sons became the twelve tribes, one of which being Ben. I was thinking about it the other day and the latest of wizard of oz refernces(red converse guy), lead me to think of the upcoming episode. Tom(zeke freindly) made it sound like they were trapped after the sky turned purple, but the eyepatch guy just has to push a couple of buttons to reopen them to the outside world, that struck me as very wizard of OZ'ish they storm in his bunker and he some gimp behind the screen so to speak. Controlling all this stuff on the island. BEn and Zeke cant reconnect but this guy has the utlimate hatch...thoughts

2costa said...

ben's tribe and one other brother were the only non lost tribes of isreal

DeDJeZTeR said...

Davie and the Goooooog,

This is a long one sorry in advance.

This is a “What if” (please marvel don’t sue me) based on some old outstanding theories.

“What if” The Dharma initiative did have something to do with the organization of all these people on the same flight from Australia to L.A. Big daddy Cheech wants Hurly’s money and some one approaches Cheech and tells him that they know his son is heading for Australia (maybe Hurley had looked up prices or something through and he should let him go. He will not be harmed and will not be returning. This lets him take control of Hurly's assets through power of attorney. He then pretends that he doesn’t want the money and really only wants to be there for Hurley. This of course pushes Hurley over the edge (because he want’s Cheech gone as well as want’s him back) and the idea of finally breaking the curse is what convinces Hurley to go to Australia in the end.

End “What if” section.

I don’t think that N**** and P**** were there to point out that the food was running out, but that they WERE the reason that the food is running out. The two of them always seem to be right there at the food storage. Eating all the food and putting all of their lives at risk.

A future exert from the Pod cast Bonus episode for” .”


and this leads us back to Locke and his knives.”

I still don’t think That N**** and P**** are needed ... lol

The Road was an integral part of their initial plans. Chances are that they wanted to keep the island a secret, which is made very obvious within the story, and his would dissolve their need for boats/ferries to shuttle people from one side of the island to the other(s). It has been said by others that their may be a third island. I don’t think so. I think that the were simply building a road to connect the different sites (the ones that were meant to be connected mind you) to make the island a self contained community of sorts. They had built all the hatches and things on site and were in the process of making the roads. If they weren’t in the process of making then my second theory for the map is that Roger was anew hire and because of this he didn’t know were he was going and this is why he needed the map, to guide him. As you had said he maybe tossed a couple back (Over the lips, and passed the gum's, I’ll get out of Dharma, when my replacement comes) and crashed in the woods. Dharma failed and he was never found and presumed dead.

The brand over a brand, and that they are all marked is a good concept. I have my own theory on this, which is that Juliet really is one of them now. She has passed the test that Ben set up before her and has gotten Jack wrapped around her little finger. This is what was said between Ben and Juliet in the surgical suite.
Now that Juliet has Ben taken in this gives even more meaning to Jacks tattoo saying “He walks amongst us, but is not one of us.”

On the Jack/Kate - Sawyer/Kate front I have only this to say. I am waiting for some KURLEY (Kate/Hurley) action he is the big lovable teddy bear that could finally make her feel spacial, and with his wealth in the real world he could front an assault on her trial and free her from her need to run... AH HA

***** SPECIAL NOTE *****
This only works for the first time or if you plan on making one long comment like I often do.

When you first get the blogger page put in just the WV and hit enter. Then once you type what you want to post all you have to do is NAME/PASSWORD.


We can put polls on the message board so if you direct people to the message board, after the episode airs, I can set that up for you with ease.


memphish said...

Judah was the other one 2Costa.

I like your Wizard of Oz idea that Mr. Patchy is the Wizard to Ben and our Losties residents of Emerald City and Munchkinland. Sawyer even called Charlie "Munchkin" in this last episode. Will this make Locke ToTo?

memphish said...


I agree -- bring on the Kurley or after what we saw last episode maybe it should be the Surley/Huryer? Hurley and Sawyer seem to share a special bond.

I like your idea about Juliet. When Ben tells Jack she doesn't like you; she's one of us, he's telling Jack the truth, but of course Dr. Dense doesn't get it. I think all of Juliet's mooning is definitely for her own agenda and she'd cut Jack loose as quick as she did Pickett.

Dedjezter said: I don’t think that N**** and P**** were there to point out that the food was running out, but that they WERE the reason that the food is running out. You forgot to mention that at least Paolo was going to gather some bananas instead of fix the bus. BTW, are N**** and P**** dead yet?

chucklez3 said...

passafist: hit me up if you want. not sure where you are.

i live in newark, but work in norwood (near new york border).

i just took the nypd exam today. i think i did extremely well. however, won't know for sure for a while. but the answers will be online in a couple of weeks.

anyway, talk to me. lostnuts is still being a mo-mo.

even more so now.

all i've gotten was the typical greeting you give to all visitors. the kiss on the cheek deal. that's it.

and now she doesn't want to "talk about relationship" stuff. eh. won't bore you all.

anyway, email is and phone is 201-669-0197.


thinbluemime said...

FRONT PAGE is messed up....admin could you please check?

thinbluemime said...

that looks better! Thanks guys

picsel said...

somebody posted on the last topic about Jack not questioning Cindy further because he didnt like the fact he didnt already know the answer to the questions and then i found this quote from the beginning of an episode of greys anatomy and i thought it described this theory about jack with complete precision

Meredith: [voiceover] In general, people can be categorized in one of two ways -- those who love surprises and those who don't. I don't. I've never met a surgeon that enjoys a surprise, because as surgeons, we like to be in the know. We have to be in the know, because when we aren't, people die and lawsuits happen. Am I rambling? I think I'm rambling. Okay, so my point, actually, and I do have one, has nothing to do with surprises or death or lawsuits, or even surgeons. My point is this: whoever said "What you don't know can’t hurt you", was a complete and total moron. Because for most people I know, not knowing is the worst feeling in the world. [Sees two people with a pole cutting through them.] Okay, fine. Maybe it's the second worst

Obviously only the main bit about the surgeons

ExperimentalFilm said...

well hellurrr everybody !

i was just on lostpedia, andd found something somewhat interesting .

the episode after this week's one- "enter 77" - is "par avion", and the flashback is claire .

the guest starring list states that there will be doctors involved .. and that john terry will be portraying christian shephard in this episode ..

and since hes obviously not alive in island time, he'll be appearing then in claire's flashback .

i could be wrong .. but i think this episode may reveal a big theory that i have secretly believed for a while - that claire is jack's half sister !

memphish said...

picsel, That's a great quote. Having been married to a surgeon for 17 years I'd have to say that sums them up pretty much to a tee. That includes Jack too.

I was reading Time magazine and in an article about Joost it says "you'll have a channel just for Lost. Sounds like heaven!

maven said...

Did anybody see on "30 Rock" this week that Liz made a LOST reference? When she was on the dinner date with the Wayne Brady character and was trying to make conversation she says "So what's happening on LOST?" (or something to that effect...can't remember the exact wording).

Amused2bHere said...

Wow, take a day or two off and look what happens! I must have missed 400 comments...

Too much to comment on. Just let me weigh in with my thumbs up on this episode, can't wait until next week, yippee DayBreak's finale is finally here, and good to see Belly and Fenris, among others who I miss from TLE (Vex, you stillthere?)

Nighters, all. See you in the morning!

izzyjmans2h said...

that by far was the worst episode ever, tricia takana was a copy of tricia takanawa, and we learned nothing this episode, it seems we have gotten nowhere since the beginning of the hiatus, and every week seems to be the cant week miss, and if i missed this week i wouldnt have missed zilch, that heroes show delivers, every week is great, and it is so much better than this season of lost, this season of lost sucks so far, they better shape up, or else they are going to lose a lot of veiwers

DeDJeZTeR said...

WHoa the Daybreak finale is up... gotta go.\

I'll read later.

capcom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
capcom said...

Hi All,

I don't recall seeing anyone post this yet, but apologies if someone did:

Doc Arzt has started a petition for Abrams and Co. for casting Josh Holloway as Roland in the possible upcoming Dark Tower project, in case anyone is interested. I haven't read the books, so I have no clue if he would be appropriate.

Hope that everyone had a good weekend.


Dennis said...

Sayid'sgirl said... Daybreak is up.

I finally watched the last episode of Day Break, and I thought it was really good. You can see how they left it open for a second season. Too bad that won't happen. Shame on you ABC for bungling such a well made show.

ExperimentalFilm said... i was just on lostpedia, and found something somewhat interesting...

Please watch the spoilers about future episodes! Thanks.

Dennis said...

Most Expensive Whisky Ever

I found an article on which talks about the world's most expensive whisky:

The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection, 1926, 60 Years Old

Price: $38,000

The oldest and most sought-after of Macallan's revolutionary Fine & Rare Collection is now sold out. It is still possible to taste this totally unique Scotch whisky at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, N.J. However, it sells for a nosebleed-inducing $3,300 per dram, so you had better have had a good run at the craps table.

FYI, a dram is 1/8 of an ounce. I'm not sure how big a sip is, but a shot is 1.5 ounces - which is 12 drams. 12 drams at $3,300 per dram is $39,600. That's a mighty expensive shot.

Amused2bHere said...

Hey, Dennis! Where can I go to blather on about Day Break? I got no satisfaction at the ABC message boards, I figure you would know a good link to follow.

Just asking...

DeDJeZTeR said...

Off the subject of LOST.

The last episode of daybreak was really good. My only regret is that there was no explanation of why he kept repeating the same day, was it simply to put things right (ala Groundhogs Day) or is their something I didn't catch?

Dennis said...
You can see how they left it open for a second season. Too bad that won't happen. Shame on you ABC for bungling such a well made show.

I couldn't agree more. They could even do a sort of 2.5 season that just followed (the bearded guy and at a few points he would obviosly run into Hopper.

Amused2bHere said...

Chucklez, I'm glad to hear you did well on the NYPD exam. Let us know how it all turns out.

Amused2bHere said...

Chucklez, I'm glad to hear you did well on the NYPD exam. Let us know how it all turns out.

Amused2bHere said...

Argh! double post...

::shoots the double poster bug::::

DeDJeZTeR said...

Anyone have a theory for why there are two Dharma Beer Cans (not light and regular0 The Regular Beer has two different labels. The first time you see it it has no stripes blow the Swan Logo or the text. But after that they all do have the stripes.

memphish said...

Ded, maybe they updated like the new Michelob bottles I saw advertised all weekend. New bottles--yeah that's going to make the beer taste better.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Dennis and DeD
Yeah the last epiode of Daybreak was good, it took me a second to realize who the bearded guy was all cleaned up. I knew Chad had a part in it from the begining cause he was jealous. Well don't want to talk to much about it. This is a Lost blog. :)

Dennis said...

Amused2bHere said...Hey, Dennis! Where can I go to blather on about Day Break? I got no satisfaction at the ABC message boards, I figure you would know a good link to follow.

For all non-Lost related shows, I like The Lost threads there tend to have a few complainers, but they are usually funny.

Here is the link to the Day Break thread.

Also, FYI, you can delete your own posts when you double-up, by clicking the little trash icon underneath the date/time.

memphish said...

It is so sadly quiet over here today. Being unable to stand an uncomfortable silence, I'll post.

Several of us have been discussing Jack's lack of questioning the Others and why that might be.

On LostCasts which is one of my favorite Lost podcasts along with the TLC podcast of course, someone wrote in and talked about how that lack of curiousity may even be why Shephard isn't on Jacob's list.

The emailer pointed out Mr. Friendly/Zeke/Tom's speech in The Hunting Party where Tom quotes Alvar Hanso about curiosity and then he says to Jack, "You know the other one about curiosity, don't you Jack?" But Jack doesn't bite. Then at the end of The Whole Truth Jack lets Henry out of the armory and offers him cereal and there is this exchange:

GALE: What's the computer for?

JACK: Nothing.

GALE: Cereal? Wow, where'd you guys get cereal?

LOCKE: It was down here all along. The pantry's full of food.

GALE: How old is it? [Jack and Locke don't respond] You guys don't know much, huh? I mean, I'd be asking all kinds of questions about all this stuff down here. You guys don't even seem that curious.

JACK: Do you want the cereal or don't you?

The person on LostCasts suggested that the Others value curiosity. Juliet has a scientific curiosity trying to impregnate male mice, so she fits in. Jack has no curiosity, so he's not on the list.

Just an idea to maybe start some chatter around here.

maven said...

I'll bite, Memphish! LOL

Lack of curiosity has always been a sore point for me on the show. Maybe it's just me, but I would be asking a zillion questions about everything. And if a question is ever asked, there's not follow up (take Cindy and Jack's follow-up to the "we're here to watch" statement).

If there were more questions we might actually get more I'm sure TPTB intentionly leave things vague.

I don't know if the Others value curiosity...they don't seem to want to tell too much about themselves either.

(Just wanted to post on my son's 25th birthday!)

Melissa_Lossa said...

I agree - no one on the island seems to wonder too much about what's going on (a point which has been brought up not only by Ben, but also by Hurley on occasion). Even Rousseau, who has been there for 16 YEARS doesn't seem that concerned.

Drives me nuts!

memphish said...

Maybe strong magnetic influences erases your curiosity? Maybe taking the Desmond/Dharma shots would prevent that erasure?

Happy 25th Birthday to Maven's son!

You should take him to Mr. Cluck's in Diamond Bar. Oh, wait, there may be a problem with that.

Amused2bHere said...

Thanks for the links, Dennis. And I'll remember that trash can stuff next time.

As to Jack's curiosity, I find all of them severely lacking in such. Maybe we just keep forgetting that they've only been together for a few months, and they are still just getting their bearings.

Naw, lame excuse. They are much too laid back for my sensibilities. Where are all the questions, just the get to know you type at least? Are we to assume that the group is chatting when we aren't watching?


memphish said...

amused2behere, I think we are supposed to assume the chatting, but what about the questions when Sawyer and Kate show up? No one asked how did you get here? Where's Jack? Why did they take you? Where are They? They are more curious about Dharma oat bars than about each other.

This lack of curiosity and the Others potential desire for it might explain why people were taken from the tail section, but not the fuselage.

Amused2bHere said...

I guess TPTB want us to assume all the chit chat, they don't want to have too much exposition for stuff we already know. Ok, but when they told Kate that Ecko died, she didn't even flinch or ask how. Had they already mentioned his death to her, and were just referring to the stick at the burial? It's a little confusing.

Maybe all the conversations we are missing would become too soap operaish, so they leave them out.

memphish said...

Our Losties need Desmond to transport or flash his brain into 2006 to receive this message:

The path of secrecy is a slippery slope. While necessity may dictate, at times, that we shade ourselves and our work from the all-too-often harsh light of inquiry, habitual secret-keeping can mire even the noblest of intentions in shadow.

If it's good enough for Alvar, it should be good enough for the survivors of Flight 815.

maven said...

FYI: DocArtz over at the TailSection is having an interview tomorrow with Carlton and Cuse and is looking for some great questions!

memphish said...


Thanks for the Doc Arzt link. I posted 4 questions -- 2 from me, 2 from hubby. Unfortunately for Doc I posted my questions 6 times because his website/my browser was acting up.

Can't wait to talk about Heroes tomorrow with everyone. Dennis or Admin, can we get a ruling on whether it's okay to do that here or should we open a message board thread? I think TTID is pretty talked out and there are a lot of linked themes in the new Heroes epi.

Sayid'sgirl said...

I've always assumed they were talking when we're not watching.
At least to the people they want to. I've always thought it was odd everyone seems to think 40 odd people should all become friends with one another and share everything they know. You pick any classroom of kids and they all don't hang out with each other and share things with all their classmates and that's only around 25 kids (in most cases).They split up in groups. They may know something that happened to someone in their class that they are not close to, but they probably won't send them a card or go visit them. I think that all the Losties are probably aware of important things but that doesn't mean they going to run through the jungle to go rescue someone or necessarily hug them when they come back.

capcom said...

Oh yeah Memphish, Heroes was very entertaining tonight! I'd love to comment a bit somewhere in LoCo-land.

The Spidey preview was great too! can't wait!

OK, Lsot topic......only two more days till Lost. :o)

capcom said...

Agreed Sayidsgirl. Most likely in reality, a group of isolated survivors as large as that would get clique-y just like in The World, and not communicate very well across groups. And give them time, they'll all end up hating each other like the DIs. :o) But I do wish that the show was a little better at communicating the information exchange. They certainly did that well on Gilligan's Island, and it was only a half hour show! :-D

Speaking of the DIs, after seeing the hippie-ish hints this past ep (song, van, etc.), I'll bet that the DI peeps eventually split up into groups similar to Locke and Jack. The hardcore-serious-scientist types would be the Jack personalities, and the hippie-love-peace-Shambala faction would have the Locke traits. Maybe Jack and Locke will eventually become opposing leaders of two big island groups after the Lostaways and DIs butt heads? Eh, just my brain running amok.

capcom said...

I meant above, that the DI groups split up in the past druing the supposed rift.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Yeah I agree capcom I think the DI's spit up in the past too. No matter how much you may want it or how hard you try to achive it a utopian society can't exist. It would be great if it could though.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Sorry I just read my post it should say split up not spit up. lol

capcom said...

Yes, it must be bad-typo-night, me too. :o)

The idea that I was so incompetently trying to say was that perhaps the assumed rift created two (IF there are only two...we shall see) DI factions, and the split groups might have had the "Man of Science, Man of Faith" traits of Jack and Locke. Whew.

Maybe I should just go night-night and saw some logs. :o)

capcom said...

BTW, Malcom McDowell on Heroes....awesome!!! He looks like Alvar too. :-D But I would have preferred that he was on our show, no fair.

maven said...

The interactive site at for Heroes is interesting. ABC should do it for Lost. It gives tidbits, trivia and you get to vote on howyou think certain scenes should go. Gotta get back to Heroes site...

memphish said...

Sayid's girl and Capcom, your string of comments crack me up. From Gilligan's Island to spit up.

You don't think there's a Paolo, I'm just here for the food group in DI Capcom? Just nerds and stoners? No wonder most of the girls haven't paired up.

thinbluemime said...

Kristin with new spoilers

memphish said...

New Official Podcast is available from iTunes or here.

TLC said...

Here's a little present a day early. The Lost Community Podcast Episode 14b where Steve and I read everybody's email.

Deja Vu said...

A friend just told me that James is a greek name and the Hebrew (Biblical) translation for it is Jacob.... Hmmmm.....

thinbluemime said...

memphish said...

"In church this morning there was another reference to God loving Jacob"

Alcatraz, in the REAL world, BEFORE it was a penal colony, was an island of light. A Light House.

An eye on the ancient, and an ear to the present world events, will reveal The Lost saga, is an abbreviated history lesson, if you consider a history that spans 3000 years, from the Exodus, to the Homecomimg.

BTW, I enjoyed your original post :)

ib4uc said...

Happy Lost-eve Locos.

thinbluemime said... Kristin with new spoilers

Just what we suspected all along. Well, some of us anyway.

memphish said...

The mark on Juliet's back is the same as the mark on the side of Cadbury cream eggs available in your local store now.

I first heard this on a podcast (can't remember which one), then bought my own to check it out, and it's true. Here's a picture. I guess this confirms that this mark is the ultimate Lost Easter Egg.

memphish said...

If you like Spiderman you should should definitely check out the Special Preview. It's only available until 9pm Pacific tonight.

ib4uc said...

Wow. I can't wait until tomorrow after Lost airs to get this blog hoppin' again.

capcom said...

Wow, the true Lost easter-egg! That is weird, thanks for the link Memphish.

And now that you mention it, sure, there could definitely be a Paolo faction: the selfish peeps that bought into the DI mission only because of the money and prestige that they thought they would get after they saved the world! Ya know, "fortune and glory", as Short Round would say. :o)

memphish said...

Capcom, Paolo's faction could have been headed by the male Dr. Burke, if only he hadn't been hit by a bus.

capcom said...

Too true! :-) It didn't seem like he had any altruistic bones in his now-crushed body.

Passafist said...

Dude! I gave you two podcasts to chew on this week, I tired to get some conversations going!!!

thinbluemime said...

Here is something else to chew on:

memphish said...

So Thinbluemine, someone thinks the Swan Station is the Temple?

ib4uc said...

passafist... I guess your comment was directed towards me. I didn't mean anything by it; it just seems we've talked out everything and not much is being posted. That's it. Sorry.

memphish said...

And Passafist, is Part b going to be on iTunes, or do I need to download it directly?

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hey, great job on the podcasts, boys! I don't get to listen to them that often, but I had a slow afternoon at work today, so I put one on. Great stuff. :)

Too bad there's no one around to talk to today!

thinbluemime said...

Not the Swan.

Karl said to Kate, "We Build Projects"

The Roger Workman blueprint is of the Temple Mount. Interestingly enough, the octagon shaped Dharma logo on that blueprint, is very nearly on the same spot as the Dome of the Rock, which is octagon shaped.

Again, not the Swan, possibly the 2nd island "Alcatraz", but why the print was in the VW is unknown at this time.

This show just gets better and better!!!

memphish said...

But TBM, doesn't it have the Swan logo on it?

thinbluemime said...

memphish, I can't say for sure. But like the food and beer and many other items, maybe the swan logo is a suppy source, or maybe where the print was drafted or the drafting team that drew it.

2 points. The "C" on the print, seems to correspond with the "City of David" position.

Towards the top of the print, further up from the dharma logo, is a circular area that may more closely correspond to the location of the Dome of the rock aka Temple area.

thinbluemime said...


LOL, this tiny comment window cramps my style

thinbluemime said...

memphish! Oh My!

What if the Dharma Logo WAS the spot where the Swan station was located!!

Oh My, I have to think about this.

memphish said...

Good theorizing TBM. Keep it up.

scoutpost said...

Wow! Since I've been out of town I've mainly been lurking because I've had a lot going on and things to catch up on etc., but the fact that the comments have come to a screeching halt has prompted me to at least say: Hi everybody! Great podcasts guys! Can't wait until tomorrow!

It's so rare we have nothing left to say...

maven said...

Wow! We must be saving all our energy for tomorrow's show! LOL

Heroes is on hiatus for 6 weeks...Daybreak's done all our theorizing can concentrate on LOST!

See all of you guys tomorrow....

maven said...

I just had to post something else because this word verifcation is

DeDJeZTeR said...

On the Subject of Heroes,

I realized after the episode wo weeks ago when Simone died at the end of the show, that Peter will not explode and take out New York City. His vision is a false vision since Simone is in it. Maybe he passed out ala the kid from Sheresh's dream like sequence where he finds out about his sister. It could have been an implanted somehow by someone to make him think he was the threat. That part I am still working on, but I think that he is not going to be the one.
A new theory I had after the last episode is that Candice the morphing/illusionist is posing as Peter when he walks into Sheresh's apartment. She is the one having her head chopped up. This gives Sylar her morphing powers and after he kills Ted he gains his powers he is posing as Peter to draw in the others who have powers and with all of them there his powers go crazy and he looses control and explodes. I believe it will be Sylar who explodes and it has to happen because Hiro has seen the guture and New york is toast.

I also liked the fact that reconstruction was going on. New Yorkers don't give up.... lol

C-ya all tomorrow.

DeDJeZTeR said...

I thought this was a community. A community can not exist if their is only talk of the weather amongst its residence. It has to branch out in order to grow. I do not think this place should be limited to a single topic...
Talk amongst yourselves.

memphish said...

Happy LOST Day LoCos!

Here's your weekly Doc Jensen link.

Some interesting things from the Official LOST podcast -- The guy who does the magazine says that we might want to rewatch Locke's dream sequence in Further Instructions especially paying attention to Boone's dialogue. Also the April 10, 2007 edition of the LOST magazine is going to feature a pull-out poster of The Hatch Map. Finally the way you say tonight's title name is "Enter Seven Seven" not Seventy-Seven.

Ded, I like your Heroes vision take. I agree that it wasn't a Desmond unchangeable "flash," but it makes me wonder how much Tim Kring is making it up as he goes along. After that first pod did he listen to how fans reacted to the various characters and then decide which ones to off? If so, I hope Niki/Jessica dies next!

Catch you all later today and definitely tonight.

memphish said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but after reading Doc Jensen I am embarassed to say that I didn't link 3 Dog Night to Cerberus the 3 headed dog that guards the gate to Hades and is mentioned on the Hatch map.

Doc's got a lot of interesting ideas about Cathars and Shambala. Maybe we can talk about it later, you know, like in that community thing Ded mentioned?

ib4uc said...

Good morning Locos. Here's the latest from Ask Ausiello. Warning -- if you don't like spoilers, don't read Ask Ausiello.

memphish... yeah, I with ya on the Three Dog Night/Cerberus connection -- I didn't catch it either.

ib4uc said...

Cathars? I've never heard of them but that's some pretty interesting stuff.

ib4uc said...

Hello, is there anybody in here? Just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone at home?

Just a little bored... home with a sick child.

Dennis said...

Good morning everyone! Happy Lost Day!

(Hi ib4uc :)

Melissa_Lossa said...

ded - as someone who doesn't watch heroes, reading your summary made me realize how we Losties sound to outsiders. :) Sounds like a crazy show!

memphish - I'm interested to see what Boone's dialogue in Further Instructions reveals. Does anyone have that episode recorded, or know where online I could find that transcript? I've only had DVR for a couple of weeks! :)

ib4uc - sorry you're stuck at home with a sick critter. I hope he/she is feeling better soon!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Oh, and Happy Lost Day!

memphish said...

ib4uc - sorry about the little one. I'll be in and out all day and checking the blog.

Melissa_lossa - all the episodes from Season 3 are on Click the Watch Full Episodes links. The transcripts of the episodes can be found at Lost-TV or at Lost Hatch.

memphish said...

Passafist, I'm starting to listen to the email podcast. If you play that Cheech song again, I may look for Dave and follow him off the cliff.

ib4uc said...

Hey dennis & melissa. The flu has really knocked by daughter out.

melissa... found this transcript from Further Instructions at

[Inside the sweat lodge we see Locke eat some of what's in the bowl and ladle some water onto hot stones. Suddenly someone grabs Locke's shoulder and the camera reveals Boone in the sweat lodge with Locke.]

BOONE: Hi, John. It's good to see you again. [Locke wants to speak, but can't] What's that, John? [Locke mouths/whispers: I'm sorry] Oh, you're sorry. That's okay. I was the sacrifice the island demanded. [Locke mouths something else] Don't worry; you'll speak when you have something worth saying. I'm here to help you find your way again. So you can bring the family back together. Come on, I want to show you something.

[Locke tries to move, but his leg doesn't work. He looks at Boone, panic stricken, and tries to move his leg again.]

BOONE [pointing off camera]: John, you're going to need that.

[We see a wheelchair lying on its side with the wheel spinning. We see trippy flashes of superimposed images of Locke's face. We see the wheel chair rolling along with Locke at the Sydney airport, Boone pushing him.]

BOONE: John, someone in this airport is in serious danger. You are the only one who can save them.

[We see Charlie and Claire cooing over Aaron and Locke points at them.]

BOONE: Not them, they'll be fine -- for a while.

[Locke sees Sayid, Sun and Jin. He points as Jin and Sun argue. Sayid pats Jin's back.]

BOONE: I think Sayid's got it.

[Locke sees Hurley working as an Oceanic counter person. Hurley types the numbers into the computer.]

BOONE: Not Hurley.

[Locke sees Desmond dressed as a pilot walking and laughing with some beautiful flight attendants.]

BOONE: Forget it. He's helping himself.

[Locke sees Kate and Sawyer, very chummy in line. He sees Jack going through a metal detector, and getting wanded by Ben. Locke starts waving his arm frantically.]

BOONE: There's nothing you can do for them. Not yet. First you have to clean up your own mess.

[We can hear "clean up your own mess" being repeated in the background. Boone stares intently into Locke's face, then disappears. Locke is suddenly alone in the airport sitting at the bottom of three escalators. Boone appears at the top.]

BOONE: Come up here, John.

[We see Locke dragging himself up the escalator using his arms. When he gets to the top he puts his hand in a pool of blood and then sees Eko's stick.]

BOONE: Clean it up, John.

[We see that Boone is covered in blood with his shirt torn. He looks as he did in Locke's dream from Deus Ex Machina.]

BOONE: They've got him. You don't have much time.

wv: gfartupy - just looked/sounded funny :)

ib4uc said...

Oh, I see memphish already posted the link to lost-tv.

ib4uc said...

I'm just a blogging fool today. I'm not able to do this when I'm at work :)

memphish said...

So here's the question that transcript leaves me with. Boone says "someone in this airport is in serious danger. You are the only one who can save him." But Eko isn't in the airport, only the Jesus stick. So is it someone else?

TLC said...

Hey Don't Knock The Cheech Song!! That song is awesome, and it won a grammy. So there!!

Melissa_Lossa said...

I knew you guys would have the answer in mere minutes. Thank you! :)

memphish - that was the exact line that caught my attention, too. Interesting that the first people they see after that are Charlie and Claire. Boone says they'll be fine - for awhile. Maybe Locke will be the one to break Charlie's death curse?

Melissa_Lossa said...

oh, and thanks a lot - I just got that Cheech song OUT of my head from listening to the podcast yesterday!

memphish said...

David, lots of cr** wins Grammys, and since I'm older than 8, I'm way over the yodeling tejano School Bus Driver song.

Melissa - Yeah, I don't know who to speculate that might be referring to. Jack since he's on his own? It would be a nice touch given how on the outs Jack and Locke are with one another.

I have a friend that thinks the "game changer" coming up soon is Locke's death. Anyone want to comment on that?

ib4uc said...

memphish... Locke's death? Could be. Boone mentions everyone in the airport is OK or going to be OK for now. But he never mentions Locke himself. Could he be the one at the airport who is in serious danger? Maybe John is the only one who can save himself, and unfortunately fails. :(

Dennis said...

Speaking of Cheech and Chong...

In TTID, Hurley's father David (Dave) is played by Cheech Marin. Dave was a deadbeat dad, and was "not around" for 17 years.

Cheech and Chong's most famous skit is called Dave's not here, man, with Cheech playing Dave.

Dave is knocking on the door trying to get into the house, but Chong is "confused" and think he is asking for Dave, who is not home.

memphish said...

Cool Dennis. A stoner "Who's on First."

ib4uc, good idea that Boone means Locke. I'm interested to see if we get Season 1 or Season 2 Locke tonight, or the preview seems to suggest he'll sink to an all-new Season 3 low.

memphish said...

For spoiler fans, there's a little preview of the new episode up on Buddy TV. I think Doc Arzt's interview with Damon and Carelton is supposed to be on Buddy TV later today as well. I hope he asked my questions.

Dennis said...

BTW, Locke's vision of Boone from "Further Instructions" is on YouTube here:

scoutpost said...

Morning all! And Happy LOST Day!
Those are good theories about Locke being the next to die. (Although I hope it isn't so.) That's what I was thinking, since Boone dismisses everyone else's case. Locke was the only one left and Boone was telling him to clean up his mess. Although it does imply that Charlie and Claire will only be OK for a while. And the comment about J/K/S- Boone says "not YET" implying that they will need help eventually. But will Locke be there to help them? When Locke had this vision J/K/S were still captive and you would think that rescuing them would be the context in which Locke was thinking, but now only Jack is captive, so could there be trouble in the future for all of them?

Do any of you think that this comment is a little strange?

"So you can bring the family back together."

Why would Boone refer to them as "family"? I mean isn't that term a little strong for the relationship between the Losties? Or am I reading too much into it?

Also, before I go off to read Doc Jensen- didn't he mention last week that there would be something interactive to do after this episode? He said you would either need a library or the internet to research it....can't wait to find out what that was about.

memphish said...

Scoutpost said: Also, before I go off to read Doc Jensen- didn't he mention last week that there would be something interactive to do after this episode? He said you would either need a library or the internet to research it....can't wait to find out what that was about.

You're right Scoutpost. I'd forgotten about that. Maybe that's why Doc is planning to post after the episode which he doesn't normally do.

I like what everyone is saying about Locke. And of course, on LOST, once you clean up your mess, you generally die.

I'm not sure about the "family," thing except as to how it related to the flashback in that episode and Locke's Pot-Growing Family. I'd definitely say that our Losties haven't become a family in the supportive, care about one another sense, though in the ultimate dysfunctional sense, maybe.

I still don't understand why Locke, Sayid, anyone didn't begin to look for J,K and S. Locke gives his big speech saying:

I don't know. I'm going to find our friends. [we see Hurley eyeing Desmond who's standing at the shore throwing stones into the ocean] I don't know how yet, but I will. We're going to find them. All of them. And then we're going to bring them home. But first things first, we've got to look out for Mr. Eko.

Then last week he tells Kate, yeah, we weren't motivated to look for you three losers. (Well the three losers part was implied.) Why the change?

I'll be gone for a few hours, but I'll be back. jgz350, where are you?

Melissa_Lossa said...

scoutpost - I think the whole "family" idea relates back to Locke always wanting to be a part of a family. All Locke's ever wanted is to belong (with his father, the commune, Helen, etc). I think that Boone's use of the word family is a very clever ploy by "the island." By implying that the Losties are his family, the island plays upon his greatest desire.

scoutpost said...

Here's the exact quote from Doc Jensen's article last week regarding something interactive/easter egg from tonite's epi. BTW- It's not spoilerish.
"It's the latest iteration of a signature storytelling device, and you'll need Internet access or a library card to properly suss out its significance. But be careful, kids: This is revolutionary stuff. If Big Brother sees you getting TOO obsessed with this Easter Egg, you might find yourself sent to Room 101 (or is that Room 23?) for some cultural reconditioning."

scoutpost said...

thanks memphish and melissa-lossa-
I think you're right about the "family" comment. That makes sense, that part of Locke's story had slipped my mind (like many things these days!)

Melissa_Lossa said...

Interesting thought that Locke is going to be the game changer. I don't know if I think he's going to die, though. In my mind, Locke is too tied in with the island to die.

I also find Boone's comments about people interesting. He basically says this:

Charlie and Claire are playing happy family - for now.

Sayid can take care of Jin and Sun and they'll be fine (on the sailboat at this point)

You can help Jack, Sawyer and Kate, but not right now (which is interesting, considering that Sawyer and Kate escape without any help)

The two that are really interesting to me, however are his comments about Hurley and Desmond. He just says "Not Hurley." There's no question that Hurley is in any danger or that he needs to be helped in any way, at any time. Hurley also appears as an Oceanic employee - the one responsible for getting everyone on the plane. This position of power must mean something.

Boone says about Desmond, "He's helping himself." Now, at this point, Des must have just woken up from his "flashback" - Hurley hasn't found him yet, but Locke saw him running through the jungle. Which begs the question, "what was Des doing in the time between when he woke up, and when Hurley stumbles across him?" It seems that he has a couple of hours of missing time in there. Is he helping himself by changing things in his past, or is he doing something in those missing hours that we don't know about yet?

If he is helping himself by changing things in his past, did the things that he changed influence Penny to set up her watchpost, therefore leading to a possible rescue?

Sorry this is so long... one idea leads to another!

bigdog said...

melissa -You can help Jack, Sawyer and Kate, but not right now (which is interesting, considering that Sawyer and Kate escape without any help.

Maybe thats why it looks like K & S are together in line and Jack is getting wanded by ben alone

ib4uc said...

memphish said... on LOST, once you clean up your mess, you generally die.

What if Locke tries to "clean up his mess" (or so he thinks) but makes things worse? He probably won't die but could be the cause of someone else's death, i.e. Charlie.


ib4uc said...

I know this if OT, but did anyone watch "House" last night? You know, I love the guy but at the same time, I hate him. He's one messed up dude.

Melissa_Lossa said...

true, bigdog - Kate and Sawyer seem to be having a lot more fun than Jack, too. :)

Jack going through security could also be a metaphor for Jack's initiation into the Others. Ben tests him, checks him out, and then lets him pass.

shellma said...

Morning Losties!
Wooooow...I can't wait for tonight! This is gonna be good.

maven said...

Morning all on a glorious LOST day!

Interesting discussion on looking back on Locke's vision. I always thought that Locke was constantly looking for the family he never had, and maybe see the Losties as his surrogate he has to protect as the father figure (something he missed growing up).

In reading all the linked articles...tonight's epi seems to be be awesome. Can't wait. It's so frustrating though that all the great initial reactions and discussion takes place here while I'm still watching the episode on LA time!

maven said...

FYI: LOST was 24th in the weeks ratings! "American Idol" was #1-3 and "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?" was #4-6! What does that say about viewership? LOL

Amused2bHere said...

Happy Lost Day!

Empathy for ib4uc who is home with a sick kid. My two were sick with that intestinal bug that is going around. It's just a 24 hr one but it's a doozy.

And now it's got me. Yuck.

Hopefully I'll be conscious for Lost tonight. Taping it anyway, but I still like to watch it in real time.

Hereos was amazing. Hiatus? Bleh.

House is one sick puppy. What he did last night was a real deal breaker for me. He needs help.

Psych is done, Monk is too, for now anyway. Too many good shows taking breaks at odd times. Bring back the 26 week season!

be back later, gotta go pass out now.


Sayid'sgirl said...

Maybe the mess Locke has to clean up is when he destroyed the computer and didn't push the button. Maybe that's what he thinks he's doing in the preview. I won't describe it cause I know some of you don't watch the preview. That could maybesave Desmond and or Charlie. Although it will probably make it worse. Just a thought.

LuckyGuyLikeMe said...

ib4uc, I watched House last night. That was one crazy episode. He's definitely in need of some help.

I also watched Heroes. All I can say is WHOA! That Sylar... he's one evil dude. I'm getting sick of all these hiatuses. LOST is one of the few shows that I regularly watch that has new episodes coming up.

As for Locke's airport vision, I'm curious about the whole Desmond "helping himself" idea. What confuses me is that as of right now, he's helping Charlie. And I agree with you all that Boone saying someone in the airport being in trouble might not have been referring to Eko, since he was not in the airport.

LuckyGuyLikeMe said...

The more I think about it, I think there is a possibility that Desmond has a larger agenda than just helping Charlie survive. I think in the end, he's just trying to get with Claire. I don't have much to support this, it's just something that struck me and I've been thinking about it the past couple of days.

picsel said...

i havent watched the last episode yet (hadnt had enough time) so dont tell me what happens if im wrong. but is it possible that everybody who was in the hatch saw the future and now knows about charlies imminent death but they have to save him in different ways? such as desmond seeing the future and changing it. maybe Lockes vision (which i havent seen yet) somehow saves charlie in the end? im probably wrng as im a whole 40 minutes behind on LOST :p lol

ib4uc said...

luckyguy... I'm leaning toward "Desmond helping himself" as meaning he's only looking out for himself and no one else. By "saving" Charlie the numerous times so far, it's helps make his situation better, possibly altering the present so that one day he'll "get it right" and he and Penny can live happily ever after.

Does this make sense?

memphish said...

Back for a bit. Great to see so many posts while I was away.

Melissa_lossa said: Jack going through security could also be a metaphor for Jack's initiation into the Others. Ben tests him, checks him out, and then lets him pass

Good thought. A lot of people are leaning towards this interpretation of what's up with Jack at this point. I still think Juliet's Bob Dylan tribute was a test set up by Ben.

Maven said: I always thought that Locke was constantly looking for the family he never had, and maybe see the Losties as his surrogate he has to protect as the father figure (something he missed growing up).

This made me think Maven. We parent, at least subconsciouly, like we were parented. Maybe this explains Locke's libertarian leadership style. Maybe it also explains why at least at the beginning of Season 1 he was encouraging Jack to be the leader because Locke was still looking for that father figure and didn't feel comfortable in being the father figure.

Amused2behere, I'm sorry about your illness. It's been rampant in Memphis as well.

Sayid's Girl said: Maybe the mess Locke has to clean up is when he destroyed the computer and didn't push the button. Maybe that's what he thinks he's doing in the preview.

Good idea. If I didn't push the button when I should have, maybe now I should push it when really I shouldn't, huh? That sounds like perfect bad Locke reasoning.

And luckyguylikeme, that's some pretty cynical reasoning about Charlie and Claire. What about Penny?

Picsel, your idea about being in the Hatch when Desmond turned the key creating the visions is interesting. We've seen Locke, Desmond and Eko have supernatural or at least unusual encounters since then. The only unexplained one still is Charlie, and I'm still not clear on Charlie's whereabouts when Desmond turned the key. I think he may have been clear of the Hatch by then.

memphish said...

Found this in an article about Evangeline Lilly about what it takes to make a single episode of LOST.

“Our shooting schedule is nine months. A typical day on set depends on your call time. Generally speaking call times can be somewhere between five and six a.m. Usually that means that you’re getting up between three and four a.m. because most of the locations are about an hour away,” said Lilly.
“Then when we get to work we spend an hour or so in hair and make-up. Which is them applying a bunch of dirt, mud, and grease to your face and skin. Then it’s off to the set. You work usually, on a typical day, between 12, 16 or even 20 hours a day. An average work day for the crew, if you include driving time is about 16 hours. It’s the same for the cast, if we’re working all day in every scene.”
Unlike TV sitcoms or other series the cast does not do any rehearsals or read throughs of the script.
“We don’t really have any time for anything like that. We’re filming 24 episodes a season. It requires a minimum of 12 days of shooting to finish one episode because our show is such an expensive show, has so many special effects, so many vast sweeping landscape shots, outdoor shots and other things that we require 12 days of shooting,” she explained.
“We recieve a script usually the day before we start shooting it. We read it over at home and then come to set ready to go.”

Here is the link to the entire article.

scoutpost said...

Melissa_lossa said: Jack going through security could also be a metaphor for Jack's initiation into the Others. Ben tests him, checks him out, and then lets him pass

I would agree with that, I think that's a really good observation.

As far as Desmond "helping himself"- I would agree with the thoughts that it probably refers to Desmond somehow changing/trying to change the past, mainly so that he can get off the island.

Hmmm what else is in that sweat lodge vision that we can interpret?

Melissa_Lossa said...

How about this - Locke (and we) assumed that his vision meant he had to save Eko. He made a mess of things by not pushing the button, and he had to deal with the consequences.

But saving Eko ended up being futile - the island killed him just a few days later anyway. What if Locke didn't have to SAVE Eko to clean up the mess, but instead had to GET RID OF HIM? Maybe Eko was the mess that Locke had to get rid of. That would go along with Eko not being the person in the airport that needed to be saved.

scoutpost said...

Ok a crazy theory came to me while I was in the shower this morning, after reading the Doc Jensen article. Don't know if this is considered spoiler or not...I know this theory has been floating around. If I need to delete this then let me know.

Its regarding the theory that there is another group of Others that live underground. Doc Jensen took his info from wikipedia...check out the entry for Agartha.

The theory is that there IS another group of Others underground, and that they are at least perceived to be hostile. Perhaps they are the missing Dharma Initiative scientists who realized that they cannot change the Valenzetti equation and so decided to form an underground utopia to save themselves from the destruction of humanity. Perhaps they are in the habit of stealing any children who end up on the island. They could have been the ones to steal Rousseau's baby (Alex), and maybe Ben's group of Others rescued her or stole her back. This could be why Ben and Tom think it's insane that our Losties look at them like they are the bad guys. They could've kidnapped the kids from flt. 815 to "save" the children from a worse fate (going underground). Maybe Ethan was actually trying to save Aaron. Could this underground group of Others be responsible for the mysterious whispers? Also, the black smoke monster could be controlled by and could be the underground Other's security system for the island, hence making the name Cerebus very appropriate. It could be why Locke was dragged underground by the Smoke Monster and saw what he saw, and why he really believes in the thought that "the island is speaking to him". Maybe he was inspired by what he saw underground? Perhaps Rousseau's group and the Mittelos Bioscience people came to the island after the DI, not knowing that the DI was there. And, because of the islands mysterious EM powers, they have been unable to leave.

ah well- it's weird and not all that thought out, and of course doesn't take into consideration some other questions. But the wiki article was so interesting in light of what we know (or think we know).

scoutpost said...

oops I meant to make Agartha a you go: Agartha

bigdog said...

melissa / scout - great theories. If lost was a book i definately would have jumped ahead to the end. the curiosity of what is really going on makes me crazy

Melissa_Lossa said...

Interesting scout - maybe this is where both Rousseau and Alex got their tendencies to hide in big holes in the ground?

memphish said...

Scoutpost - that's a cool theory, and I wouldn't be opposed to some such thing happening. What I am opposed to is Ben's Others utter failure to explain themselves to our Losties. We've had a full season of Others now if you go back to The Other 48 days, and still the best we've got is something about people being "good" and things with the Others being "better."

We've been complaining about how little the Losties talk to each other and how few questions they ask, but my real gripe is "Ben, please tell me what is up with you people!" I hope we'll learn something tonight.

Bigdog, while I wouldn't turn to the end of the book (reminds me of Harry in When Harry Met Sally) I would stay up all night for as many nights as it took to finish the book.

DeDJeZTeR said...

I have ben pondering this theory for a while now, but this is the first I am making mention of it.

What if Alex REALLY is Ben's Daughter and D.R. is really just a nutter. What if she came to the island pregnant like she said, but failed to deliver. In her depression she looses her mind and kills her team. She sets out across the island and finds a quaint little village with people and children. She sees a small baby playing in a play pen or something like that and the parent's don't seem to be paying close attention to it. She steals Alex and runs off. Raising the child as her own she becomes so emotionally attached that she doesn't remember that Alex is not hers. She believes she is the mother and would do anything to keep her safe. Then the OTHERS find her and steal Alex back from her. She goes even more crazy and now cannot destinguish between what is her doing and what is their doing. She never saw Ben before which is why she doesn't do anything but leave him to Sayid until things can get cleared up. She is a Nutter and was the original kidnapper....

Any thoughts, on my theory that has no real basis for existing... lol

Melissa_Lossa said...

hey, theories with no basis in reality are the best kind!

I do agree that Rousseau's not exactly what she seems. There's too many unanswered questions there. Like, how has she been on this island for 16 years, and supposedly had NO contact with the Others? The Losties didn't last 16 DAYS!

Okay, I'm outta here. If I can stay awake long enough, I'll see some of you after the show. :) Namaste!

scoutpost said...

memphish- yeah- if my theory has even a remote possibility, then it doesn't make any sense why Ben's Others didn't just communicate to the Losties that there were these mysterious bunch of people living underground and you have to watch out for them, etc....of course, we still wonder why Ben couldn't just ask Jack to do the surgery instead of kidnapping him. But one other thing that came to mind is the discussion on the Losties lack of curiosity and someone posted the conversation between Jack and Henry (Ben) in the Swan.
Ben asked all kinds of questions about the Dharma stuff and told Locke and Jack that he sure would want to know where all that stuff came from and why it was there, etc. Maybe Ben was trying to clue them in...and provide foreshadowing for us.

Ded- I think that could be a possibility. I think there are a lot of reasons to question DR's sanity and whether or not her story is true.

I'm out for now, too- gotta do the afternoon carpool and afterschool runaround.

memphish said...

Wow Ded, I really like that theory.

Now let's throw a real soap opera twist into it. Danielle and Mrs. Ben deliver on the same day in the Medical Hatch. Danielle's baby dies, Mrs. Ben's lives, but Danielle can't deal with that and steals Mrs. Ben's baby. Ben figures it out and steals her back. A dispute ensues. The wise king, we'll call him Jacob (or Solomon) has the surviving baby brought before him and offers to cut the baby in half. Danielle agrees to the plan thus revealing the baby to be Mrs. Ben's. Danielle is expelled from the community and in her deluded grief concocts the whole sickness, I killed my team story.

Needless to say this has the same basis as Ded's theory.

Dennis said...

memphish said... I still don't understand why Locke, Sayid, anyone didn't begin to look for J,K and S. Locke gives his big speech ... Then last week he tells Kate, yeah, we weren't motivated to look for you three losers. (Well the three losers part was implied.) Why the change?

I think they weren't motivated to look for J, K, & S because The Others said NOT to come looking for them, plus they didn't know where to look. Now that Locke has "seen the light", he knows exactly the coordinate to head.

Melissa_Lossa said... You can help Jack, Sawyer and Kate, but not right now (which is interesting, considering that Sawyer and Kate escape without any help)

You mean... except for Jack, Alex, and Juliet's help :)

scoutpost said...It's the latest iteration of a signature storytelling device, and you'll need Internet access or a library card to properly suss out its significance. But be careful, kids: This is revolutionary stuff.

I think the key word here is "revolutionary". I would guess something to do with the Communist Revolution?

scoutpost said...If Big Brother sees you getting TOO obsessed with this Easter Egg, you might find yourself sent to Room 101 (or is that Room 23?) for some cultural reconditioning." <

Kind of reminds me of the move Se7en:

SOMERSET: For years, the FBI's been hooked into the library system, keeping records.
MILLS: Assessing fines?
SOMERSET: No, monitoring reading habits. Look. Certain books are flagged. Books on, say, nuclear weapons... "Mein Kampf". Anyone who checks out a flagged book has his library records fed to the FBI.
MILLS: Wait. How is this legal?
SOMERSET: Legal. Illegal. These terms don't apply. You can't use the information directly. It's just a useful guide. It might sound silly, but you can't get a library card without an ID...and a current phone bill. See?
MILLS: So they run our list.
SOMERSET: Precisely. If you want to know who's reading..."Purgatory", "Paradise Lost" and "Helter Skelter"...the FBI's computers will tell us. It could give us a name Of a college kid writing a term paper...on 20th-century crime.
MILLS: "Divine Comedy", "History of Catholicism" A book called "Murderers and Madmen". "Modern Homicide Investigation". "In Cold Blood". "Of Human Bondage". Bondage?
SOMERSET: It's not what you think. The Marquis de Sade.
MILLS: Works of St. Thomas Aqua something...
SOMERSET: Saint Thomas Aquinas. There. He wrote about the seven deadly sins.
MILLS: Is that it?

memphish said...

Could you imagine the file they'd have on the LoCos from the websites we've searched, what we've Wikkied, the references we've made? I think it would mostly just prove that we're loco.

thinbluemime said...

dennis, library searches are now legal. Soon after the bill was passed, my local library had signs posted about possibility of law enforcement searches. Maybe thebookpolice can fill us in.

Also I am sure you have seen "Three Days of the Condor", LOL

Reading can be dangerous for your health :)

memphish said...

And not reading leads to an America that looks like one in that Luke Wilson film Idiocracy.

Dennis said...

TBM, this is mentioned in the "Seven" wiki article:

At the time in which the movie takes place, the list of flagged library books Somerset obtains from his FBI contact violated civil liberties and due process (which is why the exchange of the information takes place secretly and Mills later bribes a witness to construct a story about how they found Doe's apartment). After 2002, the USA PATRIOT Act made it legal for agencies to compile such lists to investigate suspects.

Passafist said...

Nice shot with the Seven references but allow me to shed some light....

memphish said...

So is Smokey a moving version of Room 101?

Dennis said...

Passafist, thanks for the info. That makes sense now...

maven said...

Wow, everyone sure had their thinking caps on this afternoon! LOL

Scoutpost: The Agartha theory seems very interesting. "Underworld" was deemed important by Carlton &'s what the hieroglyphics said (not those glyphs!). Also, the cable leads under the sea. It could be what Ben meant when he says "We're the good guys", implying there are "bad" guys out there.

It seems a lot of Locke's vision is more important than we thought. I like the idea that Ben is "screening" Jack so that Jack can pass through and become one of their group. Everyone has been working on Jack's mind, so that he will stay with them.

The rest of the Losties seem safe "for now"...but things will change. Maybe that's when Locke has to clean up the mess. And Desmond seems to have always taken care of himself. Desmond is the only one who can take care of Desmond by trying to change the past.

Passafist said...

Yeah I read 1984 in 1994. The most depressing book ever written!!

capcom said...

Hi LoCos!

Doesn't anyone think that it could be crucial that Boone said, "..I'm the sacrifice that the island demanded..."???? This could be pretty big stuff, if it's a hint! I know, everytime Locke says that, Jack, Boone, and We all go, "Riiiiiiiiiight Locke, uh-huh!". And I don't even really want the story to go there, not being able to figure out what that even could mean. But this is someone or something other than Locke saying it for a change, albeit it in a vision.

Ded, thanks for the little bit of Heroes talk. Although this is a Lost Community, I don't see why we can't wax on about Heroes when things get slow on the blog....unless Mr. Admin disagrees, of course.

Yeah, House is some piece of work. Great project for one of those I-can-fix-him-up women! :-D I still like him though. I think that I just like crabby know, like-minds and all. :o)

I agree about the lack of the Others dialogue or explaination about themselves....another line that I'm sick of is, "'s complicated..." ARRRGGGGGGGGG!! I hate when people say that in real life, let alone on my favorite show. :-P But it certainly does seem as if the "good guys" talk, is merely in comparison to whatever evil DI dudes might also be on the island Maven!

Great chat today buds!

capcom said...

Hmmmm, Oceania is one of the superstates in "1984".....Oceania.....Oceanic.....I'm just sayin'.

Dennis said...


See you all tonight!