Friday, December 08, 2006


I was browsing the website looking for Christmas gift ideas and realized that they put the "Save Joop" tshirts back online and they are on clearance for only $5 each. Thought I'd let everyone know. Looking at those shirts still makes me laugh and brings back great memories of the summer most of us spent together tackling "The Lost Experience."

Counting down the days to February 7th....Hang in there!


capcom said...

Nice to hear from you Admin!!! Hope that all is going well with you and your family. Thanks for the info on the shirts and the reminder of our great summer of TLE (also in part thanks to you). :o)

Administrator said...

Hey. Yeah, I've been laying pretty low since over the hiatus. Thanks for the thoughts about my fam. It's been rough but I feel like things are getting back to "normal" (whatever that is!)

I'm really looking forward to some new episodes to provide fodder for this board and SOTL. I've had some ideas for things to discuss over the break but (with the exception of the "Save Joop" post) I don't want either board to become another "Lost News" announcements page.

I feel like everything I'm finding and reading is being mentioned in the comments already (thanks largely to Sir Links-a-Lot Dennis!) so there's no need for new posts.

I hope everyone will return in full force in Feb...

capcom said...

Excellent new name for Dennis, Admin! :-D

DeDJeZTeR said...

Yes I agree great name for Dennis.

Good tidings to all in this lovely time of year.

Hey David, you need to get ahold of those Random Shirts guys and finally get those free shirts they promised you. (since you said you would GIVE me one) I would do it, but they didn't promise me anything. I still want my shirt, but don't want to pay for it if I really am going to get one someday.

I had a few ideas for their design a t-shirt contest, but never got around to entering, I hope they do it again someday.

Well see ya's around. I hope they don't kill off Claire. If they do, then what was the point of making it so obvious that Desmond had future seeing abilities. Hmmmmmm???? Just something for me to ponder for the next 2 months

vexingmodstwo said...

Speaker from ITE is doing comic reviews and other stuff on Since we're reminiscing and stuff.


congested said...

I think not linking to Lost news stuff is a good idea. I really like the pace you guys set for the mini-season and look forward to the Spring season for things to pick up again. Having said that the $5 Joop shirts are a nice surprise... although technically that still could have gone in the "Lost Experience" blog, no? (I still have it on my feeds XD)

Although I guess that would go against the whole "Time Capsule" idea.

CattyGirl said...

Not sure if it was linked here already, but I just came across the new Lost article on EW.,6115,1566980_3||1045714_0_,00.html

thinbluemime said...

thank you cattygirl for the link.

Since the OFFICIAL LOST Podcast is off limits to discussions here due to spoiler rules, I encourage everyone to download and listen to the newest podcast, and compare notes to the entertainment weekly article.

And since I have always liked to stir things up, this blog link with a satellite map found in season 2 on the swan bunker ceiling, is making more sense to me, since I discovered it.

maven said...

Been super busy all day with family matters! Great to come home and see this new thread! What great memories "Save Joop" brings back!

And I applaud all who have kept TLC going since the end of Episode 6! Seems there's always something to talk about! LOL We're all so eager for links to LOST related stuff. I truly appreciate those who constantly scour the net for those LOST-related links. (Great name, Admin, for Dennis...Sir Links-A-Lot!) It's also great to see posts from people who haven't been around a lot, even if they're just popping in to say hi!

minnesotawriter said...

Haha, Joop returns!

What's the 411 with the mobisodes which were promised? Have they been released or is ABC sitting on them?

congested said...

I haven't been able to find any more details about the mobisodes for a while. Maybe they are holding off for the summer... it'd be a lot nicer if they were holding off for a better idea though.

Cam794 said...

hey eveeyone just dropping in.i was reading posts from the old thread and heres abother link for Lost Sneak Peaks on LostPedia also LOST ON AT 10pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN thats stinks now i have to wait longer!.................anyway

capcom said...

Hi Peeps,

Thanks for the Lostpedia link Cam. Should have figured that Lostpedia would be collecting all the Lost Moment data too. :o)


capcom said...

FWIW....I had a thought about why Ben and Co. let Michael and Walt go so easily.

Since they implied that Walt was too much for them to handle, maybe they REALLY wanted to get rid of him ASAP. Perhaps Walty was giving them an extremely hard time, fighting back with his powers and all, and they couldn't control him and he scared them. Ergo, they wanted to get him far away from them. Because Walt was maybe too strong and could have possibly gotten some control over them, had he stayed in captivity. And they couldn't just let him go back to the camp, because he'd reveal too many secrets to the Lostaways and they, and he with his powers, could counter attack the Others.

Even if there was not the captured Ben problem, they might have wanted to get Mike and Walt off the island in their one boat anyway, leading Michael to believe that they were just being nicey-nice. [[Which would fit in nicely with someone's theory that Ben got caught on purpose to arrange the whole Michael rescue/swap scenario]] I just very much got the feeling that Ben was kind of saying, "Here, a deals's a deal, take the boat, someone will help you, now get outta here with your messed up freaky kid." I hope that we find out more about what happened between Walt and the Others some day.

minnesotawriter said...

Good theory capcom! I'm rewatching Season 2 right now, and just watched Three Minutes. I think in the episode, Walt is clearly afraid of the others and their "room". But it is also evident that Mr. Klugh is having a hard time keeping the boy in line. You have a good point though, they wanted to get Walt as far away as possible. And by getting Michael to cross to the darkside, as it were, they could free Ben, get the spinal surgeon, and finally make some good use out of their empty polar bear cages.

Who keeps the fish biscuits in stock? I have a suspicion it's Alvar himself, or maybe even Rachel.


CattyGirl said...

Good morning!

Just wanted to drop in and mention that there was a digital short on SNL this weekend with Mat Fox in it. I guess they created it when he was hosting, but held it for another episode. It was funny and although it had nothing to do with Lost, the ending had words on the screen in Lost font (like the opening of the show when 'Lost' floats across the screen)

Last night I watched 'Last Laugh 06' on comedy central. 'End of the World' song by REM redone with 2006 related lyrics. In the song was a picture of Michelle Rodriguez with them singing 'and that chick from Lost got a DUI'.

CattyGirl said...

capcom, Good point about the others being afraid of Walt - I believe that and I believe we will one day find out what happened to them, but probably not this season. :(

Dennis said...

Happy Birthday to me! :)

For my birthday present, I want everyone to watch Day Break on Wednesday.

Dark Angel said...


ummm.... nice hat by the way

Dark Angel said...

Oh whilst I'm here I had a completely mad theory this morning that I thought I'd share.

What if Juliet and not Claire was Jack's half-sister? That could really change the dynamics - I know it's very Star Wars but it's a thought ;)

Oh BTW my 'Lost' short Story "Another Morning" is now finished. It is having a final proof read tonight and then I should be publishing it here tommorow :)

CattyGirl said...

Happy Birthday Dennis!

I'll be sure to watch Daybreak. ;)

memphish said...

Yeah Dark Angel--giving us something to look forward to.

Interesting thought about Jack and Juliet. I saw on another board that someone thought Jack and Kate were siblings completing the whole Star Wars thing complete with gross Luke and Leia kiss. I disagree though.

And capcom -- love the thought that Ben wanted to get rid of the "messed up freaky kid." I agree that I doubt that will be resolved this year.

maven said...

Happy Birthday, Dennis! (What? No LINK to a birthday site?) LOL

Capcom: Interesting theory re Walt as being too much for the Others to handle. It does make some sense. That's all they would need...someone else trying to take them over! Better to get rid of the competition.

Dark Angel: Also like your thought that Juliet and Jack could be related (both "J" names?) They do seem to be connecting...maybe just as siblings.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hey, everyone! Man, I miss you guys! Between stuff going on at work and the holidays, I haven't been able to visit here at all!

I just got my Lost figures in the mail on Friday - they are very cool. And yes, I am a HUGE nerd. The sound bites on them are really top quality. My husband keeps playing Charlie's over and over so that he can hear him sing "You All Everybody."

I'll take some photos this week and post them on my blog, along with the info from the last puzzle that I did - the Others. Does anyone know if Lost puzzle #4 is out yet?

memphish said...

Yes, puzzle 4 is out. I saw it at my local bookstore this past week.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Thanks, memphish! I'll have to track it down. :)

LifeObstacle said...

Hey everyone! I spent last week working too hard, and surrounded by sick people, so I am coming down with a cold myself. It's just a throat tickle now, getting worse by the hour. Tis the season...

Capcom, you're the only person I've seen actually use the word "ergo" since my high school English teacher.

FYSB said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Sir Links a Lot! You wear your crown with such a quiet dignity.

In honor of your birth and the nostalgia of this board, I'm posting a link for the ol' TLECers.

Rachel on Without a Trace

I wonder if there will be another TLE this summer? And if so, what will the plot be? Would Rachel come back? And would it be the same Rachel (see the Batman sequels)? Or a whole new spunky character (see the Karate Kid sequel with Hillary Swank?


memphish said...

It could be Rachel or someone new, just as long as they're spunky. That's more of what the whole LOST universe needs--spunk.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Links a Lot!!!

You do a great job keeping us informed and we appreciate it!

Have a GREAT day!

Dennis said...

Thanks everyone!

Maven, I did have a link in my last post :)

FYSB said...Rachel on Without a Trace

Has Rachel Blake gone missing again? Or was she looking for her missing father?

BTW, 58 more days....

FYSB said...

Dennis...Rachel is very busy combing the hills of Norway searching for her missing third cousin. Coming next summer:
TLEII - The Hunt for Knut

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Well here it is 'Another Morning', a short story based on Lost. You can either read it on my blog here
or download it as a word document here

I hope you all enjoy it, critisism is always welcome and I happy for people to email it or publish it else where as long as it is not altered or credited to someone else.

well I'm off to bed now...

memphish said...

Dark Angel,

Your story is excellent. I could put up with N@*$W and P*(#& if they manage to come up with a story like that to explain what they've been up to for over 70 days, biding their time, living with their own demons, being toyed with by Smokey. I hope there's a sequel.

One minor detail: Did you mean for the woman who you called Barbara to be the woman who drowned in Season 1, who Boone and Jack tried to save? If you did, her name was Joanna, but it works for it to be an entirely different person that Smokey tortured.

LifeObstacle said...

Wow DA, that really feels true to LOST. I can completely picture all of it. Of course it helps that I've seen the setting on TV week after week.

Maybe TPTB could start a short story competition! I'd vote for yours.

capcom said...

Hi All, it's great that talk has picked up a bit.

Happy B-Day Sir Links!! Nice photo. :o)

Gee thanks Life. :-) But it's one of my favorite words, along with "behoove", which not only sounds funny, it looks funny spelled out as well. :-D

Can't wait to read your story DA! And thanks for the RACHEL update, Fizzbee.


maven said...

Sorry, Dennis! I missed your wonderful LINK! You wear your crown proudly!

Dark Angel: Looking forward to checking out your short story when I have more time and can savor it all!

Hey, Fizzbee: Nice to see you around with your great sense of absurdity! LOL

Capcom: Yep, isn't it great how we all just can't wait to check in and see what's happening at TLC! We all manage to keep the conversation flowing even with no LOST on!

Amused2bHere said...

Just flying by to catch up and say hi!

Thanks for the info, Admin. Now I can finish all my Christmas shopping in one stop! (My Lost pumpkin said Save Joop, so my family got to ask "who's Joop?" then. Which is great, because now they'll already understand their T-shirts. LOL

Dark Angel, I am looking forward to reading your story. I think I will savor it after Day Break this Wed (my birthday gift to Sir Links-a-lot (Happy Birthday Dennis!)

Well, I watch Day Break anyway, but if I didn't, I would watch it just for your birthday Dennis.

Great to see Vexingmodstwo still lurks here. Thanks for the info on Speaker.

hang in there, Cam, later Lost means more time to get things done after dinner (and maybe no one will be tempted to phone during Lost if it's on at 10!)

At least we have Heroes and Day Break to keep our frustration level up during the hiatus. Yeah, they give us answers but not enough to satisfy. Each answer brings more questions, and the full mystery solution is not visible. Very Lost-like...but not exactly. Kind of like how an appetizer is like a meal, but not enough to really be a meal...

Ok, enough rambling. Catch everyone later!

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Glad you liked the story, it was my first attempt at writing in the short story format.

Memphish - I was a bit sneaky with the name Barbara - Joanna's full name was Barbara Joanna Miller, although I had to check ;)

memphish said...

DA - uber-geeky; guess your guy's a bit like Locke wanting to use everyone's "proper" name

Dark Angel said...

Hi Memphish

To be honest I wasn't sure if I remembered her name correctly so I checked Lostpedia and ended up writing Barbara rather than Joanna, so it wasn't a conscious choice, however I guess people do use different names for different relationships.

DA Wispers:

my Mum for example still calls me Christopher which I hate, I'm Chris (or Dark Angel) to everyone else ;)

CattyGirl said...

Hello all,

I was reading my Entertainment Weekly that just came in the mail yesterday. Anyway... There is a little section in the back of Lost and The Office. The executive producers were asked to write scenes for the opposite show. I have to say that I was lol when I read Damon's take of The Office.

EW article

Thrasher76 said...

Great to see you guys are all still hanging out here. I just got back on Sunday from my wedding/moon in Jamaica!!! WHOOHOO Wedded bliss!!! I have over 200 pictures to figure out where to put them, I have most of them on a comcast site, snapfish, but I don't know how to share them via that site other than emailing it to people. SO, until I do or find the time to figure it out just know they are awesome and our trip rocked. I hate being back in cold weather and working!!

maven said...

Welcome back Thrasher! Thanks for the pics! You and your bride, Melissa, look very happy. Best wishes on a long and happy life together!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Congratulations, Thrasher!

capcom said...

Morning LoCos! Congrats Thrasher! Glad that your wedding and honeymoon were so wonderful and that you are a Happy Hubby. :o)

In case anyone is interested, I sort of watched the new SciFi channel show "The Lost Room" last night. I really didn't take it seriously at first, and was clicking back and forth. But the more I paid attention, the more interesting it got. The premise is that there is this hotel-like room (that sort of moves in time/space) that has objects in it that have different powers (in and of themselves, and together). For instance, a watch that can hardboil an egg (heehee). Somehow different people have aqcuired them (I didn't pay attention at that part) and some possibly-benevolent organization is trying to get them back to save the world. The conflict part is how all the objects get transferred between the people who are trying to keep them or put them back. And, that the main character's daughter got stuck and lost in the room and he's trying to get her back. I know it sounds weird, but it all started to come together towards the middle of the first installment, when I started paying attention. Part 1 will be re-run tonight, and Part Deux will be shown afterwards. I'm sure they'll repeat it a couple hundred times later on, as the SciFi channel is wont to do. Anyway, just thought I'd pass that on.

Thanks Cattygirl for the EW articles again. Ciao All. :o)

Thrasher76 said...

I think I have some of the wedding photos Here.


maven said...

Capcom and all: I also watched "The Lost Room" and I agree with you, takes some time to get into it, but it's very intriguing. The reviews I read were generally positive (although they all said we might not be satisfied with the ending). I think there's no real explanation as to why the room and the special objects exist, but us TLCers are used to no answers to major questions! LOL I'm definitely going to watch the rest of this miniseries. (Fills in the LOST limbo.)

maven said...

Dark Angel: Just read your short story. Was very impressed with your style of writing. Getting into your character's mind and dealing with what a quilt-ridden crash survivor filled with despair goes through to find his purpose on the island was very well thought out. Congratulations!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Thanks for the info on The Lost Room - when I originally heard about it, I thought it sounded interesting, but the more I heard, the lamer it sounded. However, if it has the TLC stamp of approval, I'll have to check it out!

Thrasher, beautiful photos! My husband I had an outdoor wedding as well, although we did it right here in the mid west. Outdoor ceremonies are so lovely!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Dark Angel - I just read your story. Great stuff! I love the idea that Barbara/Johanna was drawn out to sea by the monster.

I like your writing style as well, almost a stream of conciousness, but well organized, if that makes any sense. Sometimes, stories where the narration takes place in someone's mind can be scattered or purposely odd, but yours was really well done.

Kudos! Hope we get to read more!

memphish said...

Mrs. Klugh is in The Lost Room. She works at the police station. I taped it last night and started watching this afternoon and noticed April Grace's name in the credits, and not far in there she was. Guess we now know where she's been.

capcom said...

Heh, I just saw her Memphish. Go Miss Klugh! She cleans up very nicely after looking so ratty on Lost. :o)

Cam794 said...

Hey every1 just finished catching up with all the comments

Dark Angel-GREAT STORY. i really felt like i was explain things so good.lots of deatail. hope to see more. :-D

i thought up a theory while reading DA's story. maybey the monster needs to see the peeps memories first.then once the have a person they cared about they will come after them. for example Jack saw his dad which was prbly mr.smokey.he read his memory and picked out.........o wait he already had someone.........hmmmmmmmm ok eko he read his mind. got yemi right? so he lured him out in the jungle and sad to say it but......killed him :'(.

Thrasher-looks at some of ur pics and at first from not enlargiing the pic the Preist looks like Yemi haha. Congrats btw.

P.S. 57 days 0 hours 12 minutes left until LOST

memphish said...

So looking at Cam's theory -- BTW glad you kept those polar bears Cam -- and thinking so if Smokey came after Eko as Yemi and potentially manifested himself to Jack as his dad, to Kate as the horse that freed her, to Walt as Vincent, then what/who did it manifest itself to Locke? Was it his dad, Helen? What/who would be the the thing/person that would lure John?

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Thrasher Big congratulations, the wedding photos are great - wow - what an amazing place to get married.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback on the story, I certainly hope to post some more stuff from time to time. I must give a big thanks to Niki, my wife who kept re-readinr all my re-writes and did a brilliant job of proof reading and helping me edit it.

I like the theory Cam, I certainly think there's a lot more to old smokey than we've seen to date.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hmmm.... interesting question, memphish. My thought is that with Locke, it's not as much a person as an idea. The one thing that Locke wants more than anything is to have a "family" that accepts him. We've seen that with his father and with the commune. He wants so badly to be a part of something, that he's willing to go to any lengths to get it.

I think THAT is what the island has shown him. That if he does the island's (or the monster's) bidding, then the survivors will become his family.

It would be interesting if we found out that Locke was somehow keeping them on the island. He wants to stay where a) he can walk b) people look up to him c) he has a family to look after.

Personally, I think that what exactly Locke saw when he looked into the eye of the island will be very important to uncovering the island's secrets.

CattyGirl said...

Happy married-for-1-week Thrasher!

Beautiful pictures! I have some amazing pictures from our Jamaican wedding too.

I'm watching The Lost Room too guys, but I had to record it last night while I watched House. I have a holiday party to go to tonight so it looks like I'll have 4 hours of the 6 hour miniseries to watch at another time. Oh well - I like the story and a good miniseries in general. Anyone else watch 'Taken' a few years ago?

CattyGirl said...

Hey Thrasher - I'm going to Brookstone next week and I thought of you. How is work going? Busy for the season?

Thrasher76 said...

CattyGirl - It is so busy and I wish I was back in Jamaica!!! I also dislike, ok I hate my job and want to find a new one ASAP!! I am work 6 12 hour days per week until Christmas is over. I do not want to do this again next year, especially if we start having kids. It is not fair to my family to be away around this fun time of year. I also have zero Christmas spirit!! Bah!!!

Thanks for looking and enjoying our photos!!

capcom said...

Morning/Afternoon everyone!

Interesting theory going on about Smokey, Locke's version of Smokey, and Locke's needs and intentions!

Hey Cattygirl, glad that you taped last night's Lost Room, it's getting weirder! I hope that the ending isn't disappointing. An interview with the main actor kind of hinted that the ending might be ambiguous enough for some people to have their own interpretation of it. Not a good thing to say, I hate those kinds of endings. I just want to be told what going on! Yeah, spoonfeed me. :o)

Hey I watched (and taped) the Spielberg series Taken when it was on! That was an awesome series. They managed to incorporate just about every alien myth since Roswell into the story (they even threw in an Art Bell type character!). And visually it's incredible. It's not without its minor flaws here and there, but I recommend it highly. I'll watch it again from time to time, when I'm in the mood for aliens and have reached temporary saturation point with viewing the X-Files.

Thrasher, I hope that you get a better job soon. Yes retail s*cks especially around the holidays. But with what you said here, it sounds like you will be a great dad and hubby. :o) That's right, we have to get some Xmas presents at Brookstone, thanks for the reminder Cattygirl!


Codysmom said...

Hello TLC!!! Long time, no post! Glad to see all these cool, creative people still here..

DA, GREAT short story; loved the imagery!

Melissa, are you guys in GR having the same mild weather as we are in SE MI? I've got spring fever!!!

Thrasher, CONGRATS!!!!! And I enjoyed your pictures...beautiful!

Capcom & cattygirl, nice to see you! I've got The Lost Room on dvr, but haven't had a chance to see it yet. Will post when I do. (Wonders if the fact that the word LOST is in the title is why I want to see it).

Happy Belated Birthday, Sir Links-a-Lot (LOL)

Maven, how are you?

Cam, cool theory (and glad to see the original Dharma bears)

Hi to anyone else I may have missed!!

I have to say, I've actually been so busy with Christmas and the puppy (Hurley, in Santa hat....getting bigger!) that I'm almost glad that Lost is in hiatus.

So ... is the fact that Lost will be on at 10pm starting this Feb. (instead of 9) because of "ratings wars" or because of "mature content"?

I'm off to Brookstone to finish my Christmas shopping!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Thrasher, as a former retail worker myself, I just wanted to say that I feel your pain. Retail killed my Christmas spirit for awhile, too - the last Christmas Eve that I worked, I had to stop a shop-lifter and I got cursed out by some woman who told me that I ruined her Christmas because I couldn't take her check without any id.

You'll get through it, I promise! Try not to let all the crazies get you down!

Melissa_Lossa said...

codysmom - yeah, it's pretty balmy outside, which is a nice change from the foot of snow that we had last week! It's kind of crappy and raining today, though.

Hurley is so cute in that Santa hat!

Codysmom said...

Thanks, Melissa! All of a sudden we have sunshine! We didn't get that snow .. only a dusting, really.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Oh my word - it snowed and snowed here. The roads were one big sheet of ice! And there was wind, and ice and hail! It's way too early in the season for that nonsense!

memphish said...

Capcom -- I've spent the afternoon watching The Lost Room (while putting tissue paper on 20 water bottles to make maracas for a 1st grade Xmas party). It is getting weird, and I'm with you, I need a spelled out answer. Want say much more since not everyone has watched yet.

As for weather, here in Memphis, it's about 70 degrees. Last week it was 20. Everyone has a cold.

Codysmom said...

My sister-in-law up near Cadilac said they were getting "buried" ha ha. We had tons of rain and it made the grass greener......

Doesn't feel like Christmas, though, more like Easter!

Anonymous said...

Dark Angel,
Great job on your Lost story.I thought it was better than the Bad Twin sample that was on-line.Keep up the good work.
Waiting for Lost, is like waiting for Santa when we were kids.It seems like such a long time.
Hi to all.

maven said...

Hey, Codysmom! Nice to hear from you, too! Love that this is a great "meeting place" for us Losties, and that we're staying in touch through the busy holiday season. I've been super busy dealing with a very sick father-in-law...putting him in Assisted Living, selling his condo, taking him to doctor appointments, etc. It's very stressful and I deserve the Daughter-In-Law Gold Medal! LOL

I did watch the next installment of "The Lost Room" and am still enjoying it. I do think having the word "Lost" in it is very prophetic! Loved the ending to Part II (that's all I'll say).

I'll give the weather report for the L.A. area: It's about 75 degrees and beautiful! HA HA!

vexingmodstwo said...

Did you see the Lost Moment from tonight?


(you'll need the divx plug in but it's worth it... high quality video)

maven said...

Thanks for the LOST Moment on, Vex. It is truly a momentous moment!

Codysmom said...

vex & maven, I went to and I can't see it. Then I went to the ABC Amex Lost Moments and nothing new there. Is there any other way I can see this (or when does the Lost Moments site get updated?)

maven said...

Codysmom: Sorry, I don't know when they update on ABC Amex or Lostpedia. I downloaded the divx plug-in on and it worked for me.

Dark Angel said...

Hi Guys,

Like the Locke theories

The Lost Moment was very good this week. There is a link here for it on You Tube

CattyGirl said...

Yes - that Lost moment blew me away. I am really wondering if these are all from the same episode now...

Love that picture codysmom!

I'm hoping to watch the rest of The Lost Room this weekend. I have a lot of tv time planned for this weekend. Wow... what a couch potato when I think about it. I'll have those 4 hours to watch plus my Netflix movies.

CattyGirl said...

and thanks Dark Angel for the link, I was hoping to see it again. ;)

memphish said...

I'm watching Part III of The Lost Room this morning and heard a great line. The character Margaret Cho plays says,

"Dude, if you're going to theorize I'm going to have to charge you another grand."

I cracked up. Good thing theorizing is free here.

Codysmom said...

Good Morning!

Thanks for the link, DA! Interesting....

Maven, wasn't sure if downloading the divx plug-in would screw up my system of watching tv through my x-box (using a wireless connection to my computer) with Media Center 2005. Does anybody know? I just got it working again and it's great getting free tivo.

Thanks, cattygirl. I'll be out of town this weekend; not sure when I'll ever get around to watching "The Lost Room", hopefully next week.

LOL, memphish ... theorizing is free here ... from promo #5, to all lurkers: "We're here to watch"

maven said...

Hey, everyone!

Golden Globe Nominations are out! LOST is up for Best Drama and Evangeline Lilly for Best Actress in a Drama! Yeah!

Here's the LINK to see the whole list.

Dennis said...

The "Lost Moment" clip is on the AMEX site. (use 888-258-3741 to log in)

WOW! That's a big reveal. For a refresher, see

My satellite went out last night, so I got home and Day Break wasn't recorded. :( I was able to get it from BitTorrent, since they don't start showing it on until 5:00 am EST, but I FORGOT about the "Lost Moment" until I came in here. I hang my head in shame.

memphish said...

Okay, I gave in a looked at the Lost Moment. WOW! Is it February 7th yet?

And now an update regarding The Lost Room -- Part 3 is excellent. Really good, so hang in there if you're watching it. It's very exciting and has some funny parts too. If you missed it SciFi is airing it straight through Sunday starting at 5 pm Eastern.

Oh, and a question about the Golden Globes:Does anyone know what time period it covers? Is Lost nominated for Season 2, for the 2006 part of Season 2, for any of Season 3? Anyone know. Because if it includes Season 3 Matthew Fox should have been nominated. I love Season 3 Jack.

Codysmom said...

Thanks for the link, Maven.

It says:

2007 Golden Globe Awards
For the year ended December 31, 2006

So I guess it includes part of season 2 and the mini-season 3. Go Lost!!!!!

Agree, memphish, "Matthew Fox should have been nominated. I love Season 3 Jack."

Dennis said...

From Wikipedia:

Unlike the Academy Awards, for which the eligibility period begins January 1, the eligibility period for the Golden Globe Awards begins October 1.

Season 3 began on October 4th, so it looks like it would not be eligible for this year.

memphish said...

Thanks Sir-Links-a-Lot.

DeDJeZTeR said...

I have to agree with all the talk about the Lost Room. It was an excellent mini-series with the potential to be a decent show if they take it to the next level.
I have put a post on the message board about it and listed all the OBJECTS I could identify, but there are still alot in the show that I missed. I am going to add a few more later, but not sure when.

DA - have not had a chance to read your story yet, but it seems to be getting rave reviews. I will get to it soon.

maven said...

I agree that THE LOST ROOM would make a great series. They really left it explanation as to what the event was that happened in Room 10. Would TheirPTB be as "mean" as our TPTB to leave us hanging like that? LOL

Cam794 said...

yea thatr lost moment last night was AWESOME!!!!!!! that was i big giveaway even tho i already knew cuz i go on SPOILER FIX. soooo just droppin in cya.


capcom said...

Evening LoCos,

I agree, The Lost Room paid off and was a very interesting adventure. I thought that the story and dialogue/script were much better than some of the original cheesy dreck that the SciFi channel has been pouring out this year. I'm glad that you said that they did not explain what the "event" was, I thought that I must have missed that part! I do click around during the commercials and sometimes miss some things if I don't click back in time. In the article that I read about the mini-series, the main actor mentioned that TPTB are indeed mulling over the idea of making it a series. It's definitely possible, for the aforementioned reason, and because there are so many objects still owned and around and unresolved.

******************* Lost Room Spoiler ************************* :-)

One thing I'm wondering.....if you-know-who did become an object, I guess that he will feel the annoying feeling of sensing all the objects now? Also, did I miss the point of the collectors nailing the objects to the motel door? Why couldn't the woman just hold them all while she opened the door and the box? That seemed weird to me.

Did you enter the contest Ded?????

Ciao and TGIF tomorrow! :o)

capcom said...

P.S.......BTW, I've been noticing that there are quite a few series shows this season on all the major networks that are going on a hiatus of sorts from now until next Feb. ABC tells us that it was done with Lost, because it's supposedly what the fans wanted, and they wanted to please us. PIFFLE!!! Lots of shows are doing it this year! It must be some scheme that the cross-network marketers dreamt up to minipulate the ratings equations in and around sweeps times, or some such plan. Bah humbug. :o)

DeDJeZTeR said...

Yes I did enter the contest, but no luck, I picked very different items. I think I only got 2 of them. I tried the other one as well, but couldn't get passed the fith ( I think ) item. Where were all the TLEC'rs whith their crazy sluething skills when I needed them... lol

CattyGirl said...

Thanks for adding the spoiler line, because I am not finished with The Lost Room. Watched half of the second part yesterday. I do like the idea of this show. The fact that these objects have powers reminds me of Heroes and of the 4400. They could stretch this show out to a series by finding an object per episode. I'd watch...

Anonymous said...

I got bored of the 4400, I watched the first couple of series but it just seemed to be strange power of the week and was too slow in progressing the story.

Passafist said...


What you're seeing with all the shows going on Hiatus happens every year! Every show goes off about the second or third week in December because of the holiday season.

To put the Lost Hiatus in some perspective, if they had done what is traditionally done, we probably would have had only two or three new episodes (which woulkd have been the second week in December or therabouts) followed by pre-emptions for Hoilday and Year End Specials. One January rolled around we'd get two or three weeks of reruns. Followed by new episodes at about the third week in January.

The only difference is that Lost's Hiatus started sooner than most, and is comming back about two weeks later. But a show going on a short five week break from mid December to Jauary is very common.

capcom said...

Hi All, TGIF!

You're right about holiday hiatus Passafist, but I mean with no reruns at all. One of the first shows they did it to was American Dreams a few years ago, and they ran no reruns ever, and it quickly killed the show because it hardly ever aired. I really liked that series, but it was getting a little too morbid towards the end, I have to say. I hope that Lost cheers up a little bit in the coming season, it's getting kind of morose as well. At least this past 6 eps were very intense.

I've been trying to keep up with The 4400 if possible. It's midly interesting, but definitely has some glitches in the story, i.e., not enough to keep you more than a moderately interested. I like the main agent guy though, he was the nasty bad military guy in Taken.

Good idea Cattygirl, about a Lost Room series focusing on one object per episode. They could really get into the nitty gritty details of the object and its powers like that, and also get into the psyche of the owner better as well.

BTW, TLCM, are you out there??? How are you doing? We haven't heard from you this week I don't think. Just checking to make sure that you're OK. XO


CattyGirl said...

Dark Angel - I recommend watching the 4400 from the DVDs. I think it has a nice flow when you can watch a block of episodes.

Anonymous said...

capcom said..
BTW, TLCM, are you out there???

I'm here, I've been lurking. The news from the PET scan last week is confusing and upsetting. It's kind of like LOST it raised more questions than giving answers. So I've been off spending time with a variety of doctors and I'm worn out. So much so that last night I was tucked in bed and asleep by 7p.

I'm planning to watch "Lost Room" this weekend; so thanks for the spoiler alert.

This week's LOST moment was amazing! I don't know what to make of it. Do you think the other people standing around with Cindy were from Flight 815 also? I counted like ten people in that clip. She looked good, clean, well fed and all. She didn't appear to have been going through what Jack, Kate, and Sawyer has. But she didn't seemed too upset with seeing Jack in a cage and she evidently understands how things work in the OTHERS camp.

This was the best clip so far even though it presents even more questions, it presents those questions in the intriguing LOST fashion that keeps us LoCos coming back for more.

capcom said...

Wow TLCM, I'm sorry that you didn't get more info that you could work with, that's very frustrating. :-( Keep the faith, and we are still praying for you. XO BTW, have you seen Dr. Lorraine Day's 10 steps to health that she used to cure her own cancer?

Re: this week's Lost Moment......does anyone think that this clip might mean that Cindy is an Other, was indeed a plant on the plane, and did ditch the Tailies in the jungle rather than being kidnapped? Or has she just been brainwashed? I don't know what to think. I hope that we find out in season 3, and that it's not just "Well hello there Cindy, fancy you popping up! See you again next season!" Arg.

And while I'm at it, have we rejected the theory that the plane was meant to land or crash on the island, and that there were planted Other/Dharma agents on it? Tx.

Anonymous said...

I still think the plane was meant to land on the island but the crash was unexpected and caused by Desmond's shenanigans. So I agree that there were plants on the plane and it makes more sense that Cindy managed to sneak away from the tailies rather than to have been snatched.

I guess that would also mean that all those other people in the clip with Cindy could have been plants also.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll check out Dr. Lorraine Day.

thanks capcom

capcom said...

TLCM, that sounds good. Cindy seemed to be talking in that patronizingly calm way that Juliet does. Hmmm. And the others with Cindy didn't necessarily have to also be plants, they might just be more of the Others from Otherville. I wish that we could see their faces better. Any of you video gurus out there want to try? :o)

Dr. Day's website is:: ::you will not believe the size of the tumor that she had. The 10 steps you get in a video and/or book, but I found it posted on someone's website after I started my treatment in 2004. I can't seem to find the site where I found it before, but I can email the list to you if you like. :-) Or, I could post it here if the LoCos wouldn't mind me putting the list in an off topic post.

capcom said...

Hey, I found it TLCM! Scroll down a little more than half way to find "Dr. Lorraine Day's 10 steps to Wellness - 10 Natural Laws". Whew.

maven said...

Hey, TLCM and Capcom (and anyone else lurking out there)!

From the Lost Moments Clip -- I definitely get the feeling that Cindy is an Other (most likely a plant on the plane). The way she says "We're watching" makes her part of the Other gang. It is frustrating not getting a good shot of the background people, isn't it? My thought is that things were manipulated from the way beginning to get people on Flight 815. They were always watching the selected passengers. Creepy, huh? Maybe the plane was not meant to crash on the island, but where would it have landed?

TLCM: Sorry to hear that your scan was not definitive for you. Going through something similar with my father-in-law and bladder cancer. Keep up the positive thoughts, as I'm sure we all here at TLC.

capcom said...

Hi Maven, good thoughts on the Moments vid. I'm sure glad that TPTB are throwing us these little bones to give us nibbles until Feb. ((And to make us trust them better about the rest of the season)) As for the plane landing, there have been theories that a possible flat area on the island could exist. I wouldn't count on there being enough runway for a full landing, but perhaps they have divised some kind of short trap-landing similar to what is used on aircraft carriers? Or a netted runway of sorts? It didn't seem as if the pilot was an Other/Dharma, but the co-pilot or flight engineer could have been one (or the pilot was lying). Boy, I hope that some day before the series ends, TPTB could pull back away from the island in a bird's eye view and show us the entire layout of the land. That would be awesome!

I'm sorry to hear about your dad-in-law Maven, I forgot that you had mentioned that before. God's blessings with all that.

'Night Friends. Oh yes, Happy Hanukkah too!

Dennis said...

TLCM, Capcom, Maven... spoilers?

Bad news about Day Break. It has been officially pulled from the schedule. Oh, and ABC canceled Christmas too.

The good news is: "The network is expected to stream the seven remaining episodes of "Break" on"

What I'm wondering is... are we still going to get "Lost Moments" every week, and if so, where will we get them? Will they only be available online at the AMEX site, or will they show them during another show?

Only 53 more days till Lost... hang in there :)

maven said...

Sir Links: Oops! Sorry...everyone just seemed to be talking about the latest Lost moment and I lost my head! LOL

capcom said...

Do Lost Moments *not* count in the "aired preview" category for allowed talk? Sorry, didn't know that the Moments were taboo. :o)

capcom said...

Interesting link on Daybreak Dennis. So great, we get three hours of George Lopez on Wednesdays again until Feb. Blech.

maven said...

Sorry about Daybreak, Dennis. I guess you weren't enough to put them over the top! Maybe this goes to prove that nothing can take the place of LOST! Hopefully, the ABC-PTB understand this. Yuck...George Lopez.

DeDJeZTeR said...

I think we the Lost Fan communities should bann together an boycott ABC's running of the George Lopez show. If no one watches that show the rateings will be even lower than those of daybreak and maybe they might bring that back, because while it is still not LOST, it is better then the George Lopez show. I was kinda digging the Daybreak thing, since it had twists, unlike every other repeat a day thing out there. New things can happen based on the descisions he makes. It wasn't just another do this until you get it right kinda teleplay. It had actual substance to it. I also always have problems with watching things from, so their decision to run it there will most likly be unwatchable for me as well as others. They do all this marketing research, yet they still seem to have no idea what they are doing when it comes to the viewers. ABC (aside from LOST) really makes me sick.

Zort said...

Has anyone seen the Radio Times in the UK for 16-22 December ? They have a very small interesting thing on page 69 which states that Ben says 5 phrases in the 6th episode that have been heard before. I'm going to watch it again to check, but one of them is apparently,

"You'll find me in the next life, if not this one",

which is on the back of Sayid's photo from Nadia.

Zort said...

What a complete load of rubbish they are talking, I've just watch all of Bens bits in the episode and the only thing that comes close is "See you on the other side" missing out the ",son" bit from when Locke was having his surgery.

I suppose what they could mean is that a similar phrase has been used several times i.e.

"See you in another life"
You'll find me in the next life, if not this one"
"See you on the other side, son"
"See you in the next life, yeah ?"
"I'll see you in another life, brother"

and now

"See you on the other side"

Is this a clue ?

maven said...
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maven said...
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maven said...
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maven said...

Morning all:

In the L.A. Times this morning they had a list of the Best (& Worst) in television this past year. Here's an interesting category that LOST won!:

"Best Stare: Michael Emerson, 'Lost.' As Henry Gale, chief executive officer of the Others on ABC's "Lost," Emerson has the bug-eyed thing down pat. On a show that derives much of its tension from the extreme close-up, Emerson's in-your-face face is the best mood-setter this show has left." (There's a pic of Emerson with his trademark stare: "INTENSE: There's something in Michael Emerson's bug-eyed stare.")

(P.S.: I couldn't find a link for this. Maybe you can, Sir-Links-Alot!)

thinbluemime said...

Couple quick observations...
Day Break cancellation, I also was just getting into it. But there were parallels with Lost. Remember the talk about the 3rd policeman and how it influenced LOST? Well Day Break sure is a lot like the 3rd Policeman...even has a policeman as the lead character, re-enacting the same day over and over...kinda like hell.

Speaking of hell and the underworld, the episode with Eko dying when he meets the vaccine theives that he killed, in the dream sequence back on the lost isle, seemed like Dawn of the Dead...and the beginning of the Zombie season... I'd say more but the Podcasts are off limits for discussion....

capcom said...

Ditto to what has been said about ABC, George Lopez, etc! :o(

************* the 'Lost Moments' previews fall under the umbrella of 'aired previews' allowed for talk, or is talk of 'Moments' clips off limits???????? ((And if so, why, since they are previews?)) Thanks :o)


Hope that everyone is having a refreshing weekend.

Dennis said...

Did somebody say link?,0,7239212.story

Hi Maven ;)

About the 'Lost Moments'... David never made an official ruling, but I think wanted to keep this place spoiler free, even if that meant less discussion over the 13 week break.

Only 52 more days to go...

Anonymous said...

Man I do really like the Lost Moments. To be honest it stil doesn't reveal alot. I have them on my Lost Blog. Still you still have the choice to watch them or not. I would love to tell people the new episode synopsis.

Oh yeah i forgot to say hi. Uhh HI Everyone

Oh I forgot to mention I bought a Save Joop Tee. lol Just my size

Anonymous said...

I can't believe only 52 days til Lost!!!! I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I want the Wii for Christmas but my Mom Dad Sister looked and there are sold out. Well My bro hasn't looked yet. He always finds the things I want with ease.. Hey Guys,whats on your Christmas list for Santa lol

Anonymous said...

ummmm...I'm just wondering Can I share the synopsis? Anyway it would be linked to one of my posts. Well.... sigh 52 days

Dennis said...

BTW, Congratulations to all of us for winning Time Magazine's Person of the Year Award

maven said...

Dennis: I KNEW I could count on you! :)

Amused2bHere said...

OMGoodness! Are u serious about Day Break? Wahhhhh! At least they will be streaming it over, and I'll be able to watch it to the end. But this is seriously messed up, I wish they would make a commitment and just stick to it. After all, it was only for 13 weeks!

Maven, sorry to hear about your Dad-in-law. Many prayers go up for you.

Tlcm, my prayers are with you as well. Hang in there, honey. We are all pulling for you.

Thrasher, a lovelier couple never was. May many happy days become many happy years for you and your bride. After 23 years me and my groom are happier than ever, so here's proof it can be done. Blessings!

Dark Angel, wow what a story. thanks for the Lost fix. Wouldn't it be cool if Damon, Carlton or JJ read it and asked you to join the Lost writing team? Hey, weirder things have happened... LOL

dr. spongebob, hang in there. The Wii and such will be lots cheaper and easier to get after Christmas. Let them give you an IOU and some available games for your system of choice. I know it isn't the same as getting the system on the 25th, but you would still have it to play with later. And then you'd still have the games to play on a friend's system. Still, I hope your bro comes up with one for you under the tree anyway.

Loved "Lost Room". Missed the last installment and had to watch it on Sunday. Wow. Yeah, I'd watch a series about it too, profiling the different objects, seeking the origin of the room, finding out more about what happened in there. But really, I watch Lost, the 4400, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Day Break, do I really need another mystery show? talk about a couch potato, I might as well just grow sprouts out of my head...

enough rambling and ranting, Happy ChanuChristmaKwanzaakah everybody!

Anonymous said...

Amused2bhere said

Dark Angel, wow what a story. thanks for the Lost fix. Wouldn't it be cool if Damon, Carlton or JJ read it and asked you to join the Lost writing team? Hey, weirder things have happened... LOL

LOL ...Now that would be cool. although it is unlikely I would love it if anyone involved in lost read the story. As to joining the writing team it would be a hell of a commute to L.A. from the UK!

Passafist said...

Lost Podcast is up and finished. This week Steve and I did a Spoiler EPisode. The link for this episode is in the Podcast section of the Lost Community Message board. Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Cool, something to listen to as I wrap my Christmas presents :)

Codysmom said...

Happy Monday, everyone!

oooo, new podcast! I don't have itunes ... Are you going to put it up as a direct download like before?

Passafist said...

The link is in the Podcast Section of the Message Board, look at the link on the right side of the homepage and (when it's posted)it will be available on the lost podcasting network as well.

I sent a short message to the admin here hoping he would put it up. IT hasn't happened yet but we'll see..

R2K said...

: )

Dennis said...

Here is a direct link to the Lost Community Message Board where you can find links to the new podcast, and where you should discuss all spoilers!

BTW, The first 13 minutes or so is about Day Break and The Lost Moments. After that begins discussion of Episode 308, which is when I had to stop listening.

LuckyGuyLikeMe said...

Hello everyone!

I did some research on the whole "Ben says 5 phrases we've heard before" thing. Here's what I've come up with.

1. At around 30:30 into my downloaded copy of this episode, Ben says "If I were a betting man, I would've picked her and you." I don't remember who else said this or when, but I know for certain that someone has said a sentence beginning with "If I were a betting man" before.

2. Around 30:40 into it, he says "Well, I supposed this would be the proverbial nail in my coffin." This one I wasn't too sure about, but it seemed somewhat familiar.

3. Around 35:20 in, he asks Jack "Do you get nervous? Before you do surgery?" I know Jack has been asked this before, but again I do not remember by whom or when.

4. At about 35:40, he then says "Whatever happens, everything will be very different, won't it?" This was pretty much the theme of episode 204, "Everybody Hates Hugo," and was said numerous times in that episode, in different ways.

5. The last thing he says is "Well, see you on the other side." at about 36:00 in. This of course is pretty much Desmond's catch phrase "I'll see you in another life brotha!"

Dennis said...

I did a google domain search against the transcripts, and here's what what I turned up:

1. The only match for "betting" is from the golf game in "Solitary":

MICHAEL: Okay, Jack. It's up to you. Sink this you get to wear the blazer.
KATE: No pressure.
CHARLIE: Yeah, no pressure.
HURLEY: 5 bucks says he sinks it.
CHARLIE: Hey, you're betting against me?
HURLEY: Sorry, dude, but you're a duffer like me.

2. I didn't see any relevant matches for "Nail" or "Coffin"

3. Three matches for "nervous":

Before Charlie's interview in "Homecoming"
LUCY: Mmhm. And what did you intend on wearing for your first day of work?
CHARLIE: I have shirts -- with buttons.
LUCY: You okay?
CHARLIE: Yeah, just a bit nervous.
LUCY: Don't be. Dad's put the fix in. He's already demanded they buy two copiers to boost your confidence.

From Jack's wedding in "Do No Harm"
MARC: You know why they call it a clip-on? Because you clip it -- on.
JACK: You nervous, Silverman?
MARC: What the hell do I have to be nervous about?
JACK: It's a big responsibility.

Sayid working undercover in "The Greater Good"
SAYID: Essam stop.
ESSAM: Don't be nervous, brother. We'll be okay.
SAYID: I'm working with the CIA.

There is also a scene in the "Pilot" where Jack talks about his first surgery, but it was about his fear, not about being nervous.

4. I didn't see any relevant matches for "Everything" and "Different"

5. One exact match for "See you on the other side"

From "Deux ex Machina"
[We see Locke and Cooper in the hospital right before the transplant surgery.]
COOPER: You can still change your mind.
LOCKE: Nah. They already shaved my back.
COOPER: I'm so thankful for you, John.
LOCKE: This was meant to be.
COOPER: See you on the other side, son.

maven said...

Hey, gang:

I just read on that there's a possibility that LOST might be returning earlier than Feb. 7th!
Seems that ABC has really screwed up Wednesday nights and wants LOST to return earlier.

Codysmom said...

Hey, Maven ... WOW !!! That would be so cool if Lost came back earlier than planned.

It seems the network is seeing the error of it's ways: "For sure the move would generate humongous buzz for the network which is still reeling from what is considered a series of bad mistakes over its once dominate Wednesday night line up."
No kidding... Wonder if they have also thought over the idea of a 10pm time slot. I'm not so sure that's a good idea, either, but I don't think they'll change that.

If Lost comes back earlier (they said like Jan. 10th or 17th) then the season would end earlier, which would be ok if they did a continuation of TLE. I'm one of those people who never had a problem with re-runs, even if it was in the middle of the season. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Dennis, yes, I thought that Time mag's Person of the Year Award was so interesting, especially considering the fact that we participated in TLE, which for many of us was an introduction to youtube, blogs, flickr, myspace, flash sites, etc, etc. I know that if I hadn't delved into TLE I wouldn't have even understood this year's winner .... You!!!

maven said...

Capcom: I think ABC made a big mistake with this long hiatus (even though the producers readily agreed to it). Us fanatic fans will come back in February, but many superficial LOST fans might lose interest. To me, this was a big gamble. Obviously, "Daybreak" didn't keep the LOST fan base (although many seemed devoted to it, their numbers were terrible compared to LOST; and, consequently, it didn't last). If ABC showed reruns of LOST, at least it would keep people talking about the show (look how even this blog has slowed down). If the producers can speed up production and come back in January I would even welcome reruns over George Lopez! Also, moving to 10PM seems a wise move..."American Idol" is still a powerhouse!

Anonymous said...

I must say all these breaks seem very strange to us Brits, we've always had TV series run from beginning to end. The only exceptions are the a few digital channels that run shows at the same time as the U.S. (Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal for example).

It would be great if Lost started early, it will be interesting to see how it will effect the schedules here as Sky paid £20 million (about $38 million) to air Lost at the same time as the U.S. They wont be too happy if it's aired in the U.S. first as all us Brits will download it and they'll lose all the advertising revenue.

Dennis said...

Crazy news/rumor about Lost. I'll believe it when I see it. It seems like they had such a perfect plan, now everyone is scrambling. Hopefully, someone at ABC is going to get fired over all of this.

This 13 week break has gone all pear shaped. They have lost a lot of Lost buzz with such a long mid-season break, and I don't think the "Lost Moments" are substantial enough to help with that. Now it look like we may not even get that any more. I wonder what happened to the Lost Video Diaries that we were supposed to get?

I think the "no reruns" promise was a stupid thing to make. They could have still had their 6 episode fall season, showed reruns till February, then finished the season straight through.

But instead, they tried to launch Day Break at the worst time of the year (who's watching TV on Thanksgiving eve?!?!? Hello!?!?). I think even George Lopez would have tanked in that position. I'm still holding out hope that Day Break is not canceled, and will return - maybe in the summer. I think if they would have held it out for summer, it would have done a lot better.

BTW, I watched the first episode of The Lost Room last night. It was good, I liked it. I'm looking forward to the other two.

BTW2, Dark Angel - I just heard that they are going to make an American version of Footballer's Wives. lol.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Footballers Wives, I've never seen it but I understand it's pretty bad and remakes are even worse as a rule of thumb.

If anyone has ever seen the unaired pilot of the US version of Red Dwarf you'll know what I mean - probably the worst 25 minutes of TV ever made.

Dennis said...

The wife loved the BBC version of FW, so I'm sure we'll watch it.

The US "Office" remake is an obvious exception, but the US version of "Coupling" was awful (even though the actresses were way hotter :).

capcom said...

OMG LoCos!!!!!!! That is very interesting news about the possible re-assessment of the Lost schedule!! Santa Hanso might be good to us this Christmas after all! Perhaps Mittlejerk had control of ABC for a while, and now that Uncle Alvar has control again he's giving us the regular schedule back! :o)

I do not have any problem whatsoever with Lost reruns either. The problem was that ABC kept airing reruns inbetween the new eps, and that got confusing and disjointed in the flow of the show. I would be very happy if they just ran all the new eps together, and then aired reruns until the new season, like normal TV scheduling used to be. That also allows new viewers to catch up on episodes that they might have missed. Should we embark on an email compaign to ABC again to make sure that they make the right decision for their viewers?????

I have really hated TV ever since the networks started showing constant repeats of certain shows day and night a la this George Lopez track. {{Don't even get me started on the Discovery channel and their repeats!!}} When Drew Carey was a regular series, they actually used to air it every night all week long, a couple times a night! Ridiculous. These new idgits running the networks have so little creativity anymore. Bah humbug.

Dennis said...

There were two Lost specials on SkyOne yesterday:

Lost Uncovered
Iain Lee goes behind the scenes of the American drama about the survivors of a plane crash, revealing a few inside secrets about the show.

You can get it from BitTorrent here:

Get Lost
A selection of celebrities and journalists discuss US plane crash drama Lost, revealing their favourite characters, the show's future and few conspiracy theories of their own.

You can get it from BitTorrent here:

Dennis said...

There was an interesting comment in Lost Uncovered that got me thinking about Danielle's warning about the black smoke. Was she talking about the signal fire, or the smoke monster?

SAYID: Danielle? Danielle? What are you doing here?
DANIELLE: The others are coming.
DANIELLE: Our ship went aground on this island 16 years ago. There were 6 of us -- my team, 6. At that time I was already 7 months pregnant. I delivered the infant myself. The baby and I were together for only 1 week when I saw black smoke -- a pillar of black smoke 5 kilometers inland. That night they came -- they came and took her -- Alex. They took my baby. And now, they're coming again. They're coming for all of you.
JACK: Who's coming?
DANIELLE: The others. You have only 3 choices -- run, hide, or die.

Vic said...

Dennis...I'm glad you brought that up, cuz i was always curious about that myself..I think Danielle has much more to offer tho..Ya its been a long time for posting..hi guys..haha..

I have a story about the save joop/hanso shirts..hehe..well my friend and I were drinking coffee..studying [boring stuff] friend Ben happens to have a girlfriend (blonde OC girl)..anyways my friend Ben wanted to see what his friend was up we decided to drive over there and chill with him..We arrive and see Ben's girlfriend's car..I assumed it was just another car..until we decided to get out of the car to make sure..sure enough it was..Ben is furious and starts screaming..its 10 PM by the way..Next thing Ben is going around the house trying to get in because we heard them in the house (doing stuff)..Well ofcourse the cops show up..because of noise complaint..I'm just standing off the one of the cops comes to me and wants my story..he ends up looking at my shirt..I have the green HANS-NO shirt..the cops name was Mark HANSO..he didnt like that much..hehe

Anonymous said...

Helloooo LoCos

I have to tell you all about my dream last night. I was dreaming that I was watching LOST the "Dave" episode and it was getting to the end when the camera swings over and catches Libby. I sat up in bed and this revelation came to me....

We have never been told why Libby was in Australia; or at least I think we haven't been told that yet; anyway it came to me that Libby was stalking Hurley!! I'm serious!!! this (almost) confirms that the connection between Hurley and Libby is "Dave." Hurley's alter ego and Libby's deceased husband. Dave died in Hurley's accident that's why he and Libby were in the nut house together. I know I've already said this but I'm convinced I'm right. There was more stuff in my dream; the scene where Libby tells Hurley he stepped on her foot when he boarded the plane was in the dream too.

Now what I want to know is how are TPTB going to make Desmond and Hurley to discover their connection.

Oh one more thing.....

I also frimly believe that Clare is Jack's half-sister; no dreams about it yet but I just have a gut feeling. It will be interesting to see how TPTB will bring that revelation to light too...

okay, rant over..........

thanks for listening.

OH, OH one more one more thing...
I'm all for ABC showing the six episode mini-series over again starting like this week. Wouldn't that fill up the time until Feb 7th? Where do I send my email?

okay I'm really done now.........

maven said...

Hey all:

Here's a story about Evangeline Lilly's home destroyed in Hawaii.

capcom said...

Hi All,

Interesting thoughts on connections TLCM. But I'm not going to get up any hopes about TPTB having the Lostaways reveal/discover any of their links to each other. With the ratio of so many other mysteries to solve, to the amount of time that is spent answering them during each ep, I'm not going to count on it. Although it would be VERY entertaining and satisfying to have the Losties begin to put all their connections together! Would it be like, "OMG! That was you??!! Shut up!! No Way!!", "Yes, WAY!!!" :o) That is a very good theory about the Dave connection between Hurley and Libby though, for sure.

Poor Evie, Maven!

I have a question: did we discuss any theories on why Desmond continued to give himself the vaccine even after he discovered that Kelvin was faking the sickness danger with the torn suit and all? Thx

'Night All! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Like the theory about Hurley and Libby TLCM.

I was listening to the Lost Casts Podcast last night. The Link on Lost Casts was the way I discovered TLEC back when it started so I am forever greatful to them, but I have to say after listening to David and Goog on our own Lost Community Podcast I have to say the Lost Casts podcast wasn't that great. It made me realise what a great job David and Goog are doing.

Anonymous said...

capcom said
I'm not going to get up any hopes about TPTB having the Lostaways reveal/discover any of their links to each other.

You're probably right. In the last 2 seasons the only connection that the lostaways discovered is Jack and Sawyer; or at least that's the only one I know of. At least it's an interesting possibility; I mean at some point the lostaways have to get to a point where they understand the island after that all they'll have is understanding each other.

I feel bad about Evie's house but I'm glad to know she wasn't home at the time. Hopefully she was off shooting new LOST episodes. Oh, is that selfish? sorry.....

did we discuss any theories on why Desmond continued to give himself the vaccine even after he discovered that Kelvin was faking the sickness danger with the torn suit and all?

I don't think we have now that you mention it. The night he heard the blast that opened the hatch he injected himself and if my time line is right that was just a couple of months after Kelvin's death(maybe six weeks). So why did he keep injecting himself because when he came back with his boat he told Clare the vaccine wouldn't do her any good. Maybe he was just playing it safe and didn't realize it was useless until he had actually spent more time outside of the hatch.


Let's rehash old theories and come up with some of our own back stories.

dark angle I absolutely loved your story. Stream of conscious thing generally isn't my cup of literary tea but you did it with out sounding whiny. Great Job!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Re: Des and the vaccine -

My thought would be "better safe than sorry." Even though he knew that Kelvin was lying about needing that haz-mat suit, he might not be positive that there was no danger.

We did talk about the vaccine awhile ago. My theory is this: Des was psychic before he got to the island. The fact that he didn't have any psychic insight into Kelvin's deception can be explained by the vaccine. It is not meant to ward off a disease, but instead to ward off the mind-reading affects of the smoke monster. Whatever was in the vaccine dampened Desmond's psychic abilities in the process of dampening his mind to the monsters' influence. That's why his powers have re-emerged now - he stopped taking the vaccine.

So... that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Anonymous said...

Melissa_lossa that's interesting but how would Kelvin have known about Desmond's psychic ability. He got to the island by accident; or did he? I'll be the first to admit that there are no accidents as far as the island goes. I believe that Kelvin used the vaccine as a method to keep Des from wanting to wonder away from the hatch. I'm not sure how much Kelvin really understood about the island; he obviously explained the "Hostiles" to Desmond but we don't really know what he told him. That could come out though in the upcoming season. Desmond will probably play some role in the search and rescue effort and maybe we'll hear what he was told.

It so far appears his psychic ability is limited to his immediate surroundings but maybe as he develops an understanding of what's happening he'll be able to reach even farther.

The anticipations builds............

capcom said...

Good morning and afternoon all!

Great thoughts about the vaccine. Especially about how taking the vaccine could have dampened any precog skills that Des might have had previous to the meltdown! Lots of theories about how our contemporary artificial lifestyles and diets have made us lose our natural abilities to be more cognitive of our environment and lives, can confirm that train of thought. That would also explain a lot if he can only sense predictions in his immediate surroundings, and if TPTB play it like that it would eliminate a ton of questions right out of the gate. In fact, even if they don't make that clear, I'm going to pretend that's the case, to suppress any nagging questions that might bug me about it. :-p

As for connections, now that you mention it, we also have the Jack/Desmond connection realized as well. So, I guess that they have thrown us a couple bones TLCM. :o) But so many other connections (people) are dead that, e.g., unless TPTB throw in someone mentioning Libby, Des will never even know that she was on the island! Bah humbug. And Jack will most likely never know what his Dad was doing in Oz, since Ana is dead. BTW, I don't think that they even gave us Sayid and Shannon saying, "Hey, I know you, I blew you off when you asked me to watch your bags at the airport! Sorry about that." (said by Shannon) "Can you forgive me? *kiss*", "Of course my darling. *smooch*", "Thank you luvvy dear. *kiss*". Or did I miss that one?

I agree about our TLC podcasts DA!

Anonymous said...


I had forgotten about the Desmond/Jack connection but it wasn't really a discovery like Sawyer figured out the guy in the bar was Jack's dad. Jack just knew Des from having met him prior. How funny about the Shannon/Sayid connection; I wonder if they had that conversation while filming their love scenes?

I don't listen to any other podcasts; I'm completely satisfied with David and Goog's talents and coverage. (said anxiously awaiting the next installment... podcast that is not payment)

Anonymous said...

hey, I almost forgot about this week's LOST Moment. where is Sir-Links-a-lot? Did we get one this week? I did notice that Day Break will be on next week at 10pm. Are we going to have to wait until then?

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the Lost Moments have bitten the dust along with Day Break :(

Melissa_Lossa love the vaccine theory.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Okay, so it looks like I started a discussion about the vaccine and then took off to a meeting. :) Sorry!

tlcm - I don't think that Kelvin knew about Desmond's abilities or that he was trying to dampen his abilities at all. I think the vaccine is intended to keep the smoke monster from getting into people's heads (this goes along with the idea that the monster can get into someone's thoughts, and then manifest things from their memories). Desmond losing his abilities was just a side effect to that process.

Melissa_Lossa said...

Oh - and I just heard some very cool news! Brian K. Vaughan, who writes the comics Runaways, Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina and others has joined the writing staff of Lost as Executive Story Editor. There's more info here:

Sorry, Dennis, I'm no good with the links!

Vaughan is hands down my favorite comic writer. If you haven't read Y: The Last Man, you really should. It's excellent, and I think all Lost fans would really dig it. Runaways is the first comic series that I ever read, and it is fantastic. The writing is just perfect. It's another series that Lost fans would really appreciate.

RyaNDrumZ said...

SAVE JOOP!!!!!!!!

capcom said...

Wow, excellent theory about a vaccine to keep the Smoke monster out of your head, what a concept! Very Dharma-ish. I am still very intrigued by the hatch map where it said that the cure is worse than the disease. Since Mittlejerk's Sri Lanka plan (circa 2006) has not been implemented yet on the island (in 2004 time -- that we know of) I'm curious as to what that is really about, if anything. And as for Smokey, maybe the clairvoyants in the D.I. control the smoke (I think someone broached that theory) and everyone else takes the vaccine to keep it from getting inside their heads. And could Walt have been utilizing Smokey psychically as well which scared the Others?? Ack, so many questions!

BTW, I thought that it was a pretty big surprise when Jack and Des realized that they had met before. But if I am recalling correctly, didn't one realize it first and then the other later? Didn't Des say "You!" when J, K and L first got into the Swan, and I think Jack said, "Do I know you?" when they were outside the hatch as Des was taking off? You know, when Jack was acting like a cry-baby about his marriage. :o) Whoodathunk (besides us viewers) that Jack would see someone he met in the States, in an underground hatch on a deserted island?!

No Lost Moments this week? Bah humbug.

maven said...
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maven said...

melissa-lossa: Thanks for the info re Brian K. Vaughan. I'm not a comic book aficionado, but the Y series sounds interesting. It seems to fall right into the style of LOST.

Ryandrumz: Long time no post! Nice to see you checking in.

melissa-lossa (again): Your vaccine theory is interesting. I also think that Desmond had this psychic ability for a long time. It might have been what got him in trouble and in jail in the first place. When did he actually stop taking the vaccine (senior moment...LOL)?

Tlcm: As far as all the connections between the group...except for the few connections that have been acknowledged by Jack/Desmond and Sawyer realizing he knew Jack's Dad, these connections are something for us (the viewer) to know and the characters to have no idea about. Most of the characters are oblivious to these connections. Hopefully, they will come out in future episodes.

capcom said...

Hi Maven, but don't you think that it would be uber-weird if more of the Lostaways started making their connections? They might start to get very paranoid thoughts about how they all got on the island; what it all means; were they all together on the plan on purpose, etc. You know, all the questions that we have been asking! :o)

As if they don't have enough to worry about, that would perhaps take some of them over the top emotionally. So far, only Locke seems to be able to handle the thought that it's all for a reason, I don't think that the revelations would surprise him much. He'd be more likely to feel confirmation of his outlook on the situation.

maven said...

Hey, Capcom! Yeah, it would really get them questioning what this is all about if all the connections came out. It would be so funny if they all sat around a campfire and started asking the questions we've been asking since day one! LOL Most likely, some of these connections will come out eventually to move the story ahead. (I'd especially like the Libby and Hurley in the same hospital connection and Dave being his "friend" and also the name of Libby's husband.)

capcom said...

For sure, they would be all doing the "Kumbaya" thing around the fire at night on the beach, and then they start to put some connections together and get all spooked out and panicky! Talk about scary campfire stories! :o)

Yes, the Dave/Libby/Hurley/Des/Libby's-Hubby thing has got to be told!

cyberyang said...

Wow...Brian K. Vaughan is my absolute favorite comic book writer. Great news.

I needed that since I'm upset over the end of Day Break.

Melissa_Lossa said...

cyberyang - glad I could brighten your day. :) He's my favorite as well.

maven - I think you'd really like Y: The Last man. If you're interested, you can pick up trade paperbacks (collections of several issues, usually 8 - 10, that make up a story arc) at most bookstores. The premise is that a "virus" of some kind hits the world and wipes out all of the males of every species, with the exception of Yorrick (the last man) and his pet monkey, Ampersand. It's really an interesting series, and very well written. Plus, it's ending soon, so you can pick of the trades and catch up just in time for the grand finale!

also, maven - well, we know that Des took some of the vaccine with him when he left the hatch, but by the time he came back in his sailboat, he had stopped. I'm wondering if the hatch explosion kind of cleared away the last of the cobwebs. I also had the same thought that Desmond's powers may have been what landed him in prison. We know he was there for disobeying orders - maybe he had a premonition about something and led his troops out of harm's way. He would know that he was saving them, but to anyone else, it would look like he was disobeying orders.

capcom - my theory on Walt is that he somehow figured out how to make the smoke monster manifest what he wanted it to - ie, himself. However, because he was ineperienced with it, his manifestations were imperfect - he always appeared to be wet, and spoke backwards. I think this power is what scared the Others. Could be why they let him off the island - they wanted him gone before he could manifest anything more powerful.

Melissa_Lossa said...

capcom - I think Jack and Des recognized each other right away. Jack just pretended not to know him, because it seemed so crazy. He denies it to Locke, and then tries to tell Des that he doesn't know him. He finally breaks down when Des pushes him about Sarah - Jack blurts out that he married her.

Dennis said...

Day Break Uncanceled...?!?

WOOHOO! Nice catch TLCM! Go Day Break!!!!

Lost Moments

According to the AMEX Lost Moments site, there should be a new Lost Moments this Friday at 8:00 am Eastern.

Lost Specials

I uploaded the two Lost specials to a YouTube-like site (For those that don't do BitTorrent):

Watch Lost Uncovered

Watch Get Lost

Let me know what you think...

Dennis said...

The NEW Lost Moments is up on the AMEX site.

Use 888-258-3741 to log in.

Amused2bHere said...

DayBreak uncanceled? Please say it's so, I can't even find the next episode up on like they promised. Here it is, Friday, and the episode for this week (the one NOT aired on Wednesday, but should have been) isn't on the Full Episode site. grrrrrrrrr
Should have been available on Thursday...

Dennis said...

Well, they wouldn't put the Day Break episode online if there was a chance they were still going to show it on the air.

* crosses fingers *

maven said...

Thanks, Dennis, for the heads up on the latest Lost Moments! I'll just say this one had lots of action.

word verifacation: magmed (magnetic medicine!Maybe that's what the hatch did! LOL

Passafist said...

Hey Everybody,

Join Steve "The Goog" Guglich and Me David A Dein for the "Live" Test Podcast. I signed us up at Skypecast, so all you need is a skype account. The program begins at 10:00pm (EST) Wednesay December 27. The show will be short probably about an Hour, we'll just be chatting, and talking, and mostly getting used to the interface and such. So join us! It will be very informal and we probably won't talk about Lost much. Then on Friday the 29th into Saturday morning around 11pm well do the "HUGE" lost community podcast blowout!! A whole evening of theories and silliness, we'll go for as long as everybody wants to. SO Join us.. Sign up for a skype account at, and there you can learn a lot more about skypcast as well.

Oh and if you haven't seen our awesome spoiler podcast, the link is in the message board or you can download ot directly from


Dark Angel I hope you're in.....

Cam794 said...

hey everyone just dropping in iv been lurking for awhile seems like the blog has been a bit more active lately just going on and i saw that Evangeline Lilly's (Kate's) house in Kailua,Hawaii was burnt down heres the link to read more also sorry if this has been posted already but LOST may return early for some reason that i cant think of right now but heres the link for more if this is acheived it will return Jan. 10 or 17 4 weeks earlier than expected (origina date is Feb.7) and thats bout it o yea im lookin forward to the podcast guys :D. so cya later guys and Happy HOLIDAYS!


Dennis said...

Passafist... I won't be near a computer at 10:00 on Wednesday :( Will it be available to download later?

Cam794 said... LOST may return early for some reason that i cant think of right now

The latest "Lost Moment" released today still says February 7th as the return date.

Also, they changed the opening line to: "And now a sneak peak from the Golden Globe Nominated Lost..."

Passafist said...

Hopefully!!! That really the point of Wednesday, it's a test!!! The real show will take place on Friday 29th at 11pm (est).

Cam794 said...

wats the direct link to sign up for skype and wat r we suposed to do once we get it how do we listen in????

capcom said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and theories on the subjects that I asked about. :o)

I'm sure I'll have more questions, as I have started to watch season 1 over again this week.

Passafist, will the livecast be recorded for later hearing for those who won't be around to listen to it live?

I need some "magmeds", Maven!

Ciao All

maven said...

Passifist: Sounds like fun! I have Skype (downloaded from the TLE days!) Remind us how we connect into the we need a phone number to call or what?

maven said...

BTW, Passafist: Podcast #8 was great. Kinda tied all the spoilers together in one place. Everyone should check it out.

minnesotawriter said...

Dennis--Thanks for the link to that Lost Moment! I am pumped more than ever!

Passafist said... is where you go to download the software.

To check out the skypcast page here!!

Oce you download the Skype Software

I'll have a bunch more info on tuesday. Remember Wednesday's podcast is designed to test the software out and so SAteve and I can get used to the interface. It's Friday night at 11:00pm whne the real fun will start! WORD UP!

maven said...

Thanks, Passafist! I assume once I sign in, I can click on the skypecast of The Lost Community and join in. Looking forward to more info on Tuesday (I'm such a novice with Skype!)

Cam794 said...

thanks guys its downloading right now looking forward to it :)

BarbaraJay said...

Hi, everybody! I've been locked out of blogger for weeks. Glad to see you.

capcom said...

Have a Merry Christmas everyone who celebrates!!!!!!!! And God's blessings in the New Year!

I feel blessed to have met you all and to have you as new friends this year!

Ciao and Jingle Bells! :o) XO

Sayid'sgirl said...

Hey all
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who celebrate. Still eagerly waiting for February. I wish Lost was coming back early Cam that would be great. Hey cattygirl I know you and a few others are Harry Potter fans was just wondering if you knew she's released the title of book 7 Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows there's no release date of the book yet. Something else I'm eagerly awaiting. Well everyone be safe and Happy New Year.

Sayid'sgirl said...

As usual I messed up again.
The book title is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Sorry.