Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 65

Hosts David A. Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich tackle the brand new episode "Follow the Leader."

If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, have any theories, discover any clues, or just want to say "Hi!", contact (mp3 comments are accepted as well), or leave a voice mail or fax at (206) 202-3512.

Episode 65 - Follow The Leader


Sayid'sgirl said...

Happy Lost Finale Day ~again~

memphish said...

I woke up this morning running through an entire scenario for the finale tonight, at least the Jack and Sayid part. I can see that whatever happens at the Swan could kick Jack and Sayid back to 2007 and that Richard might think they were dead, but I can't figure out how all the disparate Losties might get close enough to it for it to affect them.

Sayid'sgirl said...

The Lost Fantasy League is up at DarkUFO.

I came up a little bit. I knew Sayid would help me. ;)

Zort70 said...

The full LFL list for TLC is

Detroit Blue Herons
Team LuckyGuyLikeMe
Lossa's Losties
Elizabeth's Wicked LOST
Weagle Weagle War Eagle Fantasy Team
You Don't Know Jack
They've all lostit
Eight is Enough
UC is lost in time, space, and sanity
Sayid's Army
FYSB's Fantasy Picks
Sailormoon73's LFL

Kyle/thebookpolice said...

If you're on Twitter, stop by and say hello. I changed my avatar for today.

maven said...

OMG....Happy LOST Finale Day! So excited AND so not looking for the season to be over!

Zort70 said...

I've decided and I am going to wait until Sunday.

I've just got to avoid any websites that might give me any sort of hint as to what happened !

I hope it is exciting as we all want it to be.

Melissa_Lossa said...

zort, I think you're making the right call - so much better to see it for yourself!

Mr. Mel read an interview with Michael Emerson in which he says there are TWO major developments tonight. Can't wait!

I do know one teeny spoiler about tonight that I know will make many of us very happy. ;)

maven said...

I'm so afraid of accidentally seeing a spoiler, but I can't stay away...even posting this from my iPhone!

2costa said...

here's the transcript from cabin fever about the items, richard doesn't say which "one" item...

RICHARD: I want you to look at these things... and think about 'em.

[He places some items on the table]

RICHARD: Okay, now tell me, John, which of these things belong to you?

JOHN: To--to keep?

RICHARD: No, no, John. Which of these things belong to you already?

[John takes a vial of some kind of substance, a compass and after a pause, a knife.]

RICHARD: Are you sure the knife belongs to you, John?

[John nods]

RICAHRD: You sure about that?


RICHARD: Well, it doesn't.

i was thinking that perhaps the knife was one of john's that he killed someone with during one of the time flashes and richard did not know this, so he had doubts about locke, thinking he chose an item that wasn't his, but was actually really his. Locke might have gone on to pick the compass and sand if he had more time. That would explain why richard may have been disappointed that john didn't clearly pick the compass, because he thought he only brought one item that really belonged to locke, but really brought more than one..

Sayid'sgirl said...

Good luck staying spoiler free til Sunday zort.

I think I might know what your teeny spoiler is. I accidently read something in the TV Guide a month or so ago.

I let you know tonight if it's what I think.

Why do I have to keep logging in after everytme I post? hmmmm

Sayid'sgirl said...

BTW does anyone know the code name for the big scene tonight? Just curious.
I quit listening to the OLP when the gave the name of the finale during there contest.

memphish said...

The Fork In The Outlet. Of course, it was fan generated, so take it for what you will. The question is will the scene live up to its name.

I hear via Twitter that there's a huge spoiler at in a headline. So don't go there.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Thanks for the spoiler alert memphish and the code name.

I guess if you blow an H bomb it could be like sticking a fork in an outlet. Sorta. lol

maven said...

Thanks for the warning, Memphish. How about

memphish said...

I'm avoiding today, so I can't give a ruling.

memphish said...

Do you think Hurley has told Jin about meeting Ji Yeon?

blueheron13 said...

Totally Lost at EW (Jeff and Dan) has a really good inteview with Damon and Carlton. It is four parts. In part 4, they give two teases, but otherwise I would say that it is spoiler free.

They summarize the major questions that we are (or should be) thinking about going into the finale and talk about the season as a whole (favorite moments, the difficulties of writing time travel, the Sawyer/Juliet relationship, and so on). Unlike some recent interviews, they were not condescending to the fans, and they did not goof around much. It was a fairy serious interview.

They mentioned that (of course) the finale would center around Jack's quest (bomb) and John's quest (Jacob), but in that same sentence they mention one more plot element that could be considered vaguely spoilery by some.

Has anyone else viewed the interviews and, if so, would you recommend them as spoiler-free (except for the end of part 4)?

P.S. Fantasy team is back in first (yay!), but with my luck they are probably ready to take a swan dive to about tenth place after the finale.

memphish said...

I save Doc Jensen for post-episode Blue Heron; OLPs too. Spoilerphobia rules!

Kyle/thebookpolice said...

Safe for parts 1-3. I'm not even gonna start part 4.

Capcom said...

So Richard says thingS, plural, to Locke, eh? Tx 2costa.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Every once in awhile when I refresh this page I have to sign back in.

I hope it doesn't do that to often during the show.

Ellen said...

Well, for the first time I've managed to stay spoiler-free! I don't want to speak too soon, and I really appreciate the heads-up about all the spoilers floating around! I haven't been able to lurk as usual, but I'll save that for the hiatus to come...
I've really enjoyed reading the comments here and at least I know ONE place I can hang out!
I'll see ya'll tonight, going to listen to the podcast now...

Takes a Village said...

Happy Lost Season 5 Finale Day.

Happy Birthday Kimber.You must be REALLY happy.

Condrats to Blueheron13,and the rest of you high rollers up there.

In honor of the recap show tonight,I have made up a TLC mini-quiz for the infamous pier scene.
Maximun score 100%.
1.) How many people are at the pier in this scene?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
2.)Jack shows Kate a piece of paper, with her address on it.It read...
A) 15 Green Meadow Place
B) 16 Maple Leaf Way
C) 23 Skidoo Lane
D) 42 Panorama Crest
3.)How long will it take for Ben to prove to Sun, that Jin is alive?
A) 1 hour
B) 40 minutes
C) 30 minutes
D) 2 lies,and a sad look.
4.)Who was the first one to leave the pier?
A) Sayid
B) Sun
C) Kate
D) Jack
5.)What was the name of the pier?
A) Got Boat?
B) Deja View
C) Pier Chang
D) We've got to come back

Answers:1)C,2)D,3)C,4)C,5,)Just for fun;20 free points.

Now what can I do for 3.2 more hours?

Passafist said...

So haven't heard anything about the book club in a while? What's up for June??

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hey, David - let's talk Book Club!

We never did a podcast for Survivors of the Chancellor, but I know a bunch of people read it, and I did questions for it, so we could do that one soon. After that, we can start in on some new stuff.

Let me put a list together and run it past everyone.

Sayid'sgirl said...

1. C - 6
2. D - 42 Panorama Crest
3. I think A - 1 hour but I like D
4. C - Kate
5. Did it have a name? I like B Deja View and D We've got to come back

I didn't see your answers until I was done. I gave Ben more time than he needed I guess.

Grrr and I have to type in my name and password again!

memphish said...

Sayid's Girl have you tried using a different browser?

Sayid'sgirl said...

No I haven't. But I could try it. It's going to be annoying if I have to do this after every post tonight.

It doesn't happen everytime. This is the first time this has happen to me.

blueheron13 said...

I really, really hope every character ends up in the same time period after tonight.

And that we find out who/what Jacob is.

And that we find out whether Locke's inentions are in sync or out of sync with the will of the island, or the will of Jacob, or the will of Smokey (and if those "wills" are the same or different from one another). Ditto for Ben's intentions, Richard's intentions, Widmore's intentions, and Eloise's intentions.

And whether or not you can really change the past.

And what the deal is with Christian and Claire.

And that we'll at least some clue as to where Season 6 will be going so we can speculate for many months without going completely off track.

Look forward to reading the comments tomorrow!

lost2010 said...

So, we've made it this far mostly spoiler free. Surely we'll make it the rest of the way now!

Capcom said...

Hoohoo! Spoiler free! Except for the title. And last week's preview. But that's doing pretty good considering. :-D

maven said...

Yea for being spoiler free!

I hope someone here let's us know if the recap at 8pm is worth it to catch on the west coast time.

lost2010 said...

So is there a recap and an hour episode or a recap and a 2 hour episode?

Capcom said...

According to my Knox TVguide, 1 hr recap, and 2 hr finale. X-D

OK, we'll let you know Maven! Check in here for "further details".

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hey, guys -

I was thinking about making two posts tonight - one for the recap and the other for the show.

I have a great photo for the show, but I don't want to post it too early. What do you think?

scoutpost said...

Just popping in to say Happy Lost Day!! Look forward to connecting with you all afterwards. Enjoy!!!

maven said...

That's a good idea, ML. That way I can separate the recap comments from the finale comments! It's all about me!

Melissa_Lossa said...

This way, West Coasters can hang around a little longer, if they want.

That being said...


Takes a Village said...

Whatever You think is best Melissa_.