Monday, May 21, 2007

The Lost Community Podcast - Episode 25 A

Hosts David A Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich unpack the latest episode of LOST - Greatest Hits, with tons of good natured humor and lots of theories. Join in the fun by sending your e-mails and MP3 comments to or call our listener line at 732-564-4763.

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Look for a bonus podcast later this week with a Greatest Hits
recap from Dennis, comments from Dark Angel, maybe DedJezter, and more!


blueheron13 said...


CattyGirl said...

of course I'm last on the other post...

CattyGirl said...
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CattyGirl said...

Good morning all. I am glad to see the new Podcast is here for download. Going to listen to it now! I wish I could have joined in, but family birthdays come first.

P.S. I saw a commercial for the return of the 4400! Can't wait!!!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Crud - I typed so long on the last post, I missed this one! Re-posting:

Hey, scoutpost - thanks for the comment. :) I'm just having a really crappy, stressful time at work right now. I'm taking some time off in a couple of weeks, so hopefully that will help!

I'm open to ideas on the book club. As far as I know, we will be staying with this blog (dennis or david, can you please confirm this?)

I was thinking of starting discussion around the third week of the month, and then just keeping that thread open until the next month, with lag alleviation as necessary. What do you think? I'm hoping that will allow enough time for most people to read the book. Starting the third week in June should give us enough time to get the finale out of our systems and get cracking on Watership Down.

And for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, there is a Listmania list on Amazon called "The Lost Community Book Club," which includes the entire reading list - look at the notes to see what month each book is for.

Melissa_Lossa said...

The live podcast was super fun last night! Thanks for that, and I hope we have more! It's so funny to hear everyone's voices, after chatting on hear for so long. :)

Melissa_Lossa said...

Hey, a friend of mine is thinking about getting the Lost game for his cell phone. Has anyone played it? Is it any good?

capcom said...

Wow, go over to DarkUFO and read Fish Bicuit's excellent recap on why Charlie is a great hero, and why Jack is not much more useful on the island than an empty superhero costume.

Thanks Cattygirl for the info about The 4400! I have missed it, even though it seemed to be getting a little off track in the end there. I really didn't like all that "instantly growing baby who turns into an omnipowerful spoiled twenty-something" part of the story.

Melissa_Lossa said...

capcom - I don't even need to read the recap. Your summary was perfect! :)

CattyGirl said...

Capcom - June 17th :))

ib4uc said...

Good afternoon Locos. Listening to the podcast now -- hopefully be back later.

maven said...

Morning all! The podcast was so much fun last night and very easy to participate. Hope I didn't sound too dumb! LOL Great to hear everyone's voices for real! Listening now...

4400! Yea! When does it start?

Melissa_lossa: Your Book Club plan sounds great!

Dennis said...

Melissa_Lossa said... I'm open to ideas on the book club. As far as I know, we will be staying with this blog (dennis or david, can you please confirm this?)

I emailed David about this...

Melissa_Lossa said...

thanks, dennis!

Dennis said...

I have updated TLC Helper.

I added a RACHEL BLAKE font :) and a divider line:


You can download the latest version here.

Please try it and let me know what you think :)

maven said...

Dennis: Just watched that TalkSoup "promo" of Daddy issues! Thanks for the link. It was very funny and true!

Erich said...

Boy, it sure is weird listening to myself. There were a few times I wasn't expecting David to bring me in, so I'm not sure all my comments helped the conversation. I hope I didn't derail the show too much.

It was a lot of fun, though.

David & Steve, great job! Thanks for letting me participate!

DeDJeZTeR said...

So what up loco's?
I was going over notes from the previous seasons and in my notes for the pilot episode Pt. 1
I made a note that Charlie says Every Trek needs a Coward. to which kate replies
"You Charlie are no coward." Seems relevant now. Have they known about this the whole time, leading up to Charlie taking a dive... so to speak.

Going to listan, didn't do anything this week because my computre doesn't like talkshoe for some reason. Maybe Next week.

Dennis said...

Erich said... Boy, it sure is weird listening to myself. There were a few times I wasn't expecting David to bring me in, so I'm not sure all my comments helped the conversation. I hope I didn't derail the show too much.

LOL :) Yeah, me too. Out of the blue, he unmuted me and asked me what I though about Karl, and I was like "not much" :)

Plus, when David unmutes someone, there is like a 2 second lag where you can't hear anything, so David's question gets cut-off. I would be unmuted, but I didn't hear him ask a question.

But it's always fun joining in in a live podcast. Hopefully the podcast for the finally will be live, and we can everyone involved! If we do, I'll try to make a new front page post before hand so everyone will know when it is.

Dennis said...

DeDJeZTeR said... Going to listan, didn't do anything this week because my computre doesn't like talkshoe for some reason. Maybe Next week.

I had a little trouble launching talkshoe too. I think because I was trying to lauch it from FireFox, instead of IE. Maybe.

But I don't think you even have to run the Talkshoe software to participate. I think you can just call the special number with your PIN and listen and talk that way. You just wouldn't be able to see the chat comments.

capcom said...

Tx Melissa! But really, FishBiscuit has a very unique way of expressing herself that is very entertaining! And she breaks down Charlie's struggles and also Jack's selfish foibles into points for focus. The latter including how if the Losties don't survive this attack, it's all Jack's fault for keeping Ben's plan a secret from them, and just between himself and Jules. She's absolutely correct, and I didn't even think of it in those terms before. Of course, maybe I'm a bit dense. :o) She also inserts a number of quotes about leadership from famous leaders and writers (e.g., Eisenhower, Fiztgerald) that go well with a Charlie/Jack hero study (I have a hobby of writing down inspirational quotes so I like that part).

Oh boy! June for the 4000! Tx!

DeDJeZTeR said...

Another Note I have that actually annoyed me is this,

Jack says to Rose
"Three days ago we all died."

Melissa_Lossa said...

I had a little bit of trouble with talkshoe as well - about halfway through the podcast, I noticed that I was in such a hurry to sign up for my account that I spelled my own name wrong! Good grief!

capcom said...

Interesting point Ded, and I agree. As we got little pieces of factoids this season that linked back to previous events in episodes far back, I got to thinking that TPTB must have most of the basic timeline already written out. We kind of got a hint with that during the Pikki ep, the way it started out with her stumbling out of the jungle for who knows why, and then in the end of the ep we got the reason why. It's starting to look like the entire show is set up with that kind of flow. Sort of like they take parts from here and there in the finished piece, and insert them early in the storyline where they don't mean much, and then later, when they show the whole event, then we say, "AHA! That's why that happened, or why they did that!" etc.

I don't know if what I said made any sense. But I just mean that in a better way than just jumbling up the story, TPTB have set up the entire thing, and then strategically placed chosen parts of the timeline into places where they will have a lot of meaning later, after we can see the entire arc of the story. This really frustrated me a first, but I am warming up to it, as it seems as if TPTB really will let us understand the things that are important to the story....eventually.

capcom said...

RE: "...we all died", don't you think Ded that he just meant figuratively? As in, our old selves died to The World, and as far as The World knows we are dead, and now we can be new people? Or was that theme not as prevalent that early in the story? I can't remember.

Melissa_Lossa said...

capcom - I agree with that. I think Jack meant that because no one on the plane new anything about anyone else, they could now start fresh. Maybe Sawyer was a con man and Kate was a fugitive, but on the island, they had the choice to become something else.

Dennis said...

There is a new Official Lost Podcast available today.

Codysmom said...

Hi, everybody...

going to check the new live podcast and also dennis' link to the OLP

dennis, I installed TLC helper and I'm going to try it, so if the next post seems weird, that's why

Codysmom said...
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ib4uc said...

Good podcast everyone! Y'all sounded great!

Darkaardvark said...

Anyone want to give a heads-up as to how spoilerish the OLP is? I'm not usually opposed to the level of spoilers in Doc Jensen or the OLP, but if they give major stuff away I think I'll save it for after the finale.

Last week they said they wouldn't be doing a podcast after the finale. I have a feeling we're all going to be floundering around for a while after the game-changer.

I think the theme of cowards/heroes is identical to and fits in with the good person/bad person theme. Both run throughout all of Lost and there's almost no character who hasn't been called one thing or the other at some point. I don't know exactly what the good/bad black/white struggle means for Lost, but I know it's an important theme. (Charlie's a hero, Desmond's a coward... is that why they are so closely linked? It is Charlie's destiny to make Desmond a hero? And what does that make Mrs. Hawking's comment about Des pushing the button?)

An interesting note, I forget who it was, but somebody (not here) noted the numbers and colors of the chess pieces that had been captured during a game in the Other's makeshift camp, and how they might align with deaths! I think it was 4 white and 1 black, though I don't have it with me- but somehow I doubt 4 Losties will die. Maybe white represents the Others as they think of themselves.

One more thing: For those who want a possible semi-spoilerish clue about deaths, go to the Lostpedia main page and look who will be giving interviews after the finale. If someone *does* die, you can bet they'll give some interviews, but I'm not sure that it's safe to say "Oh, they're giving an interview right after the finale, they're going to die."

Sorry for that unorganized jumble of thoughts.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Yes I do think that he meant it figurativly, but the mear fact that they wait this long to play the you are all dead card is very interesting.

David said in the podcast,

Charlie was closest to Desmond when the hatch exploded.

Charlie wasn't near Desmond when the hatch exploded. Locke would be closest, Eko Second and Charle was on his way out. Charlie was furthest from Desmond when it exploded.

Real quick, just wondering
How many people here have the same name as a show Character.
Maven = Bonnie
DeDJeZTeR = Jae (lee)
Anyone else?

Charlie, London = Different day.

Just because they delivered stuff to the pearl doesn't mean they were ever in it. Deliveries to the Pearl could be as simple as Pull up to Hatch doors. Knock, hand over stuff. They don't have to go inside. But then again I seriously doubt that the first time Ben was ever in there was after 815 crashed. I think they knew the Swan existed, but didn't know where it was or who Desmond was.

Should Rose and Bernard have been N**** and P****. That would have really pulled at the heart strings.

On the Jin, Sun, Sawyer thing. I think it is Done. SUn clearly said she wasn't going to tell Jin, because then they would need another grave. It was showing how Sawyer was actually starting to show true feelings for these people and humanizing him. AS well it showed just how well Sun can keep her secrets.

Codysmom said...



• bullet



link TLC

quote, dedjezter said... Charlie, London = Different day.

Melissa_Lossa said...

ded - my theory has always been that Ben allowed himself to be captured because he new that they would take him to the Swan, and he didn't know where it was.

And for the record, Melissa isn't my real name - it's Emily, same as both Locke and Ben's mothers.

Codysmom said...

Sorry. Just practicing dennis' TLC helper... think I just figured it out

Now going to podcast..

CattyGirl said...

Emily, sorry I assumed you were a Melissa and have quoted you as such.

DeDJeZTeR said...

Note on podcast:

Smokey has the same sound as a taxi cab printer...

Did you also know that there is a number you can call for the Hanso foundation.

Why do things come up years after they have been figured out... lol

Melissa_Lossa said...

cattygirl -

no problem - how would you have known? :) I figured a girl can only hide behind a secret identity for so long!

Erich said...

Melissa (Emily): Next thing you know, you're going to tell us you don't actually look like Desmond!

Melissa_Lossa said...

oh no - I do look exactly like Desmond, except that I have less facial hair. ;)

Melissa_Lossa said...

well, I'm outta here - got a meeting, then I'll hit the gym and get ready for the "exciting" 24 finale. Let's hope there's plenty of explosions to get us through the last two hours!

blueheron13 said...

I have to say that the OLP had, in my opinion, no useful content in it. Certainly no spoilers.

Dennis said...

No, there aren't any finale spoilers, but they did reveal that Ezra J. Sharkington will not appear in the finale. :)

blueheron13 said...

That's true, plus they gave their usual types of responses on a couple of questions, like "why didn't they just cut the cable" and "why is the hatch called the Looking Glass".

I think I was just expecting more, giving that they're not planning on doing another podcast for many weeks.

lady lost said...

In response to the names......
My name is Sarah, just like Jack's x-wife. I also had spinal surgery, just like Jack's x-wife, performed by My Hero - Neurosurgeon, just like Jack's x-wife.....the similarities are there..a bit spooky.

chucklez3 said...

dedjezter said: "Another Note I have that actually annoyed me is this,

Jack says to Rose
"Three days ago we all died."

ummm..........huh???? eerrrr???

and my name?

chucklez3 = Dan eh.

chucklez3 said...

Dan....Daniel......(Daniel Dae Kim)

chucklez3 said...

okay, let's start a petition to get me a shout-out on the show.

here's the deal....

let's say that Naomi says more and more to Hurley about them being dead. So, Hurley's joking around with Desmond or somebody at some point about how crazy it all sounds and Sawyer walks up and ask what all the laughing and joking's about.

So Hurley says to Sawyer, something like, "Dude, she says we're dead and they even found our bodies".

And Sayer responds with, "so....what? we're supposed to be in purgatory or something? I don't think so, chuckles (referring to Hurley joking around)".

It's either that or get me on the show....hahahahaha

anyone? anyone?

please sign below:

1. chucklez (Dan)

tall guy said...

No one in the show has my name. Bah!

Good podcast, but David should give people more chance to speak.

The Looking Glass as portal back to the world, is a theory that keeps coming up, and I quite like myself. Something was being hidden from Juliet when she made the trip out. This being Lost, I doubt the portal will be anything like a stargate. It'll turn out to be a nondescript corridor leading to warehouse flled with packing crates ... back in Portland.

One mystery that's never been addressed, is what the hell does the Dharma drug do? I've had long time theory that Dharma used the drug to block the Island's influence on the mind. The adults were injected with the drug, while the kids were given Apollo bars laced with the drug. This is why the Dharma kids were told that they could eat as many bars as they liked.

chucklez3 said...

i thought the drug was to help with fertilization and what-not.

but what do i know?

chucklez3 said...

what if it's a "truman show" type situation gone waaaayyyyy bad?? hahaha

chucklez3 said...

which reminds me, i have an idea for a reality / contest show based on the show.

i should probably re-write the synopsis and resubmit it. eh.

chucklez3 said...

oh and btw peeps........i'm leaving for a bus-ride to florida wednesday night. ugh!!!!

amused2behere said she'll record it for me.

just hate i'll be missing it!!!

this will be the first one i've missed since the first episode (which i saw later).

so, hopefully, i will be able to avoid getting on the blog here until i see the finale. it sucks, but i'm going to see my daughters, so it's soooooo worth it.

bigdog said...

i am not sure but i think i just saw a commercial for lifesavers with rachel blake in it. in it she is asking her boyfriend what is a muffin top? as the camera shows an angle with her stomach hanging over her pants. a very funny commercial that is not very flattering to her. but made me laugh none the less.

chucklez3 said...


capcom said...

Right Ded, what you said makes a lot of sense. And true, Charlie was nowhere near Dez when he went down the hole to turn the key. Unless...where the failsafe key was under the raised flooring, was closer to being underneath where Charlie was than where Locke was. But wow, that would be stretching things, even for Lost.

Dark, what you said about good/bad and coward/hero is true. So many times in life a person can be both, and not necessarily just one all the time or throughout their whole life. Bravery and morality are kind of a daily thing, the way I see it. Such as, am I strong enough not to cave in to the corporate BS at my job and be a phony?; or, do I take back the grocery cart to the holding station or leave it in the middle of the parking lot? :o) J/K! But especially when people are in a dire situation of some kind, when their survival or well-being depends on each other, sometimes the lowliest folks can rise to the occasion and save the day. Charlie and Dez have both been in situations where either bad or slow choices made them look like cowards, but then in the clinch they really have their hearts in the right place.

That is spooky, Ladylost!

I have no names in Lost.

Good luck on your trip Chuck!

capcom said...

I hope we all get to see that ad Bigdog! Tx for the heads-up about it. :o)

DeDJeZTeR said...


If your name is Dan than you have three options
Dan....Daniel......(Daniel Dae Kim)
Dan.... Danny Picket.

On the name game I would say you are covered.
I was just surprised that Jae's name was spelled Jae because that is the Japanese spelling. In China and Korea it is usually Jay.

Also Chuck,
If the Dharma med is for fertility why does a male in the Hatch have to take it every nine days?

chucklez3 said...

sperm count??

not all "fertility meds" are for women. maybe they have a super-med that's "unisex".

tall guy said...

Just an add-on to what I wrote above.

What's confusing is that there are two different drugs, There's the drug Dharma developed, for which we don't know the use, and then there's the fertillity drug which Juliet developed. There're not the same drug. In the Man Behind the Curtain we see the drug being used, years before Juliet was around.

chucklez3 said...

and ded: yeah, i like the spelling jae over the "standard" jay.

my daughter's names are Shakirra and Alexandria.

if my ex and i would've had a boy, his name would've been D'Angelo. cuz of my name and her name is Angel.

and i spent some time in Japan.....very, very nice. i loved experiencing the culture off the beaten path.

sorry, that was a little side note there.

maven said...

I had a thought: Why was The Looking Glass called HATCH and not STATION? Didn't the Losties coin the name of the first opening a "hatch"? Hatch means a door/opening, which leads me to believe TLG is a door or opening to something else. One goes through the Looking Glass in Alice in Wonderland. Where does The Looking Glass in Lost lead to?

chucklez3 said...

maybe the first drug was for fighting off disease caused by exposure to certain things on the island??

dunno. we could come up with tons of theories, but the show really hasn't "stuck with it" in terms of making sure we know it's relevant to the storyline. so, basically what i'm trying to say is..........

yeah, i've got nothin. hahaha

chucklez3 said...

maven: down the rabbit hole??

maybe smokey is the cheshire cat

chucklez3 said...

p.s. SIGN MY PETITION!!! hahahaha

capcom said...

I don't know either Maven. But I did notice that in the special last Thursday, Cuselof kept calling all the stations hatches throughout the show. So....maybe it means something, but maybe not.

chucklez3 said...

i think it's just because the "stations" are underground, but the "hatches" are the ACCESS to the stations. and since those are the only things readily SEEN, it's easy to refer to them as "hatches".

capcom said...

That's what I think Chucklez! That's why we all started calling the Swan the hatch too, because that's what we saw of it first.

BTW, it's nice that you and your ex put so much thought into your children's names. :-)

maven said...

It might be a matter of semantics, but they always been referred to as the Pearl/Arrow/Flame/Swan STATION. A hatch is an opening to the Station. By actually called TLG a HATCH leads me to think that it's a door leading to something else. They never name things without some sort of meaning on the show!

chucklez3 said...

i don't know about that maven. it coulda' easily been a fopa during the interview. it's not like it was "pre-written" as part of a script for the show. for the show, it's easy to give "meaning" to something because you have time to think it over, etc.

but who knows? maybe they did say it intentionally.

in either case, i don't see it as something that's gonna make or break my summer. hahaha.

however........i better not see the dad-blame statue again!!!

capcom said...

I know what you're saying and I feel the same way that you do about it. But like I said, last week I noticed that TPTB were calling ALL the stations hatches in the special, so I don't see any distinction there anymore after that. Maybe there is, but TPTB kind of blew it by using the hatch terminology to pieces, if that's the case.

Amused2bHere said...

Whew! FINALLY all caught up with the comments and LoCo posts. Still haven't caught up with podcasts and other bloggers, but I wanted to comment before tonight's Heroes.

I really do believe that we will find out TLG is a doorway to the real world.(I said it first!) Maybe like the Stargate, but maybe more like the Wardrobe in Narnia. I still think they are on the same Earth as we, maybe Time is different somehow...we'll see on Wednesday.

LOST ride: would love to see one patterned after Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. The realer the better. LOL

I look forward to playing a LOST video game (PC format, please) that's interactive like MYST. Oh, please, let it be like the original MYST. (memo to self, get a new video card...)

And, yes, Chucklez, I will tape the finale for you. Sorry I don't have dvr yet, so it has to be on tape. But call me when you get back and maybe we can get together and watch it. (I know you don't have vcr...)

Hey DeD, maybe you can come and watch it with us? I know you only live one town over from me. Let me know on the blog here or email me.

Lost names: No Lori on Lost, but I think there are several characters who are Amused2bThere on the Island. LOL

chucklez3 said...

hmm.......the doorway thing gets really intriguing if you think that maybe it leads to PRESENT DAY!!! with rachel blake and all. hahahaha.

dan.....daniel.......danielle.........joop. hey, found one. hahaha

chucklez3 said...

hahahaha.........anyone else seen the Bruce Campbell - Old Spice commercial where he's singing "hungry like a wolf"???

hahaha.......oh man........classic!!

Sayid'sgirl said...

Kudos to you on being the first saying TLG leads to the real world, because I've been thinking the same thing but afraid to say it. Someone over on the Fuselage asked if anyone else thought Charlie was going to come up in the outside world and boy did they flame him/her. I was sitting there saying I did ! I did ! I even called my sister and told her what I thought.

Sliverat said...

anyone else having problems downloading or streaming it?

Darkaardvark said...

Obligatory Heroes comment: ****finale spoiler alert****

They just pulled a lost Season 2 finale. Leaving 4 characters in mortal danger! That was mean.

Dennis said...

LOL :)

I was just watching the deleted scenes from "The Office" (#3), and Dwight is interviewing Andy:

DWIGHT: What is the Dharma Initiative?

ANDY: It is the source of all energy on this planet...

DWIGHT: Wrong. It is a corporation formed by aliens.

TheBookPolice said...

darkaardvark - I count three. One seems likely to have completely vanished off this mortal coil entirely, unless he let go and took off before the bomb went off.

Care to list your three (in whatever level of spoiler sensitivity you think is appropriate for this setting)?

luckyguylikeme said...

Please use spoiler warnings for Heroes! I won't be able to watch tonight's episode for a couple of days. Thank you guys!

Codysmom said...

amused, I'd LOVE the Lost video game to be like the original MYST!! That would be amazing...

Listening to the OLP, sounds like they'll be leaving us hanging with lots to talk about until next season. They make it sound as if the finale could have different interpretations.

As far as a name in the show, I'm Kim

Kim Dickens - Cassidy
Yunjin Kim - Sun
Daniel Dae Kim - Jin

maven said...

I love how -- after this year long association through TLE and TLC with all the "secrecy and privacy" through our user names -- we've finally broken down and are now revealing our "real" names only because they relate to LOST characters! LOL

Fenris said...

Hi all. Just want to quickly plug my new posting on my blog. Sorry I don't have time to get really involved in discussion here right.

Administrator said...

REGARDING "THE LOST COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB" Dennis sent me this message. Below is my response. I'd love your feedback:

Dennis said...

Some people have been asking about the Book Club over the summer. I think Melissa_Lossa is "running" it. Should they create their own blog for this ( )? Of do you want them to do it at TLC.

I'm leaning toward seperate blog, but we could link to it from TLC. If we go seperate blog, i'd be glad to set it up.


FYI: Here is the list of books, and some comments:

June - Watership Down
July - A Wrinkle In Time
August - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
August - An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
September - The Third Policeman
October - The Turn of the Screw
October - Of Mice and Men
November - Catch-22
December - Carrie
January - Lord of the Flies

Melissa_Lossa said... I am so sorry that I have not been around more lately - I got hit hard at work yesterday, and I haven't had time to catch my breath yet. If anyone has questions/comments/suggestions pertaining to the book club, please e-mail me at That way, I'll be sure to get it. I apologize for not being a very attentive leader over the last couple of days. I did take a suggestion that I just saw on the last thread, and made a LIstmania List on Amazon of all of the books. It's called The Lost Community Book Club.

Melissa_Lossa said...I'm open to ideas on the book club. As far as I know, we will be staying with this blog (dennis or david, can you please confirm this?)

scoutpost said...Any update on the book club- like how it will work. Will there be certain specific dates for discussion? Did we decide to use this blog? etc. Guess I'm full of questions since the finale is right around the corner.

My Reply
Why not use TLC for the book club? It will be dormant during the "off season" anyways. I would be fine making Melissa & Scoutpost Admins for the hiatus. I'll just slap "book club" on the logo and we will temporarily become "The Lost Community Book Club". That is what I was planning on doing. Let me know if there are good arguments to not do that. What do you think?

Administrator said...

I like the list of books!

Should we add Through the Looking Glass to the book club? Maybe even start with it since it may be relevant to the finale? If we add that, I might recommend removing Catch-22. Should we add "Bad Twin" somewhere?

BLACK_ROCK said...

Hi if any one os a watches heroes could you tell me if it is a show that is worth investing my time in

memphish said...

Good Tuesday Morning LoCos! I'm still wading through the posts and will BBL.

Dennis said...

I looked around YouTube, and I didn't see Evangeline Lilly on Regis & Kelly, so I put it up there.

Please to enjoy.

memphish said...

Whew! At least I'm caught up over here. I've still got lots of reading to do, J. Wood, etc. to get ready for tomorrow night. Good thing mini-me is done with school as of noon today.

Here's a couple of things from the LOST comments on PopCandy that I found interesting:

From Newportblue The preview for next week shows several Losties captured and kneeling on the beach, bound up. And SAYID is among them. He is really getting to me. How inept can a former special forces officer be ? He failed when trying to save Jack/Kate/Sawyer. He failed when trying to ambush the Others at the boat (stupidly setting a fire on the beach). He was captured WAY to easily and without explanation when he Locke and Kate went into the Others buildings (he stayed outside in the yard).
What is going on ? Is he a mole, trying to sabotage everything the Losties do ? It would make perfect sense – put a mole in the group who says he’s a military expert so that they will defer to him whenever a military-type job comes up. Then he botches the whole thing.

I've never considered Sayid as the mole before.

From LittleJoe: Yes, as has been established (via Locke, Ben, Mikail, etc.), wounds heal abnormally quickly on the island."
I've been seeing this comment a lot, but people seem to have forgotten about the US Marshall that died from an infection in season 1. Also Boone died from a broken leg. And what about Hurley's girlfriend - forget her name, the one Michael shot? They all took a while to die, so there was ample time for accelerated/miraculous healing.
Seems like only some people heal fast, or could it be only people connected with the island in some way like Locke and Ben? If so, then it would mean that Parachute Girl is also connected to the island in some way.

Could Naomi be a special? It's a good point about those that didn't heal, especially the Marshal.

From Kid_Ego I think I have this whole "why wasn't Desmond there when Charlie was singing in the rain" thing figured out. Someone earlier posted (page 23 maybe) that the flashbacks we saw this week were actually memories that Charlie was having causing him to write his "Greatest Hits". The reason Desmond wasn't present there in that version of the scene was because Charlie just didn't remember him. Who's going to remember some random guy coming up to you on the street asking some absurd question of "don't I know you"? Charlie's memory of that event differs from Desmond because Desmond was actually having a flash of the past/present/future and remembers the details very vividly. The lapse in Charlie's memory would also explain the change in clothing and where it was performed on the street as some people have noticed the buildings around him are also different. All Charlie needed to remember about that event was that he was playing Wonderwall and it started to rain. Our perceptions of events are only what we make them out to be so it's completely plausible that Charlie's version of that moment and Desmond's version are both correct.

This is interesting. It seems to go in with some of the things that TPTB have said about the Flashbacks and the way that Smokey works.

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But wait, there's more. :)

This is a funny recap of Season 3 to this point.

Frenemy was the Urban Dictionary word of the day for May 20th. It is an enemy disguised as a friend. I can't wait to see who turns out to be frenemies on Wed. Danielle? Jack? Juliet? Sayid? Kate? Naomi?

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From the last thread: Capcom said: As for Locke, I don't see why he can't live (on the island) and let live (off the island). When the others get resuced, he can always just hide in the bushes for crying out loud. But then, the show would be pretty boring if he wasn't acting like Mr. Destruct-o! :o)

I think that Locke, like Desmond, thinks that everyone from 815 has to be in place for the Island to “work.”

My idea about the finale: Don’t forget the end is supposed to be “the snake in the mailbox” and DL and CC said in the OLP was that Jack’s successful plans could/would have negative repercussions for him, so I think Naomi’s people aren’t looking to take the LOSTies to the real world. Maybe they are DI trying to retake the Island from Ben or part of Mittelos. The LOSTies “rescue” may be like Walt and Michael's, dubious at best.

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In reguards to the Lost Book Club, I'd like to offer anyone a segment on the podcast where you can discuss the book and take comments from people about the lost connections?!?

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Oh!! and the Bonus Podcast is up with a visit by Dark Angel!!!

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