Friday, October 16, 2009

Season 6 Poster

Okay, even though most everyone is hanging out over at LostArgs, I figured it was about time for a new post.

Here is a full shot of the Season 6 poster for Lost. According to ABC, this was only intended for Comic Con, and an "official" poster will be released sometime this fall.

For those of you who consider this a spoiler, I will post some clearer, up-close versions of the poster over at SpoilerFixed, along with a new article from TV Guide.

Also, update on the Book Club - our podcast guru, Mr. David A. Dein, has had his hands full the last few months with the impending births of his twins, hence no podcasts. If you are interested in having some book club discussions via this site only, leave a note in the comments or shoot me an e-mail at

See you for theories, comments on re-watches, rants, birthday wishes, etc. in the comments!